26/10/2013 The National Lottery Live


Chris Evans hosts a live show including the Lotto draw, Thunderball results and an exclusive first look at where winning Lotto raffle tickets are located in the UK.

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Good evening and welcome to Lottery HQ for The National Lottery Live,


where we have not one, but two lottery draws for you.


The Thunderball draw with a chance to win ?500,000 and the Lotto Draw,


which tonight has an estimated jackpot of ?5 million.


If all that isn't enough for you, Lotto Raffle has 50 prizes of


?20,000 each. Plus, we'll be talking to these


fellas from a group called Surf Action. Evening everyone. How are


you? Ace! They are up for Cornwall. Will they ever get back with all


this wind? To tell us about their inspiring Lottery-funded project.


Let's get things started with tonight's first draw, it's Lotto.


Hello draw master Julie. Who is our favourite on Strictly tonight?


Suzanna. She American Smoothed it out the park. Release the balls,


please. Hello, Alan. Hello, Chris. There


they are, the 49 little beauties. The Surf Action guys in the Red Roof


area wishing us well. We are using begin fear gsh Guinevere. Here we


go. Let's see how we get on tonight: Millionaire's row this Saturday


night looks like this, in ascending order:


Mrfrjts Evans. Thank you. As every line of Lotto now gives


automatic entry into the Lotto Raffle, hang onto your tickets to


see if you're one of the 50 winners of ?20,000.


Each raffle number is made up of a colour followed by eight digits.


Full results will be up later this evening on the Red Button or via


bbc.co.uk/lottery. But to give you an idea of how close


you are to a winning ticket we can see where the majority of those 50


winners are on the Raffle Map. That is the east. The mystic east. That


is the east. What the map can't show you is the raging storm coming in


from New Mexico here. You have the winds blowing in. Good luck out


there every one! And, relax. Now, it's thanks to Lottery players


that over ?35 million each week goes to projects across the UK.


Projects like the one all these guys belong to, Surf Action. Good


evening. The founder is here now. What is it all about? We are


veterans supporting veterans. We use surfing and the beach environment to


get a bit of respite for these guys who are suffering from


post-traumatic distress disorder and guys with physical injuries. We can


change their state of mind, put smiles on their faces and look at


where the root cause of the problem is and send them on their lives. You


are saving lives, saving their sanity. Definitely. That makes for a


great little film. We have a catchup and then go surfing and have fun.


The first time you start stand up on a surf board the sense of


achievement phenomenonal. We can drop into the headquarters a brew


will be waiting. If you are feeling low you can walk out of there and


you are smiling. The only option open to me was to come to Surf


Action or I would have gone off the radar and not been here. That is


where Surf Action picks up the pieces. They have saved my lives and


saved lives of my friends. I can ring any of them, day or night, they


will always pick up the phone. I don't think there are enough words


to describe how grateful I am. Brilliant.


APPLAUSE Lovely film. Tell us about the


extraordinary journey of that mad three day that is got you from


Norfolk to Cornwall? I came back from my second tour of Afghanistan


about this time last year, and I wasn't in the best of places. I


tried to look down various avenues to get help, I couldn't find any in


Norfolk I heard about Rich, I heard about him on the Friday, I moved


down on the Monday. Lock, stock and barrel, been there for six months?


Yes. Tell me about your story. I left the army in 97 and got the


symptoms and I got in contact with Rich, it's like being part of a


family. 16 years what has the last month been like, you are his


partner? He is more confident than he has been before. He is smiling,


he is happy. We have wobbles. It's so much better. I'm getting help


with it too, techniques to work with the whole family. It it is veterans


supporting veterans. It's like a whole family. It works really well.


Wobbles are better than a wipe out! Surf therapy, what is not to like?


You can find out details at bbc.co.uk/lottery. Now, it's the


Thunderball draw. With a chance to win ?500,000 let's


get those Thunderball machines rumbling. Julie, start up the


Thunderball machines if you would, please. Off we go folks. Just for


the record, our draw master is Julie Hamilton, the draws are being


overseen by an independent adjudicator. The balls were selected


at random for us today. The first one tonight, which is it to be?


Here are tonight's Thunderball numbers again, this time in


ascending order: Chris. Thank you so much. One player


has won an estimated ?5 million. Thank you to the guys from Surf


Action. We will be back at 9.0pm next week that takes not as long to


broadcast as it takes Sir Bruce to tell a joke. Good night.


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