19/10/2013 The National Lottery Live


Chris Evans hosts a live show including the Lotto draw, Thunderball results and an exclusive first look at where winning Lotto raffle tickets are located in the UK.

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Good evening and welcome to Lottery HQ for The National Lottery Live,


where it's a Lotto Rollover! Yes, that's right, with no winner for


Wednesday's Lotto draw the jackpot has rolled over and tonight is an


estimated ?6.2 million. Exactly! And if that wasn't enough, when the


jackpot rolls over the number of Lotto Raffle winners grows too. So


instead of fifty prizes of ?20,000, tonight there are 100. Plus we have


the Thunderball draw, and we'll meeting these fine folk from the


award-winning National Lottery sports project, Us Girls. Hello,


girls. This is a shining example of a legacy that London 2012 has left.


There is a Bryant Tinker lies swimming team to give us a good luck


message like no other. -- synchronised swimming team. From


me and everyone here, good luck to night. Thanks to Tom and everyone at


the Plymouth Life Centre. And let's dive straight into tonight's Lotto


Rollover Draw by releasing those balls! Evening, Alan. Evening,


Chris! Once again, we make sure the rollover balls are well and truly


mixed up. My first ever rollover. I know it's


not all about me, but still. ?6.2 million, good luck everyone. Here we


go! Don't forget that every line of


Lotto now has a second way to win with Lotto Raffle. And as tonight is


a Rollover, there are 100 winners of a fantastic ?20,000. Could you be


one of them? Your Raffle numbers are on your ticket. And full results


will be up later this evening richer. But in the meantime, to give


you an idea of richer. But in the meantime, to give


those winning tickets are, let's bring on the Raffle Map! A pretty


even spread. But in other news, the Bradford area. A camera they all a


guaranteed ?10 million jackpot from two Saturdays ago was not played and


they are is only one winner. It was bought in the Bradford area,


somewhere around here. If you know anyone who might have a ticket on


Saturday, the 5th of October, 2013, who may have bought it or been


bought it in or around Bradford, get them to check. Are we ready, girls?


Yes! Every year, the national lottery holds an awards ceremony to


recognise the UK's favourite lottery funded projects. The winner of the


sports category this year was this lot, Us Girls. Us Girls reaches out


to underprivileged young women to get them active. 30,000 participate


in more than 20 sports activities. Thanks to a lottery grant. It is


great to see people with few opportunities having fun, making


friends and getting exercise. Olivia, why is Us Girls so


important? Last year, I was diagnosed with a functioning form of


autism, called Asberger's syndrome, which causes me to have difficulty


socialising. Since joining Us Girls, I have improved and my confidence


and in speaking to people, and have become or active. Which is


fantastic. -- more active. You are from Redbridge. What has it helped


you achieve? It has helped me to gain confidence. I've performed in


the Olympic closing ceremony. No way? ! And you have taken up golf?


Yes. Do you want a game? Yes. Jasmine, why is Us Girls so


important in the community? It gives girls an opportunity because boys


normally have the focus on sport. It is a good way of showing that


fitness can be hard but it can also be fun. Let's hear it for Us Girls.


It sounds like something you want to get involved in, all the details are


on our website. And it's thanks to you that over ?35 million goes to


projects like Us Girls across the UK each week. Right, just time to


hopefully make some of you ?500,000 pounds richer before we finish with


the Thunderball draw. Let's get the mighty Thunderball


machines started. Start-up those machines. And away they go.


Thank you, Alan. Early indications show three players have won


tonight's Lotto Rollover jackpot draw, sharing an estimated ?6.2


million! Well, that's it from me. Thanks to Us Girls and we'll be back


next Saturday on BBC One.


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