12/10/2013 The National Lottery Live


Chris Evans hosts The National Lottery Live, which includes the 49-1 draw together with the Lotto draw and a first look at where winning Lotto raffle tickets are located in the UK.

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APPLAUSE Good evening and welcome to Lottery


HQ for the National Lottery live. Last week, there was a £10 million


Lotto jackpot, 1,000 winners of £20,000 each in the Lotto raffle,


and seven lucky people won big money in special event 49-1. And we're


only doing it all again tonight! APPLAUSE


That was much better. Plus, we're joined by another great National


Lottery project. These ladies and gents are from the Age UK Bromley


and Greenwich Men In Sheds group and we'll be finding out all about them


a little later on. Good evening. Good evening. But first, it's the


big one. Let's bring on the Lotto jackpot draw! This week, we've a


special guest button pusher. It's Jasper from Men In Sheds.


91-year-old Jasper, poised to press the button. It is fantastic. It is


weak to have a guaranteed £10 the button. It is fantastic. It is


million jackpot, so let's release the balls. Remember, if you match


three main numbers, you win £25. So let's release the balls!He's wanted


to do this for years. Good evening. The good people of Wales wishing as


this week. Tonight we using Lancelot. The drama studies Matt


Chamberlain. Are you ready Jasper? I am ready. Can we have a countdown?


Three, two, one. Good luck, everybody.


Millionaire's Road this Saturday night click like this. -- looks like


this. Don't worry, if you're not a winner yet. There are still more


chances to win on Lotto right now with the raffle. Every line of Lotto


you play is automatically entered into the Lotto raffle, where every


draw at least 50 ticket holders will win £20,000 each. However, tonight,


1,000 ticket holders will win £20,000. All the information you


need is on your ticket. Every raffle number is made up of a colour and


eight digits. We don't have time to read all 1,000 winning numbers out,


so go online now via bbc.co.uk/lottery, to see if you're


20 grand richer. It is time to crash that website. That happened three


times last week, but we love all that. However, what we can do now is


show you where the majority of those winning tickets are in each region.


That is brilliant. Wade is that? And that is the North West and the Isle


of Man. I have just been told that there are three winners in your


hometown of Warrington. 84 were? In Scotland. This map is basically


screaming at you, great written, get checking. Let's find about the Age


UK Bromley in Greenwich Men In Sheds project. Maureen Falloon, you the


directive. Thank you for coming. What is Men In Sheds and why is it


so important? It is originated from a movement in Australia. It gives


these guys in opportunity, a sense of purpose after retirement. It lets


them work on projects together and it is about forming friendships.


Tony, you're a fully paid-up member. What can the things that you get up


to? We make all sorts of things, bird boxes, and we go out into the


community. We have made bridges for a local park and we have made


chicken sheds. Kerry has made this. What is this? This is for you,


Chris. We heard you had a couple of cars. Is this icky right? Thank you


very much. That is very nice of you. -- is this a key rack? What


difference has the National Lottery funding made to you? We have been


able to relocate into larger premises. We have been able to start


another shed in a different borough. We're about to start another one in


Greenwich. It has been amazing. And if you fancy joining a Men In Sheds


group, all the details are on the website, bbc.co.uk/lottery. This is


another great example of the difference you are making every time


you buy a Lottery ticket. You raise over £35 million every single week


for a huge range of National Lottery projects across the UK. Right, time


now for the second and final week of Lotto special event 49-1. Al, over


to you. Thanks, Chris. Here are 49 people selected at random from Lotto


players who registered their ticket for a chance to win part of a prize


pot, either ten, twenty or £50,000 each. They were randomly allocated a


number from one to 49, in front of an independent adjudicator, with


each number corresponding to a ball in the Lotto machine. Tonight's


Lotto draw result will decide which seven players win the money. All 49


players are poised on the phone right now to find out if they're a


winner. Winning £10,000 an number 33, number 45, and number 21. Next


up, winning £20,000 are number five, number 26, and number 12. Finally,


to the bonus ball, drawn earlier. The person winning 30 -- winning


£50,000 right now is number 35. Good evening, I do there. Yes, I am. How


does that feel? You have just won £50,000. I am shaking. You can buy


does that feel? You have just won some more roses with that. Who is


around you at the moment? My husband, and that is it. What are


you going to do next? I do not know. Have a great night. Thank you,


congratulations. There is still a chance for all Thunderball players


just before we go. Thanks to the gang from Men In Sheds. OK, shall we


go over here. Join us next Saturday at 905 p.m. On BBC One. We will do


it all again. Including this final bid. -- final bit.


Chris Evans hosts The National Lottery Live, which includes the 49-1 draw together with the Lotto draw and an exclusive first look at where winning Lotto raffle tickets are located in the UK.

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