05/10/2013 The National Lottery Live


Chris Evans hosts The National Lottery Live, which includes the new event '49-1', giving players the chance to win up to £50,000 live on air. With special guest Sir Chris Hoy.

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Hello and welcome to Lottery HQ for the brand new National Lottery Live.


Lotto has changed and to celebrate tonight, there is a guaranteed £10


million Lotto jackpot! APPLAUSE. Also from tonight, Lotto now


includes a brand new raffle. Every ticket is automatically entered, so


there's even more chances to win a prize. And to celebrate the launch


of new Lotto, there will be 1,000 winners of £20,000 each tonight in


the brand new raffle and again next Saturday. Plus, we're joined by a


great National Lottery Project. Beat guys and the girls. Will they


ever leave? But first, over to Sir Chris Hoy,


who visited Manchester to meet some biking beneficiaries of his own.


Today I am at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester to bring you a


Today I am at the National Cycling very special message, BMX style.


Since the introduction of National Lottery funding, we have seen Team


GB become the most successful cycling team in the bar of. -- the


world. Here is eight about BMX team for a special -- our BMX team with


a special message. Take it away, lads!


From all of us here at the National Cycling Centre, good luck tonight.


Sir Chris Hoy St Bankia and living proof of how every time you play


the lottery, someone somewhere will always benefit. Out now it is time


for the big one. Are you ready for your Camptown? Here we go! -- your


count damp. You nailed it. Well done! Once


again, let me repeat the jackpot draw is £10 million. If you match


three numbers, you now when £25. Time to release the ball -- de


balls. Good evening. Tel-Me about the agitation situation. We are


doing it to make sure of the balls are shaken and not stirred. More


people wishing us well. Tonight we're using Arthur and set


of balls number five. Good luck, everyone. Time to press


the button. This is it. No. 15 is the number of years that


the National Lottery has been behind British athletes. Over


19,000 projects have been helped by a lottery loot in Northern Ireland.


Numer five, also drawn up a couple of Wednesday's a go. -- Wednesdays


ago. Number six, is 47. And the bonus... That one there, 38.


Millionaires' Row looks like this. In ascending order of...


Do not worry if you are not a winner yet will start now every


entry will be entered into a raffle draw. All the information you need


is on your ticket. Let's have the first ever winning Lotto raffle


number out of 1000 winning numbers tonight. The raffle result is...


All right, you can see the number behind me. All raffle numbers are


made up of 80 cat and eight digits. -- a colour. There is now £20


million waiting to be claimed Syria might want to go online fired the


website. -- claimed, you might want to go online.


22 Is the North East. 57 is where? The West Midlands. North-west and


the Isle of Man. Cornwall, you have 31 winners - approximately 31


winners. In rehearsal, you only ever had five. Not just call more,


it is the South West. There will be another 1000 next Saturday.


All right, time to meet a bunch of people who know have -- how to put


lottery funding to good use. More volunteers have applied to join


them up. They are the North West's Blood Bikes. Weak transport blood,


platelets, between hospitals in and out of hours service. We do it


totally free. How does the lottery help you? The lottery Porter as a


vehicle. I am an area co-ordinator. -- the lottery board as a vehicle.


My son was diagnosed with leukaemia. The projects he has had in the past


six, eight weeks has made us realise how important this is. A


how do people get in touch? By searching online. Let's hear it


once again. They are totally volunteers. How many people? We


have 200 volunteers. We really need more controllers, more riders, more


fund raisers. More girls? Yes. The Thunderball numbers are on the way.


Now time for another special event to celebrate the brand new Lotto.


Alan is very excited. Here are 40 people and their pets who were


selected as given the chance to win a brand new pot. They were selected


in front of an independent be adjudicator. Tonight's draw result


decides which seven players win the money. The first three numbers


drawn tonight and the people winning £10,000 each are...


Congratulations to all of you. The next three Lotto numbers drawn up


earlier with people winning £20,000...


On we go. Congratulations to all three of you. We are about to


reveal who has won the top prize. They have all been on the bone to


standby to talk to Christopher. Let's find out who the winner is.


It is Andy from Llandudno. We love your picture. Congratulations! I


don't believe it. I understand there is a special birthday coming


up. There is. Exactly what I have just have won. Huge


congratulations! Round of applause. Congratulations to Andy and our


other winners will start to remember, you can check all of


tonight's results via the website. Thanks to all our guests and we


will see you next Saturday. I am very excited because I have just


been told how many winners we have had the stuff we have one winner of


£10 million this evening. -- we have had. Have a great weekend. It


could just about get better with Alan's final read and it. -- Reid


took out.


Chris Evans hosts The National Lottery Live, which includes the new special event '49-1', giving players the chance to win up to £50,000 live on air. The programme also includes the Lotto draw and a first opportunity to find out the locations of winning tickets for the new Lotto raffle around the UK. With a special guest appearance by Sir Chris Hoy at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester.

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