05/03/2016 The National Lottery Live


The National Lottery Live including the Lotto and Thunderball draws, hosted from Lottery HQ by Gaby Roslin. With guest Shaun Williamson.

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Hello and welcome to The National Lottery Live. Two draws for you


tonight, Thunderball and Lotto, which has a rollover job lot of...


?12.7 million. This evening's get spent how many years? Ten years! As


Barry Evans in EastEnders. He is currently starring in The Railway


Children. Shaun Williamson will be here soon. Let's get started with a


top prize of... Half ?1 million! Here is Thunderball. I'm exhausted


already. Start up both machines, please. Julie Hamilton is the draw


master. The draws are overseen by an independent adjudicator. There have


been more than 467 winning tickets -- 467,000 winning tickets on


Thunderball this week and ?3.1 million has been paid out in prizes.


Start the draw, please. I is down. The first one is about here. 35.


There are a total of 39 balls to pick from. All you have to do is


choose them. Three opportunities per week to play the game, Wednesday,


Friday and, what is the other day? Oh, yeah, Saturday. The G1 is next.


But even applies to just matching the Thunderball itself. Number four


to be drawn is number nine. Finally, from this, our first machine, do you


have on your ticket that one, 29? We move now to the Thunderball. 14


inside the second machine. Don't forget, matching with this number as


well tonight could make a big difference to what you win. Number


two. Iran tonight toss Thunderball numbers. -- here are tonight's


Thunderball numbers. Thank you, Alan. The Lotto draw and


Millionaire Raffle are coming up in a minute. First, let's meet


tonight's guest. It was one of the biggest storylines of EastEnders


history, when Barry and Janine came to blows on that clifftop. Just


don't leave me. I know that there is love in here. We'll find it


together. Get off me. You have no idea how thrilled I am.


12 years since you left, but people still think of you as Barry. I know,


I was in it for ten years and I think those were the last days of


everybody not having a computer in their bedroom and a mobile phone, so


there were less leisure options and people tended to crowd round the


telly. We used to get 20 million for a nice death, 17,000,004 a wedding,


about 10 million for a normal episode. Then Barry followed you to


Ricky Gervais. Yeah. Ricky drives agents mad because he phoned up the


actors direct. He always got around the agents. By the time he gets to


them, the actor has agreed to do it. He said, do you want to be in my


series? I said, I'd love to. I said, what is the name of my character?


Barry from EastEnders. It was great fun. We are thrilled because he gave


us permission to play a clip. No offence, Shaun, but I am the lead


character. But he is very versatile. Barry Ken Duke allsorts. You do love


me, Janine. He is a singer as well. Mustang Sally! He did a gig once


without a microphone. And you were the winner of celebrity stars in


their eyes. I did my best meatloaf impression. And you are a Bluecoat.


I was at Pontins, I was in 1830 club rap. I only had one chin. Those were


the days! You look like Shane Richie. I am not sure he would take


it as a compliment! At the moment, you're on a station every night.


IMing The Railway Children, the most beautiful show, a family show. I


think people think it might be the children, but it isn't. Adults at


the end reduced to tears. After each performance, I look into the


audience and the amount of tissues, it is like the audience are


surrendering. It is so emotional. I have seen it. Can I try it? Daddy,


my daddy! Might take a test. To start the show, it is a real life


steam train! Congratulations on the show. Stand-by, because it is time


to play Lotto. Let's release those rollover balls.


There are now even more chances to become a millionaire. There is


tonight's Lotto jackpot. It is an estimated ?12.7 million. We are


using Arthur and set of balls number three. Over ?13 million of prizes


has been one on Lotto and be Millionaire Raffle. Let's


congratulate two winners, Lynn Groves and Michelle and Barrie


Fender. Both of you have received a cheque for ?1 million. Would you


like to press that button? I would love to. If you win, mine is a high!


Just the one? -- mine is a pie. Next, this is number 29, it was in


winners wrote nine Saturdays back. The third one is number 19, part of


the winning line-up from the Wednesday before last. Number four


to be drawn this Saturday night is number 41, which was in Millionaires


Row the other Saturday night. Next is number 40. The first time that


was drawn, or all nine Wednesdays back. Number six, is Monday -- is


number 11. We are all in line for a bonus. That is number 47.


Millionaires Row looks like this, in ascending order.


Back to you. Could you be a lucky winner of tonight's Millionaire


Raffle? Gets find out if tonight's Millionaire Raffle ?1.5 million


winning number is...? Best of luck with the show. Thank you for being


here. Check your tickets for a further 20 prizes of ?20,000. Full


results of the draws will be available on the red button later or


on the website. You can see this week's Lotto, Thunderball and


EuroMillions draws on the website. Next week, Gavin James will be


performing. Have a lovely weekend. I'll see you next Saturday. By by!


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