27/02/2016 The National Lottery Live


The National Lottery Live including the Lotto and Thunderball draws, hosted by Gaby Roslin. Shane Filan joins Gaby to talk about his tour and his album Right Here.

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Hello, and welcome to The National Lottery Live.


The Thunderball and Lotto draws are coming up.


And tonight's guest is a multi-award winning Irish singer who had huge


success as part of Westlife, and now as a solo artist too.


It's Shane Filan.


Let's get started, with a top prize of ?500,000, it's Thunderball!


# I wish # But


Our draw master tonight is Julie Hamilton.


And the draws are being overseen by an independent adjudicator.


The Lotto draw and Millionaire Raffle are coming up


The Lotto draw and Millionaire Raffle are coming up


But, first, let's meet tonight's guest who'll be pushing that


He's sung with Mariah Carey and Diana Ross, sold over 50 million


Since going solo, his success has continued with a sell-out tour


MUSIC: Me And The Moon, by Shane Filan.


Always nice to see you. How beautiful is that scenery, is it


home? It looks like my hometown but it's the very north of Scotland


actually. You are cheating. Yes. Everyone goes on about you being


solo but you are not solo on this tour? Solo, yes, but my family get


to come with me because the kids are off school for Easter so they're


coming with me on the road trip. Are they coming to see daddy perform or


because your tour bus is so special? I think it's more the tour bus but


they are looking forward to going to all the different cities over the


UK. It's going to be a good family holiday. Do you miss the guys? I


know everybody always asks you that, but everybody associates you with


being so successful with them, 50 million albums, do you miss them? Of


course. We had amazing memories made and we still get to see each other


every now and then. It's always nice to see the guys. There are huge


rumours about Westlife and Boyzone coming together and performing? Yes.


That's definitely not true at all. That's 100% a rumour, I don't know


where that came from but that won't be happening, I'm afraid. Maybe you


guys coming back together? Look, down the line you never know. There


are no plans, it's hard to say, but who knows, you never know what could


happen. Never say never. Watch out. There's a man that you have been


working with. There he is, your special man in your life? My


manager, Louis, yes. What is it that makes your relationship work? He


tells me whether it's good or bad. He tells me when it's bad which is


not nice, but he is honest and fights my corner. And you might go


back to a music show like he did? I missed him on the show last year, so


you never know. Thank you very much. Always lovely


to see you. Now time to play Lotto. Julie, let's release


those Lotto balls! Remember, there are even more


chances to become a millionaire now. Tonight's Lotto jackpot


is an estimated ?6.5 million. Over ?21 million has been


won in prizes on Lotto and the Millionaire Raffle


in the last week. Congratulations to Gerry


and Lisa Cannings from near That's the second biggest


prize in Lotto history! And more record-breaking news,


National Lottery players raised a staggering ?179 million for arts,


sports, heritage and community The highest sum ever raised


by National Lottery players OK, it's time to push


that button, Shane. Millionaire's row looks like this in


ascending order: Now, time to find out


whether you could be a lucky winner Yes, here is the result


of tonight's Millionaire Raffle Don't forget to check your tickets


for the further 20 prizes of ?20,000 in the Millionaire


Raffle tonight too. Full results of all the draws


will be available later via the red button, or by visiting


bbc.co.uk/lottery and You can catch up on this week's


results draws by watching BBC One on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday


after the 10 O'Clock News. next week, Sean Williamson will be


here. Have a great weekend. Bye-bye everybody.


Everyone knows how the people of Pompeii died,


but this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance


The couple in each other's arms, the family and the toddler,


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