30/01/2016 The National Lottery Live


The National Lottery Live including the Lotto and Thunderball draws, with Gaby Roslin. Actor Matthew Kelly is the special guest pushing the Lotto button.

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Hello and welcome to The National Lottery Live.


which this evening has an estimated rollover


And tonight's guest is an Olivier Award winning actor,


will be here in just a few minutes.


with a top prize of half a million pounds, it's Thunderball!


Our draw master tonight is Julie Hamilton and the draws are being


overseen by an independent adjudicator.


Excalibur two and set of balls seven was chosen at random by Lee Jones


from Wales. Well done if you are a winner from last week. We are off


and running. The first one is about to appear. Don't forget, a total of


39 balls to pick from. All you have to do is choose five of them. Three


opportunities per week to play the game. Wednesday, Friday and


Saturday. There is even a prize for just matching with the Thunderball


itself. We come to that in a moment. Finally, from our first machine.


Which is it to be? There it is, right there. Onto the second set.


Let's not hang about. Drawing just one number. It could make a big


difference. Here are tonight's Thunderball numbers in ascending


order. The Lotto draw


and Millionaire Raffle but let me introduce


tonight's guest now. He's a multi award-winning


and highly acclaimed TV and stage actor, but can also


turn his hand Lovely, lovely man. Truly lovely.


Thank you. Her Ray. Who is that? That is my son. We play sisters. It


is all shades of wrong. We are like twins. Thinking of television. It


takes you back to Game For A Laugh. How did you end up doing it? I was


doing a sitcom with Peter Davison and Patricia Hodge. I was asked to


be a celebrity on a game show. I was living in the cellar of one of The


Liver Birds. She was playing Carol. I went to see her. She I said that I


had been asked to be a celebrity and that that I didn't think I was one.


She said, they obviously think you are. Don't be humble and take the


money. A producer asked me if I would jump out of an aeroplane and I


said yes. I jumped out of an aeroplane, broke my leg and got


famous and now I am eight liberty! Lovely potted history. People come


up to you in the street and say, Matthew, tonight I am going to be.


Not as often now because people have short memories but I love it. It is


the only catch phrase that I have that I can't say. I can't say it.


People say it to me and I am very thrilled to be the Matthew. I miss


you presenting but the drama you were in Cold Blood, that was


phenomenal. Brian Wicklow. What an evil man he was. I regret killing


him off. There was nowhere for him to go so I suggested that they kill


him. I'm devoted to the theatre. That is my main thing. Let's talk


about what you are doing. It is Toast. It is not Toast of London, it


is by the writer of made in Dagenham and all of those things. It is about


working in a bakery in Hull. I play a character whose death is


predicted. It happens that night. But it is a very funny play. You do


not know what is going to happen to this man. It is a window into


people's life. Richard Been is a wonderful writer. It is in a time


before health and safety. So many things happen. I will come and see


it next week. It is time to do Lotto now.


Julie, let's release those Lotto balls!


Remember, there are even more chances to become a millionaire now.


Tonight's Lotto jackpot is an estimated ?20.9 million.


Thanks to Mr Jones, we are using Guinevere and a set of balls number


six. Over ?15 million has been


won in prizes on Lotto and the Millionaire Raffle


in the last week, including Majorie and Alan Tyrie from Folkstone


who won the ?1million top prize There has now been a valid claim for


the jackpot prize of ?33 million. Congratulations to you too


if you were a winner. The next one, please. That was last


drawn five Saturdays back. Drawn five Wednesdays ago. We have waited


a while, 18 Wednesday since we last saw number six. That is a matter of


five Saturdays back. If you need a bonus, this Saturday night, I will


give you one of those. It is number 42. Millionaires Row looks like this


in ascending order. Now, could you be a lucky winner


in tonight's Millionaire Raffle? Yes, here is the result of tonight's


Millionaire Raffle Thank you, Matthew,


and best of luck with the show. Don't forget to check your tickets


for the further 20 prizes of ?20,000 in the Millionaire


Raffle tonight too. Full results of all the draws


will be available later via the red button or by visiting


bbc.co.uk/lottery Next week, Ronan Keating


will be performing!


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