23/01/2016 The National Lottery Live


The National Lottery Live including the Lotto and Thunderball draws, with Gaby Roslin.

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Hello and welcome to The National Lottery Live. Two draws coming up,


Thunderball and Lotto, which tonight is an estimated jackpot of ?14.1


million. Tonight's Guest is a pop legend, who is about play one of the


most infamous baddies of musical theatre, Martin Kemp. Let's get


started with Thunderball. Start up both machines, please! Our


draw master tonight is Julie Hamilton. The draws are overseen by


an independent adjudicator. Excalibur three and set of balls six


was selected by Christopher Martin from Yorkshire. More than ?2.5


million has been won in prizes this week. Well done if you were a


winner. Start the draw, please. No messing around tonight. We mean


business. The first one is number five. 39 balls to pick from in the


first machine. You just choose five. The next one is number 21. Three


opportunities per week to play the game, Wednesday, Friday and


Saturday. There is even a prize for matching just be Thunderball itself.


Finally, from our first machine, do you have on your ticket number four?


Next, we turn to the Thunderballs, 14 of those in the second machine.


Julie, you know what to do. We are drawing just one number, but it


could make a huge difference to what you win.


Thank you. The Lotto draw is coming up in a minute but first let's meet


tonight's Guest. He has played a lot of bad guys but we all still love


him for being one of British pop's best ever bands.


You don't look that much different, Martin Kemp. Spandau Ballet,


everyone loves them. It was amazing. We came back. We just finished the


tour. We went twice round the world over the last two years. So many


sold out arenas. It was a thrill to see people still that interested.


Were you surprised? Surely not. Not so much, because the songs mean so


much to people, Through The Barricades, Gold. They Are The


soundtracks to people's lives. You are going on tour with An Audience


With. Spandau Ballet was a big vehicle, 200 people on the road. I


thought I would like to make it really small and do a kind of


Internet question and answer them. We are going to take it out in May.


-- intimate. The other thing people know you for is Eastenders, you were


Steve. Happy memories? Great memories. I had the best three years


of my life. Working time, yeah. I would love to go back on Albert


Square, just to see Phil Mitchell's face when I walk on. Other people


have come back from the grave. I think that is a question for the


producers. If they called you, would you say yes? I would think about it.


You are going into Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I have a weirdly diverse


CV of directing and acting and being in a band. The one thing which is


not on there is musical theatre. I thought I'd like to give it a go.


I'm doing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for three months are going out there


as the Child Catcher. Have you been practising going, children? I'm in


rehearsals so I can't do it yet! It is a wonderful role but you don't


look scary enough. You have been involved in Lottery funded projects


as well. I was recently at the RAF museum in Hendon and what a great


day out. If you get the chance to go down, it is wonderful, boys own


stuff. You can find out more about what Martin did about visiting our


website. Here comes Lotto. Let's release those rollover balls


and remember, these days there are even more chances for you to become


a millionaire. Here is the jackpot. It's an estimated ?14.1 million. We


are using Guinevere and set of balls number five. More than ?19 million


of prizes has been won on Lotto and the Millionaire Raffle this week and


we are still awaiting a valid claim for the outstanding jackpot prize


fund January the night. Check your tickets if you live in the city of


Worcester. In that bumper week, you helped to raise a jaw-dropping ?69


million for National Lottery projects. It is true, this is your


moment. I had to get it in! First time with the button. I want to wish


everybody the best of luck. The first one tonight, which will it be?


Out pops number nine, last drawn eight Wednesdays ago. Number 54,


completed Millionaires Row on last eight Wednesdays ago. Number 54,


Wednesday. Number 41, also drawn five Wednesdays ago. Number eight,


the number of digits in each raffle number. Don't forget to check your


ticket. Number 11, part of winning line-up from seven Saturdays ago. If


you need a bonus this Saturday night, here's one. Millionaires Row


this Saturday night looks like this. Thank you. Could you be a lucky


winner in tonight's Millionaire Raffle? Back to Alan. Tonight's


Millionaire Raffle, the ?1 million winning number is gold:


It is true! Thank you, Martin. Best of luck with your tour. Don't forget


to check your tickets for the further 20 prizes of ?20,000 in the


Millionaire Raffle tonight. Full results will be available later on


the red button or the website. Next week, joining us here is actor


Matthew Kelly. He is a divine man. Have a lovely rest of your weekend


and a good week. I will see you next Saturday. Goodbye!


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