16/01/2016 The National Lottery Live


The National Lottery Live including the Lotto and Thunderball draws. Host Gaby Roslin is joined by David Hasselhoff.

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Pass. Holding the record for the most watched person in the world, in


the 80s as the star of Baywatch, very embarrassing impression there


and Knight rider. His latest role is on stage as a DJ dad. David


Hasselhoff. The Hoff will tell us about it very soon. So let us get


this started. Here is Thunderball. Overseen by an independent


adjudicator. There have been over 454,000 winning tickets on


Thunderball this week and more than ?2.6 million has been won in prizes.


Start the draw, please. We are off and running.


Drying just one number here, remember. But it could make a huge


difference to what you win, a huge difference. So here are the


Thunderball numbers, this time in ascending order.


Thank you, Alan. The Lotto draw and millionaire raffle coming up in just


a moment but before that, let's meet tonight's guest. He is the star of


two record-breaking TV shows and his music brought him global success. He


is a living legend, he is the Hoff, David Hasselhoff. Welcome, lovely


man. You just finished panto? I was in Glasgow. I love the pictures. And


you were in a new show? DJ dad? Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, it is a


singalong jukebox musical, I have everybody from age rolls to


45-year-olds dancing and singing in the aisles. It is a pleasure to be


involved. It is just highlights, the music of the 80s and 90s. Come on


down and have a good time. It is a lot of fun. So it is a singalong fun


time? It really is. We can't have you here and not talk about, it is


really bad, slow motion, but yours is very good, tell us about the slow


motion because there is a great story from Baywatch. The slow motion


from Baywatch was invented because we did not have enough money to


finish the show. Four of us were on the show and we needed an extra four


minutes. So one day a beautiful girl walked by and we put the camera on


and we said, my God, put that in slow motion. And we spent two more


minutes and then we said, why not do the main titles like that? We


finished the show by doing it in slow motion. And it has been the


highlight of the show for everyone. Is that a true story? Incredible!


It's crazy. And there is going to be a new movie. Will you be in the Red


Shorts again? I just got off the phone, literally half an hour ago,


saying send me the script, and let me know. And I would love to be in


the movie but it has got to be the right movie, it is going to be call.


It has got to be a tribute to Baywatch, not too much of a sendoff.


I am not sure where it is at right now. But they can still Baywatch


without the Hoff, that doesn't work. You can come and see me in Baywatch


and Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, we do a whole tribute to Baywatch in


the show. Do you wear the shorts and have the thing in your hands? I do.


And slow motion. In just a moment, we will have the handover. Time to


play Lotto. Let's release those rollover bowls


and remember, there are now even more chances for you to become a


millionaire. Here is the Lotto jackpot. It is an estimated ?7.7


million. And we are using Guinevere and set of balls number six. More


than ?94 million in prizes has been won on Watto in the last amazing


week. Congratulations to the two ticket holders who shared last


week's jackpot of ?66 million. David and Carol Martin from the Scottish


borders, still counting their ?33 million. The other ticket holder has


yet to come forward. I am just checking, you have your


Red Shorts on, too, haven't you? Of course! Press the button.


A good spread of numbers. We're going to go back to you, Alan,


because could you be a lucky winner in tonight's Lucky raffle? No fewer


than five prizes in the millionaire raffle tonight. The numbers are:


And don't forget to check your tickets for the further 20 prizes of


?20,000 in the millionaire raffle tonight. Thank you so much, David


and good luck with the show. Full results will be available via the


red button later or by visiting our website: Next week, Spandau Ballet,


and Eastenders, Martin Kemp. I am a happy girl. David Hasselhoff


this week, Martin Kemp next week! She is so happy!


So, no-one pays tax here? No-one pays taxes.


The National Lottery Live including the Lotto and Thunderball draws. Host Gaby Roslin is joined by David Hasselhoff who talks about his role in the musical Last Night a DJ Saved My Life.

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