09/01/2016 The National Lottery Live


The Lotto and Thunderball draws, hosted by Gaby Roslin. Gaby is joined by Jodie Prenger, who talks about her role in the one-woman musical Tell Me on a Sunday.

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Welcome to The National Lottery Live.


Now, it's a big night, isn't it, Alan?


Yes, as well as the Thunderball Draw, there's Lotto,


which tonight sees its biggest jackpot ever ? a phenomenal


Plus there is a very special guest pushing that Lotto button. My first


guest is a hugely talented West End star who first found fame by


becoming the people's man -- the People's Nancy by winning the BBC


series I'd Do Anything. That is the moment that you won it.


I've still got that dress! I've still got it. I should have worn it


tonight. You won awards for it. You were sensational. It is so special,


that show, to me, to think that seven, eight years ago, and I'm


still doing it. You've done so many things. You were Miss Hannigan. I


hated being so mean to the kids. They were gorgeous. It is still


going. It was phenomenal doing that show. And the week! Have you got


that dress? No, but I will have the dog from the show when she has


retired. I want more dogs. At the moment, you are about to do Tell Me


On A Sunday, which is a glorious show, a one-woman show. Unless you


fancy joining in. Don't say that... No, this is your show. It is very


daunting, a one-woman show. It started being written in 1979, the


year that I was born. It is very exciting, one of Andrew Lloyd --


Andrew Lloyd Webber and Don Black's amazing collaborations. Take that


look off your face... I have a feeling, if you were to win this,


you might get some more things for your farm. I would. In fact, I think


I would just pack it in and get an animal sanctuary and have lots of


hankies and goats. I can see the pictures now. I have gone feral. I


am there. Let's play Thunderball. The draw master tonight is Julie


Hamilton. The draws are being overseen by an independent


adjudicator. Expel other two. Over 447,000 winning tickets on this game


in the past week, and more than ?2.6 million has been won in prizes. Well


done if you were a winner. The first button to be pressed


tonight. Over to you, lovely. We are off and running this Saturday night.


The first one, please, is number two. A total of 39 balls to pick


from in this first machine. You just pick five of them. Here is another


one, number three. Three opportunities per week to play this


game, of course, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Here is the next one,


number five. You can get a prize just for matching the Thunderball


itself. Here is the fourth one. That is number 22. Finally, from this,


our first machine, do you have on your ticket as part of your


selection, number 11? Next week turned to the Thunderballs, there


are 14 inside the second machine. Let's make the draw. We are drawing


just one number but it could make a huge difference to what you win. Up


pops that one, number 12. There are tonight's Thunderball numbers again,


this time in ascending order: thank you, Alan. Now it is the big


one, with the largest jackpot prize ever. Time to play Lotto.


OK, let's stop right now. Just before we released the Lotto balls


for this biggest ever Lotto jackpot of ?57 million, let's introduce our


special guest. He hosted the first Lotto draw show in 1994. It's only


Noel Edmonds! Welcome, Mr Edmonds. 21 years ago. 1994, an amazing


moment. A great honour to host the first TV show, but it was much more


than just that. It was a national event, if you think about it. A


record audience, people all came together. Now we have got another


historic moment, this is very exciting. You have flown from Monaco


to press this button. I got a phone call at 4am this morning because


somebody had the idea I should do this. In 1994, when I hosted the


show, they wouldn't trust me to press the button. We trust you. Get


your tickets ready, everybody. Let's release those big-money balls. There


are now even more chances for you to become a millionaire. Here is the


Lotto's biggest ever jackpot. It is an estimated ?57.8 million. Thanks


to Harry, we are using Guinevere and set of balls six. More than ?21


million has been one in prizes on the Lotto and Millionaire Raffle in


the last week. OK, it is that time. Right, a moment of Lottery history


and a moment that I hope you are going to be part of. Believe it is


going to be you, be positive, and good luck. If nobody matches with


all six main numbers drawn, the jackpot will be shared between those


matching five plus the bonus. The first one is number 58. We saw it


the weekend before last. Next this Saturday night, that is number 47,


drawn a couple of Wednesdays ago. The third one, please. That is


number 27, also made a TV appearance three Saturdays ago. Fourth to be


drawn is number 46. Good news if it is yours. Draw three Saturdays back.


The fifth one is number 52, drawn last Saturday, too. The sixth number


to be drawn for the mega jackpot is number 26. If you have five numbers,


tonight of all nights, it might be useful to know what the bonus is. It


is number 48. So millionaires Row on this big night for the Lottery looks


like this. Thank you. Thank you all. Thank you


for watching. We will be back next week. Bye-bye.


The National Lottery Live including the Lotto and Thunderball draws, hosted by Gaby Roslin. Gaby is joined by Jodie Prenger, who talks about her role in the one-woman musical Tell Me on a Sunday.

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