02/01/2016 The National Lottery Live


The National Lottery Live including the Lotto and Thunderball draws, hosted by Gaby Roslin. This week's guest is astrologer Russell Grant.

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Welcome to The National Lottery Live.


Welcome back. You have a nice New Year's Eve? I did, thank you.


Two live draws coming up for you - Thunderball and Lotto,


with the Lotto jackpot a whopping ?46.5 million -


Our guest will get your New Year off to a great start.


The wonderful Russell Grant has his predictions


But first, with a top prize of half a million pounds,


Julie, start those machines. Our drawmaster tonight is Julie Hamilton


and the draws are being overseen by an independent adjudicator.


Excalibur three and set of balls seven were selected by Alan


Wilkinson earlier. Start the draw, please.


The Lotto draw is coming up in a just a minute,


but first, let's meet tonight's guest.


in On the Buses and Doctor in the House,


after the Queen Mother took an interest


He's recently returned to the stage,


in the West End - it's the fabulous Russell Grant!


What has the new year got in store? Too much to tell you. Jupiter is in


the sign of the go. The dough is design of health. So I think there


will be breakthroughs in health, which is particularly interesting


for me -- Virgo is the sign of health. I think we will see a lot of


changes there for the good. When my publishers approached me, I didn't


want to bring any more books out. Because you have done how many? 78!


And they approached me and said, would I do an adult colouring book


on the art of astrology and I went, you know, this is good, because what


is good about these new adult colouring books is mindfulness,


concentrating the mind especially in those areas of dementia and


Alzheimer's, and even for the carers. And for people just live in


the moment, rather than living in the past or the future. It is a


great thing to do. I am going to take you back to the past, if I may,


because we have a lovely picture of you as a child. You were here in


Pinewood as a little kid, weren't you? Only with my mum, dad and uncle


John. My uncle won an Oscar for the deer hunter eventually. My dad,


Frank, worked as a scenic designer here on big movies like Cleopatra


with Burton and Taylor. I don't remember meeting them. But my mum


was also a contract secretary, John man she did all the contracts for


the big British stars, Dirk Bogarde and Deborah Carr and all the people


like that. So Pinewood is a second home for the family. Sorry to take


you back to this past as well, but Strictly. You were with Flavia. That


was fantastic. But you had a bad leg, didn't you? Just before I did


that, it turned out that I had done the cartilage in my knee in. So I


had to dance not just this dance, but the next eight or nine dances


with a brace from my hip down to my ankle. It was difficult at times,


but the joy of that one is that it was a Kylie Minogue number, better


the devil you know, and when I got off, my friend Robbie Savage said,


and the look, Kylie has been tweeting you! She sent a message


saying, shimmy, Russ! So showbiz! OK, the big moment of the evening.


Let's play Lotto. Let's release those big-money balls.


There are even more chances for you to become a millionaire. Here is


tonight's Lotto jackpot. It is an estimated ?46.5 million, the biggest


Lotto jackpot ever. We are using Arthur and that of balls eight. More


than ?20 million has been won on this game in the last week.


Congratulations if you were a winner. Say that amount again? ?46.5


million! Your hands are responsible for that. Good luck, everyone. No


matter what sign you are, here goes! Well, if you won, what a New Year's


Eve! Now there is another chance to win in the Millionaire Raffle. In


this Saturday night's Millionaire Raffle, the million pound winning


number is: Thanks, Alan, and don't forget


to check your tickets in the Millionaire Raffle tonight


too. will be available later via the red


button or by visiting bbc.co.uk/lottery and


following the links. You can catch up on all the results


of this week's draws by watching BBC One on Tuesday, Wednesday


and Friday straight after the news Next week, West End star


Jodie Prenger will be here.


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