26/12/2015 The National Lottery Live


The National Lottery Live including the Lotto and Thunderball draws, hosted by Ore Oduba, with a special Christmas performance from Collabro.

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Good evening everyone and welcome to the national lottery live on Boxing


Day. I hope you had a lovely Christmas so far. Alan, what about


you? I've had a great one, thank you! Brilliant. Not just the


national lottery draw but the Thunderball. We will also have a


very special festive performance. The Collabro boys are coming up, so


let's get started with Thunderball. OK, Jeff, start up both machines, if


you would, please. The machines are overseen by an independent


adjudicator, X calibre three. -- Excalibur. More than 3.3 million


has been won in prizes. Well done if you are a winner.


Let's see how you get on this Saturday night. It's number six. You


just choose five of them, that's how the game works. Number 28. Three


opportunities in the week to play the game itself, Wednesday, Friday


and Saturday. Number 35. Here is the fourth one to be drawn tonight...


There it is, that is number 2-macro. And finally for this, our first


machine, this as part of our selection, and the 32. Next we turn


to the Thunder balls. We are about to draw just one of them. OK, Jeff,


do what you do so well. This could make a huge difference to what you


could win tonight. It's number 13. Here are tonight's numbers again,


this time in ascending order. -- the Thunderball tonight is number


13. Now it's the big one, it's time for the Lotto.


-- he can't wait to press that button. We make more millionaires


than ever before. Here is tonight's jackpot, an estimated ?39.4 million.


Fax to Andrew, we are using Arthur and set of balls number seven.


Congratulations if you had a winning ticket last week. As a Christmas


treat, it's finally my turn to push the button! Good luck, everybody!


Here we go, first to be drawn today, number 58. We saw that one, nine


weeks ago. Number 44, when was that last wrong? A dozen Wednesday's


back. Number 17 completed millionaire's Row seven weeks ago.


The fifth to be drawn tonight is that one, number 21. The sixth


number to be drawn, this for the jackpot. That is number 38. And if


you need a Christmas bonus, here's one for you. There it is, number 20.


Milionaire's Row looks like this, in ascending order.


The bonus tonight, number 20. Do you have a winning ticket for tonight's


Millionaire Raffle? This Boxing Day there are five prizes of ?1 million.


Nicely done, my friend. Don't forget to check your tickets to see if you


won one of the 20 prizes in the Millionaire Raffle tonight. So


without further ado, here are Collabro, with White Christmas.


# I'm dreaming of a White Christmas. With every Christmas card I write


# May your days the Merry and right # And may all your Christmases be


# # I'm dreaming of a White Christmas.


# Just like the ones I used to know # Where tree tops glisten


# And children listen to here sleigh bells in the snow


# I'm dreaming of a White Christmas # With every Christmas card I write


# May your days be merry and bright # And may all your Christmases


# Be white #. That's a beautiful thing, thank you


to Collabro, and there is another special performance from Collabro


just for you online. You can see it on the website.


You're not a soldier, you are a doctor.


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