19/12/2015 The National Lottery Live


The National Lottery Live including the Lotto and Thunderball draws, hosted by Ore Oduba. Pushing the Lotto button is the Saturdays' Frankie Bridge.

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Hello and welcome to The National Lottery Live on this


Two draws coming up for you, Thunderball and Lotto,


with the Lotto jackpot a staggering ?32.6 million!


A total so large we needed a responsible adult to talk about it.


Only me. Thank you Alan. And getting the Lotto


draw started is a lady who knows just how the Strictly


finalists are feeling right now, as she made it


to the top three last year. Let's get started -


here's Thunderball. ALAN DEDICOAT: Julie,


please start up both machines. Our drawmaster tonight


is Julie Hamilton and the draws are being overseen by


an independent adjudicator. Excalibur three and set of balls 8


were selected earlier today. Next it is the turn of the


Thunderballs. We have 14 of those inside our second machine and we are


about to draw just one of them. The Lotto draw is


coming up in a just a minute, but first let's


meet tonight's guest. With the Strictly final


results just minutes away, we've one of last year's finalists


here to push the famous button. Welcome to the National Lottery


Live, Frankie Bridge. So good to have you back. Thank you.


That was your show dance from last year. It was. Does it bring your


emotions back? It makes me so nervous for everyone. You were at


this point last year, so what goes through your mind when the results


are imminent? The pressure is piled on that last week. Three dances to


learn and everyone is asking who you want to win. It is so intense, but


afterwards it is amazing. You've had a bit of a relief. Over the last


year, you were in the final last year but you are doing the Strictly


tour next year. Yes. Are you looking forward to that? I can't wait. I've


managed to drag the whole experience out. Now I get to start it all over


again, which means dragging up things and having to remember how to


do everything properly. But I can't wait. Including old dance moves?


Yes. It doesn't happen often that I have Frankie bridge here on a


Saturday night, so would you show me a few moves? Talk about putting me


on the spot! Look at this, would Frankie and Ore please take to the


floor? That's horrible! To be in hold you have to put your hand on my


shoulder blade. Keep your elbow up and your shoulder down. Down! Lean


out a bit. Look strong. Alan, what do you reckon? You are doing well,


considering. Work to be done. You could do better. Thank you Frankie,


I appreciate you wasting your time. No worries. Christmas time, what has


it got in store for you? It is my son's first Christmas, and my family


are in one place. I don't do the Christmas dinner. My mum does that


still. You've got people? Yes. OK, it's the big moment


of the evening, Frankie. Julie, let's release


those Lotto balls. My voice always frightens Strictly


people! Remember, there are even more


chances to become a millionaire now. Tonight's Lotto jackpot


is an estimated ?32.6 million, a new Lotto jackpot


record in the UK! We are using Arthur and set of balls


5. More than ?40 -- more than ?14 million has been won in prizes on


Lotto. OK, it's time to push


that button, Frankie. There's another chance to win big,


in tonight's Millionaire Raffle. Okey-dokey. And tonight's


Millionaire Raffle, ?1 million number, just in time for Christmas


is: Don't forget to check your tickets


for the further 20 prizes of ?20,000 in the Millionaire


Raffle tonight too. Merry Christmas. Thank you very


much. Full results of all the draws


will be available later via the red button or by visiting


bbc.co.uk/lottery and Collabro will be performing


a special festive performance Have a wonderful Christmas Day


and we'll see you on Boxing Day


The National Lottery Live including the Lotto and Thunderball draws, hosted by Ore Oduba. Pushing the Lotto button is the Saturdays' Frankie Bridge, who is promoting her Strictly Come Dancing tour.

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