08/03/2014 The National Lottery Live


Kate Garraway presents a live show from Lottery HQ, including the Lotto and Thunderball draws.

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Hello everyone and welcome to the National Lottery Live. It's very


exciting to be back here at Lottery HQ and I am most definitely in the


mood to help make some winners tonight!


Glad to hear it Kate. Welcome back! Thanks Alan. OK, we're a matter of


seconds away from your first chance to win a fortune this weekend.


We kick off tonight's proceedings with the Thunderball draw, which has


a top prize of half a million pounds. That's followed closely by


tonight's big Lotto draw, with a jackpot of an estimated ?4.4


million! Also, a little later in the show, we'll be turning our


attentions to cooler climates, where a number of National Lottery-funded


members of GB's Paralympic squad are competing for glory over in Sochi.


But first it's time for one final call for nominations ahead of this


year's National Lottery Awards. Did you know that you help to raise a


staggering ?33 million every single week for National Lottery projects?


The money you raise makes an enormous difference to people,


places and communities all over the UK. So if you know of a project that


has benefited from National Lottery funding, why not nominate them for


an award? There are seven different categories and the winners will


feature as part of a star-studded ceremony later this year here on BBC


One. Hosting the event will be John Barrowman, and here he is now with


details of how you can nominate. Hi everybody I'm John barrowman and I'm


very excited to be hosting this year's National Lottery awards. You


still have some time to nominate your favourite National Lottery


funded project, but there is not much time, so get moving. In order


to do that, you have to nominate before March 12th at midnight. Hey,


and I will see you on the night. Thank you John and good luck to all


who are entering. Okay, time now for tonight's Thunderball draw.


Right, here we go then. Good evening drawmaster Matt. Are we all set? Hi


Kate. We most certainly are! Excellent. Half a million pounds


could soon be yours, folks. Matt, please start up the first machine.


Our drawmaster tonight is Matt Chamberlain and the draws are being


overseen by an independent adjudicator. Excalibur five and set


of balls number seven were chosen today. There have been over 462,000


winning tickets on Thunderball this past week. Congratulations if yours


was one of them! Thanks very much Alan. Okay, let's get proceedings


underway. Good luck everyone! Start up that second machine if you


would please, Matt. That's the five main balls but we still need the


all-important Thunderball. Every ticket is still in play, even if


you've yet to match with any numbers. You can still win a prize


by matching with just the Thunderball alone. Best of luck.


Thanks Alan. Tonight's big Lotto draw is coming right up, but before


that, with the 2014 Paralympics under way over in Sochi, there's


time to say a huge good luck to your National Lottery-funded members of


Paralympics GB's squad. Kelly Gallagher and her guide, Charlotte


Evans, were in action earlier this morning in the women's downhill


skiing, alongside a triumphant Jade Etherington and guide Caroline


Powell, who won silver! Congratulations, an amazing


achievement! They'll be competing in more events over the course of the


week. Meanwhile, for those of you who were gripped by the curling a


couple of weeks back when Team GB picked up a silver and a bronze,


look out for the wheelchair curling squad. No doubt we'll have more


nailbiting moments ahead. We're all rooting for you guys. The best of


luck to you and the rest of the team.


OK, Sochi's athletes may be warming up to take the stage, but now the


spotlight is on you at home. So who's ready to win big? Everyone


take a deep breath, because here comes tonight's Lotto draw.


Release those weekend balls. Tonight's Lotto rollover jackpot is


worth an estimated ?4.4 million. We are using Lancelot and with it


set of balls number five. In the last week there have been over


570,000 winning tickets on Lotto. This includes four lucky ticket


holders who shared last Saturday's rollover jackpot and a further two


on Wednesday who also matched with all six numbers. Congratulations and


well done! Thanks Alan. It could be your turn


tonight. Tickets at the ready. It's time to make millionaires! And she


means it. Thanks Alan. Remember, every line of


Lotto gives entry to the Lotto Raffle Draw and tonight, as it's a


rollover, there are 100 prizes of ?20,000 up for grabs. -- 50 prizes.


To find out if you're a winner, full results will be available later via


the red button or by visiting bbc.co.uk/lottery and following the


links. Early indications show that the region with the most raffle


winners tonight is Scotland. The results of this week's draws are


available on BBC One on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 10.35pm,


straight after the 10 o'clock News. And you can also watch this week's


Lotto, Thunderball and EuroMillions by visiting the website.


I'm back with you next Saturday night together with the last in the


present series of Who Dares Wins, but for now, have a fantastic week.




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