01/03/2014 The National Lottery Live


Gaby Roslin presents a live show from Lottery HQ, including the Lotto and Thunderball draws.

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Hello everyone. Welcome to the National Lottery Live. And a very


happy St David's Day to all of our Welsh viewers. OK, we're moments


away from the first of tonight's chances for you to become


significantly richer this Saturday night. First up, we have the


Thunderball draw, with a top prize of ?500,000. That's followed by the


opportunity to scoop a Lotto rollover jackpot of an amazing 5. .2


million, so make sure those tickets are close at hand. Yours might just


be the lucky one. Also, with this year's National Lottery Awards on


the horizon, we will tell you how to nominate projects that you feel have


made a difference to your local community. All of that still to


come, but first, there's just time to wish good luck to two National


Lottery funded films which are both up for Oscars at the Academy Awards.


Following its BAFTA award for Best Adapted Screenplay, tomorrow night


Philomena is up for four Oscars, including Best Picture, also the The


Invisible Woman is nominated in the category for Best Costume Design.


Best of luck to both films. Now about that ?500,000 top prize...


Here's Thunderball! OK then, start up those machines,


please. Our draw master is Julie Hamilton.


This week, there have been over 505,000 winning tickets on this


game. Mid-week one lucky ticket holder won the top prize,


congratulations, whoever you may be. Thank you Alan. One winner of the


top prize this week, is it your turn? Good luck. Let's hope so. Here


we go then, eyes down, look in. First one is about to appear, there


it is, that is number 22. Off to a good start. 39 balls to pick from in


this first machine. You choose five of them. There's 24. And there's


three opportunities per week to play this game, Wednesdays, Fridays and


Saturdays. The next is number eight. Next tonight, which is it to be?


There's the answer, that's Number Ten. We need just one more from our


first machine. Round and round they go. That's number 29. There we are


then, those are the five main numbers. Next we need the


all-important Thunderball. All tickets are still in play and you


can win a prize by matching with just the Thunderball alone. Best of


luck. A brand new month, how about a big helping of Thunderball cash.


It's lucky 13. So here are tonight's Thunderball numbers in ascending


order. Thank you very much, Alan. Did you


know that since the National Lottery began, you've helped to raise more


than ?31 billion for projects all over the UK. Every year to help


celebrate the difference that you make, the National Lottery Awards


pays tribute to the projects you think deserve special recognition.


Nominations are still open for this year's awards. Here's Allen with a


bit more information. The national lot ray wards are an


annual search to find the UK's favourite national funded projects.


They celebrate the talent and dedication behind the projects that


benefit people, places and communities across the whole of the


UK. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts from generating all those


votes. Thank you very much. Awards are given across seven categories,


reflecting the different types of projects funded. These are art,


education, environment, health, heritage, sport and charity


voluntary. How can you nominate? The easiest way so to head online to


bbc.co.uk/lottery and follow the links. You will be able to nominate


a project that you think deserves special recognition. It's free to


nominate and voting for all short listed projects will take place in


the summer. We got a phone call to say we'd been short listed. It was


worth the time and effort that we put into it. The winners in each


category will be invited to a star-studded awards event that will


be televised later this year on BBC One. The winners will receive a


?2,000 cash prize to spend on their pradge ect. -- project. It's


overwhelming to win this award. It means an awful lot to all of us,


thankthank you. S close at midnight on March 12. Thanks, Alan. Good luck


if you're entering. OK, I hope you're in the mood for winning big.


It's time for tonight's Lotto rollover draw.


Let's release the weekend balls. Tonight's rollover jackpot is worth


an estimated 5. .2 million. We are using Gwen Veer and set -- Gwenevere


and set of balls seven. Last Saturday night one lucky ticket


holder scooped the entire jackpot. I hope you're all ready at home. I


wish you the very best of luck. We're off and running. . The first


one is number four. Thanks to lottery players over 420,000 grants


have been awarded to the good causes. That is number 13, drawn a


matter of four Wednesdays back too. Here's the next one, number 29,


bonus a matter of four Wednesdays ago as well. Next, out pops another


one, this time, it number nine. Completed millionaires row a couple


of Wednesday nights on the trot a while back. Next is 40. Drawn a


couple of Saturdays back as well. The sixth number, this for the


jackpot that we are talking, Number Ten. Excellent. Finally, this


weekend's bonus, which is it going to be? There's the answer, number


45. Millionaires row this Saturday night looks like this in ascending


order: Now remember, every line of Lotto


gives entry to Lotto raffle. Tonight, there are 100 prizes of


?20,000 up for grabs. To find out if you're a winner, full results will


be available later via the red button or by advise thing


bbc.co.uk/lottery. Early indications show the region with the most raffle


winners tonight is the South-East of England. The results of this week's


draw are available on BBC One on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 10.


35pm after the Ten O'Clock news. You can watch Thunderball and


EuroMillions by visiting the website. Kate Garraway will be with


you next Saturday night. Have a lovely weekend. I'll see you next


time. Bye-bye.


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