28/12/2013 The National Lottery Live


Chris Evans hosts a live show including the Lotto and Thunderball draws, and an exclusive first look at where winning Lotto raffle tickets are located in the UK.

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Hello and welcome to National Lottery Live where it's only a Lotto


Double Rollover - with an estimated jackpot of ?10 Million. And because


it's a Lotto Double rollover, Lotto Raffle has 150 prizes of ?20,000.


But all this good news is tinged with melancholy as this is my last


draw... (WEEPING). Oh Alan, don't cry. But you will be happy with my


replacement. We will be chatting to her in a moment. Also tonight we're


heading to the farm to find out about the National Lottery funded


Lylac Ridge which is helping young people with learning needs and


disabilities. But let's start by seeing if someone can kick off the


New Year with an extra half a million pounds with Thunderball!


Good evening, Draw Master Julie. Please release those interstitial


balls. The draw is being overseen by an independent adjudicator.


We're off and running. First one to night, which when is it going to be?


Here are the Thunderball numbers again in ascending order.


All made possible by over ?200,000 of National Lottery funding, in just


three years Lylac Ridge, in South Wales, has helped 800 children and


young people with learning disabilities and additional learning


needs by giving them the opportunity to work with and care for some of


their 100 animals. Here they are doing exactly that.


Using the animals for children like ours is, it really builds their


esteem and confidence. The animals aren't going to say, you are not


doing that right, I can't understand what you're saying. It brings out


the best in them really. I work with a lot of the kids, they are a bit


anxious when they first come in that the animals aren't going to come


near them. They step back and see it is the same as life. If you are


aggressive and I rate, people don't want to know, and if you are


aggressive and I rate, people don't want to know, and if you're quite


calm about it, you get more reaction out of people. I was a bit of a


recluse. I wouldn't talk to people at all. I came up here, and as you


can see I am not shy any more! I wouldn't have had an education,


wouldn't have wanted to go to school, wouldn't have talked to


people and made friends. I'm glad I came here. Some of them that come


here, they can sit there, chat to the animals, they don't have to tell


us that it sometimes just sharing out loud that means they can get it


off their chest. I am a firm believer that Lylac Ridge does


change peoples lives and gets on the right path. Stacey and Jackie have


done a marvellous job to build on their self-esteem, there confidence.


They are going to leave school with qualifications, their journey they


have travelled is phenomenal. Without the Lottery funding, we


wouldn't be able to do the work we have done. We don't all need to be


picked is, you can be a survivor, turn your life around and help


others. It's brilliant, it has helped me so much. And to find out


more about Lylac Ridge, simply visit the website:


so who is going to take over presenting? It's my old friend, Gaby


Roslin! How can you look even younger than you did 20 years ago?


Interesting! The secret hosting this show is knowing that Alan Dedicoat


is always around. I will always be here for you! Can I say how


fantastic you are looking? And how wonderful you are sounding! Enough


of this. She was always far too sharp. Now,


please release the ball. Then Alan, please give us all the


Lotto stats and facts. Let's take a look at who is wishing


us well. More of the good folk from Lylac Ridge. Mr Rossi from


Cheshire. Push the button if you can. So a double rollover means that


someone could be starting 2014 with an extra ?2 million, could like


everyone. Do I pressed the button? Whatever!


Thank you so much, every line gives rise to the auto raffle -- Lotto


Raffle, and on Wednesday, we had an incredible 500 prizes. We can now


see where the majority of those winning numbers were. Well done to


the north-west and the Isle of Man. Tonight's Lotto Raffle, let's have a


look where the majority of those winning numbers are. South-east


London and the East. It will be available later via the red button


or at the website. Goodbye from me as your host for now, towards the


end of 2013. I will be back next Saturday with all the drawers. Just


time for my signature, slick signature waived to camera six, I


always end the show like this. Happy New Year!


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