21/12/2013 The National Lottery Live


Chris Evans hosts a live show including the Lotto and Thunderball draws, and an exclusive first look at where winning Lotto raffle tickets are located in the UK.

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APPLAUSE Hello and welcome to the post-stick


stick. Well done Ms Clancy. The jackpot is ?4.4 million. Very good.


Plus, we have Lotto Raffle, 50 prizes of ?20,000. And we will be


chatting to this right bunch of jokers, The Clown Doctors, who are


living proof that laughter can be the best medicine for sick children.


Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas, Chris! Well done. First, let's see


if we can't stick ?500,000 in someone's Christmas stocking with


Thunderball. Good evening, Draw Master, Matt.


Merry Christmas. And to you. Will you release the balls, please?


Indeed. Alan, are you joining us? I thought


I might. Both of tonight's draws are being overseen by an independent


adjudicator. Earlier today, Excalibur 2 and set of balls 8 was


selected at random for us. Let's start the draw. The first one is


about to appear. That is 35. Next up is 18. Three opportunities per week


to play the game itself. Next is 36. Next this Saturday night is 20.


Finally, from this, our first machine, how about 32? Marvellous.


OK, let's draw the Thunderball itself. Up pops 13. So here are


tonight's Thunderball numbers again in ascending order:


Thank you. Now, in the past five years, ?1.6 billion of National


Lottery funding has gone to projects that help improve the lives of young


people in spectacularly diverse ways. There are few ways more


appreciated than laughter. Cue the brilliant Clown Doctors.


She wanted to put performance to a fantastic case and what better use


than going to visit sick and vulnerable children and delivering


interactions for them. Robin House is a children's hospice and it's for


children with life-threatening conditions. What the Clown Doctors


give is unique, they gauge it so well, whether it is quiet play or


noisy play. Personally, it is the best job in the world. We have


special moments with children. I'm grateful for that. Moses had several


experiences and it is nice to see a smile on Rosie's face. The work they


do is amazing. You learn every day. You get to meet brilliant kids and


brilliant people. You have to love The Clown Doctors.


Pip, tell us how all this started? The Clown Doctors is an


international movement. It was started by a performer who wanted to


enhance the experience for sick and vulnerable children in hospices. You


get a free alter ego. Carmen becomes? Dr Squeegie. Dr Cous Cous.


Dr Doodle. Dr Beatz. You don't have to. Dr Beatz, what is the best thing


you get back All this giving? -- get back from all this giving? When we


come towards the end of a visit, the parents will inform us that is


possibly one of the first times they have smiled that week. That is a


real privilege. That is such a big deal. It is. Lilian, you are an


activities coordinator. What can you tell that the kids get from The


Clown Doctors? When The Clown Doctors come, they make it that


extra special. They bring fun and laughter and most importantly, they


leave happy memories for our families. Brilliant. National


Lottery funding, what has it done for you? It is vital to us to


provide smiles to 10,000 brave children all over Scotland and their


families. We visit 15 units throughout Scotland and we wouldn't


be able to do that without the National Lottery. Fabulous. You are


very welcome. To find out more about The Clown Doctors and why wouldn't


you want to, please visit the website, bbc.co.uk/lottery. No


clowning around now as it is time for Lotto.


It is that man again, Matt. Let's get going with those Lotto balls. He


gets everywhere. Who is this wishing us all the very best? They are


volunteers and parents from Robin House. Earlier today, we asked Ms


Johnson to select this evening's draw equipment. Chris? Camera one


was very eager there to get home! Wednesday's double rollover was won


by one lucky ticket holder who scooped ?7.9 million. Could you have


the winning ticket tonight? Good luck, everyone. Here we go. The


first one is 40. The next one is 33, drawn seven Wednesdays back. The


third one - that is 28. The fourth one, please. Hout Out she pops, 18.


The fifth one is 12. The sixth number is for the jackpot


- 25. Excellent. Next, the bonus is 17. So millionaire's row this


Saturday night looks like this in ascending order:


Alright. Thank you very much. Remember, every line of Lotto gives


entry into the Lotto Raffle, which has 50 prizes of ?20,000. We can see


where the majority of those numbers are with the Raffle Map. Wow, look


at that. Well done, London. Wow. This Christmas Day's midweek Lotto


day - there is an extra Lotto Raffle where there will be a guaranteed 500


prizes of ?20,000. That is an extra ?10 million to be won. That is


almost it from us. A huge thank you to The Clown Doctors. APPLAUSE As


always, for full results, go to the led button later or go to


bbc.co.uk/lottery. We will be back next Saturday. Have a very Merry


Christmas. Abbey Clancy tonight, didn't she do well? Good night.


Merry Christmas.


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