14/12/2013 The National Lottery Live


Chris Evans hosts a live show including the Lotto and Thunderball draws, and an exclusive first look at where winning Lotto raffle tickets are located in the UK.

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Hello and welcome to the National Lottery Live where Christmas has


arrived. Tonight, we're talking to these lovely people from Adrenaline


Alley. They've used National Lottery funding to ensure that disabled


people have access to one of the country's biggest and best urban


sports parks. Plus, tonight, we have a Lotto rollover, with an estimated


jackpot of 5. .5 million, plus there are 100 winners of ?20,000 in Lotto


raffle. But before that, someone could be winning ?500,000 with


Thunderball. Good evening draw master Matt, how


are you? Very well, yourself? Fine. In rehearsal, you said you were


tired and hungover. Any way! Release the balls please.


Are you feeling festive, Alan? I am, he did say that, you're right. He's


in a good mood and that's what Christmas is all about. Both of


tonight's draws are being overseen by an independent adjudicator. Let's


do it. It's that time again. Let's start the draw, if we may.


First to appear tonight, there it is, number 19. Don't forget a total


of 39 balls to pick from in the first machine. You choose five of


them. That is 12. Three opportunities per week to play


the game itself - Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Next up is


24. How are you doing so far? Well, I hope. Need a couple more from our


first machine. That's number 2. And then finally, how about, do you have


this on your ticket? 13. Marvellous. Matt, let's draw the Thunderball


itself now. There are 14 in there, round and round they go and up pops


number 11. So, here are tonight's Thunderball


numbers in ascending order: Thank you, gentlemen. This year


alone 5,000 sports clubs have been improved thanks to ?635 million


worth of lottery funding. One of the groups seeing the benefits is


Adrenaline Alley. We open to the public -- opened to the public in


July, 2006. We have grown from strength to strength. We have had


over 450,000 visits since August 2006. We've been able to do


encompass and integrate lots of people of different capabilities,


different ages. That's through the big lottery people's millions. That


was the first step in understanding how we could adapt the facilities to


incorporate the disability users. Every week we have a group come in,


full of disability children. In this area here, this is built for


disabled users. We get one on one tuition going. We have a bit of a


laugh. We all interact the same way, no matter how we are, or what shaped


body. I love racing in front of everyone. It makes me so happy. I


love it. Yes, all the students love to come along to Adrenaline Alley.


Without Adrenaline Alley my life would be completely different. I


wouldn't have anything that I have now. I can't thank it enough,


really. Just another brilliant project. We have Mandy and her


husband Paul as part of that as well, her daughter Jody and son,


John. Take us through how it came about in the first place. John was


diagnosed with a brain tumour at a very young age. When he came out of


hospital at the age of 13, he was the victim of an attack and we


decided then to try and create a safe place for young people to


partake in urban sports. Was very much down to John, who sadly is no


longer with us, that he was thinking the disabled access was a big deal


for him, wasn't it? Yeah, through his illness, he experienced what it


was like to be in a wheelchair. It was his vision to make sure that


anybody with a disability could actually take part at Adrenaline


Alley and be part of everyday life there Harry, this is your big


moment. What's your favourite bit of this magical place? Hello, Chris, my


favourite bit is the ramp, including the big one, calling the Wave. It's


scary when I first go on it. But I really enjoy it. Back to you, Chris.


Thank you very much. Brilliant. Harry's teacher is here. What other


benefits is there? Adrenaline Alley is an exciting place for the


students to go. They have a fantastic time. They develop


self-confidence, their independent skills and have great team work as


well. Great. Well done everyone. Thank you so much. To find out more


about Adrenaline Alley, visit the website, bbc.co.uk/lottery. Now a


Lotto people, having a Lotto fun to the Lotto itself. ?


Draw master Matt, the return, let's get the Lotto balls out and about,


please. There's a threat. The news on the street is that all is set


fair for tonight's draw. Earlier we asked Jamie to select the draw


equipment, we're using Guinivere and set of balls one. The phrase of the


night is "Back to you, Chris." Thank you very much. Two winning tickets


shared last Saturday's jackpot, each taking 1. .7 million. Rollover


tonight, could your Christmas budget get boosted? Good luck everyone.


Back to you, Matt. Here we go. The first one tonight,


which is it? 24, drawn nine Wednesdays ago as well. Next, 41,


joined us four Saturdays ago. And the third one, please. 13. Lucky for


somebody tonight. A mere five Saturdays back that was the bonus.


The fourth one, please - number 21, completed millionaires row the other


Wednesday night. And that's number 35. Due know National Lottery


players raise over 35 million for good causes each week. That is


number 29, good news if it's yours. Now we need a bonus. There it is, 8.


So millionaires row this Saturday night looks like this, in ascending


order: Mr Dedicoat, thank you so much.


Remember, every line of Lotto gives the Lotto raffle which has 100


prizes, which is 20 prizes. Let's have a look. Look at this, well done


Scotland, 12, North West 15, south-west coming in, 15. That's 42


all in all. That's a minimum there and the rest of the country share


what's left. By the way, the latest Lotto winner to take publicity are


the Eccles family from Pontefract. Also the Youngers from Chester Le


Street, both winning tickets used family birthdays to win just over 1.


.5 million in the December 4th draw. Very merry Christmas to them. A big


thank you to everyone at Adrenaline Alley! Well done, guys. The results


from Lotto raffle will be available via the red button or on


bbc.co.uk/lottery. Not a happy Christmas, how about a Harry


Christmas. Harry Christmas.


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