07/12/2013 The National Lottery Live


Chris Evans hosts a live show including the Lotto and Thunderball draws, and an exclusive first look at where winning Lotto raffle tickets are located in the UK.

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hello and welcome to the National Lottery live where tonight we prove


it is never too late to learn. We have ladies and gentlemen from the


Open Age project which is Lottery funded. First, Lotto tonight has an


estimated jackpot of ?4.6 million. The Lotto raffle has 50 cash prizes


of ?20,000. Plus in Thunderball this evening somebody could be taking


over half ?1 million home. Let's get on with the mighty Lotto. Look at to


draw master Julie. Look at her. How are you? I am good. Please release


those balls. Is there an Alan in the house? There is. I can see we are


all set and ready for tonight's Lotto draw. And the members of Open


Age are passing on their messages to everybody tonight. We are using


Guinevere and set of balls five. Five winning tickets shared


Wednesday's double rollover each of them sharing over ?1.5 million. Get


your tickets ready for tonight. Good luck, everyone.


Thank you, Alan, and keep hold of your tickets because with every line


of Lotto comes entry to the raffle, which has this week 50 prizes of


?20,000. We will show you where the majority of those winning tickets


are later on. But in the last five years alone ?526 million of Lottery


funding has directly helped people over 60 to learn new skills,


overcome isolation and improve their health and well-being. One of those


groups is Open Age. Open Age is a user led charity that was set up 20


years ago. We run 350 activities a week and we work with people aged 50


plus to support them maintaining their health as they age. I wake up


in the morning and think, it is Monday and it is singing, or, oh it


is Tuesday and it is philosophy today. They help me every day of the


week and I am doing some kind of activity. I am being taught how to


use a computer, a mobile phone, Twitter. I have learnt it here. It


makes it different, especially in my life. It changes people's lives a


lot. I look forward to the classes and meeting my friends as well.


There is no doubt at all that Open Age creates a circle for many people


who would otherwise be quite isolated. Lovely film and lovely


people and some of them are here tonight. Helen is in charge. Happy


birthday today. Since 1996, what have the ground done for you? They


have helped us develop a wonderful multi-activity centre for older


people and the money provides for staffing and building costs and


activities. It has provided vehicle activities from ballet classes to


yoga classes. It helps keep older people active and healthy and we


provide activities for over 1000 people each week. Well done, and


Sonia, you take part in the classes. It has made a tremendous difference


in my life and I have made wonderful friends and we go on holiday


together. But now that I am 901I get a bit wobbly and I go to the steady


and stable classes and they are wonderful. Why is it so important


around December? This year with all the bills going up and the heating


going up, I go out at ten o'clock in the morning and I put all my heating


off and I come home at five o'clock. During that time I have wonderful


activities provided by Open Age and I am truly and really happy about


that. And you save money at the same time. If people want to get


involved, how could they do that? They could go to the local library


or ask the local council or health professionals. And you can go online


to find out more. Right, let's get Thunderball in. Draw master Julie


let's liven up the Thunderball. Earlier today Excalibur and set of


balls six were chosen by Tash from Oxford.


And fantastic drumming by Chris. Let's see where the majority of the


raffle numbers are. Let's have a look at the map. It is pretty evenly


spread. We do not have information if the jackpot is one. We do not


have that information yet, but if not on Wednesday it will be ?6


million. A big thank you to everyone at Open Age. You were great. The


full results will be available later tonight on the red button or on the


Lottery website. We will be back next Saturday. Until then, have a


wonderful weekend. Let's have a quick burst of happy birthday. Happy


birthday to you, happy birthday, dear Helen!


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