30/11/2013 The National Lottery Live


Chris Evans hosts a live show including the Lotto draw, Thunderball results and an exclusive first look at where winning Lotto raffle tickets are located in the UK.

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Good evening. Welcome to Lottery HQ for the National Lottery live. Have


we got a knockout show for you tonight! No need for that. I walked


on to that one. Right, we will be chatting to the boxers and trainers


from the Lottery-funded Arthur's Gym. Evening, all. Evening. Plus, it


is a Lotto rollover with a jackpot of ?6.2 million. Because it is a


rollover, Lotto Raffle has 100 prizes of ?20,000 and Thunderball


could be making someone ?500,000 richer. Let's get the ball rolling


and stop this silly stuff with the cameras!


In the red corner it Matt "The Marmelizer" is. Good evening Matt.


In the blue corner it is Alan "Deadly" Dedicoat. You do that far


too well! All seems to be in order as far as tonight's Lotto Draw is


concerned, which is good news. Earlier today, we asked Helen Carr


to select this evening's draw equipment. Chris? Thank you, Alan.


?6.2 million on the Lotto rollover tonight. Good luck, everyone.


The first one is 36. The next one, please. Which is it going to be? 19.


Third to be drawn this Saturday night is 37. Good news if it is


yours. Also drawn four weeks' ago. The next one is 16. We saw it last


Saturday night as well, if you recall? Next is 9. The sixth number


is next - this for the jackpot - it is 31. Finally, let's take a look,


shall we, at tonight's bonus? It is 15. So, tonight's winning line-up in


ascending order is: Thanks, Alan. Every line of Lotto


gives automatic entry into the Lotto Raffle which has 100 prizes this


week of ?20,000 up for grabs. I will show you where the winners are


later. Now, since the Lottery started, 50,000 community sports


clubs and facilities have received more than ?4.2 billion in lottery


funding. One of those clubs is Arthur's Gym, all the way from


Pontypridd. How are you, James? This is Jamie Arthur, hence Arthur's Gym.


You inspire lots of people. What inspired you to open the gym? I


dedicated my whole life to boxing. When I retired, the next step was


for me to open my own gym and look for the next champion. Let's have a


look at his passion. We run sessions for kids from the ages of six up to


64. So, we hit the whole spectrum. It is open pretty much six or seven


days a week. Whatever their background, they are welcome here.


When we turned up and it was in the state it was, we couldn't have


turned it around without the Lottery's help. We couldn't have


done it without the help that we got. I've lost over three stone now


coming here to the gym. We all help each other out. Arthur's Gym has


changed my life. It is brilliant to come to this gym because Jamie and


all our teachers help us to box. I really enjoy it. I do feel we are


making a difference. It is making the community a stronger, better


place. I wouldn't be where I'm standing now. Brilliant. Lovely


film. Lovely gym. Lovely guys and girls. We saw Dylan and Robbie, two


of the five Amateur Champions to come out of the gym. Mark, tell us


why Arthur's Gym in particular? Arthur's Gym, it was a gym which I


knew the standard was very high. I wanted to progress my career as an


amateur boxer. I knew Jamie was the place that was going to take me to


the next level. The vibe in the gym is amazing. The team work. Every win


is for the team. That is really what we are there for. The achievements


speak for themselves. Alright. We have had multiple Welsh champions


this year. We are going to take it to the next level. Looking forward


to the Commonwealth Games. So it is not just about the boxing, but the


local community. Tell us about that? It is not just about the boxing, it


is about people from within the community and what we do at the


moment now, we run an early intervention programme working with


the police to try and nip crime in the bud by starting projects that


are working with kids that are just on the radar of working, or that are


involved with the police. We put in fitness programmes and tempt them to


becoming part of the boxing world as op polzed to hanging on the street


corners. Perfect. Let's hear it for yourselves! APPLAUSE Hope you have a


great night tonight. You can find out more about Arthur's Gym on


bbc.co.uk/lottery, or see them later down - well, I will tell you. Time


for Round Two, it is Thunderball. Alright, Draw Master, Matt, let's


get those Thunderballs jumping. Both of tonight's draws are being


overseen by an independent adjudicator. OK, it is that time


again. Time to do it. Let's start the draw. The first one tonight is


21. A total of 39 balls to pick from in this first machine. You choose


five of them. Next up is 25. Three opportunities per week to play the


game - Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The next one is 4. Top


prize is ?500,000. Just imagine! Next is 6. Even a prize for matching


the Thunderball itself. The final ball from our first machine is 17.


Let's draw the Thunderball itself. Here we go. 14 in there. We need one


of them. There it is, 2. So, here are tonight's Thunderball numbers in


ascending order: Alright, thanks. Just before we go,


we do have time to look at where the majority of those 100 winning Lotto


numbers are with the Lotto map. It is sneaking in to the top three -


Yorkshire and Humberside. North West and Isle of Man. Scotland are into


10. Tonight's Lotto has rolled again, so Wednesday will be a double


rollover with a jackpot of ?7.9 million and 150 raffle prizes. For


results, go to bbc.co.uk/lottery. That is it from us. We will see you


next week. Say goodbye to everybody. News is next. Thank you.


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