23/11/2013 The National Lottery Live


Chris Evans hosts a live show including the Lotto draw, Thunderball results and an exclusive first look at where winning Lotto raffle tickets are located in the UK.

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Welcome to Lottery HQ for the National Lottery Live where where


Doctor Who isn't the only one celebrating an anniversary. The


National Lottery started 19years ago this week and since then it has


created over 3,400 millionaires. More can be created tonight especial


slid as it's a rollover with an estimate ?5.6 million. Instead of


the usual 50 winners there be 100 prizes of ?2 # 0,000. With a top


prize of ?500,000 there is Thunderball. Joining us on the sofa


is a green fingered Lottery-funded project, they are The Conservation


Volunteers from Hollybush who this come down from Leeds in their van.


Good evening, guys and girls. Are you ready for this? Yes. We will dig


into their story in a moment or two, but first a time for the Lotto.


Good evening Dr Drsh saw draw master Matt. . Good evening. Are you? Very


well, thank you. Release those balls. Alan you can stop hiding now


the Daleks have gone. I'm not doing anything until I know they have


gone. I have been assured that is it for 50 years. I'm making sure


everything is ship shape before we make tonight's selection. Check out


these guys from Hollybush in Leeds. We asked anning news to select this


evening's draw equipment. We are using Guinevere and set of balls


number five. At this time last week Brian McTigue had no idea he was


about to win ?2.8 million. Imagine being in that situation right now?


Perhaps you are. Good luck everyone. It's the 393rd time the jackpot has


rolled. First out tonight: In ascending order:


Remember with every line of Lotto comes automatic entry into the Lotto


Raffle which this week has 100 prizes of ?20,000, not the usual 50.


I will be able to show you where the majority of those winning tickets


are shortly. This week really is the 19th anniversary of the National


Lottery. Since it started over, look at this, ?30 billion has been raised


to help Lottery projects up-and-down the country, including the group we


are about to talk to now, The Conservation Volunteers from


Hollybush. Here's what they do. Hollybush is an environmental


volunteering centre that engages a huge range of people from the


community in environmental activities. They can develop


confidence, learn new skills, make new friends and take steps towards


moving their life forward and have a positive impact on the environment.


I was made redundant a few years back. My husband died very suddenly,


so my life was kind of topsy-turvy, for want of a better world. It has


changed my life completely. It has given me a direction. I was


floundering along, basically. It's nice being outside every day and


working with new people and hearing new stories. You know, learning


things from them. I don't know everything. I learn so much from the


people who come and volunteer here. It's lovely. I'm happy here. Thank


you. It has really helped my confidence. I was pretty down before


I started here. It's really helped. The it has been a life saver. Let us


talk to the guys now. Jess, ex-nurse already a heroine, come on. You


volunteered years ago and you work for the project. Your volunteers are


referred by health organisations it wasn't always like that? That is


right. Initially, it was more environmentally focussed. Now over


the years we are seeing more and more people coming through,


volunteering with us getting fresh air, exercise and developing new


skills and seeing positive affects on their wellbeing. A lot of


organisations out there refer people to us because they know that their


clients will receive some fresh air, which will be a positive impact.


Paying back? Absolutely. Peter, you have been a volunteer for over a


year. What has it given you? I suffer from epilepsy, I had no


skills and Hollybush conservation has given me so much ego to go


forward. I run a gardening project in my school. Give yourself an


applause. We will find out more about Hollybush and if you want to


volunteer visited bbc.co.uk/lottery. Now, Thunderball time, here we go.


-- visit. Alan, do these machines remind you of anything? Exterminate,


Exterminate! No. You are such a cruel man. I have no idea what you


are talking about. It is Chris Evans, isn't it? Matt, start up the


Thunderball machines quickly. Both of tonight's draws are being


overseen by an independent adjudicator. They were selected


earlier today by Agnus. First to be drawn, which will it be, 22.


Let's draw the Thunderball itself. Here we go:


here are tonight's Thunderball numbers again, this time in


ascending order: Thank you. Just before keg go we


have time for a look where the majority of this week's 100 winning


Ralph numbers are thanks to the map. 13 in Scotland, 11 in East Anglia,


north-west doing well again. Listen to this, early indications show one


player has won tonight's Lotto jackpot of ?5.6 million. Wow! Full


results are available later tonight via the Red Button or at bbg


[email protected]@bbc.co.uk/Lottery. You have been brilliant. Wave to that camera, and


then that camera a bit more. See you next week. 9. 50pm next week. Keep


he waving!


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