16/11/2013 The National Lottery Live


Chris Evans hosts a live show including the Lotto draw, Thunderball results and an exclusive first look at where winning Lotto raffle tickets are located in the UK.

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Good evening. We're live on BBC One, where already


you've been to Blackpool with Strictly, Atlantis, and now the


third leg of your journey brings you to Lottery HQ for The National


Lottery Live, where it's a Lotto Rollover! Exactly. Which means an


estimated jackpot of ?5.6 million! And when the jackpot rolls over, the


number of Lotto Raffle winners grows too. So tonight there are 100 prizes


of ?20,000 up for grabs. Not the usual 50. And if all that wasn't


enough, with a top prize of half a million pounds, there's Thunderball


too. Plus tonight, making some noise about National Lottery Funding, are


Drumatik. Good evening, guys and girls! Are you OK? I need you guys


to help me with some superstar button pushing. Come on, guys.


These guys are very good. Good evening, Draw Master Matt. Good


evening, Chris. Release the balls, please! Big Al, how is it looking


from up there? I have a fantastic view, Chris. We are just completing


our pre-draw checks before we make the selection. Let's find out who


are wishing us the best. Earlier today, we asked John O'Driscoll to


select this evenings draw equipment. Lancelot and set of balls, number


eight, Chris. Thank you, Alan. Let's get this party started. Drum roll,


if you don't mind. Three, two, one. We have never had a drum roll


before. Fantastic. Thank you, Alan. And as every line


of Lotto gives automatic entry into the Lotto Raffle, keep your tickets


safe to check if you've won any of tonight's 100 prizes of ?20,000. We


are not able to show the locations of the tickets tonight, but results


will be available later on the website. Now let's get our super


start button pushers back. Let's have a look at what they do.


Drumatik is an inclusive community drumming group. We have eight tunes


we are doing on a regular basis. We just go through them every week. We


work with adults with this ability. It is a busy, noisy life. We come on


a Monday night. And we practice for two hours. The guys have their


input, as well, what they want to do, and we just have fun. We have


fun. I have made friends as well as David making friends, friends I


would never have met if it wasn't a Drumatik. It's the one day of the


week I look forward to because of this. The rest of the week is fine,


but this is just beyond amazing. We would have nothing without the


lottery funding. We couldn't survive without the funding. Everybody has a


gift, skill and talent. Thanks to Drumatik, our life is lots of fun.


It's fun, especially where Drumatik are concerned. Well done. Gemma, how


long have you been drumming for? One year. I have been able to be around


my friends, doing drumming. Is it the rhythm, the family atmosphere?


The family atmosphere I really enjoy from it, yeah. Are you a big fan of


what you do? Yes. Are you any good? Yes, of course I am. You have played


recently in Ireland? Yes, we played in Ireland. What changes have you


seen in Ryan since Drumatik? He has grown in confidence simply plays his


drums. He has grown in confidence. I can't believe he ever lacked


confidence. Are you looking forward to Doctor Who next week? Yes. I know


you are full sub powders lottery funding affect you? We would not


survive without the lottery funding. We have set up adult groups,


beginners groups, children's groups, and have our own website. It's been


fantastic. What is the dream for Drumatik? I would really like to go


to the Rio Carnival. Rio will be the centre of attention with a World Cup


next year. The Olympics. But you would go for the Carnival over


those? We are all about the drums. If anybody can send you their, we


have got to get it sorted. And if you'd like to find out more about


Drumatik, visit the website. Bbc.co.uk/lottery. Give yourselves a


round of applause. There's been so much fun all day. I feel another


draw coming on. It's Thunderball! Let's get those Thunderball machines


fired up! Let's start the machines. Both of the night draws are being


overseen by an independent adjudicator. Excalibur, set of balls


number six selected randomly for us earlier on today by Mr O'Driscoll.


OK, it's that time again. Let's start the draw, shall we?


Thanks, Alan. Early indications show two players have won tonight 's


lotto rollover jackpot, sharing an estimated come here we go, ?5.6


million. The results are available later denied via the red button or


at bbc.co.uk/lottery. Thank you so much for Drumatik. We are back next


week at 10pm because of the Doctor Who special. Have a great week. We


will see you in seven day's time. That camera here. Give us a drum




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