10/09/2016 The National Lottery Live


The National Lottery Live including the Lotto and Thunderball draws, hosted by Gaby Roslin. Medal winners at the Paralympics push the button, all the way from Rio.

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Hello and welcome to The National Lottery Live.


The Thunderball and Lotto draws are coming up,


with tonight's Lotto rollover jackpot


Now, your support from National Lottery funding has helped


over 1,300 athletes compete at the both the Olympic


Last Wednesday the Paralympics began, and there are 2,347 medals up


So far 10 bronze, 6 silver and 13 gold medals have been won!


Earlier, Nick Marshall-McCormack met long-jumper Stef Reid,


a five-time world record holder and double Paralympic Games


medallist as she took silver in her event.


Welcome to Rio and the Paralympic Park where Stef Reid has won Great


Britain 's first athletics medal, a silver, congratulations. I know you


wanted gold, but you were beaten by a world record. How tough for the


competition? It was tough and I'm pleased it was like that. Fourth


place, actually, this time around, would have won gold in London, and


that is where the Paralympics is going. It is evolving. We are all


getting better as athletes, getting better as competitors and, I'm just


really pleased with the event and really proud of all the girls. Your


husband are still competing. Brent from Canada, what about the friendly


national rivalry? Definitely, it goes on. In London, we had a bet


with a first person to win a gold-medal didn't have to do dishes


for the next four years, but we've ended up winning silvers. I did not


make that better this time around. Who did the dishes? I did them, as


usual. It's awesome that partner who knows what you're doing, and he's


unbelievably supportive. How does he inspire you get into training


day-to-day? We are quite opposite so I Love training and always excited


to go whereas Brent could not like it any less, but he loves competing.


He inspires me because it took him 16 years of hard training to win his


first medal, a silver, and now, for 20 years, he keeps on improving. He


is 36 now. With that dedication and longevity, I am biased, but is very


impressive. You've done a terrific job to add a silver medal to your


collection. It is heavy. Tell me what the national Lottery has done


to help fund EU and achieve this silver success. We are so lucky as


British athletes to have that. The national Lottery allows us to train


full-time. It allows us to put those amazing ideas into action to get the


great coaches, and we cannot do it without them. We are so well as Team


GB. Stef Reid, congratulations again. Gaby, we will be back very


shortly. Congratulations. And Stef will be back


in a couple of minutes to push And you can find more


about the Lottery funded athletes that you support out


at the Rio Paralympics by going online to bbc.co.uk/lottery


and following the links. Our draw master tonight


is Darren Kelf and the draws are being overseen by


an independent adjudicator. In the last week over ?4.2 million


has been paid out in Thunderball prizes with more than


456,000 winning tickets. Well done to you if


you were a winner! There are 14 of those


inside our second machine and you have to choose


just one of them. So here are those Thunderball


numbers again, only this Now, as well as the many


athletes that are helped by Lottery funding, there are also


some 450,000 projects And next Monday is this year's


National Lottery Awards. It's a star-studded event


where the project finalists will find out if they were voted


this year's winners. And there are some special


appearances too, so make sure you tune in on Monday


for The National Lottery Stars 2016 Remember there are even more chances


to become a millionaire now. Tonight's lotto


rollover jackpot is... More than ?17 million has been won


on Lotto in prizes and the And congratulations to family


syndicate David and Yvonne Brown and their daughters Becky and Julie


from Nottingham who scooped ?1 million in the special


Lotto Medal event recently, which celebrated the huge success


of Team GB. Well done to them,


and to you if you were a winner. Now, it's over to Nick, with Stef


again, who is going to push Stef Reid is here. I hope you have


your lucky silver hand are ready to of luck. Best of luck, everyone.


This is the best the job ever. Ready? It is the best job ever. Stef


Reid, everyone. So Millionaire's Row this Saturday


night looks like this, Don't forget to check your tickets


for the ?1 million prize as well as the further


prizes of ?20,000 in Full results will be available


later via the red button or by visiting bbc.co.uk/lottery


and following the links.


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