27/08/2016 The National Lottery Live


The National Lottery Live, including the Lotto and Thunderball draws. The programme also meets paracanoeist Nick Beighton, who is making his preparations for the Rio Paralympics.

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Hello and welcome to The National Lottery Live.


Two big money draws are coming up very soon -


And celebrating the huge success of Team GB's 67 medals in Rio,


we'll be bringing you the results of the 27 extra prizes of ?1 million


in tonight's special Millionaire Raffle: Lotto Medal


And, let's hope for more of that success for the


Para-canoeist Nick Beighton tells us how he's been


Start the Thunderball machine please. Early this evening in front


of an independent adjudicator the first Thunderball machine was


started and five balls were selected.


Let's draw the Thunderball itself. Here we go.


Welcome back, Gaby. Thank you Alan. The results for the Millionaire


Raffle millionaire Lotto are coming soon. But first let's play Lotto.


We are using Lancelot and set of balls 1. More than ?12 million in


prizes has been won in this game and the Millionaire Raffle this week.


Congratulations if you were a winner. Alan, thank you. Which


Paralympian will be pushing the Lotto button tonight? Hi I'm Hannah


Cockroft. I'm on the Team GB athletics team. Good luck everyone


on tonight's Lotto draw. Thank you Hannah.


If you feel you deserve a bit of a bonus, let me tell you that


tonight's is number 8. Could you be a lucky winner in


tonight's Millionaire Raffle? Let's find out. Tonight's ?1 million


raffle winning number: Check four tickets for a further 20


prizes of ?20,000 in tonight's raffle too. New, time to make more


millionaires with the Lotto medal event results. Are you one of the


lucky winners: Now, after the huge success


of the Olympics and Team GB, we're looking


forward to the Paralympics. Tonight we meet para-canoeist


Nick Beighton as he makes My name's Nick Beighton, I'm a


parakayaker. I always wanted to join the military from a young age. I did


all my training and served for nine years in the end. In 2009 I was on


tour in Afghanistan with an infantry company. I was unlucky enough to


stand on an IUD on a foot patrol. It caused catastrophic injuries and


changed my life. The military was a big part of my life. To move beyond


that you need a focus, a reason to get up day to day, and to have the


goals to push yourself to be fitter and stronger. Sport has a lot of the


same elements that being in the military does. So it's been a really


nice transition to be able to come into the sport post military. Ready,


set, go! To be quite a good paddler you need


strength across the whole body. With Nick he's a bilateral amputee, but


he has good hip drive. The ability to rotate is important in kayaking.


It is how you enter and exit the blade. You are trying to get as much


rotation through the torso as possible. The idea would be the


athlete enters the blade there, lock it in, rotate and exit the blade to


the side. He will repeat this at 120 stroke rate per minute. Nick came


from rowing, so he was used to going backwards. We got him into the boat


and he needs to go forwards. His progression within the sport has


been incredibly quick. It is still going. We are just waiting to find


out whether the Paralympics have come a little too soon to see the


best in Nick. I've only been in the boat 18 months, probably only in the


last two or three months have I felt comfortable technically with what


I'm delivering. I definitely think there's a lot more to come. He's


going to be number one in the world, no doubt about it, because he's got


the determination, the characteristics, the single


mindedness which is needed of an elite athlete. With the team around


him supporting him, he's got everything he needs to do that, if


he decides to. What a brilliant film. Now more Millionaire Raffle


event numbers. Thank you Alan. I'll see you next


Saturday Have a good weekend everybody. Bye-bye.


I will bring you down if I ever catch you up to something larcenous.


The National Lottery Live, including the Lotto and Thunderball draws. The programme meets paracanoeist Nick Beighton and his support team, who are making the final preparations for the 2016 Paralympics in Rio.

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