20/08/2016 The National Lottery Live


The National Lottery Live, including the Lotto and Thunderball draws, presented by Sonali Shah. In Rio, Ore Oduba is joined by Team GB medal winners.

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Hello and welcome to The National Lottery Live.


The Lotto and Thunderball draws are coming up very soon.


Plus, with just one more day left of the Rio Olympics,


we've seen some astonishing performances from Team GB.


It's almost a shame they have to end.


Ore Oduba has been speaking to Silver medal-winning


rowers, Katherine Grainger and Vicky Thornley and Gold


They'll be pushing the Lotto button too!


That's coming up, but first here's Thunderball!


Start up those machines, please, Julie if you would. Our draw master


tonight is Julie Hamilton. The draws are being overseen by an independent


adjudicator. In the last week over ?2.4 million has been paid out in


Thunderball prizes with more than 426,000 winning tickets. Well done


if you were a winner. Start the draws, please, Jules, if you would.


The first one is about to appear: Now, to the Thunderballs themselves.


There are 14 of those inside our second machine. Which one is it


going to be? There's the answer. That is number six. Here are


tonight's Thunderball numbers again, only this time in ascending order:


Team GB's efforts have been absolutely fantastic out


in Rio, with 15 Bronze, 22 Silver and 26 Gold medals won!


Earlier, Ore spoke to Silver medal winners, Katherine Grainger


and Vicky Thornley and Gold medallist, Helen Glover.


I have been joined by rowing medallists aplenty. Look at this.


Helen Glover, Katherine Grainger and Vicky Thornley. A special moment for


myself. Helen, 2 012 first gold medallists for Great Britain of the


Games am you have done it again. How do you do it? A lot of hard work and


a lot of support. We have the most amazing support system in our coach


Robin. Helen isn't here, she is the other half of the boat. It all comes


together at the Olympics. How long this run go for? Will we see you


with the same colour of medal in 2020? I don't know. Helen and I will


take a break. It's difficult to walk aaway from. Experiencing real-life


would be good for a bit without the pressures of being an athlete. We


want to go away and see how we feel and how much we miss the sport. You


have something important on the horizon. Keep an eye out. Helen


Glover and Katherine Grainger. Katherine, it was Gold, it was such


a relief. This time around you two have been on a crazy journey? I have


been in the boat with the same person leading up to 2012 and it was


about delivering the right result. It's been a challenge in the two


years we've been together. The Silver is something I was immensely


proud of because it's something not everyone thought was possible. The


support in general is so important. Lottery funding has helped you guys


on your journey? Absolutely. We wouldn't be the special out fit we


are without that funding. It makes a difference to our training, recovery


and performance overall. It's vital for us. Absolutely. Great to see you


guys looking wonderful with all the medals. Helen, you have a wedding on


the horizon. I do. Are you looking forward to it? When is the date?


When can we see you? Can we come? It's about three weeks. It's really


surreal. I was looking forward to the Olympics and focussing on that.


I crossed the line thought - I've so.


To do. My mum has pretty. Organised the whole thing. I can


turn up and have a surprise at my own wedding to see what it will be


like. I can't wait to come. My dress is all planned out. All three of you


have an important responsibility. OK. Join us back here in Rio in a


moment for exactly that. Ore Oduba you are not invited to the wedding.


You can find more about the Lottery-funded athletes that


you support out at the Rio Olympics by going online to -


With the Paralympics due to start in a few weeks,


we'll be finding out how the Lottery-funded paralympians


you support are preparing for their big Games.


Let's release those big money balls. Remember, there are now even more


chances to become a millionaire. Tonight's Lotto rollover jackpot is


an estimated ?5.8 million! We are using Merlin and set of balls four.


More than ?28 million in prizes has been won on Lotto and the


Millionaire Raffle this week. Congratulations to last week's


winning ticket-holder who scooped over ?16 million on the jackpot.


Good luck to them and you too if you were a winner.


Now, it's over to Helen, Katherine and Vicky, with Ore again,


who are going to push the Lotto button.


Are you ready? We're ready. Good luck!


So millionaire's row this Saturday night looks like this, in ascending


order. Now, could you be a lucky


winner in tonight's Let's find out. Tonight's


Millionaire Ralph of ?1 million is:. Don't forget to check


your tickets for the further prizes of ?20,000 in


the Millionaire Raffle tonight, too. Full results will be available


later via the Red Button or by visiting bbc.co.uk/lottery


and following the links.


The National Lottery Live, including the Lotto and Thunderball draws, presented by Sonali Shah.

In Rio, Ore Oduba is joined by Team GB medal winners Helen Glover, Katherine Grainger and Vicky Thornley.

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