13/08/2016 The National Lottery Live


Kate Garraway presents the National Lottery Live including the Lotto and Thunderball draws. The button is pushed by British Olympic gold medallist diver Chris Mears.

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Hello and welcome to The National Lottery Live.


Two big money draws are coming up very soon - Thunderball and Lotto.


Plus, we're a week into the Rio Olympics and we've seen some


astonishing performances from Team GB so far.


Ore Oduba has been speaking to one of Team GB's Gold medal winners,


diver Chris Mears, and he'll be pushing the Lotto button too -


Welcome back, Kate. OK, start up those machines, please, Julie, if


you would. Our draw master this Saturday night is Julie Hamilton.


The draws are overseen biep an independent adjudicator. Set of ball


seven were selected for us earlier. In the last week over ?3.9 million


has been paid out in Thunderball prizes with are mo than 485,000


winning tickets. Well done to you if you happened to be a winner. Let's


do it. Let's start the draw, please, Jules. Round and round they go.


Three opportunities to play this game, Wednesday, Thursday and


Fridays. Finally from this our first machine.


Do you have on your ticket, as part of your selection that one there,


number 12. Now to the Thunderballs themselves.


Let's draw one, please, Jules. Here we go. Let's take a closer look,


shall we. Up pops that one there. That is number nine. So here are


tonight's Thunderball numbers again, only this time in ascending order:


Now, Team GB have done a fantastic job out in Rio in week one,


with 9 Gold, 11 Silver and 6 Bronze won already!


Earlier, Ore spoke to one of those very happy medal winners.


Thank you. This is quite a moment for me. Alongside me is Great


Britain's Gold medallist in the 3m synchro diving, Chis Mears. Wow.


This has never been done before in diving. Show everyone at home your


wonderful piece of golden wear there. Were you aware that no-one


had ever won a diving Gold medal for Great Britain? Absolutely not. Not


at the time. I actually was informed afterwards when I was doing press


and media. Someone put a micro in my face, you are the person to win an


Olympic title, Gold medal. I was like, really? That amazing.


Incredible. To do it for Team GB I'm so proud. What did it feel like when


you completed your dives and you found out that you and your partner,


Jack, were the Olympic champions? It was the biggest relief, even just


finishing the last dive, you know. I knew I had done a good dive. I had


to wait and see how Jack's was. Jack confirmed to me, it was good. How


was yours? I was like, yeah, it's good. We had to wait for the Chinese


scores which felt like a whole lifetime. Then it just was


unphantomable that we won. It was amazing. Is it more motivation. Some


people at home might be aware of your story. A few years ago you were


given terrible news. Remind us. How much motivation did that give you on


the platform? . I've been through a lot. I've had a difficult journey to


get to where I am now. I've been through a lot of rubbish like 5% of


surviving an operation in 2009. My family have been to support me. I


came into this came, was in great form and great shape. I delivered on


the day. How much has the Lottery funding helped you as well? Without


their support you wouldn't be able to do what you do? You have taken


the words out of my mouth. Without the Lottery we couldn't do what we


do. They fund my living costs and everything I need to be an athlete


of this proportion. Massive thanks to them and the Lottery players as


well. You do us all a great deed. It's great to stand here in Rio and


kind of fly the flag. Chris you have done us all proud. Your job is not


done in Rio. You will be here later in the programme. Kate, back to you.


Thanks, brilliant stuff. You can find more about


the Lottery-funded athletes that you support out at the Rio Olympics


by going online Let's release those rollover balls.


There are more chances to become a millionaire. Here's tonight's Lotto


jackpot. It's an estimated ?16.1 million. We are using Merlin and set


of balls three. More than ?11 million in prizes has been won on


this game and the Millionaire Raffle this last week. Congratulations to


you if you were a winner. Kate. Thanks, Alan. Over to Chris who will


push that button. We wouldn't have come to Rio without a button to get


this started. Chris is standing by ready to do this. Are you ready? I


think I am. Team GB Gold medallist, in your own time. Good luck to the


players. Millionaire's row this Saturday


night looks like this in ascending order:


Now could be you a lucky winner in tonight's Ken Livingstone


millionaire Ralph. Don't forget to check your tickets


for the further prizes of ?20,000 in Full results will be available


later via the Red Button or by visiting bbc.co.uk/lottery


and following the links. Next week you'll find us


on BBC Two again at 10.10pm. You're coming across as, frankly,


ridiculous. I'm flabbergasted by that.


Will they get burnt... You have done an appalling job of


selling them online. Erm...


The National Lottery Live including the Lotto and Thunderball draws. And we speak to Team GB medal winners out at the Rio 2016 Olympics. The button is pushed by British Olympic gold medallist diver Chris Mears.

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