14/11/2015 The National Lottery Live


The National Lottery Live including the Lotto and Thunderball draws, hosted by Gaby Roslin. With special guest Adil Ray, creator and star of BBC comedy Citizen Khan.

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Hello, and welcome to The National Lottery Live.


The two big money draws are coming up for you


tonight, that's Lotto and Thunderball. And pushing


the famous Lotto button is the creator and star of


This is important. It is for the pride of Birmingham awards, for


local hero, they give them to a right bunch of idiot, they are bound


to give me one. With a top prize of half a million


pounds, here's Thunderball! Our draw master tonight is


Paul Cartwright and the draws are being overseen


by an independent adjudicator. Let us start the draw please Paul.


What is going to be first? There is a prize for matching just


the Thunderball itself, remember. Let us draw the Thunderball itself


now, there are 14 of those inside the second machine. We will draw one


of them. Paul, let's do it. This for the top prize of ?500,000.


The Lotto draw is coming up in a just a minute, and our guest


who's going to the balls rolling is an actor, writer and comedian.


You never used to argue, I am worried. Why should member be up?


They are married. They shouldn't be arguing all the time. We argue. No.


Yes we do, we argue all the time No. We argued this morning about who


didn't do the flush in the toilet. That wasn't arguing. It wasn't me!


We don't argue, OK, we are very happy.


LAUGHTER You're right. If only there were


more like us, come on, let us watch telly. It is probably citizen Mr


Kahn. You can call him what you like. It am happy to hear you talk


about him. You look very different It is two hours in make up. I get


the beard on and they put stuff round my eye, my hair, my face. You


are yawning a lot I have been rehearsing all day, I am tired. That


is a great video, they sped it up. I am there are to two hour, it is nice


I have had rehearsals and and then to sit down. What are they do to


your teeth? I have very bright white teeth so they darken it up, because


Mr Kahn wouldn't have very white signe teeth, I don't think. I love


this. You give the thumbs up. You do. That is it. You are now citizen


Khan, where does he come from? From? Was brought up watching British


characters, Basil Fawlty, but it is the kind of that guy who is fighting


the class war and wants to be more important than he is, he as dream,


never gets there, what he should be doing is looking after his fan. That


is what his journey is, I think. What is incredible, that show


started at 10.20 as a very quiet cult hit and now it is 8.30 on a


Friday night, a family viewing. It is brilliant. We are so delighted by


that. The great thing is when I hear kids love the show. That is what we


want it to be, a family show. There is not many times where you can sit


down with a family and watch the show. You have Strictly but comedy


rarely happens. I got a tweet saying the only time they see their son is


when he comes out of his pit and he wants to watch Doctor Who or citizen


Khan. Are you taking it on the road? It is early days but we are looking


at doing a tour. It is a live show as it is. We film in front of a live


studio audience, so extending that to bigger audiences shouldn't be a


big challenge, it is excite, and I am looking forward to Mr Kahn going


in among the audience, breaking the fourth wall, and interacting with


the audience and getting to row X. Fingers crossed if we can get things


sorted we will tour next year. Thank you. You will be pressing the button


I am very excited. It is time now to play Lotto.


Paul, let's release those Lotto balls!


Remember there are even more chances to become a millionaire now.


Tonight's Lotto jackpot is an estimated ?4.2 million.


Over ?30 million has been won in prizes on Lotto and


the Millionaire Raffle in the last week, including one ticket holder


winning the rollover jackpot last Wednesday night of ?15.7 million.


Congratulations to them, and to you if you were a winner!


OK, it's time to push that button, Adil.


Millionaires row this Saturday night looks like this in ascending order.


Full results of the draws will be available later via the red button


Next week Comedian Hal Cruttenden will be here.


Have a great week and I'll see you very soon - Bye!


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