21/11/2015 The National Lottery Live


The National Lottery Live including the Lotto and Thunderball draws, hosted by Ore Oduba with guest Hal Cruttenden.

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Hello and welcome to The National Lottery Live.


Two big money draws coming up for you in the next few minutes,


And, as we celebrate 21 years of the National Lottery, there will


also be ten ?1 million prizes in tonight's Millionaire Raffle!


Plus, pushing the Lotto button is comedian, Hal Cruttenden.


My wife is way out of my league. I was so drunk, I had no fear. She


just came out of a dodgy relationship. Her self esteem was on


the floor - bang, it was amazing. Hal will be here very soon,


so let's get started. Julie,


please start up both machines. Our draw master tonight is


Julie Hamilton and the draws are being overseen


by an independent adjudicator. 477,000 winning tickets on


Thunderball this past week. More than ?2.8 million has been won in


prizes. Congratulation ifs you were a winner. Start the draw, please.


The first one to appear before us tonight, ladies and gentlemen is,


that one there: Three opportunities to play this


game in the week. Finally, do you have on your ticket,


as part of your selection, that one there, number two. Let's draw the


Thunderball. We will draw one of them, if it's all the same to you.


Let's do it. This for the top prize of ?500,000. There it is.


So, here are tonight's Thunderball numbers again, this time in


ascending order. The Lotto draw is coming up


in a just a minute, but before that He trained as an actor,


but took up comedy after friends Now, he's an award-winning comic


and writer with I've had a builder come and give me


a quote on a problem in my house and make it worse right in front of my


face. Feeling my wall. Go, feel that wall, that is chronic. Soaking wet.


I put a knife in, yeah. Watch it crumble. Look at the plaster fall


away from your wall. Look at the size of that hole in your wall. That


hole wasn't there when you arrived. It's bloody, massive, isn't it mate?


Lovely to be here. First time in the Lottery HQ studio? I'm wearing the


same suit as I am in that clip. I don't think you should have been so


honest about that. You have a reputation of being one of the


hardest working comedians in the business? Yes. You did six gigs in


one night? I have done six gigs in one night. A long time I was doing


five gigs every Saturday night. I'm on tour at the moment I've got the


DVD, Tough Luvvie coming out, two different shows. We have to touch on


that new tour, number four. Talking about the streets of Cruttenden,


right? Straight out of Cruttenden. Me getting into gangsta rap at


middle age. Most should do it's the way to deal with a mid-life crisis.


Alan agrees. Yes. Straight up. Tell us about your family. When you are


away from the comedy circuit, you are with these guys? I am. That is


us at a rugby match. Happy three. Guess which daughter hates rugby?


I'm not sure. Guess one will be embarrassed that is on national


television she wore that hat. We are lovers of You always have rugby.


Selfies in your gigs? Yes. I do a lot of selfies with my audiences.


You could have fit more face in there? My face is massive. I don't


have a proper selfie stick. My face, massive moon covering half the


screen. You have this DVD coming out. The top of your Christmas list


is a selfie stick. Fantastic. Will you, as your first time on Lottery


HQ 678 This is so fantastic. Can I thank everybody who is part of this.


It has been aened woerful moment. No time for an Oscar speech.


It has been aened woerful moment. No Hal is a good thing. Thank you very


It has been aened woerful moment. No much. It's time to play Lotto. --


Julie, let's release those Lotto balls.


Remember, there are even more chances to become a millionaire now.


Over ?15 million has been won in prizes on Lotto


and the Millionaire Raffle in the last week.


OK, it's time to push that button, Hal.


I feel so secretaries sexy It's the way he does it.


We needed a bonus. Tonight, let me tell it's number 18. Mill air's row


this Saturday night looks like this in ascending order: -- millionaire's


row. Now, you've 10 chances to become


a millionaire, as we celebrate the Great to have you on. Lovely to be


here. Enjoy your stick. Don't forget to check


your tickets for the further 20 prizes of ?20,000 in


the Millionaire Raffle tonight too. Next week, Jason Donovan will be


right here performing a classic. and consume food


is changing faster than ever.


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