21/06/2014 The National Lottery Live


The National Lottery Live hosted by Jenni Falconer, including the Lotto and Thunderball draws.

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National Lottery Live. What a week that has-been with sporting


festivities and the World Cup in Brazil. It is only going to get more


exciting with the start of Wimbledon on Monday. Come on, Andy Murray! We


are focusing on the winners at home. Could tonight be your night? We hope


so. Thunderball is coming up soon and it will be followed by the Lotto


rollover with a ?7 million jackpot. We have two singers who together as


the Beautiful South packed out stadiums and they have since


reunited. I can't wait to meet them. You will be able to vote for your


favourite projects out of 49 that made it to the lottery funding


final. Winners will be celebrated as part of a glittering awards ceremony


later this year. Alan and I have been and it is very glitzy. Voting


opens on the 25th of June and more details can be found online. Let's


move on with this. It is time for Thunderball.


OK, start up the first machine, if you word? Julie Hamilton is the draw


master and everything is overseen by an independent adjudicator.


Excalibur was selected for us by Jane Jenkins from Wimbledon. Over


the last week, ?3.4 million has been paid out in prizes on this game and


there have been 445,000 winning tickets. Thank you. Best of luck to


you all. The first one is about to appear before us.


The top prize on Thunderball is half a million pounds. Just imagine!


Did you know that the World War II code breaker's home has been


extensively restored thanks in part to ?2.4 million from National


Lottery funding. You have so many fascinating facts! If you have not


matched with any of the numbers, you can win a prize by matching just


this Thunderball alone. Good luck. 14 in there and one is about to leap


up. There it is, number three. These are the Thunderball numbers again in


ascending order. The Thunderball this Saturday night


is number three. Jenni? Thank you. With us are two icons of the UK


music scene. As part of The Beautiful South, they sold millions


of albums with songs like Rotterdam, which I loved. They were


part of a soundtrack to a generation and they have reunited as a duo.


Jackie Abbott and Paul Heaton. It is brilliant that you have got back


together. You parted company in 2000, didn't you? What was it that


got you back on board? Do you want to sing again? Which was enough


because I had missed it. You have got an album. The What have we


become? Let's have a look. That is so good. I like it a lot.


You have been so busy since you got back together. We have just finished


a tour and now we have a load of festivals including blaster break


coming up next week. Next Sunday. Given the weather, it should be good


fun. We can watch Glastonbury next Sunday on BBC Two. Did you realise


you had missed each other? I did. It is incredible how quickly you can


forget but as soon as we started singing it was a pleasure to sing


alongside her. You started performing 20 years ago. Have you


changed much in 20 years? I don't know. Jackie would know if there was


a change when she came back. Probably a bit but not too much


openly. Just the same which is why we enjoyed doing the album so much.


We think it sounds just the way it came across. Good fun working


together, yes. And you are a mother now. Cool for your kids to be doing


this. I wish it was! They do like it but they are too old to think it is


cool. Something else that is cool, for the first time you will be


pushing this. You have been practising. Let's get the Lotto draw


under way. Grab your tickets. OK, let's release the rollover balls.


The rollover jackpot has been estimated at ?5.2 million. We are


using Guinevere and set of balls number four. ?19 million has been


won this week on Lotto. Use congratulations to Leslie and her


fiance who scooped the jackpot from the 7th of June. Best of luck,


everybody. One, two, three. Beautifully done. The first one


tonight: For the jackpot, number seven. I


hope some of these numbers have been yours. And for the bonus, number 19.


The road looks like this in ascending order:


Jenni? Thank you. Thank you to you both and good luck at Glastonbury.


There are 100 lottery raffle prizes of ?20,000 up for grabs tonight.


Find out if you have won on the red button or by visiting the BBC


lottery website. I will be back next Saturday night along with a brand


new series of Break The Safe. Have a lovely weekend and we will see you


soon. Good night.


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