26/07/2014 The National Lottery Live


Kate Garraway presents the Lotto and Thunderball draws, with The Voice finalist Leah McFall pushing the Lotto button.

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Tonight, to make incredible chances to win huge amounts of money. Could


you take it be the lucky one? And King of the lucky ones, stardom


beckons for this new talent, The Voice finalist, Leah McFall, will be


singing her new single. Let's get started. Here's Thunderball.


Start-up both machines, please. Julie Hamilton is the draw master.


The draw is being overseen by an independent adjudicator. This week,


?2.5 billion has been one on this game. Congratulations if yours was


one of the winning tickets. Let's start the draw. Off we go.


Thanks, Alan. The Lotto draw is coming up very soon and to push the


button, casing in talent championed I will I am in. With one top ten


under her belt, and new single looks set to be a success. Welcome Leah


McFall. What an amazing year you have found. Being on stage and


touring, does it feel like he is taking care of you? It has been


incredible. After the first song, he said, come to LAX mag and you write


your own staff. You have co-written the single? Ike co-wrote this with a


guy called John Baptiste. It is called Home and it is out tonight at


midnight. It features Will.I.Am. So that Israeli nice. Really exciting.


Good luck. -- that is really nice. Now it is time to play Lotto.


Let's released the balls. Tonight's jackpot has been estimated at ?4.1


million. ?21 million has been one this last week. -- has been won.


That includes the jackpot of 3.6 million pounds one by night shift


workers at the well-known supermarket in Plymouth last


weekend. Thanks, Alan. This is your moment. Push the button. Good luck,


everyone! Here we go.


Thanks, Alan. And we're looking forward to seeing Lee are in just a


moment. -- Leah. For now, playing aside, Leah McFall with Home. Have a


lovely week. Take care. # Don?t you feel unstoppable?


# Don?t you feel unbreakable? # And though nothing ever mattered


to you # I?ll give everything I can give


for you # I?m home


# I?m home # Cause from here we can?t see the


bottom floor # I?ll give everything I can give


for you # Close my eyes, click my heels and


# I?ll travel the world but I feel like I?m just standing still


# Every time I say goodbye a piece of me just gets killed


# Out of town, living out of suitcases


# Getting out # People claim to know me but they


# Cannot pick me up when I?m low # I?m coming home to my town


# No more lovey-dovey talking on the phone


# I?ll be climbing up that hill for you


for you # Close my eyes, click my heels


# Close my eyes click my heels and I?m home


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