02/08/2014 The National Lottery Live


The National Lottery Live hosted by Gaby Roslin, including the Lotto and Thunderball draws.

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Welcome to The National Lottery Live, where we


have two amazing opportunities for you to win huge sums of money.


That?s right, not long to go until this evening?s


Coming up, global megastar, and tonight?s good luck charm,


Anastacia will be popping by to push that Lotto button.


Now, with the National Lottery Awards just weeks


away, we?re taking a closer look at some of the shortlisted projects.


First up, the fiercely contested Arts category, with seven fantastic


We enlisted the help of DJ and presenter Melvin Odoom to take


a glimpse into Boys Dancing, a West Midlands based initiative helping


young men improve their fitness and confidence through dance.


Dave, why did you set up Boys Dancing? I had an inspirational


dance teacher. It changed my life. So, I want to give young people the


opportunity to try out dance. To see whether they like it or not. Be


creative. Then dedecide for themselves whether they want to


continue. How crucial is the National Lottery funding to your


project? Vitally important. Without the funding, it wouldn't happen. How


does it feel to be shortlisted for the National Lottery Awards? It's


just been incredible. I mean, I think already it's raised the


profile of what we do. If, the only thing it does, is get more boys into


the classes, then I'm really happy. These guys are going for it right


now. I would never have had the confidence to do anything like that


at that stage. How did you get involved in Boys Dancing? Well, the


project came to a youth centre that I used to go to. It was the first


time I saw young men my age doing aerobatic and fluid movement. It


blew my mind. I had been afraid of being on stage. School drama,


performances I would go for the part with no words, or stand in the


corner. I started performing in Boys Dancing, it brought out a confidence


I didn't know I had. I'm free and let people see me for me. Can you


teach me the lift. Wish we luck, guys! Ready? 1-2-3! Oh... Thank you.


APPLAUSE Thank you. That's how it's done,


guys! It looked like he was enjoying that.


We?ll be seeing more of Melvin in a couple of weeks


as he takes a look at how National Lottery funding has benefited other


Next week, Una from The Saturdays finds out about a specialised


Start up those machines, please, Julie. Our draw master tonight is


Julie Hamilton and the draws are being overseen


Excalibur and set of balls seven. ?3 million has been paid out in


Thunderball prizes. Congratulations if you have been a lucky winner.


Let's start the draw, please. The best of luck to you. There is the


first one: So, here are tonight's Thunderball


numbers again, this time in ascending order:


The Lotto draw is coming up, but first joining us is a global


singing sensation whose sold more than 30 million records worldwide.


here is Anastacia's new single. Staring at the Sun. There is reason


behind that track? I was going through breast cancer. You remain


positive. You have to see the positive in the worse of situations.


It's been quite a lot of things that I've had to do. I'm pretty good at


it now. You are a complete inspiration to so many people. Your


favourite thing about the UK? Pubs, the Queen. That will do! That's


perfect. You. You said the right things. Thank you very much. She


gets 10 out of 10. Anastacia will now press the button and send good


luck vibes to all of you. Let's play Lotto.


Let's release those weekend balls, shall we? Good news. Tonight's Lotto


jackpot is estimated ?4 million we are using Guinevere and set of balls


number three. Con grabbed layingses to the five jackpot winning tickets


who between them have scooped over ?5.4 million this week. Right, press


that button. Good luck everybody. Remember you still have


another chance to win big. Check your tickets to see


if you are lucky enough to win one of the 50 prizes of ?20,000


in the Lotto Raffle. I?ll be back next week with music


and chat from The Saturdays Have


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