23/08/2014 The National Lottery Live


The National Lottery Live, including the Lotto and Thunderball draws.

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Hello and welcome to The National Lottery Live. Coming up in a matter


of minutes: two chances for you to be a big money winner. And our guest


tonight is a winner already, a Gold Medal winner in boxing. Nicola Adams


And our guest tonight is a winner already,


until this year's National Lottery Awards, tonight we're meeting a


nominee from the Voluntary/Charity category. Our very own Melvin O'Doom


went to visit Dragonflies in Hastings, a project which helps


children who have lost a parent, family member or friend.


Staff here are special lay trained to help young people deal with


grief. Have you noticed a change in the boys since they've come here?


The boys and I talk about their dad a lot and the happy memories they


have of him. I think if dragonflies wasn't here, there would be a lot of


children struggling, keeping their emotion inside and it's much better


they can get it out and then be helped to manage and deal with those


emotions. I lost my eldest son Oliver last gleer a motorbike


accident. Before every time we come I always say, you know, it's OK,


whoever you meet there will have had a significant loss, whatever that


might be. So you're safe. Why do you like coming here? Because then I


don't worry about Ollie. Since we've had lottery funding we've worked


with over 1300 children, who wouldn't have had any support,


because there is no other briefment support -- bereavement support for


children in this area. What's the best thing about this project? I've


met so many great people. I've made friends but my mum as well and


that's supported her as well. The support I'm still getting now has


made me who I am, I guess. I found that film incredibly overwhelming,


what an amazing charity. started with your chance to win a


top prize of ?500,000, here's Start up both machines


please, Julie. Our drawmaster tonight is Julie Hamilton and the


draws are being overseen by an Independent adjudicator. Let's start


the draw please. Off we go. First one is about to be


chosen for us, that is number 24. A total of 39 balls to pick from in


this first machine. You just choose five of them. Next up, this Saturday


night, it's right there, number 39. Three opportunities per week to play


the game itself - Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.


The next is 11. The top prize on Thunderball is ?500,000. Here's the


next one, number 28. There's even a prize for matching just the


Thunderball itself, remember. There's the final one from this our


first machine. That's number 30. Next, we need to choose the


Thunderball itself. There are 14 in all. We'll select just one of them.


You know what to do. Here we go. Round and round they go. Which is it


to be? It's number 14. So, here are tonight's Thunderball numbers again,


this time in ascending order. Thank you very much. The Lotto draw


is coming up soon. And to push the button tonight is an Olympian and


Commonwealth Gold Medal winner, let's hope she passes on winning


spirit to you tonight. Welcome boxer Nicola Adams. Welcome. Hi. Lovely to


meet you. That smile is intoxicating. Can I take you back to


the Olympics. That moment you won the Gold Medal. What was that like?


It was absolutely amazing experience. I was totally just lost


for words. I just couldn't believe it. The support I had in the arena


as well and people at home watching, it was an amazing time. I remember


losing my voice, I was screaming so much. Of course, the Commonwealth


Games, congratulations on that as well. Thank you. Was it very


different than the Olympics and winning that gold? Yeah, it was.


There was a lot more pressure on me this time. Everybody was expecting


me to win gold. Whereas before, it was hoping me to win. This time it


was, yeah, she's going win Rio, straight easy. In there. Yeah, no


problem! What's your training schedule like, what do you do in the


day? I train three times a day, five days a week. Pretty intense. How


long on those three times? It's roughly about an hour to an


hour-and-a-half each session. Let me see, maybe I shouldn't have asked


that! You used to work with us girls. Tell me about that, they were


lottery funded, the charity. It's a charity that helps girls from


disadvantaged areas get back into sport. It's really good. They get to


try out loads of sports - boxing, football, fencing, netball. It's


good because you get to do that all in one place, not just trying out


one sport, you try out a few at a What would time. You say to girls


who want to get into boxing? Go down to your local club, take a friend


for a bit of confidence and have fun. Wonderful and maybe win a Gold


Medal one day. Exactly. Thank you so much. It's time to play Lotto.


Let's release those weekend balls. Tonight, we're talking big money, a


double ralover Jack -- rollover jackpot. Over ?13 million has been


won on Lotto in the last week. Congratulations if you won a little


something. OK, Nicola, press that button. Good luck everyone! Superbly


done. The first one tonight, which is it going to be? Number 11. Also


drawn Wednesday before last. And the next one, please. That is number 42.


Completed millionaires row last Saturday night. Next, 38. Drawn a


matter of five weekends back as well. Fourth to be drawn this


Saturday night - is number 7. Completed millionaires row a total


of nine Saturdays ago. And the fifth one. That's number 1. Third in our


join us last Saturday night as well. The sixth one for the jackpot: Just


made it, number 41. Excellent. Now anyone fancy a bonus? Well, tonight


is... Number 45. So millionaires row this Saturday night looks like this


in ascending order: Thank you very much, Alan. Nicola,


thank you so much. Thank you. Check your tick totes see if you've won


one of the 150 prizes of ?20,000 in Lotto raffle tonight. Full results


later via the red button or visit bbc.co.uk/lottery and follow the


links. I will see you next Saturday. Have a good week. Bye-bye!


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