26/11/2016 The National Lottery Live


The National Lottery Live, including the Lotto and Thunderball draws, presented by Kate Garraway.

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Hello and welcome to The National Lottery Live. The two big-money


draws coming up, Thunderball and Lotto, which has a triple rollover


jackpot of ?10.4 million. Plus our guest tonight is well known as one


of TV's Birds Of A Feather. What we didn't know is that she can really


shake her tail feathers. Lesley Joseph will be pushing the button a


little later. First, Thunderball. Start up those machines, please. Our


draw master is Julie Hamilton and the draws are overseen by an


independent adjudicator. Excalibur -- Excalibur six and a all three


were selected by Andrew from Beaconsfield. 3.2 million has been


paid out in the last week in Thunderball prizes. Well done if you


were a winner. Let's start the brawl. Here we go. The first one to


be drawn this Saturday night is number 11. A total of 39 balls to


pick from in this first machine, and you just choose five. Next up is


that one, number eight. Three opportunities per week to play this


game, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. 33 is next. You get a


prize for matching just the Thunderball itself. Next, 14. And


finally, from our first machine, do you have on your ticket is number?


There it is, number five. Now to the Thunderballs themselves. There are


14 of those in the second machine for the top prize of ?500,000. Let's


draw just one, Julie. In we go. And there it is, number one. So here are


tonight's Thunderball numbers again, but this time in ascending order.


Kate. Tonight's guest certainly impressed us all on this year's is


with partner Anton du Beke. -- on this year's Strictly.


You are brilliant! Please welcome Lesley Joseph. I look like a little


green elf. I never watched myself dancing. That is the only dance I


actually watched it back. It was highest score. Villa it was. We got


better each week and then it went a bit downhill. Did you love it? I


loved it. I do a lot of musicals, so I think that people but I would be


the old lady being schlepped around the floor, but I loved it. We are


watching you doing the tango, be with you went out. You are, I dare


say, the oldest ever contestant. I think I was the only person who


never got an injury. I really didn't. I am fit safely because I do


yoga four times a week. So I am very flexible. I, on the other hand,


nearly half your age when I went in, was on crutches by the first week. I


rest my case. And you! -- thank you. You were brilliant. We loved


watching you. But we know you best for Birds Of A Feather. What an


amazing show that was. What has been wonderful since we brought it back


is that audiences are there again. We have a Christmas special this


year, in Malta. It's meant to be Morocco and it's a real romp. We've


got the wonderful Martin Kemp. Martin Kemp! Dorien loves him. He is


a real silver fox. When they said, who would you like back? All three


of us went, Martin Kemp, please! And you get this in Malta. And flew out


so I was training at 7am and 8pm and shooting Birds Of A Feather in


between, so I got very thin and fit. I had a great two weeks and now it


is ready to be shown over Christmas. Why do you think we loved that show


so much? You buy into the chemistry between Pauline, Linda and Lesley.


It's almost like a soap. You get to know the characters so well. You get


to know there, what's it called, their let downs, how they are as


people, and you feel for them. I have had so many letters saying, my


goodness, my husband thinks I am just like Dorien. Also, she is an


older woman and she is glamorous, and people love to see glamour will


stop this Christmas, as well as being on the telly, you are on the


stage. I am in panto. Witch you are the wicked witch in Snow White. Yes,


in Plymouth. I love panto, because it has all of the magic of Strictly,


with choreography, lights and music and costumes. And, you know, playing


the wicked witch is wonderful because I can pull all of the


strings and be really evil and let people laugh. That sounds great.


Can't wait to see Birds Of A Feather. Don't go anywhere, because


it's time to play Lotto. Let's release those triple rollover


balls and, remember, there are now even more chances to become a


millionaire. He is tonight's jackpot. It's an estimated ?10.4


million. We are using Merlin and set of balls five. More than ?16 million


has been won on this game and the Millionaire Raffle in the last week.


Congratulations if you one. A big moment, time to press that button.


Good luck, everybody. Superbly done. The first one tonight is number two,


also selected on Wednesday. It was the next one. That is number 49,


drawn three weekends ago. Third to be drawn this weekend is number 14


-- 40. In Wales alone, 40,000 projects have been awarded Lottery


grants. Next, 28, which came out last weekend when Alexander


Armstrong started the draw. Next, number one. He sticks number, for


the jackpot, it is number 48. Anyone for a bonus? Let me tell you that


tonight is number 17. So Millionaires Row this Saturday night


looks like this, in ascending order. Could you be a lucky winner in


tonight's Millionaire Raffle? Let's find out. Tonight's ?1 million


raffle number is: thank you to Lesley. Do not forget


to check your tickets for the further 20 prizes of ?20,000 in


tonight's Millionaire Raffle. Full results will be available later on


the red button or the website. Next week, Rebecca Ferguson will be here.


Have a lovely weekend.


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