19/11/2016 The National Lottery Live


The National Lottery Live, including the Lotto and Thunderball draws, presented by Kate Garraway. Special guest Alexander Armstrong pushes the Lotto button.

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Hello and welcome to The National Lottery Live.


Coming up, the two big-money draws, Thunderball and Lotto,


which this weekend has a jackpot of ?5.6 million.


And tonight's guest is not only a comedian and a host of the very


popular Pointless quiz show but also is a fabulous singer.


Alexander Armstrong will be here in just a couple of minutes.


First, though, with a top prize of ?500,000, it's Thunderball.


Our draw master tonight is Julie Hamilton and the draws


are being overseen by an independent adjudicator.


Excalibur and set of balls number two were selected at random. More


than 408,000 winning tickets have been selected. Well done to you if


you were a winner. So we are off and running, and the


first to be drawn is 15. 39 balls to pick from in this machine. You just


choose five of them. That's how it works. Three days to play this game,


Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Even a prize for matching with just the


Thunderball itself. Finally from this, our first machine... How about


number three? There are 14 of those


inside our second machine and you have to choose just


one of them. Now, tonight's guest has just


released his second album, his first having already been


a number one. # Are you going to Scarborough fair?


As the sage, rosemary and thyme food # Remember me to one who lives there


# She once was a true love of mine. Your voice is all gorgeous. Come on!


You have to do these! It's a beautiful arrangement, that. I'm so


pleased with that. And the actual album itself is a fantastic range of


songs, isn't it? Is very eclectic. We felt we had to justify every song


choice by making it interesting and arresting. We've got some quite


eccentric choices. Pink Floyd, MacArthur, a couple of oboe pieces.


I'm playing the oboe. It's a lovely album. I'm so proud of it. When you


brought the first album out a lot of people were surprised because we


don't think of you as a singer but you've done that all your life,


haven't you? Gas, and then you leave university and think, can I do that


as a career? Anyway, I went for comedy. I thought it was easier to


smuggle music into comedy rather than comedy into music, so I thought


I could cover all bases! Yes! Bring it all in later on. Now, Pointless,


everybody loves a quiz show, don't they? It is on every day. The BBC


have been brilliant with it. They've let us build it into a show that


fits around Richard and me. We've got a bit of a clip of the both of


you, always being cheeky and undermining each other.


Normally when you chop down trees you have to seize on them for quite


a long time before you can burn them. You can't just chop down a


tree and burn it? Then how do those forest fires happen? It's generally


believes that burn. Of the trees going, a bit hot round here? You


know a lot about trees! Turns out I do!


You're quite the woodsman, aren't you? That's the point. We're not


very slick. We are so rubbish! We've been allowed to make this show into


something that works around how rubbish we are and that's why it's


so enjoyable and it works. And it's great trying to get the answers.


Which I never get! We did quite well when we were on. The final. I'm so


sorry! You don't even remember! On that note, Alexander, it is time to


push that bottom! This is very exciting indeed. White! Will do this


but first! -- wait! We will do this bit first.


Remember, there are even more chances to become a millionaire now.


Tonight's Lotto rollover jackpot is...


Thanks to Jordan we are using Merlin and set of balls number seven.


Here goes. Best of luck to everyone. Those midweek draws are live online


at 8:30pm. The third ball... The number of digits in each raffle


number. The digits and the colour. Number 28, with us seven weekends


back as well. Travis started that for us. The six number to be


drawn... This for the jackpot. Number 16. If you need a bonus this


Saturday, how about this? So it looks like this...


Now, could you be a lucky winner in tonight's Millionaire Raffle?


Yes, here's the result of tonight's Millionaire Raffle of ?1 million!


Good luck with the album, and don't forget to check your ticket.


Full results will be available later via the red button


or by visiting bbc.co.uk/lottery and following the links.


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