The Final Young Apprentice

The Final

Lord Sugar challenges the two remaining candidates to create and promote a new downloadable online game. One will receive the prize, and for the other it is 'game over'.

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Its an education like no other. I don't care what background you


are coming from, whether it is upper class, middle-class. The only


thing I'm interested in is finding someone who is first-class.


From all over the country, 12 of Britain's youngest and brightest


business brains have come to London. I love to encourage young people


like you to see if you have that spark of genius in you. Come on,


James! Aged 16 and 17, all have a passion for business.


I'll pay you �65 for both of them. They are to compete for a life-


changing prize worth �25,000. To kick-start a business career.


Don't try to pretend that you know it all. Because, believe me, it


will be embarrassing. To succeed, they will have to


impress the Boss... This is not a talent show.


In charge of a vast business empire, Lord Sugar started his career while


still at school. Now he's on the hunt for his next


Young Apprentice. Can I speak please? To win they


must work as teams, but shine as individuals.


God, this is difficult. It wasn't me! Because in the end,


there can only be one Young Apprentice.


You're fired. You're fired, with regret, you're fired.


Good morning, Lord Sugar. Previously on Young Apprentice...


Your next task is all about developing flavours of popcorn, the


not so good news is that I only need two people in the final.


With everything to play for... That's American to me.


Harry's team tested the taste of America.


Sweet, smokey with spice. James pronounced popcorn wrong.


don't like it. You distant say it properly. We are


not having it. Lizzie forced a decision.


Are you going with empire state? Yes, thanks for that, Lizzie.


Harry snapped again. I think you got us fired.


Zara was in a starring role. All of the other popcorns are the


same. Helping James' team to sweep the


boardroom. Bringing the curtain down on Harry M and Harry H.


I wish you well. Another winning performance from


Zara. There is no-one more determined.


And James claiming the credit. Because I did that, we won the task.


It left Haya without a role. He did not give me a chance to push my


ideas forward. Making her the tenth casualty to leave the broadroom.


I will have to ask you to leave the process.


Now, two candidates remain in the fight to become Lord Sugar's Young


Apprentice. PHONE RINGS Hello? Good morning


this is Lord Sugar's office. Lord Sugar would like to meet you at


County Hall. The car will be with you in 20 minutes.


Thank you. County Hall in 30 minutes. What?


Where is that How do I know, but we have to minutes. OK, got it, got it,


got it. I think that Zara will be a tough


competitor. I think that Lord Sugar likes her. She can speak very well,


but I'm looking forward to showing what I can do, as opposed to what


she can down. I came here to win this. I'm so close now, I literally


can taste it. I'm definitely not afraid that I can't win nor beat


James. It is a matter of pulling out all of the stops and doing as


County Hall. Once home to London's local government, now a leisure and


entertainment hot spot. Good morning.


Good morning, Lord Sugar. First of all, congratulations for


getting through to the final. As you know thousands applied. You


have been through seven weeks of very tough and challenging tasks,


so you have done very, very well. Now, you might wonder what we are


doing here? This is London's largest gaming arcade. Your task is


to come up with a brand new online video game. You are doing something


else which is quite novel. You are making what is known as a viral


internet advert. A viral advert that turns your video game into an


epidemic must-have product. Finally, all of this will end up with you


having to pitch your game in front of an audience of professionals in


three days' time. It might not come as a big surprise to you, but I


will bring back some people who you are familiar with to help you. So


welcome back. Right, Harry H and Lewis, step over


next to James. Gbemi, Haya, step next to Zara. The


rest of you three ladies, go and join James' team. You three


gentlemen, go and join Zara. I'll see you at the event in a few


days' time, then it will be back into the boardroom where I will


decide who is the winner of the Young Apprentice.


All clear? ALL SPEAK AT ONCE Yes, Lord Sugar.


Off you go. Three days to create and launch a


new online video game and viral advert.


This is going to be so huge. God, I need some really good ideas here.


You seem like the kind of person that plays games, get thinking. I


never play games. Why did I not spend more time playing games


instead of like... Reading economics work and, you know, being


a nerd! East London, created -- creative base for both times, the


leading game developers here First some tips on how to get the game


global. This is the studio where we make


Moshi Monsters. It is one of the fastest growing games in the world.


One signage per second. The most important thing about the game that


you are creating is that it is fun. What is also important is to create


a lead character that is engaging and connects with the audience. You


can create one level, but there is no harm in thinking about how the


game can expand, into books, toys, magazines, even a cartoon.


The briefing is over, it's time to get creative.


So, I don't want rubbish. We want to have fun. This should be a fun


game. I don't want anyone messing about. So let's have a storming


session. I was thinking of the seaside. You have to stop the sea


gulls eating your food. They can be a pain for like excreting on you.


If they excrete on you, you lose. No. You know how little girls liej


horses and stables. -- like horses and stables, where she has to look


after the horse? I'ming this I -- I'm thinking along the lines of a


pazle game that is addictive. -- puzzle.


You could have a room, show the room, you watch it for 30 seconds.


It goes blank, show the room again, and you add in what is missing.


like that idea. There are not many games like that. It is just weather


the public like the idea or not. Across the hall, a game plan clicks


for 16-year-old Zara. We are going to create a little


animal, that is trying to get back to his loved one. Harry? The main


character is Mr Tweety Bird, his wife has been taken away. So the


princess and the castle idea. What about a Rauled rabbit? It


could be the idea of a boy going to a grave yard to visit his parents.


Then whil he is there, there are zom business that are there, he has


to escape them. It seems a little bit sombre.


I don't think that the animal thing will get people County Counciling.


I know that you you don't like the animals, but I think it will work.


If it is a really cute, likeable animal. How about a fat piggy


escaping from the butcher's? I'm a vegetarian. I think it would be fun


to have an evil butcher and the fat piggy trying to escape. I like the


character of the Treaty, but I think that the situation of the


princess and the castle is too overdone. Zom bee is too sombre, I


like the idea of the pig and the butcher, everyone happy with that?




Both teams happy with the game idea, both of the teams split.


I know that we have the puzzle game, but I would not play it. It seems


boring to me. What is missing? Would people do that? I think with


the thing that is missing is the fun element! I'm thinking something


that people can play in the office like the files, the paper, putting


stuff away, like faster than your boss, do you like it? I do.


Hello? Lizzie yes had a really good idea. So it is office time


management game. You have to send e-mails, give out papers. People


that are coming to your desk looking for things. Put them to the


market research, see how it can work. I think that the other game


was stronger. The other game sounds more fun.


For Zara and her team, the next level... Anything that looks


interesting, that could be a part of a landscape or a backdrop or a


character or anything, just tell me. A dungeon full of inspiration for


their pig and butcher idea. I definitely think that


That would be a sick butcher. I am naturally creative a person.


This task suits me well. Creating something new, a new game. Get


photos of these... This has made me think about this more innovatively.


It unlocks that part of my brain. Lunch time in the City.


Can I ask a few questions. A chance for James' team to play


out their two ideas. The first is a puzzle game. There


is a scene. The scene comes on, you have to find out what is missing.


The second game is time management. It is like an office one, you send


e-mails, answer the phone, if you don't do it in time, you are fired.


Which do you prefer? I prefer the puzzle game. I prefer the puzzle


game. I will give it to you straight now,


a large majority preferred the puzzle game.


So, they were more keen? Yes, like 100%. I don't agree with that.


James it is your decision, I'm giving you the market research.


OK, we have an hour to make a decision.


James is in a real mix. He really must think about what is his game


idea. He must decide and then develop it.


What do you think of the time management game where you are the


President or the Prime Minister? That's everyone's... What jobs?


with you dumb down the idea of being the Prime Minister, what kind


of things would we have them doing? Still answering the phone? Still


sending letters? I think that is a more aspirational game that people


would want to play. It is tricky. If we can get


something simple, easy and fun, then the Prime Minister could be


Back at the game developers, Zara puts a developer in the frame.


are thinking about calling it Piggy Panic. We want to make the pig the


kind of character that people do not want him to be captured and put


back. Really Adorable. Really cute. Little legs, fat body? That sort of


thing? Perfect. Exactly. Can it have a bandaged leg? I don't know.


I feel sorry for it! It makes you want to work harder. I suppose it


is a bit edgy. It is quite sweet. What would our little pig character


be called? We could have a girl called Porky penny. Pinkie? That is


quite nice. It is not gender- specific. It could be a little boy


or girl. Pinky and perky already exist. Oh, of course! They were


friends. Thank you. I have got high hopes for this concept. It is


amusing. It could be a winner. It could be viral. Call in the vet!


Casting for their viral advert... Hello! The rest of Zara's team.


are exactly what we are looking for. I have got the giggles! We want to


do a viral video and we want someone to play the butcher, big


and strong. I think you have found your man! Give us your most


aggressive face. Can you run at us? You are amazing! Thank you very


Hello. Spinning the story for his game, 17 year-old James. It is


going to be about... You are the Prime Minister. You have a desk in


front of you and people bringing in things for you. You have to collect


things on them. If the telephone rings, you clip art it to answer it.


If you are doing well, you achieve world peace, economic growth, and


Nobel Prize, but if you are doing badly then there is recession,


economic crisis. At the end we were thinking of assassination. That


could be contentious. Any idea of a name for the game that is starting


to emerge? Pm Panic. Crazy Cabinet. OK, the name is going to be Crazy


Cabinet. I really like that. I think it is a really good idea for


a game. I hope it will appeal to lots of people but it definitely


appeal to me because I would like to be Prime Minister. Have fun


making it. Thank you. Designers briefed, the finalists call it a


Call time, 10 o'clock. Location, a North London park. That is great.


Directing her viral advert, professional film-maker Zara.


are going to do the angry, menacing eyes. Take one. An inch closer in,


please. Great. Really menacing. That is good. Action. Slightly


quicker. Slightly Na Li. I am in a dream in his park. We have some


strange things going on. We have a giant dressed as a butcher. An


attractive young woman dressed as a pig. But to chase it the pig. All


the ingredients you might think for a disaster or a brilliant viral


advert. That was better. That was Westminster. This is Ken. Location


for the opposition's viral, Grady Cabinet. The idea that I am going


for his a political broadcast spoof for breach of them. We ask them


questions. We have a crazy guy, he says we should sell Scotland is of


the deficit. They might be a little bit offensive but nothing is funny


unless it is offensive. Some people call it a bus. I call it the loser


cruiser. Some people call it a bus. I call it the loser cruiser. Vote


for me for Prime Minister. Can we have you cheesy smile again? Vied


for me because I like lemons. -- vote for me. James has understood


that to make a viral advert go global it has to hit the target


market. That target market wants things to be funny, borderline


offensive, and really making an impact. He has understood that and


he is going down that route. Look Ready? Action. A imagine you are a


pig chilling out on a Sunday morning. I know that is weird.


looking for laughter, Piggy Panic. Do you think this is entertaining


enough? I have never directed comedy before. As a general rule,


comedy is hard to capture on film because it is a natural thing. When


it looks artificial, it looks terrible. You see a really quick


reaction, you jump up, you run over the bench and a way. In it might be


funny if she falls over when she goes over the bench. I love that


people when they fall over! -- I laugh at people. Maybe big-game


player can rugby-tackled the butcher. It can be like, can you


tackle the butcher? So the person is the person playing the game? I


get the comedy aspect because somebody rugby tackling a strong


man would be funny. Really throw That looked really funny. Happy?


That is a rap. Really good working with you all. Thank you. 6 o'clock.


Editing his mock manifesto, James. Can we drag this one down? I will


cut the deficit by selling Scotland. Will anybody else find that funny


apart from us? He laughed! It does not worry me that Zara had


directing experience because the last advert that she shot was


pretty boring and I don't think she is as fun as me. Putting down her


viral, Zara. That needs to be quicker. Like that. Can we watch it


and see if it is funny. It is not shocking so it has to be funny.


and look at it but you are seeing it from the first time point of


view. Piggy Panic! What do you think? I can't see any adult


laughing at this. Be more specific. Perhaps a ten-year-old would think


it is funny but the 35 year-old would think, what is this? It is


hard to look at something when you have seen it being created and see


it from a new perspective. It does have a humorous aspect and it does


have a twist at the end. I think that our viral get across what the


game is and makes it edgy, with a twist. It is uplifting and fun to


watch. In terms of putting across an idea, I think it definitely does


A top London venue. This is a great place. And for the finalists, the


first chance to play their games. It seems very nice, actually.


are very good at this! That is really good. It is good. I love


You missed it! Quickly! Get it! He is on his way out. I would play


that over and over again until I got to level 2. That is not so. --


crazy. Two hours to go, just time to set the scenes. Good job, guys.


Does anybody definitely not want to do the pick costume? I would like


you to do it, Harry M. -- pig costume. This is definitely the


biggest picture that I have done, the biggest audience, the biggest


set up and the biggest stakes. is in this to win, that is for sure.


I have never seen such a driven 16 year-old. I like the door. Let's


get this pitch sorted. Lizzie, you are in charge. Our timeline invites


the game are to do a better job. I don't want to give these industry


experts too much about the market they are already experts in and I


don't want to talk nonsense either. I am confident in the pit that I


have, -- pitch that I have, but I want to keep it short and sweet


because I do not want to be boring. 6 o'clock, the guests arrived.


you play the game? From face but it is they, big players in gaining and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


I will do my best. But one man is First, James. Drumming up votes in


poor Crazy Cabinet. My dear people of this nation, tonight in my first


manifesto, I bring to you a revolutionary online game, that can


change the online gaming market for the better. Crazy Cabinet. We make


being the Prime Minister a clear and simple. Some like shooting


games, some like action driving, some like puzzles, but everybody


has concerns about the running of the country. Everybody says they


can do a better job, but can you turn Westminster into a better


minister? Crazy Cabinet, we have made a crazy but relevant fire rule


that we believe will be a huge success. -- viral. It is as big


political broadcast with our characters talking about what they


would do as Prime Minister. This is a political broadcast brought to


you by the Crazy Cabinet. Vote for me. Please vote for me for Prime


Minister. We need to educate the children about pigeons. In school


people can learn about me. Pigeons deserve the right to public


transport, too. I hate Taxes! will cut the deficit by selling


Scotland. Crazy Cabinet. Do a Our brand has a crazy future ahead


of it. We would like to make extra levels available for �1 for an


expansion pack of ten levels. We would also like to make the game


into a smartphone app, so you can run the country on the go at a


price of 59 pence. The game could go global, for example, Mr


President, or we can move into other professions like Mrs Plumber


or Mrs Paramedic. We see this company as having a very bright


future. Now I will open up the floor to Prime Minister's


Questions! I love the game, but I wonder why you have chosen only to


have men in your Cabinet? We think there is room to expand. You can


choose your character, to be Mrs PM or MrPM. Can you expand the


content? I know we want to keep the game current. There are always


going to be difficult decisions to be made, whether it is political or


economical. I know that we will remember that. Please, remember,


vote Crazy Cabinet, thanks! Well done.


Really good. That went really, really, really


well. Next door, hoping to bring home the bacon, Piggy Panic and


Zara. APPLAUSE Well, hello, ladies and


gentlemen, we are here to present to you a new video game we have


devised that we are calling Piggy Panic. The concept of the game is


simple, get Porky Pete out of the farmhouse. Of course, avoiding the


butcher behind you and any toxic waste dumps behind you. Naturally


if you can pick up the apples and more house friendly farm friends,


you can get a higher score. Just to show you now, can we cue the ad,


please? Piggy panic, piggy, panic, piggy, panic, piggy, panic, piggy,


Can you beat the butcher?! So, there you go. It is a little bit


silly, a little bit funny. It gives you an idea of what the game is.


Now where can it go in the future? We have lots of ideas. We think it


fits well into the social networking sites. What you are


seeing here is a free demo trial version it can be installed on


phones and advertising incorporated to bring in revenue and encourage


people to buy the game at a set price. The other concept is ingame


purchases. There could be a protective shield for Porky Pig to


pig up. There could be a potion, depending on what you need for


certain levels, you can have superspeed. There is also


merchandise. Who could not see this animal being created into a an


adorable cuddly toy that a little one would love to cuddle up to at


night. I am passionate about this. I know it can go so much further.


Thank you. APPLAUSE


Congratulations to you and your team on a great game. You were


cagey on the pricing, I wonder, the games sell for 69 pence on various


app stores, you make 49 pence back, how do you turn a profit? I think


that people will be willing to pay a few pounds in the full version.


Even more than that as it becomes more popular.


Why has he got a bandage on his leg? We wanted to hint at the idea


that he may have a past with that butcher! Thank you very much.


APPLAUSE Well done, Zara. A really good job.


How do you feel? Exhausted. I think that I zoned out for a moment,


there. Oh, my God. Zara's game has so much potential,


the brightness, the colour, the little piggy with its bannaged foot,


it could run and run. I think that Crazy Cabinet was


really different. I think that everyone when watching the news can


imagine that they are the Prime Minister, I think that there is a


hook. There$$NEWLINE Lord Sugar has a tough decision to make between


Zara and James. Game over. Tomorrow, it is the


final boardroom. Now that it's just down to me and


James, I'm pretty confident that I have given every ounce of my energy


and attention to winning. Obviously it's in the hands of Lord Sugar now.


I wouldn't have applied for the process if I didn't think that I


had a good chance of winning. Tzaraway may abworthy finalist, but


I'm a worthy winner. -- Zara may be a worthy finalist,


but I'm a worthy winner. All there is left to play for is


that prize. That's what I have my eyes on.


I faced 11 other people in this process. I've beaten ten of them.


Good afternoon. ALL SPEAK AT ONCE Good afternoon,


Lord Sugar. Well, nice to see you all back in


the boardroom again. What a great event last night. You


had some of the biggest industry experts there.


Big names. They fed me back a lot of good


information. I know not a lot of people of your age know this, but I


have been in the computer business back in the 80s, in fact I was in


the computer business when Apples and blackberries were put in pies.


Let's start with James and his Crazy Cabinet. That is because you


have a dream that one day you might be the Prime Minister, is that


right? I said that before, but after creating the game and


realising how difficult it is, I think it is no longary dream of


mine. You went into the brainstorm, how was it? It was a bit organised.


I admit. It took a while to get my head around it.


You took time pontificateing? really wanted to get the idea right.


I didn't want to make a snap decision. I wanted to think it


through. I'm happy that I did it through.


Hannah? At the start James did feel a little indesighs i, but we had a


little thing and by not doing anything irrational, we had better


concept than at the beginning. The people that I spoke to said


that the concept was very, very good.


There is so many things to do with this game that we struggled to


pinpoint them all before the pitch. OK. So you have the concept of the


Prime Minister. Then this viral advert.


That is to the MPs to, well, actually, they are a higher calibre


than some of the MPs we have got. It was actually funny. Do you think


it led people to the game? viral was meant to be ridiculous,


to make people smile. Hopefully that they will pass that on.


I didn't hear it lead me to the game.


Lord Sugar, the viral adverts are different to television adverts,


they don't have to relate to the products as much.


I get that, 100%, but the idea of a viral advert is to ask what it is


for. So here is is a lesson for you all to learn. There is something


called being too close to something. You assume that everybody else who


sees it will know what it means. So what you have to do in the future


is to think about this is the first time you is seen it. To ask


yourself the question, will other people know what I'm going on


about? That is my only shriet criticism of it. Moving over, then,


to -- slight. Moving over, then, to Zara with Piggy Panic and Porky


Pete. That's correct. We narrowed this


game off after a while to a list of six possible ideas.


What were they? There was one that Mahamed had where he was a zombie.


Fifthing up satellite dishes? was the idea? It is about a little


boy who gos to a graveyard. After he visits his parents, the zombies


come out and he has to kill them. What an imagination. So the


feedbackcame back that Piggy Panic was the one? Yes.


So, I think that the presentation was good. People were impressed


with the game, but I don't think your game has the migration effect


that James' game has got. Whey think your game has more of is the


potential development ideas and the character himself would be a


saleable item for anything, toys, books, all of that sort of stuff.


We talked about the viral adverts, yours was a little more engaging


with the game. I did know it was for a game. Although when I first


saw it I thought it was a ren deportation of Crimewatch. The


thing is, it was funny, I suppose. It said to me that this is all to


do with the game, Piggy Panic. So I think that it did its job. ThereI


can understand it is difficult for the past candidates to come back


and help and give their all, but from what I have heard, you have


done very, very well as far as that's concerned? Gbemi was great


when it came to constructing the game. I am proud to have worked


with the team to come up with something that good in that short a


space of time. We did very well as a team. It was a pleasure to work


for James. I think that he deserves this.


I definitely had two fantastic Chancellors beside me today


throughout the task. Yes.


As a completely dispassionate observer, as that is what I am. I


would like to say that I thought that Zara handled this firmly,


calmly and fairly. I thought she did a very professional job.


I must say about James that I find you a very structured person. One


that is not afraid to take risks and follow their own vision, but


also is completely inclusive, especially so on this tafbg.


I have a -- task. I have tough job ahead of me. I


wanted to talk with these two to decide with me which one of you is


going to be the winner. So, thank you very much again. You have done


a great job. I'm proud of it, you should be proud of.


OK? ALL SPEAK AT ONCE Thank you, Lord Sugar.


You know what I think. Well done, Zara.


Well, look, a great presentation by both of you yesterday.


A great accolade from your teams. Indeed from Karren and Nick. I have


a very tough decision ahead of me, OK? I would like to take a few


moments whilst you step outside and we'll call you back in, OK? ALL


We have to keep remembering they are 17 years old. Spectacular stuff,


last night, from both teams. Both games have got great potential.


experts on my table, given the amount of time they had to do that


work, were staggered and delighted at the proficiency and the


professionalism of the whole thing. Two grade, credible candidates have


come all the way through, so it is a tough one. -- great. You can go


Let's not undermine the importance of the task that you have just done.


I put to both out of your comfort zone, and together with what you


have achieved over the past eight weeks, that is what I am really


going to make my final decision on. I will start with James. Prime


Minister! I suppose it is now Question Time. You a project


manager twice, not project manager in the early days because I think


there was a lack of support from your team mates. Yes. I think at


the start I definitely came into this the wrong way but I am a fast


learner. I take on board any criticism that I am given and I


tried to change. I think I did that and whenever I became project


manager of I had the full backing of my team on both tasks, and I won.


I have learnt to manage, delegate, work with other people. I could not


do that at the start of this process, but now I think I am


probably the best at doing that in this process. As James become a


leopard that changed his spots? Did you override the things that people


said during the course of this task? I have learnt to take on


board other people's opinions but I am a risk-taker. Normally the risks


that I take pay off and I am not afraid to stick my neck on the line


and say that if something feels right then I will go with it.


have heard James say that he is a risk taker. Do you think that you


shied away from being team leader? I never planned to shy away. In


terms of working, I have never held back without putting forward ideas.


Throughout the tasks, you have always been the leader of the sub


team or managed the sub team when you have not been a project manager,


a consequence of not putting herself forward. You try to steer


from the back. I did not even know that about myself. That balance


between jumping in and taking risks is one that I got wrong. Now I know


that I am somebody that does instinctively, without even knowing


it, wants to take risks and Leeds and I can recognise that and I can


do it. James, is this a gruelling prospect for you to be in front of


someone as articulate as Zara to put your point across to me?


think that Zara is certainly articulate but I don't dress things


up. I say it how it is and I don't see the point of dressing things up.


If I may make a point, for the sake of my English teacher more than


anything, I don't think I make things sound fancier than they are


with long words. I think being articulate and well spoken is


completely different. Yes, it is. But me, I just like to know the


bottom line. The bullet points, bang, bang, bang. I don't need the


flowery words around them. It is not a fault. It just needs to be


deployed in the right places. summer dresses things up, I switch


off, so I say it how it is. -- someone. You don't dress things up


but sometimes you promote things that you do not the day to believe


in yourself, selling them. I do what it takes to sell a product and


win the task. Sometimes slightly dubious tactics. Remember the


flowers, winning the task with a load of old rubbish? I think that


was in the early stages of this competition... In sit in your


character, James? It is not in my character any more. At the start of


this process that is certainly what I was like. The cheapest possible


product at the best possible price. I was a wheeler-dealer. I don't


think that is who I am any more. I am a decision-maker and a risk-


taker. I am not here to rip people off. Good. You can fool some people


some of the time but in the long haul, honesty, integrity and


sincerity of the things that pay- off. -- are the things. I'm going


to ask you one more time to step outside. When you come back in we


will have a final chat and then I will let you know which one is the


Well, doesn't it get hard? Two completely different characters, I


would say. One risk taker, dives in, tends to be a bit domineering, but


has clearly learnt through the cause of the eight weeks. And Zara


is very calm and collected, articulate. When you look at Zara,


you see this very controlled, very calm person. It is very easy to


forget that she is a teenager. At a young, professional women are,


I find her incredibly credible, for want of a better word. -- as a


young, professional woman. When depth of thought and imagination


come into play, that is James's strength. This boy could be Prime


Minister. You can laugh. He might be First Minister in Belfast.


tough one. We will have to call them back in. Send the candidates


in, police. Yes, Lord Sugar. Lord Let me remind you what this is all


about. You might be relieved to hear that I am not offering you a


job. There is of course at �25,000 prize for the winner in order to


help them build their future. I would be interested to hear from


you, Zara, what you will do with this money. Bearing in mind, it


will be drip-fed to you as and when I approve its use. What I plan to


do is get more advanced equipment for the film-making. At the moment


I have a camera, a laptop and I have done quite well, but what I


would love to do is buy some proper, professional filming equipment.


That allows it to make bigger scale productions that I can sell on for


more money to more clients. That is where I see this going. James, what


have you got in mind? Throughout this process, things I have learnt


in economics in school has really come in handy. What I would first


of all like to do is to study economics a bit more and widen my


knowledge of that. I have learnt so much throughout this process that I


can adapt to any business situation but the thing I like most is


actually producing something, marketing it and selling it to


people. That is really where I would hope to be in the future.


why will be holding on to the lion's share of my money for some


time until I see you coming up with an idea? Have you ever done any


work for walking about money, so to speak? I have never even had a job,


so I have learnt in this process more than I had before. I think I


have learned enough in this process to go on, study more and develop


some kind of idea and some business where I am producing something,


marketing it and selling it. course you have made some money out


of your production staff, yes? started making films a couple of


years ago, when I studied my GCSEs. I have made a few and sold them on


for profit. I work for charities mostly. I am not 20th Century Fox,


but I think ideally if I am looking at the peak of my career, I would


love to be running a series of media-related things to do with


film, advertising and marketing. I am a renaissance person, and I like


to have my hand and lot of different parts and try things out.


I think it is fantastic that Zara has made money doing something that


she likes. But I don't think that is a disadvantage to me. What I


have learnt is wonderful. I like enterprising people, people that


are self-sufficient and realise that the world does not owe them a


living. I have not done very enterprising things in the past,


but I have shown that I am an enterprising person. Zara, quite


bluntly, why should I choose you? Because throughout this process I


always work as hard as I possibly can. My focus never ever drops or


falters. I have never lost my cool once. I stayed very calm, even when


things have been rubbish, I keep focusing. I do each task to the


best that it can be done. I don't just him about what I want to do. I


recognise that I need to work very hard for anything that I want in


life. You have got a great contender here as far as James is


concerned. Where do you think his weaknesses are compared to you?


think James might have aspirations about what he wants to do, but


actions speak louder than words. Actually having the guts to just


try something and do it, I don't believe that James would actually


use the �25,000 and do as much with his career as I have already shown


that I have and will continue to do. What is that based on? What have


you done? The economics is what I wish to pursue. If I went on to


study economics I would be a success at it because I have


already achieved first place in GCSE in Northern Ireland. I don't


think that you can say you have achieved more outside this process


compared to me because that is unfounded. I don't believe that it


is. I think Zara is corporate and creative but in terms of business


acumen, I have bought things more cheaply than she did, I have sold


things better than she did. But more importantly I am a risk taker.


Zara is not a risk-taker. Why take risks that pay off. I am an


enterprising person. -- I take risks. There has only been one task


when you have proven that you have sold more than me. In the ice cream


and florist task, I could have sold better than you. I think I sold


very well in both of those tasks. am going to sum up now and I do not


need to hear any more from you. I will tell you how I see it. James,


when you came into the process I think you admit yourself that it


was a bit like a bull in a china shop. But to be fair, you have


evolved during the process. I think you have learned the art of


listening. You are not frightened to follow your instincts and you


say you are natural risk-taker. Zara, you are calm, articulate and


you seem to be in control of your emotions which is a good thing when


you are in business. I really have got a very tough decision to make


here. It is not often that I am faced with two people that are so


close together but so different in personality. And so it is very hard


for me to come to the conclusion that I have come to, because there


I am pleased to announce that... Zara, you are the winner of The


Young Apprentice. Well done, Zara. It is incredible to be leaving this


as the winner. I honestly never thought I would make it this far.


Twelve candidates have been whittled down to two, and after seven gruelling weeks it is time for Lord Sugar to set his final task before deciding who will be his Young Apprentice and win the ultimate prize: a tailor-made fund of 25,000 pounds to kick start their business career.

This being the final, the rules of the game are tougher than ever as Lord Sugar challenges the two remaining teenage candidates to create a new downloadable online game. To launch their games, they must also create a distinctive advert that has the potential to become an internet viral.

Helping Lord Sugar make his decision are top industry experts, and helping the finalists set their own gaming rules are the ten fired candidates. It is 'game on' for the two candidates as events propel them towards the boardroom, where it is 'game over' for one as Lord Sugar makes his final decision.

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