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It's 10.00 and it's Sunday. Up North apparently it's been a bit


rainy, which is a shame. It is today. I watched the weather this


morning. You were there this morning, were you? It's going to be


hot inside, too, because in the studio are the pairing currently


second on the Strictly board, Anita Dobson and we're joined by an actor


with a CV longer than an Jedi light sabre. And we'll be looking at next


week's telly. Something for the Good morning and welcome to


Something for the Weekend something with Simon and Amanda has joined us


this week because Louise is off up supporting Jamie playing in the


Dunhill Open Links tournament. Apparently he's doing quite well at


the moment. He loves his golf, Jamie. How have you been? I've been


really, really good. Just back from L ala land. LA? What were you doing


there? Hosting the pre-show of the emies for Fox. Oh, there I am.


scrub up well. Thank you. Rob Lowe. Did he try to take your phone


number? Who was? No, because his wife was next to him. Did anyone


try to take your phone number? Unfortunately no. I was co-hosting


with Steve Jones so he did. He has everybody's number? He already had


my number. It's like confetey.? was great. We had an A-list of


celebrities coming up the stairs to be interviewed and on the day their


publicist told us that they weren't allowed to because they didn't want


to climb up the stairs. How Hollywood is that. There were ten


steps and they wouldn't climb the stairs. They wouldn't talk to you?


No., So you didn't intervene anyone? Steve Buschemi came up.


you have to think of different questions for everyone? Yeah, we


kind of know the people who will potentially be there so you know


who's nominated. Do you have to ask grown-up questions? I didn't ask


any grown-up questions at all. you have to be serious? Not really.


We sang a song for Steve I say, a play on his name because no-one


knows how to say it. Did it get a laugh?... Nope. He did like it.


do you sometimes get delivered people and don't really know?


that happened a lot. What do you do? People are handing you a card


at the last minute and the person standing there and you go, this is


embarrassing. You just have to make stuff up. "Happy to be here, who


are you wearing?" "Give us a twirl." It was fun. Weather, are


you enjoying the weather. I was all ready for autumn? Love autumn, it's


my favourite season and I feel a little cheated. It's 2nd October I


want to be Waring winter clothes. But put it this way, you get to


work pink. I do that often! only bad thing about the weather


and I hate to complain about it, but I'm finding it hard to sleep


because it's so sweaty and hot. Just me. Denis Lawson star of Star


Wars is in a new film, Perfect Sense, alongside his nephew Euan


McGregor, he'll be talking about his 40 years in the business and


when OB kenobi. I've never seen it. I like Star Wars but I don't know


anything about it. I refused to watch the prequel. I do like it.


Why? I was such a fan of the originals I didn't want to watch


the ones that came after it. Apparently they weren't as good as


the original. It takes two to tango and possible dark horses of this


year's Strictly Come Dancing Anita Dobson here to talk about the


training, sequins and the challenge that is tougher than the regulars


in the Queen Vic. You know who's going to win it, don't you? Robbie


Savage? No, the only person who knows is Russell Grant. Because he


knows, he can see the future. He's amazing that guy. By just looking


at the sky he can tell all about your life. It's amazing. Has he


ever read your fortune? No, but I'm absolutely surprised he's not


richer. It's a phenomenal thing. How is he going to do next week


him. He'll know. It's written in the stars. I look at the sky and


know nothing but he can predict your future just by looking. Can he


though?, really? Amazing! Amazing talent! Amazing. You would love to,


if you did have that talent you would just do the lottery, they


don't show that in the stars, it's not that accurate? The stars don't


do that. Rubbish. You can e-mail Anita Robin and Denis Lawson via


Anita Robin and Denis Lawson via the website.


Don't forget to send us your name. Has he danced yet? He was quite


good. What did the judges say, after they said it did he say, I


knew you would say that? I looked at the sky and told me. What he


says, you know why you've been, because the Saturn is rising in


airies and it's putting you in a bad mood. He predict Simon you're


going to be cooking something today, is that right? I am, you're a


genius. We're going to start with smoked chicken mulligatawny soup,


which is a can you rememberried soup, the smoked chicken gives


extra flavour, you do an interesting thing in the end to


give it body and texture. Our main course today, coming into autumn,


allegedly, so we have wild mushroom and art choke, fill owe pastry --


And dessert, cappuchino eclairs. This is what I predict will be the


one everyone makes for next week for the fridge and finally today.


This is what Russell will make, crispy John Dory and patatas bravas.


Patatas bravas, in an Irish accent. Aye.


As always all those recipes can be found on our website.


Here's what else you can look It's a bit too natural in All Roads


Lead home. Look at this one. That's precision pooh. That's textbook.


And Philip Glenister is back in Hidden.


A fine array to look forward to and cocktails to get our juices flowing.


And Wayne Collins. Greek music.


I'm doing Greek inspired cocktails today because I had a little jaunt


to Athens this week. I went to a cocktail bar with Athens, drinks


were smashing, no that should be the food! We look ford to that.


you going to do another little dance for us? A little Zorba.


Have you ever been to Greek wedding? No. They're brilliant they


all get up and do the Greek dancing so everyone can join in. I've seen


you dancing, can you do it? Everyone can do a bit of this.


you watch that last night as well. Anybody on Twitter, go on now and


watch Tim dancing. watch Tim dancing.


Brilliant. He should be on Strictly. I was the most embarrassed in my


life. No, the only thing that could make you more embarrassed is when


you got hugged by Danny Wallace. We're doing smoked chicken


mulligatawny, we have some carrots, tur nil and onion cooking away.


Turnip. Then we have curry paste. It smells


like raw chicken with a bit of herb. No, it's smoked. Garlic, rice, peas,


stock, potato. Amanda, would you like to. Yes, make the Irish woman


chop the potato. Tim, you can do the potato. Same size as carrot and


turnip. turnip.


Amanda, with the chicken, slice it, we're looking at that kind of


thickness. When we get down to the thick bits cut them in half.


Are we not going to talk about your medal? It's here. It looks like


you're about to cook it. This week I won a medal. That's a proper


thing. That is really. Were you Knighted? That's next week. Tell us


how you won a medal? You know I do bits and bobs with the Armed Forces,


I competed in the interforces cooking competition down at Sandown


this week. There's my team. Thaeps Dale on the right, our only army


member who helped us and on the left is Clare, is our home


economist and nurse on side from here.


We had to cook a meal for 20 Afghan elders was the theme for it, but we


were cooking in a tent with surprise ingredients, we had to


bone out a goat leg, cook with goat. We made nine, 12 dishes in total in


two hours. It's really, really tough. There's loads of stuff at


the moment about the possibility of outsourcing catering within the


Armed Forces. Not being funny, when you see what these guys do they


deserve every penny they get and their work is tremendous. It was


brilliant and we got gold so we're very, very happy.


Thank you to everyone involved. The winner is...Yes, Yes.


OK. Tim, potatoes cook in here, we have our carrot, turnip, onions,


cooked away, just to give a bit of colour in them, soften them up ever


so slightly, this is autumnal, so it's maybe one to wait until taouls


when the weather breaks. It is coming back, isn't it? Is


that cooked that chicken? It is, smoked chicken, delicious.


Once we've softened this off, we add our curry paste. Would you


slice or crush that. Whatever you fancy. Then we add the curry paste,


it's shop bought. When you buy them make sure you cook them out for a


good amount of time. What people tend to do is chuck them in the pan


and add other bits and pieces. We need to cook them out, they're


quite tiny, I think it's sometimes nice to add a pinch of sugar when


using a curry paste, to take away any acidity. Then what you do is


add some rice into your pan. Some stock into the pan. You're back off


to Argentina soon? Yeah, I'm going on Wednesday for six and a half


weeks. More Total Wipeout. Yeah, we're doing winter Wipeout this


time. Christmas version? No, not the Christmas version, the whole


theme is winter, everything is covered in snow, it's spring in


Argentina but we are doing a Christmas special where I will


probably be dressed as Mrs Klaus and Richard will probably be


dressed as an elf. He doesn't go out, he stays here? He says here.


What's the food like, steaks? meety, lots of really good food,


really good wine. I'd love to go to Argentina, is it a good place to


visit. Apparently you're coming to do the celeb version. You and Tim.


I think I would be good at it? want to do it, you know you want to


do it. It's injury worries me. I just pick up too many injuries


this day. Do a full European warm- up before you do it. I just got


over the hammy after the calf. It worries me a little bit, I feel I'm


getting more and more injuries. Do you not want to do the big red


balls. You do, Tim. I would do them in steps, yeah. One, two. Like a


monkey. I'd be like a monkey boy. I would


adopt a monkey pose for it all. That, I would want to see.


whole course I would do as a monkey. I think that would get me round


better. Are you sober! At this time on a Sunday, of course


note not. They're all too upright. You need to bend down. Lower centre


of gravity. At the beginning I would be monkey. But I'm not doing


it. That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. It is one of


my favourite bits of the show when people do their war cry. What would


yours stphb I don't know, I would have to watch through the fingers


like that on the screen. Naef back to cooking.


We cook off all the vegetables, add the curry paste, sugar, rice, stock.


Then bring it up to the boil. Get this, it's fine and delicious but


we and the a bit of body, a bit of substance, so about a third of your


total soup pop into a blender like that. Then, Tim E get the stick


blender in there, and blend it until it's smooth. Which button do


I press? That's the fella. You can blend some of the chickens with the


peas as well. Now we get this lovely emulsifying


thing going on. Nice.


Is it supposed to go like this? Beautiful. Tip that back into our


pan of soup. At the moment you can see this is quite clear and all the


differences here, but now when we add all of the puree to it, it will


bind these delicious ingredients together. This is also good if


you're cooking this for your Nan you can puree all of it. Oh, don't,


stop it. I would put coriander in now, but I'm not going to and we


spoon. You see the puree bit now brings it together. It's great for


a nice hot summer's day. Perfect. Once you finish the barbecue this


is perfect. A bit of sour cream at the end. A soup boiled is a soup


spoiled. Is that true? You shouldn't boil a


soup, so they reckon, I'm not sure I believe that. That's delicious.


It's nice, you get the smoked chicken coming through. Not too


spicy. Very mild. On a day like today, if it's freezing cold.


What's the main course. Wild mushroom and artichoke strudal.


He was guest on Something for the Weekend something last week but now


looking much less relaxed. Camelot is under threat and it's not


Sir, if we don't get to the I'll of the -- isle of the Blessed many


will die. Let me do it. Taking him alone will mean...Not If I go


through the Valley of the Kings. You cannot give up on the quest.


This is my fault. I'm sorry. Take me with you, please. Used die,


Merlin? You don't understand, please Arthur. Do you ever do as


you're told. I have to come with you. We need to leave.


Oh. OK, that is Merlin and you can catch that next Saturday at 8.05 on


BBC One. Now, our first guests have only


recently become a Strictly partnership. Oh, partnership? Are


they partners? No, partnership on Strictly. Don't start rumours


before it's even happened. You know what happened. Oh, Brian won't be


happy. It looks like they'll give holly, Jason and Russell a rhumba.


Anita Dobson and Robin Windsor. Congratulations first of all


because Friday night you were amazing. You're very kind. Such a


fantastic performance, you were joint on the leaderboard with holly


on Friday but then Jason blooming Donovan comes in. Straight through


to the top. Are you proud of her, Robin. I have had the most amazing


three weeks so far with rehearsals and Friday night was just proof of


all the hard work we put into it. Would you say she's better than


anyone else used? I've only had one. We have some footage of you dancing,


Anita, you're beautiful to watch as a dancer. For me that was the most


sincere dance of the night. Elegant, poised, beautifully acted,


watch the top line. All right, Craig.


You do need to sort out your head placement but I thought that whole


routine was gorgeous. Even Craig likes you. He'd been a


big stick in the mud the whole night so it was refreshing for us


to get some positive comments from him. How long does it take, Robin,


when you meet Anita to know she could dance. Ten minutes. There's


something you know when you pick up somebody to dance, you can feel it


in them. I don't know how to explain it. It's something that's


taught through the body and not through the voice. It's obviously


important to have the right pairing, the right partnership. I feel so


lucky, I couldn't have got a better partner. He's a wonderful teacher,


great fun and wonderful to dance with. How long have you been


prabtifg up to that moment, how many weeks has it been now? We've


had nearly three weeks, two and a half weeks. Seven hours, eight


hours a day. We haven't danced all day eight hours. You're loving it


Anita, you say you're loving it so much it makes you cry, tears of


happiness, obviously. It's very emotional, I can't explain T but


for someone like me who's never trained to dance but love to dance


and dancers, to be with a dancer and among them and feel like you're


part of it is the biggest high ever. You turned down Strictly before and


you were asked to do it in the past and you were so nervous you said no


to it? I thought I would be too scared and wouldn't be able to


handle it, I didn't want to look back and think, you should have


done it. No time like the present. You're married to the lovely Brian


May, what did he think of the whole thing, was he supportive or


thinking, "I don't want you getting on with this hot dance." I think at


the beginning he was nervous because it would take up so much of


my time, which it does. He said the look of joy on my face, is


something I didn't give you so I feel a bit sad about that, but now


that he realises he can share it, because I go home and show him


little bits Robin told me. Do you make him partner it. No, I wouldn't


do it. He's tried dancing with the guitar. I've never seen him on the


telly without a guitar. Is he competitive, is it competitive


between the celebrities, are you competitive yet? Not at the moment.


It doesn't feel like that. It's a really lovely bunch of people,


everybody is really good fun, we all get on. Whether that will


change I don't know, I hope not. But at the moment it doesn't feel


like that. What about the professional dancers, are you


competitive, you're given all different sorts of celebrities to


dance with, are you xet testify, because I suppose it proves whether


you're a good teacher or not. all come from the competitive world


of ballroom dancing so it's in our blood to compete and win, so that's


a natural instinct but we're all there to support and nurture all of


us celebrities because everyone is different. You say that, but


however, when that glitter ball is in your face...As The competition


goes on and on the stress levels get higher and higher, and then


there's a lot of responsibility on our shoulders as well, not only do


we have to make our celebrity look amazing, which wasn't difficult for


me, we have to put them on television and make them do a good


job in front of 12 million people. It's really scary. So we get


xiftive with each other but we -- competitive with each other but


we're also there to help each other. Your professional dance partner is


Christina, paired with Jason Donovan. That must be hard that


they've topped you. Me and Christina are like brother and


sister and we're there and will support each other and help each


other as much as we can. Anita, how does it feel, there are some people


in the competition who are probably about 20 years younger than you, do


you feel you can outdo all of them and dance your way to the top? Are


you feeling that? For me, it's not so much the competitiveness of the


fact, it's the fact that I don't want it ever to stop. I want to


keep doing it all the time for as long as I can. Yes, there are a lot


of young pwhraodz, much younger, much fitter -- bloods, much younger,


much fitter than me. We can't have you on watt talking about Angie


Watts, she's the biggest thing you've ever done. We were just


looking at the ratings. When you get divorced from Dirty Den it was


the fourth much watched TV show ever, 30.2 million, amazing, isn't


it. Viblg is one of the highest things on TV, at its peak it gets


12. TV back then was a may have gone. That's half the people in the


country watching it? It was incredible. For me looking back the


fact that I only did three years in the soap, and still now that


character has held up is something to be fabulous to be talked about.


I'm very proud. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantage.


Obviously you're known as Angie Watts and you're a classy trained


actress. Yeah. So everyone thinks you're Angie Watts all the time,


are there disadvantage to it because of that? No, I think if


you've done one thing in your life that people hold up as fabulous you


should be proud, not bitter at the fact that perhaps it's grown hugeer


than you are, the whole point is that she was iconic and is and I'm


very proud of her and shael always be there inside. Did they ever ask


you to come back after you left. They killed you off eventually, not


even on screen, it was off-screen. Because I didn't go back, they had


to kill her off screen. She died of alcohol poison, yes.


So, strange for Strictly then, are you cracking the whip, going on to


do some training today?, No, nod we're going to have a day off, back


to work tomorrow morning bright and early. What dance do you have next?


The salsa. Very different to the waltz. How feeling about that?


Scared and nervous but really looking forward to it. We do laugh


a lot. The salsa is the most insane dance ever. Slightly nuty, full of


life and very joyful. We laugh a lot.


We're going to find out if Anita's cooking is on a par with her


dancing when she tackles cooking with Simon and she and Robin are


hanging round. So tweat any Right, time to get your thinking


caps on then and guess the year of the headlines, the number one and


The social and Liberal Democrats have their first fully fledged


leader today, he's Paddy ashdown the 47 year old who entered


Parliament only five years ago. The touren shroud is a fake. The


Roman Catholic Church has said tests in laboratories show the


shroud was made between the years 1260 and 1390. The BBC has begun an


inquiry into how four women demonstrators were able to get into


the 6.00 television news studio and attempt to disrupt the start of


tonight's programme. # I owe you nothing at all #


20 million deported on prove of 20 million deported on prove of


1991. Yeah? I've no idea. I think it's earlier than that. But I don't


know. It feels '80s, that bros look. 20 years ago? It is more than 20


years ago. You're right 1989. go 1988. I'm getting worse on that.


I just do it on the music now. would like to say I just do it on


the news stories. Even a though, that sort of time, that late '80s I


struggled a bit on that as well. I think if you're not into chart


music which is what's in the show you lose it. But hey hoe, 1988. 7 -


- As ever loads of photographs of your dishes, corn beef pot pie.


Loads of them. That was so good. Loads of them. That was so good.


Colin from the Wirral, he made it. Beautifully done clearly as well,


Colin had let the filling go cold before putting the puff pastry on.


However Susan from Wolfowitz clearly didn't, beautiful I'm sure


it tasted delivery, do you see how that's fallen, make sure it's cold


before putting on the puff pastry, otherwise it will sink. That's what


happened there, although I'm sure they were delicious. It is Michael


with his corn beef pot pie. We don't know where Michael is from.


He's on here because Emma our food producer thinks he's handsome.


that why? He is though. You could see him on X-Factor. He's a good-


looking lad. Good amount of hair. Fine hair, would you go for that


cut now, or are you too old? would do it. Like your wedge in the


'80s. And I'd walk round like that. What are we making now? You have to


do the thingy first. If you want to see your face on the fridge. Send


see your face on the fridge. Send your photo.


What are we making, that soup, by the way was really good. Thank you


very much. We're going to make a mushroom


strudel. Nice autumnal strudel.


Yeah, on a nice, cold day like this. Butter, onions we've cooked, khefs


nut mushrooms and girolles. It's a great time of year for wild


mushrooms but they're very expensive so we've added in chest


nut mushrooms to keep the cost down. Then we have time, artichokes out


of the tin and pine nuts that we've toasted. First, we chop the


chestnut mushrooms into three big slabs. Meanwhile I'll area the


girolles. Tear. Tear, is that the wrong way


to say. We rip these like that. Then we have the pan warming up and


we add, what we're looking for really, this is a dish that's full


of flavour, you want the earthy quality of it not to be removed.


There's always a big temptation in this to add things like cheese and


stuff like that to it, but we want to let this foam a little first of


all, but what we want is to have that earthy flavour, we don't


really want it to be wasted with some cheese. These are beautiful, I


mean, the smell of the ground, they smell of fungus, they smell of


trees, they smell of delicious, delicious earthyness. If suddenly


you chuck in green cheese or blue cheese, it will still taste nice


but somehow you go to the expense of having delicious mushrooms and


add another thing. With mushrooms it's nice to have a bit of lemon or


acidity? Absolutely right. Perfect thing to do, because it cuts.


at me, talking about acidity! Hey! I've changed, for the better,


though, Simon. For the better? I mean, you couldn't be any better


than you are, Tim, but from a point of view, yes, it definitely is.


Obviously what we have here, we have loads of butter, that's the


other important thing, you want to cook them in loads of butter, we're


not doing the lemon because I want this to be incredibly creamy. And


with the mushrooms we're not shaking them around because if you


shake them around you end up boiling them whereas we want them


to fry. If you let them slip there the water will begin to evaporate


off, theoretically you want to hear them squeak before you move them.


What will happen is they'll begin to whistle slightly as they start


to evaporate the water off. We won't hear that, Tim, we have loads


of butter, oh, here you go. You heard that then. Yeah, I heard


that! Yeah, they're speaking to you Simon. So So, then Tim, a bit of


thyme. Now we're going to put some flavour into that. The onion we've


cooked off already. I like the way you humour me. Now those are


beginning to cook you move them around. Again you don't want to


move them too much and also you don't want to overcook these,


because we're going to put this into some filo pastry, if you


overcook them geg to Mr Justice so you're sealing them more than mush.


Into mush. Then we tip them into that, ideally you drain a little of


this fat off. Ideally, what's a nice thing to do is let this mix go


completely cold. So, again, the butter will solidify, you tip off


the excess butter, we chuck in the artichokes and then mix this


together. That smells lovely. The artichokes are doing, again,


they're lifting that flavour a little bit so it's not too earthy.


Let it go cold and we end up with this lovely mix. Then, the filo


pastry, one of those things that everyone is a bit tentative with it.


Why? Because it does tear but I don't think. I don't think you need


to worry about it too much. We're going to make a big one of these


and one piece like that, one piece overlaps and then slap a load of


butter on that and do the same again, with three layers of it and


six pieces in total. What am I supposed to be doing,


like this. You can spread it if you want. Again what we're looking to


do, because the filo pastry is dry, just flour and water pretty much.


What you're look to do is get delicious moisture in there, again,


exactly the same thing. My other task this week, as well as


competing with army chefs, I debuted as a DJ. How did you get


on? Brilliant. A whole new career for me there. Stphigers on the


studio. I used to be a DJ for a job, years ago. It's brilliant. Did you


enjoy it? I really, really did. have to stay up awfully late to do


it Simon. Not where I was. Because the hour that I did was for middle-


aged people like myself who don't want to be out discoing too late,


so it finishes at 1.00. What did you play? I started off with Rosaro,


everybody's free. Amateur. Then I went old school and had Deperb mode.


And then NVP's Turning My Heart Beat Up. No ska. No, it was my


first night, I wanted to make sure the floor was full and it was.


Bedding them down. Yeah, just getting them into it. I'll be


mixing my own, re-mixing tracks. Tom Brown funky for Jamaica. He was


on my, list, but I only did an hour. Only an hour and you're playing


Depeche Mode. You have to go old school and Love Action by Human


League. The floor was on. should put on a bit of Erasure.


That's right up your street. Always a good one. Happy for suggestions.


You should get your play list going somewhere. I think there's probably


a world tour I'm probably going to be doing, with beefy next year. We


need tunes for our, what do you call it, catering van. That's a


great idea. Then speakers coming out. We'll have the cooking arena


one end of the catering van and then a couple of turn tables.


Mode song. New Life. Wham I doing with this? Then we turn this over


you see, now you can be quite rough. It will break a little but that's


fine. Then, again, a load of butter. Butter is the key to this, it works


without having the butter on but the flavour is all coming from the


butter. We have delicious ingredients, fantastic mushrooms in


there. Then basically, in like that and in like that. You want to keep


this nice and tight. Was it vinyl you played? I have to admit I was a


little bit electronic. I don't have any vinyl. Is it CDs? All computer.


How do you mix the beats? Well there's technology you can get now.


Is there? I was spinning the wheels of plastic. I hope you were mixing


the base lines as well as the beat. Then we put this in the oven.


You know that moment I could hear white noise in my head when I


didn't know what you were saying. I didn't try any mixing, that will be


the next time. You should come to the next one. No, I'm all right.


It's nigh Nan's birthday on that day. Then we end up with this. It's


beautiful and what I think is a nice thing to do is, you serve this


as a whole strudel and people can just cut it themselves. When you


cut into it, the smell is delightful. That really means that


you've got it right because you want to make sure that the


mushrooms really bring out the delicious, delicious flavours. Have


a little bit of that, we're going to serve it simply with. I have to


say it, it smells delicious. these wild mushrooms at this time


of year are beautiful. A bit of mash, a bit of that. Hi. And


finally a bit of chutney which will give a little bit of acidity. There


you go. Go for it. Dig in. I'm in. What do you think? Delicious.


Anita you're going to be cooking dessert with Simon. What is the


dessert. Cappuchino eclairs, which are delicious. Oh. That's really


are delicious. Oh. That's really nice.


That recipe will be on our website along with Simon's strudel.


You can e-mail or tweat questions for all our guests.


An unlikely trio, Stephen Mangan, Sue Perkins - I can't breathe


through your big mouth - try to navigate their way through the


country using only what they can find in forest and fields around


them. How tough can it be, this is All Roads Lead To Home. I think


just the sheer fear of being attacked by one even hairier by


themselves. I'll probably pooh. I change the conversation. How


about this. Any good? It's got a mixture of new


and old. Something borrowed, something new. This here is dryer


on that side and moisture on that side but it's not conclusive.


How about this lot. Finding quality poo is harder than you think.


There's excellent poo here. Yes, that is very good. Look at the dry


bits there. Nice and moist up north. That's a remarkable piece of poo.


And there's more here. Look at this one. That's precision poo. That is


textbook. That is actually saying North. That's a poo a man could


live about. I might keep that as a pocket poo compass. I feel we ought


to thank the poo. I don't want to know the way in which you want to


thank the poo! Out of breath, Tim.


You can watch that on Wednesday 8pm on BBC Two. Speaking of nature.


And a CV of epic proportions, having standard in incredible films


including the classic trilogy where he played the greatest ace pilot of


He has destroyed not one but two death stars, how about that then,


Something for the Weekend something, Denis Lawson? We're not worthy.


must be sick and tired of talking about? I'm really bored to death


talking about Star Wars. I've never seen the movies, actually, are they


good, no I've obviously seen them, to the for a long time. I know


you're bored about it Let' do it anyway, go through the pain


barrier? The big thing that everyone says about Star Wars is


that only Luke SkyWalker, what's his name again The actor. Markham I


will. Got paid and no-one else got paid. They all got a percentage of


the profits. This is the rumour. Everyone else ends up becoming a


multi-million Aran he ended up getting a couple of quid. Is that


true? I haven't the faintest idea. I think that would be highly


unlikely, but I never heard that before. Unusually I seem to recall


that George gave percentages to the actors after Did you get a


percentage? No, don't be silly. I just got a couple of cappuchinos


and a bagel. Your character was like the 24th most popular


character of all time, that's fact. I don't know what to say. I never


thought of him as a character at all. I just sat in a chair and flew


a plane. When you were acting on it. No, sorry, I have to stop right


there. Nobody acted in Star Wars. Except chubaka. No, it was NAC, no


abging required. It wasn't, for me, it wasn't an acting experience.


said it was boring to film. course. It's all blue screen.


Technical, what I did is what I'm doing now, I sat in a chair. I


wasn't in a plane, I was just sitting in a half thing, with a


bunch of guys underneath me going like that. Don't ruin the illusion.


Sorry. It wasn't really a performance. Honestly. When did you


first watch it did you go, wow, this is brilliant? Yeah, you had no


concept at the time, from the nirs one which we did -- first one which


we did, of what it was going to be, you just turned up and did it, I


was a young actor and it was good for a laugh. Could you tell George


Lucas was the genius? Not at all. Not at all. You walk on to the set


and you would still be the same now, you wouldn't be able to spot the


director. He was a very quiet, unassuming man, modest. You


wouldn't have known who was in charge of it. Star Wars fans,


they're really fanatical, do they still pick you up on the street and


shout at you. People do still spot me from that, it amazes me that


they would even know that, it's really peculiar. Your nephew, Euan


McGregor is ended up being in Star Wars as well, you've ended up now


in a film with him. He says the reason he got into acting because


of you. That's true, I guess, yes. It's the first time We have you to


think for that. It's my fault. it's the first time you acted


together? Yeah, a great thrill, I directed him a couple of times and


we never acted together. I think he's probably wanted to act with me


since he was nine. You're his inspirational. He came to me when I


was nine and my sister Carol said it me, Euan has something to tell


you. I said what is it? "I want to be an actor." He was very news. He


never wavered. He's pretty good. He's all right, let's not get


carried away. It was a great thrill for us both to work together.


us about the film, then. It sounds...Perfect Sense is, it's


quite an odd idea. It's what attracted me to it apart from


working with Euan. It's a love story saepbgs set against a global


pandemic where people gradually lose their senses, smell, taste,


hearing, it goes on and on. And how, in a sense, in a way about the


human spirit and how we cope. How everyone copes with that. A lot of


the film is set in a restaurant where Euan is a chef and I play the


restaurant owner. So, it's how, again, doing a lot of cooking this


morning, how they adjust, how they cook in the kitchen to, for the


customers who can't smell and then they can't taste. They need another


kind of experience, a visual experience. How do you prepare for


something like that, playing for someone who can't see or hear?


can't really, you use your, you can't really. Senses? You use your


imagination really, acting is a, I always wonder about research and


stuff, of course you do research and stuff like that, but at the


enof the day if you can't do it, you can't do it. We do it because


we've a highly tuned sense of imagination. You just sink into it.


OK, we have a clip. Life goes on. It will come back,


people will ask each other out to dinner again. They'll toast each


other in there while we take care of their needs. Yeah, selling flour


and fat. No, anything but flour and fat.


We'll be all right. So, everyone in the world has this


disease and they slowly start? it goes right across the globe.


it got a happy ending? In a way, yes, it has, if you like a hopeful


ending. In terms of relationships, yeah.


20 years you hadn't acted, with Euan, what was it like. It was


quite funny, the first morning, it was kinda weird, the first morning


I walked into the make-up trailer, there was Euan sitting there. I


thought that's a bit weird and then in his usual fashion, "Hello, uncle


Denis." I sat down and we were getting made up together and that


felt, it was, it just really felt quite strange. Then we walked on to


the set and as soon as we walked on to the set to work together it was


the most natural thing in the world. It was effortless and easy and it


was great fun. What's the secret of staying in the industry for as long


as, apart from being good, what's the secret for saying in the


industry as long as you have. It's a tough job, sometimes you work and


there must be periods when you haven't worked? It's a tough job,


it's very stressful. It can be stressful when you're not working


and it can be stressful when you are working sometimes, too. I can't


say, I've always worked really, really hard. I've worked very,


rehard in a sense for everything I've got. You know. There's no


replacement for that. You can have an innate talent or whatever, but


the rest of it is a lot of graft. You mix it up because you directed,


in theatre and TV, over 60 TV roles. Really? I've no idea. But, yes,


I've always liked a big range of work. I've done musicals and stuff.


Yeah, directing I like very much. I've written a little bit as well.


So I just. I like to do a lot of different things. Sitting in the


Death Star. That was just the pinnacle. He has destroyed two


death stars. Denis will be helping Simon make the final dish so keep


your questions about him or any of your questions about him or any of


his roles coming in. Fp. On top of that, some other stuff to


look forward to on the show today. Feel bar noeud, feel very paranoid.


It's Hidden. You can, you're a smart woman, I can tell you're


smart because you're not drinking the coffee. Simon's final dish is


crispy John Dory with patatas bravas. You can hear the truth


about child brides. She is going to be moving in with him tomorrow.


Loads to come on the show today and as well as that our gadget guru


Lucy is back from her holidays to look at the some of the latest kit


including a state-of-the-art heater, some musical ear Muffs and the


racing game that we had on last week and the reason why it didn't


work last week was that our telly broke, nothing to do with the game.


Anita Dobson is in the kitchen with us to help us cook. How is your


cooking? I love cooking but I'm not very adventurous, but if the


dessert was anything like that lovely strudel was I'm game. What


sort of things do you cook at home? Pasta, Spanish omelettes. Very


basic. My mum calls it peasant basic. My mum calls it peasant


cooking. I think most of us cook in that way where you do things that


we like that you know are going to work and you know people will enjoy.


If you cook for somebody else, you want to make sure they like it.


you ever do dessert, no-one jepbls does desserts. We don't get time


now, do with we? What are we going to do. Cappuchino eclairs. The


topping Foreign Minister them, the icing bit, we have butter sugar,


icing sugar, coffee, a bit of cream. For the pastry, flour and ginger


which works beautifully with the coffee. Eggs, the cream feeling,


lots of cream, coffee, icing sugar. Choux, pastry, one of those things,


everyone worries about it, it's not difficult to do but easy to get


wrong. It's like a driving test. What do most people get wrong?


happens is that it's combining the eggs is the key to it. That's what


I always think. We start with, in here we have butter and water.


interrupt you, why is it like a driving test. The driving test is


difficult to pass but dead easy to fail.


Do you know what I mean. I passed. I don't know. I passed first time


as well. I neat a, how many times? Third time, OK. Sorry. I think


after two, you should never be allowed to drive. Oh no,Oh No, can


I still make dessert. If you get one thing wrong in your driving


test you fail. We boil up the butter and the water. Anita, with a


we do now, is, tip all of the flour and the ginger into there and beat


it so it comes together quite quickly, this is the first part,


the easy bit, it's working quickly, you need to make sure that when you


put the butter and water together it's all melted, once you do that,


straight on and away you go. Then, what you do next. I'm loving this.


This is where people get it wrong. We're going to do this with an


electric whisk because of time. It's better to do by hand. Crack an


egg into there. You have to do the eggs one at a time and whisk it,


it's all yours. It's important to make sure that the egg is


completely bind before you add another one. Basically, what


happens is, let me show you here, when you go home you'll make


perfect choux pastry. That's great because it's just about to combine.


You can almost see a little egg white. It's important you get rid


of that, it's making sure you do that with every egg. Making sure


there's no trace of the egg. Then you add another egg and it always


remains as one piece of dough. Reason people do, if the egg isn't


fully combined, if you try to cook it, it won't rise. We have this


beautiful pastry. With our piping bag, twist into your right right


hand sao it's right. Upright and go like that. Hold your hand like that.


Put the piping bag in, hold it like that and twist, between your thumb


and forefinger. Oh, it's coming out. That's the heat in the studio.


That's a bit skinny. Go for it. They're nice. That's what you're


looking for from the consistency. I always think this bit is like the


Generation Game. It is and I do like it. You're getting the hang of


it. As long as the pastry is right, even if they are wobbly, they are


fine. That's my best one yet. This is


when you need music in the background. Pamela Stevens last


year when she came on the show said dancing was like being a child


again. Yeah, very happy. Kate says what dance are you most looking


forward to? To the salary at that next week. That's a bit more


energetic? It's insane but great fun. You're going to have to keep


your calories up doing this? Yeah, more eclairs. You can eat what you


like now. For the topping, we stick into a pan, butter, we stick in


soft dark brown sugar. The dance I like is the Argentinian tango.


If I was going to do one that's the one I would want to do. It just


looks the most skillful, you know where they do the funny leg things.


You could kill someone. I think they look good doing that one.


like the waltz. I never used to like. Or the Charleston. But it was


graceful. I like the controlled skill. They need to get the BPMs up


a bit. It's not quick enough. I know what you're saying now, as a


DJ, I kinda get that. Basically we bring this all up to the boil. So


when it comes up to the boil, let's pretend that's happened all of the


butter has melted, it starts to foam up and you can smell the


coffee, strong, strong coffee is the key to this. We end up with


this lovely mix here. You add icing sugar. And we still that around.


It's loads of icing sugar, or so it seems but what happens is, this is


what turns it into a delicious icing top. It quickly comes


together, you beat it and beat it. What's the difference between icing


sugar and normal sugar, smaller gran you'lls? It's powdered sugar.


We've We've made sugar together. used to watch football, now we make


sugar. You do? That's what boys do these days. For the better. We do


like a bit of poety these days. wrote a poem. Cup coffee hot,


thirsty not. That's my poem.


So, what else are you doing. We let this go cold. Anita, back our


stations. This is what we end up with, this lovely, delicious mix


and then and then, the spoon. We simply get hold of this mix again,


it's getting soft in the studio and we spread this over the top like


that. Go for it.


Twist it round and spread it along the top. To be honest with you, it


doesn't matter if this is a little bit uneven. I'm trying it to make


sure it's right. It's lovely. It tastes of coffee. That's the thing,


strong, strong coffee is the key to this. This makes me really happy.


This is cream, icing, sugar, coffee and vanilla and the same principle


with our piping bag, down the middle.


All these calories, how fabulous. Stphao -- That's it. Do you need an


assistant. Always. Tim is my official assistant these days. Then


we simply layer up. Look at that, shall I do that one.


There's a job for you in a cake shop in the dancing doesn't work


out. Beautiful. That amount you put in there is


perfect. You get really good big, fat eclairs and then we sit there.


Denis is salivating. I think you can just a whole one and shove it


in your mouth. Fantastic. He'll want these every week now.


Oh my God, It's a good coffee hit. It certainly is.


What's the final dish? Crispy John Dory with patatas bravas.


It's amazing. Wayne is bringing a little bit of Athens to cocktails


next. Not before we give you a last


chance to taste success by guessing # I was yours and you were mine


You got, you got The social and Liberal Democrats


have their first fully fledged leader tonight, Paddy ash done, the


47 year old who entered Parliament only five years ago. The touren


shroud thought for centuries to be Christ's burial shroud is a fake.


The Roman Catholic Church show tastes show the shroud was made


between 1260 and 1320. # I owe you nothing, nothing at all


# I owe you nothing, nothing at all Oh, I mean there's all these facts,


the shroud, Paddy Ashdown, all I saw there was Bros. I loved them.


Who was your favourite? Matt. you tell the difference? You could,


you've got twins, you can tell the difference. Between your own two


children. No idea. Every day I just go Grace, the and the one that


looks around, that's her. Knowing that I was so in love with


Bros, it's definitely, I think I was about 15. So it's about


1998...no. Unfortunately 1988, I think. Mate, you're making, you've


been to Athens? I was in Athens. I was down on the peninsula at a big


casino resort and hosting an event and a lecture for the Greek


bartenders' society. Did they have any money? Things are getting tough


out there. There was no taxi cabs, when I got to the airport the air-


traffic control went on strike on the way back. I had wait at the air


for the for three hours, delays, delays.


It's unfortunate. But anyway. they have alcohol. When things are


bad. Ouzo. I created one with Greek flavours for you today but this one


is the one when you're serving on the night of the event of the


seminars, the yellow jacket. I have lime juice sweetened with vanilla,


they're very much into using preserves and jams over there at


the moment, too, lemon curd, a couple of teaspoons. A nice little


rich. What's in lemon curd, eggs, butter, fresh lemon, sugar, all


being cooked down. It has a naoeupsxipbgs, a nice texture drink


as well. The most popular spirit in Greece is blended scotch whisky.


That is really popular. They love it. Love it. A bit of white cacao,


a bit of chocolate, that lemony, chocolatey,isher Betty character


with the lime and then obviously with the whisky.


A nice combination. There were 150 of us on the resort


for three days. That's really hard work! You poor thing.


So, were they smashing plates or smashing glasses? No, just, they


had a smashing time. Did you not smash any plates?


didn't, unfortunately, he really wanted to. We did have some


traditional Greek food, It's good, isn't it, Greek food? I love it. I


loved the moussaka. There you go, a bit of nutmeg on the top.


I will spill it. Not oh, that is absolutely gorgeous. It's lovely.


Blended scotch whisky, it has such a good base to it. Delicious.


It tastes like lemon cheese Catholic or something. It is quite


a dessert drink. They have quite a sweet tooth over there, they like


quite sweet food. That's lovely. Yeah.


This one is called the Attica fix, based on the old classic drink of


using the herbal characteristics and fresh lemon. Or began aand mepl


London. I'm going to crush the organo with


the lemon juice. Have you heard, the only herb I've heard in drink


is mint. Basil is used a lot. Caster sugar to work in with that


nice lemon. What the sugar is quite abrasive, the sugar helps to cut


into the herb more to release some of the per fumes. It's very


delicate herb but you want to get as much flavour out as possible.


This time we'll be using vanilla vodka, again a very popular choice


of spirit in Greece. Two flavours here to complement that of Greek


flavours, coffee, they love their coffee, coffee liqueur. They do the


best iced coffee. And ouzo. The aniseed characters. A few dodgy


nights on ouzo. The coffee and aniseed with that herb flavour


really work. I need to balance that with a bit of vanilla as well.


what's the wine. Retsino, very sweet. This is my Adonis shake this


one. It really gets you working. The lemon flavour to come out of


the peel is really crucial to this finished drink. I have a nice


tumbler, crushed ice. Perfect day for this kind of drink. This is


called Attica fix. It's based on the spirit citrus,


liqueur and herbal notes. intrigued by this. The organo I'm


intrigued by. I'm not sure. People go, oh, I don't know, but you'll be


surprised. Couple of short straws. That is really delicious. The


balance of the organo comes through at the end. That is absolutely


delicious. I can't taste anything specific. You can't taste of the


coffee or the aniseed. It's the balance of it, you need the


expression of flavours coming through with the Greek flavours.


you have to get it right. You've excelled. That's fantastic. Thanks


Wayne. Both those cocktails are on our website.


Now, in parts of the India and Bangladesh girls and boys can be


married off at an extraordinarily young age and this document they


travel east to fine the truth about travel east to fine the truth about


child brides. At 13, this girl is a bit older


than the bride in Rajasthan and seems to know exactly what is going


The system here is different to what I've seen so far in India. She


is going to be moving in with him Herly is quivering, she looks


worried, she looks anxious, she can't even bring herself to say "I


accept". She is standing there next to a guy she probably barely knows.


It's so depressing because that's not how I would like to look on my


wedding day. It's horrendous, you can see the


truth about child brides on Monday at 9.00 on BBC 3. Welcome back from


your holidays, Lucy. Hello. Where have you been?


Greece, suning myself. Did you see Wayne, were you on holiday with


Wayne?, I wasn't. But talking about Greece does bring back all those


memories. Did you drink ouzo? much. That's what everyone says


when they go to Greece. Tell us gadget news first. Apple son has


taken the limelight this week, announced four new kin Dells You


won't recognise it as and android that we're used to at the moment.


Amazon has put its own app store, access to 100,000 movies and TV


shows. It announced the Kindel touch and touch G3. One is Wi-Fi


only and one is G3 connected. All touch screen, no keyboard and an


�89 Kindel, cheap as chips, great for anyone wanting to jump on the


eReader bandwagon but thought it was a bit expensive. Amazon has a


solution for you. Stkpw brilliant. We have three gadgets for. This


awesomely styled thing is the Dyson hot. Building on the success of the


Dyson air blade. Just what we need, hot air blowing out. It may be hot


now but the cold weather is coming in. It's building on the success of


the Dyson air blade. And the Dyson air multi-plier. Which looks


exactly like this. It's a very clever fan. So, for example, it has


an intelligent they were stat, which, when it reaches the


preferred temperature it immediately cuts out the heat and


will monitor the temperature in the room and turn it back on. It has an


automatic shut-off feature, Dyson are excited about this tee tour.


Shall I demonstrate. Say Say you are a bit clumsy. You've knocked


the fan off, it automatically cut off. Let's talk about the fan.


There are no exposed elements, it's safe around children. It uses the


multiplication effect that draws in the surrounding air, which then


goes over a ceramic heating plate, it gets blasted back out at six


times the amount it's getting brought in. It has a remote control


which sits on magnetically. Which bizarrely is my favourite bit.


lost control later. How much are these? �270,000. Oh. It's worth it,


though. Is it. OK. And moving on that these. The kit


sound music ear mutfs obvious what they do. On the outside a pair of


ear muffs on the inside, head phones. Practical and stylish.


Looking good, right. What you see here is a 3.5mm connecter, for any


MP3 plan. It has good sound quality, my only credit sifpl, it could be a


bit louder but not everyone is like. No idea what you're saying.


Adjustible head strap. How much are those? �20. That's pretty good?


Yeah. And finally. Let's get our game on. We tried this last week.


That's what I heard. The TV didn't work.


This is the latest game in the F1 franchise, if 1 2011. You're


playing on a bespoke gaming chair worth �10,000. The average consumer


won't be able to afford something like this. If you have a spare


�10,000 lying around pick one of those up. This game brings a lot of


new features to the table so you have sharper graphics. Everything


looks that little bit better on screen. It models tyre wear on the


new season pirelyi tyres, with adjusted suspension and handling.


Obviously you're playing on a gaming chair. This is so cool.


you were playing on bog-standard controllers it would be a lot more


realistic than previous games. It comes with all the official drivers,


circuits and teams of the F1 2011 world championships which is quite


good. A bit of realism is always good. There's a huge emphasis on


multi-player gaming. So you can race up to 16 people on-line.


just getting the hang of this. I've missed my vocation. You can partner


up with a mate and compete in the constructor's championship. You're


not doing too badly. Shurb, Lucy, I'm concentrating. I'm telling


everyone about the game. You can also compete with your mate to be


the best driver in the team. Competing against the xaouer is fun


but competing against your mate is a little bit more satisfactory.


He's crashed, he's out. Thank you. That is such a laugh. I love it


when you go into the pits. If you want more information of any of


this stuff you need to e-mail us via website. Brand new drama,


Philip Glenister as a small-time solicitor.


You're a smart woman, I can tell you're mart because you're note


drinking the coffee. I'm just a high street solicitor. What you


need is an inquiry agent. Mr Quirk wants you to find Joseph, Francis


Collins. I believe you know him. Stevie quirk and Joe Collins,


you're building a case on them? Actually you don't need an inquiry


agent, what you need is a magician. I disagree. You have the special


contacts my client needs. What are you after? I'm a lawyer doing my


best to get justice for eye client. My client. Do you know what gives


you away? No lawyer uses the word justice when talking about their


own client. I don't know what game you've got going on here, but I'm


not playing with you. Mr Quirk anticipated your reaction.


He has some information that he's willing to pass on to you.


Information about what? Your brother Mark.


That looks great. You can immerse yourself in Hidden, 9.00 on BBC One.


Denis Lawson's latest role is in the kitchen. How is the cooking.


Are you good? Yes, well, I have a small repertoire, about six dishes


that I do. What are they? Very vary from like pasta with tune aand


garlic and stuff like that and then, I do cook quite a lot of fish. I


love cooking fish particularly like pan fried lemon sole with capers,


broccoli. That's probably my speciality. You're in luck today. I


smell fish there. We're going to do a crispy John Dory with patatas


bravas. Beautiful fillets of John Dory and then we've got, we're


going to make it cfpy, so the flour. You could just do it if flour, but


what's nice to add is celery salt, papraoebgy and white pepper rather


papraoebgy and white pepper rather than black.


For our patatas bravas we've got garlic, chilli, parsley, a tin of


chopped tomatoes and potato. What does patatas bravas stand for. Is


it fried potatoes. Proud potatoes, actually. Brave potatoes. I think


it's proud. Make us proud then, Simon.


Good. You're such a pro-. We'll start with the bravas. We're going


to be a bit wasteful with the potatoes. We want them to be


beautiful. It's a peasant dish so in reality what we would do is cube


them and chop them in pieces. But we're going to square off the


potatoes, taking away as many of the rough edges as possible and cut


them into kaoubs about that size. -- cubes. Now that's my work done,


it's over to you. Denis, something we didn't touch on earlier on,


we've had a couple of tweets about, is the movie you were in local hero.


E-mail from Paul Bradford says "One of my favourite films." That's nice.


It was shot on the west coast of Scotland, which is extraordinary


and also on the north-east coast as well. But we spent about five weeks


on the beach on the west coast, it was just amazing. You're a big fan


of shooting films. You've said Scotland is one of the best places


to film? It has a phenomenal range of locations from Glasgow and


Edinburgh which is an extraordinary-looking city and


right across the board from the lowlands up to the Highlands and


the Highlands as well. You're not Scottish, are you? No, not really,


no, I'm from Essex. I must get on with these potatoes. It's a good


Scottish accent? It's years of study.


What we do with our spices, with our celery salt and paprika and


white pepper, we mix that together with the the flour and they pop the


John Dory. We call it John Dory but it's a French word for golden


yellow. The reason it's called that is, when you look at it from above


and it's in the water it has a golden colour, golden yellow, but


we call it John Dory and also known and St Peter, because the black


marking here is because St Peter dipped into the sea of Galilee and


picked out a John Dory. That's all very biblical but I just say John


Dory, what's the story. Is that what you youngsters say. What's the


John? That's good. We dip it into our flour and pat off the excess.


We're going to semi-deep fry it, not into a deep fat Fryer but


plenty of oil. It will curl up because you have so much fat around


it it will make it can you recall up. But that's fine. Nothing wrong


with that. Let it crisp on one seed and then flip it over. Denis,


rumour has it that you're quite the dancer. And we have the Strictly


guys on? I come from a dancing kind of family. Whenever I, actually,


through my career, whenever I wasn't working, a lot of actors go


to the gym, I would do dance classes because I wanted to do


musicals. I thought I could score in musicals and in fact that paid


off frbgs that broke my career doing a musical called Pall Joey.


All in all I did about 25 years of dance classes. Obviously not


consecutively, whenever I was not working it was a great thing to do.


Classical dancing? Well, tap. Only in the kitchen.


Would you ever do Strictly? Oh, I don't know, nobody has asked me, so.


There you go. I think there's a couple of people


out there who can hear you. Next year, maybe? Who knows.


We also have another tweat here from Mike Leigh, do you think your


Star Wars films are better than Euan's? That's a mean question but


a good one? I just, I'll tell you, I think that that, not being


disrespectful to George, really, but I think it's a pity he directed


the last three, he didn't direct the three, he directed the first


one and other directors came in. He's a wonderful producer and


technician but he's not the best director in the world for actors,


he's just not. He's a great guy but I think, it's very difficult to


direct material you've also written, particularly when it's such a


strong narrative drive, as Star Wars has. I think it's quite a har


thing to do. -- hard thing to do. My own feeling is they would have


been better to be directed by other people with George producing.


That's just it. Yes, was the answer then. OK, yes is the answer. We get


our patatas bravas, we have potatoes in there, garlic, salt,


chilli, a good glug of oil and pop them into a hot oven until they


brown and crisp. Once that's happened we tip in our tin of


tomatoes, we give those a good old stir around and they go back in the


oven. Adding more oil. Now, what I would say Denis, I know you're


going to go home and make this, make this afternoon but eat it


tomorrow. Anything like this, you want all that tomato, oil, garlic


into the potatoes. Let them go cold and reheat them. You get so much


more flavour, like any dish like that. Now John Dory, we fried that


fella, we have these lovely, delicious, crispy fillets of dory


and they have plenty of flavour, you have that little bit of paprika


and celery salt. Our lovely patatas bravas, when they come out and the


smell of them is gorgeous, that's what we get. We made these


yesterday and have reheated today. All of the potatoes are packed full


of oil and tomato and garlic and chilli. Just to cut through that at


the end, we have a good sprinkling of parsley.


They are very proud. Thing is, if you go to Spain, more often than


not what you'll get is patatas bravas, deep fried kaoubs of potato


with spicy tomato sauce, this up the ante. With these I think you


can eat them cold, hot, with anything, fish, meat, whatever.


What we're going to do to serve this, it's a simple, simple dish to


do. This can be added to your repertoire. Easily. I'm taking


notes. We've cubes of lovely patatas bravas on the plate like


that. Drizzle. A touch of oil on there. You just did a cooking


course at Billingsgate market? did, it was great. Did you do John


Dory. We did loads of fish and gutting. It was great, I loved it.


There we sit our dory on top. So you have this lovely delicious


flavour of the dory and underneath packed full of garlicy, tow tomato


We won't nibble on that. Now the deja view. Yes, the deja view year


deja view. Yes, the deja view year when the Bros sang this song. Was


1988, I think. Was it 1988. I lost the card.


One of us got that right, then. got it right. No-one has confirmed


it to me. It was 1988. Do you want to try that. Got some questions and


E-mails and tweets in. Sarah says to Anita, what type of teacher is


Robin, fun, bossy, firm or gigly? He's fun, firm and gigly.


But not bossy, well,..I Have my moments, Now and again. But he's


fantastic. For me he's the best. He makes it fun but he manages to keep


it focused and he teaches you well. Do you do teaching anyway, or do


you? Not an awful lot. I have done in the past but I came from the


theatre world so I came from that straight over to this, so I haven't


done a lot of teaching but I love it. The most rewarding thing is to


love someone grow from week to week, starting from pretty much scratch


and turning them into beautiful ballroom dancer by the end.


have to take the assets of every dancer and think that's what I'm


going to put in this song, the dance is as much about you as


Anita? Yeah, I have a reputation to keep up at the same time.


Are you going to make her a winner? I think she's already a winner.


Just judging by week one, as Anita already said. As far as she's


concerned she is a winner already for taking part and giving it a


shot. And for finding something I love. You do love it. Amanda was


just saying, you fancy doing a bit of Strictly? Well, if it came up, I


don't know, yeah. It might be interesting.


I assume it's very, very hard work. That he had theme it. Used have


Luke Sky Walker. Not in the helmet, I'm sorry.


All right. Brilliant. That's it for this show. Is that good, do you


like that? No, it's terrible, but what can you do! Thanks, to Denis


Law son, Anita and obviously Robin. Good luck with your film and


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