Series 2

Series 2

Following owners of crumbling historic buildings as they save them from ruin by restoring them into 21st-century dream houses

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Episodes List

Coldbrook Farm

1. Restoration Home: Series 2, Coldbrook Farm

Following the restoration of 17th century Grade II listed Welsh farmhouse, Coldbrook Farm.

Sandford House

2. Restoration Home: Series 2, Sandford House

Following the restoration of Sandford House in Scotland, designed by Baillie Scott.

The Elms

3. Restoration Home: Series 2, The Elms

Following the restoration of The Elms, a Grade II listed Georgian house in Derbyshire.

Old Manor

4. Restoration Home: Series 2, Old Manor

A couple want to turn the 16th-century Old Manor in Norfolk into a dream home.

Abbey Lane

5. Restoration Home: Series 2, Abbey Lane

A couple want to turn the 16th-century Abbey Lane in Warwickshire into a family home.

Coulton Mill

6. Restoration Home: Series 2, Coulton Mill

A couple attempt to restore Coulton Mill, a 13th-century, 10-acre site in Yorkshire.