Wonders of Nature

Wonders of Nature

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Caterpillar to Butterfly - Change

8. Wonders of Nature: Caterpillar to Butterfly - Change

This film shows the process of how caterpillars change into butterflies.

Feeding - Food/Eating

9. Wonders of Nature: Feeding - Food/Eating

Animals catch their prey and hunt for food, including the gorilla, dolphin and frog.

Grass Cutter Ants - Teamwork

10. Wonders of Nature: Grass Cutter Ants - Teamwork

The grass cutter ants work together as a team to carry grass to their home.

Stoat - Play

15. Wonders of Nature: Stoat - Play

Stoats playing outside in the wild - see how they interact.

Damselfly - Danger/Safety

16. Wonders of Nature: Damselfly - Danger/Safety

The dangerous life of the damselfly - what dangers does this insect face?