Christmas Day Service Live from Bath Abbey - 2015 Christmas Day Eucharist

Christmas Day Service Live from Bath Abbey - 2015

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Welcome to Bath - and a very happy Christmas to you all.


I'm standing in the very centre of Bath.


It's a World Heritage City, and on a winter's morning like this,


we can often see the steam from the hot springs rising up


Christians have worshipped here from the fourth century.


Today it is a thriving church and plays its part in a modern and


energetic place. Our service is beginning,


so let's join with the choirs of the Abbey and sing our first


carol, O Come All Ye Faithful. He is Christ the Lord.


Alleluia. We join our song with


the angels and archangels as they sing, "Glory to God


in the highest heaven". # Et in terra pax hominibus


bonae voluntatis. # Gratias agimus tibi


propter magnam gloriam tuam # Qui sedes ad dexteram


Patris miserere nobis. # Quoniam tu solus


sanctus tu solus Dominus, Let us pray in the peace of this


Christmas celebration that our joy in the birth


of Christ will last forever. Lord Jesus Christ,


Your birth at Bethlehem draws us to kneel in wonder


at heaven touching earth. By Your presence, inspire our faith


and direct our lives. Already this year, we've


hosted many carol services and around 30,000 people have


come to mark Christmas But today it's the real


thing - Christmas Day - it seems that there's hope


for the world. Much of our service today


is about celebrating this hope That's what this lovely


tree is about - fun, laughter, giving and receiving,


family and friends. But we know all our homes


carry some sadness. Terrorism has cast


a deep shadow of fear. Many people around


the world are refugees There are Christians


who are prevented from even lighting a tree - it would cost


them their lives. God knows that we often make


decisions that harm others Hannah's now going to help us


to pray, to turn to God Lord, you came as Saviour to bring


God's peace to the world. We're sorry for the


times we choose war. Lord, you came as Saviour to bring


God's light to the world. We're sorry for the times we choose


to hide in the darkness Lord, you came as a Saviour


to bring God's love We're sorry for the times


we choose to abuse this gift. that he sent his Son


to be our Saviour, forgive you and make you holy


to serve him in the world, We celebrate the hope


and healing Jesus brings us Here at Bath Abbey, we have special


friendship links around One of them is very near Bethlehem,


a place called Beit Sahour. Beit Sahour is where it's


believed the shepherds saw the angels on that


first Christmas night. My colleague Evelyn and I were there


just a few weeks ago, And what did you feel about it when


you were there? I was heartbroken and devastated with what I saw.


Because of what I the impact of what I was in with a confit, separation


and division in the land. What does it look like to you? Particularly


economic issues, where Artisans, who made these beautiful decorations,


can't find work. I know it was indeed a sad time but we met a very


lovely lady, didn't we? We met a woman called Suzan, a Christian


Palestinian and she had used her gifts and talents in business to


bring together the very poor Artisans into a fair trade


collective. Can you tell us what the collective does? As an example, it


has made these baubles and angels. The impact of coming into the


collective is that they are able to stay on the land. Their heritage,


which is so important, so the work that she does in bringing economic,


some degree of prosperity to them even though they are not rich by UK


standards, it just means that they can stay there, and they don't


emigrate. To her, that is an answer to a problem. Thank you.


Would you like to stand up? As they sing our next Carol, we might think


about those people who are in trouble today and places that are a


bit anxious as well. They are going to sing The Little Roadster


# I heard a sheepbell softly calling them


Join the congregation in historic Bath Abbey for the live Christmas Eucharist service, with the Reverend Edward Mason, rector of the Abbey, and Reverend Claire Robson. In this beautiful setting, the Abbey Choir leads well-loved traditional Christmas carols, and there's a performance from the children's choir Melody Makers.

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