Day 1: Elbow and Highlights Glastonbury

Day 1: Elbow and Highlights

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Radiohead. War paint. Foo Fighters. Thunderclap. Chic. Dave Grohl,


nicest man in rock. Kate Tempest. Foo Fighters. Foo Fighters. I would


love to see the Foo Fighters. Radiohead. So many. I need to look


up at the line-up and plan my weekend.


Hello! Here we are. Welcome to Glastonbury 2017. It's Friday night.


It's been a fantastic day so far. I'm Jo Whiley. I'm Huw Stephens.


Lovely to see you all. Barry Gibb into the Foo Fighters! We have


incredible highlights on the way from the first day of Glastonbury


over the next hour on BBC Two and then later on BBC Four. It's been a


good day, no wellies needed. That is quite unusual. We are going to bring


you highlights of the bands playing on


the main stages at the moment. The XX are onstage at the moment. Also


Future Islands, Royal Blood and Elbow and also George Ezra. You can


hear Elbow in the background. There has been a lot of speculated about


who will be here and one of them was about who was going to be on the


Park Stage, and it turned out to be Elbow. We will bring you them later.


Wheels have performances from Dua Lipa and the Hot 8 Brass Band.


First, that have a little look at some stories of past to date. -- of


Glastonbury to date. # on the river always flows, so if


you go, I will know by the rain, my Charlemagne. # Charlemagne.


That was Brad Pitt! I stood with Brad Pitt by the side of the stage


watching Kris Kristofferson. I was excited about Kris Kristofferson


because he has written some amazing songs. I went to watch and then


realised that the guy next to me was Brad Pitt. Then out walked Johnny


Depp once paid as well and played with Kris Kristofferson. I did Hula


Hoop Bigas well. You have had a busy day. Now, Elbow will be on BBC Four


from 9pm tonight. Right now, we are going to head over to the Pyramid


Stage, where Royal Blood are having one of the biggest gigs of their


career to date. Their new album, how did we get so dark, has just gone to


number one. So it's a happy time for Royal Blood. This is Mike and Ben on


the Pyramid at Glastonbury. # I can feel it


rushing under my skin # You're a cage,


won't you let me in? # Yeah, my eyes


are still burning red # Spin me round,


won't you spin me round # You're a void,


a crack in the mirror # See me now, if you


could see me now # But you don't


matter that much to me # No you don't matter


that much to me A vast cloud for Royal Blood, who


were also watching Kris Kristofferson. With Brad Pitt! Royal


Blood, sounding incredible. I love Ben on the drums. There is nobody


like him. We are going to have something special now. We are in the


park area and we have enticed the Hot 8 Brass Band to come and play


for us. They are from New Orleans. I saw them earlier on the West Holts


Stage. Such a great sound. Some said it was the biggest crowd for the


West Holts Stage that early. They are very different and very special.


Ready, boys? There are loads of them. This is the Hot 8 Brass Band.


All the way from Louisiana! In the UK, baby.


# Ain't nobody get on down like the hot band get on down


# Ain't nobody get on down like the hot band get on down


Wow! That was so good. That was the Hot 8 Brass Band, performing live


for us. Thanks for coming to play! Jo saw you earlier. You had a good


time on the West Holts Stage. Has it been good? Glastonbury has been an


unbelievable experience. I heard we had over 25,000 this morning. There


were tonnes. Unbelievable crown. We can't wait. Tonight, we have


something else for you. Glastonbury, we will be back! Thanks for stopping


by. I have never seen so many people behind the cameras, dancing. Dua


Lipa will be here later was that she will be doing an acoustic force. Now


we are going to Clara, who I believe is somewhere near George Ezra. Thank


you, Jo. I am in the middle of it all at The Other Stage, which is


currently being graced by one George Ezra. Pretty much three-year to the


month since he released his debut album and what a past three years he


has had. He disappeared for a while and now he is back, giving us loads


of old songs and of course, lots of new. You are about to hear them.


This is one of his new ones, don't matter now. This is my first


something about two and a bit years. We are going to play it for you now.


We will see you in the course. This is Don't Matter Now.


# Speak in a language they don't know


# Well, I don't think about that stuff


# Where it won't last and it won't stand


# Well, I don't think about that stuff


# Serve you well, run through the crowd


# Change your name, you won't be found


# Well, I don't think about that stuff


George Ezra there, who we first heard via BBC Introducing, almost as


if he has written that song for a Glastonbury audience. So much. Dua


Lipa is here and she will sing for us in a bit. She said, I have had


the best day of my life just now! Glastonbury means a lot to a lot of


the artists here. It means a lot to us at the BBC. We have been here for


20 years, making programmes are bringing you Glastonbury every year.


We thought we would show you a film know about the Gallery on roads who


have brought this music to you courtesy of the BBC. I might not be


here at the end of this. But these are some of the people and the


adventures we have had at Gatenby, courtesy of the BBC. This should


give you a rough idea of the festival so far. Bands were turning


up in the morning to be told they would not be needed. We can't play


because our state has sunk into the actual ground.


The BBC would be crazy to return, right? Wrong. It's raining! But


there was one consolation for festivalgoers. For the first time,


the festival is acknowledging the cashpoint culture, so money is on


tap 24 hours a day, if you are prepared to wait. Behind me, the


sacred site of Glastonbury hill. Below me, a Hull City of tents and a


stage. Robbie Williams will be on. When the music is playing, I am deaf


and I can hear the window is vibrating. We sent Boris and Billy


in search of the essence of Glastonbury. How do you say it?


Glastonbury. On BBC Three, Adam and Joe went in search of the ultimate


interview. # we thought we might interview Bowie, but now we never


will. Our intrepid presenters are always up for an adventure. I didn't


realise they meant this. Including new recruiter Lauren Laverne. And it


was Mark Radcliffe's first day in 2004. The English National Opera


came to Glastonbury. Can We farewelled one of our own


with the passing of John Peel. When he died I thought we could pay a


real tribute and call the new stage after him. He's always here in our


hearts. And in the weather as well. Definitely. Thunder bolt there.


Lightning there. Enjoy. Thousands of rock fans at the Glastonbury


festival are getting drenched with organisers warning of a mud bath


this weekend. Six hours of non-stop rain delayed the start of


Glastonbury. The main stage was apparently struck by lightning.


You've probably seen this on the news, this was to be our set.


There's a wrecked studio over there. This needs to be stressed, BBC Two


got washed out. They couldn't get their show on the road. But BBC


Three, we were right, there baby. Edith and Zane explored new heights.


This is sweet right. This is ace. Mark chased the tale of a legendary


song bird. The procession that took place this morning as Dame Shirley


Bassey herself touched down on the hallowed ground of Glastonbury.


Debate raged over what a headliner looked like... How you feeling out


there? What it look like. Get a look up close. This is what it looks


like. Three years later, Mrs Carter sent the Pyramid Stage totally


crazy... In love that is! This night was a dream. I felt like a rock


star. Headliners weren't the only things changing. Our presenting team


moved to the best seats in the house in 2013. Paz the Park stage behind


us. Weerp at the top of the festival site this year, bringing you all the


action. What could possibly be morer raising than Metallica? There's a


lot of drag queens out there. I always said it's a good thing I was


a girl, because I would definitely have been a drag queen. The Dalai


Lama in 2015. We all have the seed of infinity love. What would the


future bring? # Staying alive...


What a festival. I feel lucky to come here every year. It's


incredible. That's just from the last 20 years, when the BBC have


been here covering it. So many memories. So many memories, so many


dreadful hats and outfits. What the hell was I thinking? It's been a


privilege to come here and make memories with so many different


people, great performers as well. Quite a journey. Just to remind you,


you can watch any of the performance that's are going on here, you can


watch them live online. There are six


stages to choose from. Go online and look around and then you can choose


whoever you want to watch. It's being streamed life. There's --


live. You could spend days here at Glastonbury. Let's find out what's


going on out there. I'm in the green fields. You might


have seen the six stages we are covering. That's not what


Glastonbury is all about. So many areas to check out. Here, everything


is very clean. Have you solar panels, loads of healing activities


going on behind me. A lot of people would rather spend their whole time


here than check out some of the other acts. I kind of see why. We're


going to go over and talk to a lady called Sally, one of the organisers


here. Hi. Oh, hi clam How are you doing? Fine. This is the solar


powered stage. Everything is solar powered. Absolutely. Nothing from


the mains electricity. Never has been in all 31 years that we've been


doing. Was solar power even around 31 years ago Thank you, yeah.


Innovators. Pioneers. Love that. The energy is amazing here. A couple of


years ago, you booked a certain artist who was doing pretty well for


themselves now. He is. He's come a long way since then that. Was 2011


that. Was Ed Sheeran. First time ever at Glastonbury was right here.


Yeah on this stage. You can be honest with me, it doesn't matter,


how good was he? Tell me if he was rubbish. He was sublime actually.


He's so passionate about what he does. I think it's that passion and


that intensity of what his performance took him to where he is


now. How did you know about Ed? He just came with a couple of mates,


who I'd already booked and that was the JCB song? Yeah, I know them.


They brought him along. Look at him now, doing well on the Pyramid


Stage. I love the vibe here. I'm going to hang out. Back to you guys.


Thank you very much. Busy over there and we'll hear from Yasser later on.


What have you got there? I found an iPad in lost and found. I might keep


it. On the BBC music Glastonbury website you can stream loads of the


set. The XX are playing right now on the Pyramid Stage. Huge gig for them


and it's really good quality. You can hear, watch everything. It's all


weekend, BBC Glastonbury online. Just choose your stage and can you


see whoever you want to. In the background, you might be able to


just make out Elbow doing One Day Like This. Can you watch their


entire set at 9pm this evening. So many treats coming up for you not


just tonight but over the weekend as well. We thought we'd go to, I think


they were on the John Peel Feature Islands. They have incredible


shapes. Just enjoy and watch the dancing of this.


Thank you all for coming over to say hello.


This song is from 2,000 nights out on the road


# I can't take it. # Whoa,


# How we lose control # I've seen you before


# I feel the stone # And what's a song without you


# When every song I write is about you


# When I can't hold myself without you


# And I can't change the day I found you


# On these roads # Out of love, so it goes


# how it feels when we fall, # When we fold


# How we lose control # On these roads


# How it sings as it goes # Flight of field, driving snow


# Knows the cold. # Out of love, so it goes


# How it feels when we fall # When we fold


# How we lose control # On these roads


# How it sings as it goes # Flight of field, driving snow


# Knows the cold # Ran round the wailing world #


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE The incredible Future Islands on the


John Peel Stage earlier tonight. What a band. Have you spotted


Michael or Emily Evis yet? I have. Michael did some karaoke last night,


he did Always on my Mind. I saw Chris Kristofferson earlier, Brad


Pitt was there. Guess who else was there? Johnny Depp? Emily Evis.


Child on hip and I watched them being introduced to each other. I


don't know what they said. Emily has a huge involvement in the festival


right now. This Park stage is Emily child. It wasn't always that way.


This wasn't her intention. Here's Emily quite a few years ago.


I love the festival. I do love it. I do get that really sick feeling on


the Thursday and Friday when people are walking in, I do feel kind of


like, oh, my God. You know, this is it. Let's hope nothing goes wrong.


My parents they love the festival. My dad especially is just so


passionate about music. I feel really proud of them because they


know, they really keep on going. What a heat wave! Sorry, sorry.


Found it funny seeing that clip. When you're 18, you have a lot to


learn, really. I think you feel quite grown up at that time. I look


back and I look like a child. The festival was like a lot of fun and


getting all your friends together and having a laugh. Now I feel like


my children are closer to that age. When I was little I always had this


idea that I wanted to see the festival from above. And that one


day I would build this tower. It's lovely to be able to see that


perspective on the festival. Everyone points the finger at me to


carry on the festival when it ends, because they're getting fairly old.


But I don't think I could ever do it, I don't think I could ever do


what they do. Looking back you kind of go, I probably was thinking I


could never do this. I could be living anywhere doing anything and


then you know, I ended up coming back and doing this and there's


nowhere else I'd rather be. I love the thought of my children getting


involved and you know, it's a lovely idea that we will continue this. You


never know. Look what happened, you know, like, you look back to that


film, you go OK, you never know. You don't know what's going to happen.


So I think part of the fun of this is that we take it year by year and


really enjoy it while it's here and don't think too far ahead.


Obviously, we would love to keep it going.


So cool. Thanks again to the Eviss forking us on their -- for having us


on their farm every year. What a business to take over. That was


Emily earlier on. We're going to have live music now. We have Dua


Lipa. She arrived here and was bouncing all over the place and


saying she had one of the best days of her life. We'll have a chat after


we watch her in action. This is the track? What's the track? Lost in


your Light. This is a duet normally with Miguel. He didn't make it to


Glastonbury. Who needs him. We're ready for this. We didn't want him


here any way. Thanks. Take it away.


# My will keeps bending and breaking, honey


# Let me ride in your love all night, babe


# I wanna die in your love all night, babe


# I wanna stay right here all night, baby


# I wanna stay right here all night, baby


# You want it all, nothing's wasted, woman


# You know you can hide in my arms all night now


# I'm gonna ride in your love all night


# Lost in your light, baby Alright


# I wanna stay right here all night, baby


# Let's get lost in the light, baby Alright


# I wanna stay right here all night, baby


# I don't need a paycheck Don't need a paycheck


# I wanna stay right here all night, baby


# Let's get lost in the light, baby All night.


# I wanna stay right here all night, baby


Now, Huw, I don't know whether Dua Lipa will be into this. I know you


have the swimming costume, but those trousers, I can see you in those.


Would it be OK if he has your trousers after this? Yeah. Huw, you


can wear them. Keep yours? We can swap. What is your plan after this?


I don't know if I am allowed to say, but I think everyone should check


out Major Lazer. OK! You will be there? I might be there. I have had


the best time ever. I am in such a good mood. Today was amazing. My


show was my favourite show I have ever done. I have had the best time.


The magic of Glastonbury. Thanks for coming and playing for us. We are


going to hear Elbow now. There were the surprise act on the Park Stage


to our right. We are going to hear Magnificent. This is Elbow.


# Where all the biggest questions meet


# With little feet stood in the sand


# The echoes swell to nothing on the tide


# And sets it as a sapphire in her mind


# Throwing both her arms around the world


# Throwing both her arms around the world


That was great. It is so lovely that that was kept a secret and the crowd


just grew and grew. You can see the entire performance from Elbow on BBC


Four with this lady. Were you watching? I was out there. I had the


pleasure of introducing them. The full set will be on BBC Four at nine


p.m., don't miss it. I thought you were crowd surfing. I thought about


it. I had to throw someone's inflatable ball back three times. I


saw people riding inflatable unicorns earlier, just walking


around casually. Unicorns are massive this year. Have you had a


good day? It has been fabulous. I have met an astronaut. I have been


finding out about the tenth anniversary celebrations. I am back


tomorrow with plenty more. And you are on six Music tomorrow as well.


Could you work a bit harder? I am all over it. Yasser is also busy. He


has found another corner of Glastonbury to discover. I am at the


Glade right now. It is loud because this is the home of electronic and


dance music and house. I think I'm going to lose my voice by the end of


it, but it's completely worth it. Look at the decor, how amazing does


that look? There is an octopus, and ant and a cactus. At which other


rave would you find this? If you are going to Glastonbury check this


place out once. This is amazing. Yasser does like a party. A lot of


confetti going on there, Jo. Too much confetti, some would say. Can


there be such a thing? Anything goes. Next, this is just the dream


sequence, going from this band to Radiohead, who are headlining the


Pyramid Stage later tonight. We will bring you that later. This is The


XX. # I just don't remember


the thrill of affection # I need a reminder,


the feeling's escaped me # To feel this weak,


to be this nervous # It's so overwhelming,


the thrill of affection # Without hesitation


it hits me, hits me # I don't know, I don't


know, I don't know # I don't know what this is,


but it doesn't feel wrong # I don't know, I don't


know, I don't know # I don't know what this is,


but it doesn't feel wrong # I can't hold it inside,


the thrill of affection # All my hesitations


are fading, fading Wow. We love the XX. So much. What a


performance. Amazing. So understated as well to play there on the Pyramid


before tonight's headliners Radiohead who you will see shortsly.


You can tell Jo is a Glastonbury veteran, you brought layers. You


don't do this festival without learning to layer! We're going to


look at a film and this is all about the people of Pilton.


Two days before the gates open, we have a number of tours going around


the sight that Michael and I help out for the more senior members of


the communities. This is we have a Happy Circle. I've put a lot of work


into the village for over 150 years, my family have. We're local people.


We were here first, basically. LAUGHTER


I've lived in the village nearly 40 years. I've been here all the time,


since it's been started. But driving the coach I expect 22 years. Part of


the scenery now really. We think it's almost two-and-a-half miles


east to west, and a mile north to south. I think the thing that


fascinates them is the sheer scale of the organisation. I know all


these people, it's very g, isn't it? LAUGHTER


Here we are again. Right-hand side camp sites as far as you can see.


The John Peel tent is all trendy stuff. I'm not that trendy any more.


Well, that's a matter of opinion I suppose.


LAUGHTER Driving down to the main arena. Ed


Sheeran, world number one star at the moment. Such a history to all


this. I'm thankful to Michael for taking us round on a trip today. It


was really worth it. Thank you very much Michael. This is Michael's


home, family, his village. These are his friends. That's why it started.


Very, very generous, please join with me in giving a big round after


plauz and a big, big thank you. -- round of applause. Lovely to see you


all and to be able to do it still. Pilton people having a lovely time


here on the site before doors opened. Cool. Have you had a lovely


time. Tell us what you've been up to. I saw First Aid Kit on the


Pyramid Stage. They were great. They sang happy birthday I think. Yes,


drummer was having a birthday. Lots of great fancy dress. I've seen


Margo Price on the Park stage. I haven't spotted Michael Evis yet,


maybe tomorrow. Have you been to the place, it's a popular thing that you


can do, to the place where you can fashion an instrument out of


vegetable? No, I've heard of this. Get a cucumber, carrot, any kind of


vegetable, and then you can drill into it and make an instrument. This


is a real thing. Maybe that could be a date tomorrow. Yeah. We could do a


show and tell. Steve from 6 Music told me there's a crooners corner as


well, a stage with just crooners. Jumpers, sweaters and then crooning?


Yeah! Lovely. This is why we love Glastonbury. We're going now to a


little film and this is Little Dragon, another performance to enjoy


# Corridor lies with the river # All watery eyes


# I stand there waiting for my turn # I turn with a rise


# The girls don't mind my high scream drip


# Somebody found us dancing # You can turn off and feel better


# When everything's clear like cold weather


# Go feel better, feel better, somebody from my heart said


# I could turn off and never wake up # And everything's clear my breath


feels like steam fake # Feel better.


# Finally they call my name # The ghost inside can wake us to


life # Making my chair do flips


# By giving into this we'll be saved every time


# Falling through the floor my broken butterfly wing


# Gimme one more, the girl from the corridor sing, she sing


# I hear you want it, don't you? # I know you want it


# Don't you, don't you? # I see you want it, don't you?


# I know you want it, don't you, don't you?


# Falling apart, apart, apart, apart, apart


# Falling apart, apart, apart, apart, apart


# Somebody from my heart said # You could turn off and feel better


# When everything's clear, like cold weather


# Go feel better, feel better # Somebody from my heart said


# I could turn off and never wake up # When everything's clear, my breath


feels like steam fake # Feel better.


# Do you want it? # Do you want it?


# Do you, do you, do you? # Do you want it?


# Do you want it, do you, do you, do you?


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE # Falling apart, apart, apart,


apart, apart # Falling apart, apart, apart,


apart, apart # Falling apart, apart, apart,


apart, apart# # Falling apart, apart, apart,


apart, apart. # Falling apart, apart, apart,


# Falling apart, apart, apart, apart, apart.


Awesome stuff earlier on that was Little Dragon doing their thing.


That's nearly it for this show. But there's so much still to come all


weekend. Don't forget, Sunday night Ed Sheeran is the headliner.


Tomorrow Foo Fighters and tonight it's all about Radiohead back head


lining the Pyramid. You'll be able to watch them at 10pm on BBC Two.


And also don't forget Elbow BBC 4, 9pm. If you're a fan, that's where


to go to watch their set. It was beautiful. There were so many people


here, even managed to bring their flags upon. What you normally see is


on the Pyramid Stage was happening on The Park Stage. Elbow fans 9pm


BBC Four. You can go online the website. It's like QVC shopping


channel. Embarrassingly we are still loading. Six stages, we are bringing


you as much music as we can all weekend. Check it out all weekend,

:57:44.:57:53. Look at the John Peel Stage, the park staining,


the other stage as well. -- The Park Stage. If you're a fan of First Aid


Kit, go to the red button, as soon as we finish, you'll be able to


watch them. So many musical choices, take your pick and see the bands


that you love the most. That continues all weekend. Have you got


more layers. You're on later. I have a special bag with many layers. I


will be back later and we'll do a discussion about Radiohead's


performance after you've watched the show. Thank you for watching. Hope


you enjoyed what you saw. Bye from me. See you later It's like the Two


Ronnies! Your baby has been loved be me,


very much.


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