Part 1 Mercury Prize

Part 1

The winner's announcement is brought to you live by Lauren Laverne and Jools Holland. All the excitement of the build-up and performance clips of all 12 shortlisted artists.

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HELLO, YOU. Welcome to the Grosvenor House Hotel, here in


London's West End for the Mercury Prize, 2011 awards show. Last year


the XX scoped the prize. We will find out who has won this time


around. We are here with you on BBC Two and BBC HD until 10.30pm. For


more press red. Radio coverage continues on radio 6 Music. I am


about to hook up with tonight's first guest. First let's look at


the nominees arriving earlier I've got so many friends that are


nominated like Katy B and Adele. All the albums are incredible. I'm


chuffed. Everyone's had a great album. Everyone's put so much of


their heart and soul into it. celebrates good work, not how


commercial you are. How do you judge a D-Day against a band,


against a piano player? It is difficult to do that. I am trying


to get myself comfortable. We've done a sweep-stake. We all have


different favourites. I really like Adele's voice. It is a soulful


voice. It is not really talked about. You don't want to share out


the money before you find out you've won. Nerves and excitement


on the red carpet. Joining me now, a gentleman who has experienced all


sides of the Mercury. You have been dominated a couple of years ago


with your band The Invisible. You judged as well. This year you


appear on a nominated album. You have seen it all, really. How do


the nominees feel tonight? How it is down there? It has been exciting.


It is a great list. Some great records. I would be happy if all


won. You know some of the acts. You are on Anna Calvi's record. How do


you fancy her chances? She would be a deserving winner. It is an


incredible record. Stay with us. Best of luck. First of all, let's


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


look at the list of nominees OK, so I've got some more people


joining me to give me their qualifyed two pennies. I have


Miranda Sawyer and Shaun Keaveny. Welcome to you both. Thank you for


having us. It is the 20th Mercury, which was won the first time by


Primal Scream. There is not a big all-out rock act, which there


normally is, at some point. If you think about acts like Tinie Tempah,


Katy B, Ghostpoets, James Blake - they've all come from the dance


scene, but they are making different music, very versatile in


a way we've not had in a while. favour a face-melting guitar solo.


Are you sad at the lack of rock? That is why I am glad Anna Calvi is


here. She represents the guitar. Everything Everything, a Little


Rocky. It is not all about the rock. I do have my subtle side as well.


You are a complex man. I enjoy all that. There is a folky side, a


dancey side to it. Wondering which way it will go is interesting.


this point in the evening a lot of people will think, yes it is all


decided. Is it possible the judges could still be making their minds


up? Very much so. There's no way of predicting what is happening in


that room. It is essentially an honest discussion about people's


honest opinions and seeing whether they can converge in some way.


There is a lot of shouting - I think that is the year I was on the


panel. It was my fault. Let's look at some of the clips of


performances we have enjoyed here in the lovely Great Room of grove


nor House. # A live style


# Eat your heart out # Put your arms out


# I've got so many # Disturbing London


# Desire # These are the words


# These, these, little words, So, a taste of the first few short


listed artists there. Right, let's discuss them. Starting with one of


the Babies of the bunch, Adele, 22. Rascal, won it at 19. Could he do


it this year? It is unlikely he'll win. It should be there. I think


what is interesting about Tinie, if you think about his first track


from that album, it was an underground track that took over


the world. You saw that performance. He's now playing stadiums. He's out


there doing all the festivals. His record is essentially, it came from


the urban underground sound. It is now the sound of suburban Britain.


It is everywhere, you know. different tip Anna Calvi. I will


not ask you. You might be biased! Why have you been beguiled by her


album? That incredible noise she makes. She has a powerful voice,


for one so bird-like and small and delicate. It is like Roy Orbison.


It sound like it could come from anywhere in the last 50 years.


24th album by Gwilym Simcock has been nominated. Obviously a jazz


one. There's always a jazz one at the Mercury. Is it important to


keep the genres broad here? It is great if you can think of music as


music and not see genre distinctions. In a way the Mercury


celebrates that by having a broad spectrum of different types of


music. I think it is great that great instrumentalists and


composers are represented at this award. I was converted to that. A


quick thought on PJ Harvey. She won it ten years ago. It is hard to sum


her up. She is such an important figure in music. She should win.


She did anal dumb of -- album of protest songs. When she performs,


she performs a jolly song about limbs of soldiers in trees. It is


an amazing piece of work. A complete work of songs, treated


beautifully. She is the bookie's favourite. We will find out, the


announcement is imminent. Now let's # You may have the money


# You've got to go # It's sensible


# I won't let you fall # I promise to crawl


# I feel it easy to resume # This year, I swear


# All that I know is I'm falling Glimpses of some earlier


performances from here at the Mercury Prize F you wonder how to


see more, it's easy. Stay with us until the end of the show then


press your red button and you can see all of those performances in


full. We've had to say goodbye to Dave.


He's gone to take up his seat downstairs. So important is this


announcement, let's dissect the next four. Gwilym Simcock has done


24 records. King Creosote, who we saw there with Jon Hopkins is now


on to his 40th. It's showing off, isn't it? He's an incredible figure


in the folk scene. Very, very important. What do you think of his


records? He's one of the -- it's one of the most emotionally-


affecting records. There was not a dry eye in the house. As far as the


record is concerned, on that basis, I think it is one of the favourites.


Whether it is cutting edge enough. 7-1. William Hill lose �40,000 if


he wins. Do you think it is a bitter pill. Good news for him if


it happens. What about Metronomy? The English Riviera. It is so


imagining a great scene. basically moved away from his home


town. Then he wanted to make it like a Roman tick version. It is a


brand of -- romantic version. It is a brand of English seaside. They


did a beautiful performance as well. They had the shoplifter tags that


glowed in the dark. I loved beats going on. James Blake is one of


your favourites. Do you think he could win? He's my favourite to win.


I think he's - there's something about that, it is like a future


blues he does. Tonight, again, an incredibly emotional performance.


Briefly, Katy B, On A Mission? has a good chance. It's a dance


record she does not wail. She has an honest voice. The lyrics are


fantastic about what it's like to go clubbing. It's a great record.


# Baby # I have an old story to be told


# I'm going to make your head burn # Think of me


# I had a couple of drinks # A little bit


# I'll pick you up # Just carry me home #


# You were a freshly painted angel # Walking on walls


# Nobody knows me at home anymore. Press the red button if you want to


see that. Let's start with one artist's record. What are your


thoughts? What was fantastic is it was a VT. Everyone else was live.


How well do we know that song. Everybody just shut up. It's an


amazingly passionate, enormous record that perhaps should be


considered, you know? Just because it's big because everybody knows it


doesn't mean it's not great record. There are some fantastic songs in


there, so fantastic you think you know them before they have even


started. Everything Everything, a Manchester-based band with a kind


of art-rock sound I know you find quite energetic and beguiling. Why


is that? I don't know. I remember speaking to the bass player about


it, and he described it as 21st century sex music. Quite frantic


sex. Very in places. Falsetto in some places. Let's not go too


deeply into this. Mercifully, we're pressed for this. I am joined to


the other end of the spectrum, Ghostpoet, Peanut Butter Blues and


Melancholy Jam. A lot of people are talking to me about him today. What


do you make of him? A reason to talk about him is he's an amazing


lyricist. One of the tracks he's done is called Survivor. He's seen


the point of view from my age, 44, how his life turns out. I think, he


can't be 44. It's too good. Lyrically, it's spot on. Finally,


2008 winners Elbow, do you think they can win it again? I don't know.


It's never happened that somebody has won twice. Just speaking to


them, you think they really want to win it. I think they would prefer


someone else to get a leg-up. They're just great for hugginging,


aren't they, built for huging? Listen. It's almost time for that


all-important announcement. I am going to actually head down there


into the merry throng to get closer to the action. Before I do, why


don't Wen joy some memorable moments from the past 20 Mercury


Prizes. The Mercury Prize usually features


several debuts, a veteran artist, some rockers, a young folky


singer/songwriter, Radiohead and a sprinkling of experimental jazz.


am like a contrast between an orange and a spaceship and a potted


plant and a spoon. Over the years we have seen some fantastic


performances at the awards. One of the most memorable was a


poignant tour de force in 2007. winner is... The tension on the


floor is genuine. As the result is only decided shortly before Jools's


announcement. Elbow. The winners have included 13 debut albums and


few surprises. Some winners are emotional. Thank you very much.


Some gracious. Somebody call 999. Somebody has been robbed. Some


speechless. Some lose their money... There's the cheque. And some like


Klaxons lose the plot. Make sense for us, please.


My word. I'll never forget that sweaty 3.00am embrace from Klaxons


as they won that. The atmosphere here on the floor is, well, pretty


much intense, really, I suppose, is the way to describe it. I am here


in the press bit. I can see the judges' table over there. I can see


Adele's table slap bang over there, the nominees. I think Dave is here.


Come over. How has your night been so far? It has been really, really


lovely. Yeah, it has been great, fantastic. Some fab performances.


Amazing. How is it down on your table? Look. There is your Anna


looking beautiful. How is she feeling? She says she was slightly


nervous, but you can never tell when she's on stage because she's


so authoritative. She takes charge. She really does. I like that in a


woman. Who do you think will win? Do you have a feeling in your


bones? Not really. I think it's impossible to tell, and I think


there is a lot of albums on this list that deserve to win. I really


love Anna Calvi's album, Ghostpoet. PJ Harvey's album is mind-blowing.


You're a conflicted man! In a way it's a terrible thing to see.


falling apart. Dave's difficulties must end. It's time for the


announcement, time to find out that all-important winner, so right now


Welcome back to the 2011 Barclaycard Mercury Prize.


APPLAUSE How lovely to see you. Yes! The


Barclaycard Mercury Prize 2011. Congratulations, of course, to all


of the superb 12 artists that were involved, and before I reveal the


overall winner, let's remind ourselves of those 12 excellent


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


There we are, 12 fantastic albums, and 12 fantastic artists. The


moment of truth is drawing closer. The panel of esteemed judges have


been sitting in their robes in their sealed chamber debating right


up until the very last moment tonight. They should have now -


they have now reached their decision, which has been based


purely upon the music on the album. There are 12 albums, but only one


can be the overall winner, and in this envelope I have the cheque, so


I won't open that. LAUGHTER


I'll just put this carefully here, but do remind me to give it to the


artist, won't you? But in this envelope I have the winner, so


let's without further adieu open it up - get to the point!


The winner of the 2011 Barclaycard Mercury Prize is PJ Harvey for his


album Let England Shake. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Please stand aside and allow PJ Harvey to the stage to collect a


well-deserved award and nicely written-out cheque.


After you. OK. Well, first of all, I would like to say thank you very


much for this award. And thank you for the recognition of my work on


this album. It's actually very good to be here this evening because


when I last won, which was ten years ago on September 11th 2001, I


was in Washington, DC watching the Pentagon burning from my hotel


window, so it's good to be here, and so much has happened since then.


This album took me a long time to write, and it was very important to


me. I wanted to make something that was meaningful not just for myself,


but for other people and hopefully to make something that would last,


and I'd like to thank some people also. I'd like to thank the people


that have supported me throughout my career for over 20 years - my


manager, Paul McGuinness and Sally Ann McCuean.


APPLAUSE My record company, Island Records.


APPLAUSE My agent Jeff Craft. Thank you.


APPLAUSE And those who helped me make the


record Let England Shake, and those people are Flood, Rob Kerwyn, John


Perish, Mick Harvey and John Mark Let's hear it once again for the


wonderful PJ Harvey. OK. I'm back on the balcony with


Miranda, Shaun and judge Corinne Bailey Rae. How us the was it this


year? It was a tough decision because there were so many great


records, but we were all in agreement about this album that it


just stands out. It's incredible in its scope and in its style of


writing, the music, the songs and just the lyrics as well - it stands


out as being really imaginative and almost sin thatmatic. It was a


great record. Absolutely. What do you think this record says about


British music in 2011? Because that's part of the judging


criteria? What do you think it says about our music scene? I think it


says a lot about what it means to be English, how you can be proud of


your country with so much knowledge of the atrocities that England


perpetuates and has perpetuated in the world, so it's this heavy


record about war, destruction, hope and change, but also she carries it


in such a beautiful way, and, you know, the language and the


musicality really do set it apart, so I think it says a lot about


Britishness rather than what it's about to be in Britain today.


were desperate for her to win. You punched the air when she won.


really pleased. Why? I thought she might not win because she's won it


before, but I think it's fantastic to acknowledge an artist can last a


long time. These awards have been going a long time. Some are going


to get nominated again, and if they make a great album, let them win it.


Since it has been out I have played it over and over. It's a great


record. A short word because we have Pauley arriving any second.


Extremely exciting. If it can happen to anybody, it can happen to


PJ Harvey. She's here now. She is. Bring her in. Thank you very much,


guys. Lovely to see you. Congratulations. As you mentioned


in your speech, you have won once before, which was a very different


evening to tonight. How do you feel It feels absolutely wonderful I


mean, to actually be here, but also to win it for this record, and this


record means such a lot to me, and I knew I'd put everything I could


into it, and it's just wonderful to have the recognition come back that


other people have appreciated it, so... It was recorded in 19th


century church, wasn't it? Was the recording experience - presumably a


million miles away from this. Was it an intense experience? It was


the most enjoyable time I have ever had recording a record. It was very


quick. We recorded it in five weeks, and it was just a wonderful


atmosphere there in the church and amongst the people that were


working on it. We had the best and the happiest time making it. Well,


congratulations. Thank you again. Hit the red button if you want more


mercurys at the end of the show. For now, we will bid you goodbye


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


with the winner of this year's # What if I take my problem to the


United Nations? # What if I take my problem to the


United Nations? # What if I take my problem to the


United Nations? # What if I take my problem to the


United Nations? # What if I take my problem to the


The winner's announcement and reaction is brought to you live by Lauren Laverne and Jools Holland from the awards show at the Grosvenor House Hotel. All the excitement of the build-up, with clips of the performances by all 12 shortlisted artists.

In 2010 The xx scooped the album of the year gong; who will be successful this year, from a strong list including PJ Harvey, Adele, Metronomy, Elbow and Tinie Tempah?

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