2012 New Year's Day Concert


Live from Musikverein in Vienna, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra perform the climax of the annual celebratory concert of waltzes, polkas and marches, conducted by Mariss Jansons.

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Radio Three live in Vienna this New Year's Day.


A very happy New Year to you. Good morning from Vienna as we welcome


viewers to BBC Two. Here in the Australian capital at midnight last


night, fireworks crackled, toasts were made in mulled wine and sekt


and every radio and television blasted out the Blue Danube waltz


and 2012 arrived. The party has moved from the streets into the


ornate Golden Hall of the Musikverein where the Philharmonic


are on stage for the annual feast of waltzs and galopps. Music by


Tchaikovsky and the famous Vienna Boys' Choir added into the mix,


conducted by mar is Jansons. As if this 140-year-old concert hall were


not rich enough, the room is filled with 130,000 flowers, a gift of the


Italian garden city of San Remo. Music by all three Strauss brothers


ahead and their father, but we'll start with a piece by Joseph


Hellmesberger, he succeeded Mahler, not totally successfully, lighter


music is where his strength really lay. Mar is Jansons returns to the


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rostrum and we hear the Danse Mariss Janson's putting the fizz


into the New Year, conducting the Vienna Philharmonic in the Ousmane


Dabo, bioHan Hellmesberger, long time conductor of the Orchestra and


the distinguished operatic composer. The excitement here always cranked


up a little for the second part of the New Years day concert. A


popular favourite next that's made many appearances over the years, a


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The French Polka artist greeting. Now 2012 marks the by season teenry


of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde, the Viennese Society


of Music Friends, the organisation that built this incredible concert


hall. Throughout its life, it's been used for grand balls, as well


as concerts, and for the very first ball in 1870, you Han Strauss wrote


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Enjoy Life, the message of that waltz by Johann Strauss, written


for the celebrations 140 years ago. Accompanied by the ballet dancers


performing live amongst the artistic treasures of the Belvedere


Pass. Now for something by Johann Senior. Sperl Galopp. Music from


particular operas soon found its way into the dance hall in the 19th


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Mixture of Rossini and Johann Strauss Senior in the Sperl Galopp.


We are going to leave Vienna for a little. Work now by Hans Christian


Lumbye. This is to celebrate the work of the first railway in


Denmark, the sound of the journey from Copenhagen to killed killed


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The Steam Railway Galopp by Hans Christian Lumbye, included in this


year's programme as today marks the start of Denmark's presidency of


the European Union. Mariss Jansons himself, one of the whistle-blowers,


not a railway in Copenhagen, but pictures of the cog railway, the


oldest steam locomotive, offering stunning views of the Tir Kneen


alps. Tyrolean alps. Johann Strauss's Fireproof Polka


commissioned by a leading Viennese industrialist to celebrate a


company making its 20,000th fire proof safe. Mariss Jansons will


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play once again, the Anville this APPLAUSE. Mariss Janson's joining


the percussion section of the Philharmonic playing the Anville


with two hammers in a polka celebrating a Viennese product sold


around the world. The guaranteed fire proof safe bioreceive Strauss.


The Vienna Boys' Choir divided into four different performing choirs.


Earlier, another choir sang mass, continuing a tradition unbroken


since 1498. It became known as the Vienna Boys' Choir with the ending


of the monarchy in 1918 when they gave up their old imperial uniform


which used to include a sword, we placed with the blue and white


sailor suits they wear today. It's 1924 that they made their first


foreign appearances, soon regarded as Austria's ambassadors. You can


see highlights of the whole of today's concert on BBC Four tonight


at 7 o'clock. Mariss Janson's father conducted the Leningrad


Philharmonic and would lead the Orchestra in its New Years


programme which sewed the seeds for the younger Janson's interest in


the Strauss family. They have their own Russian connection. Johann and


Joseph spent time at St Petersburg. We'll hear more from Pavlovsk as


the morning progresses. We are going to hear a work by the third


sibling, Eduard Strauss, overshadow by his brothers, best remembered as


a dance leader than a composer. This is works from Bizet, the


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Eduard Strauss's Carmen Quadrille. From music inspired by opera, we


move to the ballet. We leave Vienna and head to imperial St Petersburg,


there 112 years ago, Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty got its premier at


the Maryinsky Theatre. It will be the waltz first, then the Panorama


when the prince approaches the palace by moonlight and wakes the


sleeping palace. Johann and Josef Strauss had a long residence there.


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They wanted to change the mood of The waltz and before it the


Panorama from Tchaikovsky's ballet Sleeping Beauty. Performed in St


Petersburg, the city well known to Johann and Josef Strauss. A short


train ride from the city at paf loss stands the grand summer


resident built by Tsar pull I. The great concert hall there drew


artists from across Europe, including the Strausss who returned


season after season. This is a piece they wrote together while


working at Pavlovsk for the Orchestra there. The Pizzicato


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APPLAUSE. Played no less than nine times when it was premiered. The


Pizzicato Polka. The New Year's day concert often involves works that


Johann Strauss wrote for heads of state. A piece he wrote for the


Shah of Persia, composed after being awarded the Persian order of


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The Persian March by Johann Strauss. He's very proud of that,


particularly the snatch of the then Persian national anthem he managed


to include in one section. A change of mood next. A polka that Josef


Strauss wrote while in Russia, far from home, lonely and desperately


missing his beloved wife Carolina. Brennende Liebe, or as it loosely


translates, Burning Love, Mariss Janson conducting the Vienna


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Philharmonic Orchestra at this 2012 Mariss Janson's been conducting


this. The dancers at the Belvedere palace. Inspired by the love he had


for his wife. Brennende Liebe. Wagner's Mastersingers of Nuremberg,


six hours of wonderful music starts at 2.45 on Radio Three. It's also


online and on digital radio. Here in Vienna, one of Josef


Strauss's finest waltzs next, work that seems to reflect his


complicated personality, someone who was both melancholy but also


able to conjure up the fluff and glitter required by Vienna's dances.


The Delirium Waltz now with a sense of menace. Mariss Janson's back on


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the platform to conduct the Vienna Delirium Waltz bioreceive Strauss,.


A horse-drawn street sweeping machine was amongst his creations.


That brings us nearly to the end of this 2012 New Year's Day Concert


officially anyway. Not that anyone's in any doubt as to two of


the encores still to come. The Philharmonic's base drum player,


perhaps the loudest of Strauss's pieces, Thunder and Lightning or


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Donner und Blizt, polka Schnell's Thunder and Lightning. Music by


Johann Strauss I ch. There was a Johann Strauss III, son of Eduard,


a composer and a violinist as well. He made the first recordings of


Strauss' waltzs in 1903. He died in Berlin in January 1939, the start


of the year that saw the very first Vienna Philharmonic New Year's Day


concert. As Mariss Janson is presented with flowers, he


presented them to the leader of the Philharmonic. There are encores


aplenty. As many as 50 million people watching with us today


around the world, the concert televised across Europe, America,


Japan, China, Australia, 73 countries in total broadcasting it


this year from Vienna. Mozambique, Nigeria and Mongolia amongst them


also. 2,000 people lucky enough to get their hands on the much-prized


tickets to be actually in the Golden Hall, including Julie


Andrews, one of the distinguished ges. A man told me yesterday he was


offered a pair of tickets for today's concert but politely


decline when he was told they would be 3,000 euros each. Mariss Janson


is back on the platform. There are certain rituals associated with the


encores of the New Year's day concert. The first one is perhaps a


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little bit of a surprise. The clock Mariss Janson being handed a giant


alarm clock which he rang the bell on at the end of the Tik-Tak Polka.


Working with tunes from Danse Die Fledermaus. He must be


remembering the orchestras that his father conducted years ago with the


Leningrad Philharmonic. All the flowers, 30,000 plus, from Sam Remo.


Not that the place needs much help, it's a little overcast in Vienna


today so no sun shining, but gold reflected everywhere by the


television lights. The ceiling line has paintings of Apollo. Vast


chandeliers here too. He's back on the platform. This place was once


described as a place that throws off everything that reminds you of


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Blue Danube waltz. The second Viennese national anthem, performed


with the traditional false start, the state ballet performing live at


the Belvedere palace this morning. Mariss Janson conducting with the


traditional false start. They bade us all happy New Year. Blue Danube


came out of a bleak time for the imperial empire, composed in the


wake of an USA roon defeat in Prussian forces. -- wake of a


Austrian defeat in Prussian forces. If that's one fixed part of 2 New


Year's Day Concert, the next part is one where the audience are asked


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The Radetzky March with full audience participation, conducted


this year by Mariss Jansons. That is it for audience and Orchestra,


perhaps a light lunch ahead in one of the city's great cafes, maybe a


Live from Musikverein in Vienna, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra perform the climax of the annual celebratory concert of waltzes, polkas and marches, conducted by Mariss Jansons for the second time.

As well as popular works by members of the Strauss family, we hear from Tchaikovsky, Joseph Hellmesburger Jr and Hans Christian Lumbye.

To accompany some of the pieces there are performances by the Ballet of the Vienna State Opera and Volksoper, and an appearance of the Vienna Boys' Choir.

Presenter Petroc Trelawny sets the scene from Vienna.

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