2014 - Highlights New Year's Day Concert

2014 - Highlights

Highlights from the New Year's Day concert, featuring waltzes, polkas and marches from the Strauss family, music by Richard Strauss and performances from the Vienna State Ballet.

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APPLAUSE Happy new year and a warm welcome to the goldenen hall of the


Musikverein, where the players of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra


are on stage about to serenade the start of 2014 with a glittering


programme of polkas, marches and gallops. This year Daniel Barenboim


returns for a second time. A great honour but hard work is how he


described his role to me. The performance is supported by Rolex.


As ever it is the Strauss dynasty who are to the fore. Father Johann,


Johann Junior. It is with Eduard we start. Daniel Barenboim conducts the


Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra here at the Musikverein this New Year's


Day 2014. MUSIC: "Helena Quadrille"


by Eduard Strauss Daniel Barenboim a great campaigner


for world peace by engaging him


the Vienna Philharmonic marking this memorial year, the centenary


of the start of World War One. MUSIC: "Friedenspalmen, Waltz"


by Josef Strauss MUSIC: "Caroline Gallop"


by Johann Strauss Sr The Caroline Gallop, played by the


Vienna Philharmonic, conducted this


New Year's Day by Daniel Barenboim. MUSIC: "Egyptian March"


by Johann Strauss Jr The Egyptian March by Johann


Strauss Jr. MUSIC: "Be Embraced, You Millions


Waltz" by Johann Strauss Jr APPLAUSE Be Embraced, You Millions!


Strauss saluting his friend Brahms. The title is from Schller's Ode to


Joy, words set by Beethoven in his 9th symphony. A quick polka next


with a wonderful title, Stormy in Love and Dance.


MUSIC: "Stormy In Love And Dance" by Johann Strauss Jr


APPLAUSE Stormy in Love and Dance by Johann


Strauss doctor. Daniel Barenboim conducting did Vienna Philharmonic


Orchestra here at the 2014 Vienna New Year's Day concert. Written for


the annual ball of the Vienna Writers and Journalists Association.


More next, Woodruff, a small highly fragrant plant.


MUSIC: "Waldmeister Overture" by Johann Strauss Jr


APPLAUSE Daniel Barenboim conducting the


Overture to Johann Strauss's operetta Waldermeister, a project


that came at on aspect tune moment for the composer. Many were writing


him off but the show was a huge hit, running for 88 performances.


The score also includes a gallop, part of the opera set in the mill.


The gallop was performed by a chorus line of apprentice millers, a tune


based on a song Strauss had written in his youth when he dated a


miller's daughter. MUSIC: "Klipp Klapp Gallop"


by Johann Strauss Jr APPLAUSE


The Klipp Klapp Gallop from Johann Strauss Junior's operetta


Waldermeister, written by the 70-year-old composer just 4 years


before his death. The sun has come out here in Vienna after a very


misty start. Very mild for the time of year. Indeed very warm here


inside the Musikverein, Daniel Barenboim conducting in in front of


not far short of 2,000 people. That number dwarfed by the 50 million


reckoned to tune in on radio and television around the world. . This


year 92 countries are showing the concert. For the first time it is


being shown by the Palestine Broadcasting Corporation and in


Argentina, where he was born. The biggest audience is in China, and


this year viewers in the tiny Pacific states of Tuvalu, Cook


Islands and Nauru join in for the first time. We are heading to the


Vienna woods, Strauss's famous Tales from the Vienna Woods, dating from


the 1860s. Television viewers will see the music illustrated by


pictures of the woods and the monastery at Klosterneuburg, filled


with art treasures and wonderful gothic art treasures. It celebrates


its 9 a 00th an versy this year. The zither features in the score -- in


the 900th anniversary this year. The zither features in the score.


MUSIC: "Tales From The Vienna Woods" by Johann Strauss Jr


APPLAUSE The Zither played by Wilfried


Scharf. Delighting Daniel Barenboim in Strauss's Tales from the Vienna


Woods, with pictures of the 900-year-old Klosterneuburg


monastery. Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra what very popular for a


weekend trip, but not with Strauss, who hated climbing and never went


walking there. He hated heights so much he would sit on the floor of


his railway carriage and avoid looking out of the window on his


trip to Linz. Capriccio was his farewell to the


opera stage. He started work on it in the summer of 1940. We are going


to hear the Moonshine Music from Capriccio. Performed when the


Countess was deep in thought on the terrace.


MUSIC: "Moonshine Music" by Richard Strauss


APPLAUSE The Moonshine Music from Richard


Strauss's opera Capriccio. Radio 3 will be marking the 150th


anniversary of Strauss's birthday by broadcasting all his operas across


2014.For many one of the highlights of the New Year's concert is the


moment when musicians are joined by the dancers of the State Ballet.


This year they are in the Liechtenstein Palace in the centre


of the city. MUSIC: "The Romantics, Waltz"


by Joseph Lanner APPLAUSE


Music by Josef Lanner, the waltz for the Romantics. The dancing this year


could be considered Britain's contribution. The choreography is by


Ashley Page, and the costumes by Vivienne Westwood, who is married to


an Austrian. Two polkas next never before performed at a New Year's Day


concert. In a moment Shenanigans. But first a polka with a bit of


teasing going on. MUSIC: "Banter, Polka Mazur"


by Josef Strauss APPLAUSE the Shenanigans polka and


before that the teasing polka, both by Johann Strauss, both getting


their New Year's premieres. Even after many New Year's Day concerts


they've still played less than 50% of the Strauss repertoire.


The Musikverein feels rather intimate when you are inside it,


though the richness of the design can be overwhelming, with golden


caryatids that appear to support the balcony, and fine tapestries hanging


in front of the boxes. Another reference to Richard Strauss next,


on his 150th anniversary, a waltz by Johann Strauss, echoed in Der


Rosenkavalier. MUSIC: "Secret Attractions, Waltz"


by Josef Strauss APPLAUSE


the Dynamiden Waltz by Johann Strauss, with the subtitle Secret


Powers of Attraction. Music much to influence Richard Strauss when he


came to write his opera, Der Rosenkavalier. Johann Strauss died


very young, just before his 43rd birthday. Not long before his death


he wrote a sparkling polka called Without a Care.


MUSIC: "Without A Care" by Josef Strauss


APPLAUSE Daniel Barenboim shouting at the end


of Without a Care, a quick polka by Johann Strauss. Officially marking


the end of the 2014 Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra New Year's


Day concert, except as regular fans know, there are a few more treats


ahead of us yet. Present by a member of the orchestra, that bouquet of


flowers contributed this year by the orchestra itself. Grown by the


gardeners and nurserymen and women of Austria. Well put together by the


look of it, as he struggles to pull one out. No, he's failed.


APPLAUSE this is Daniel Barenboim's second


appearance at the New Year's Day concert. Significance to the fact


that the orchestra asked this great peacemaker and musical diplomat to


return to conduct again. He is truly a citizen of the world. Born in


Argentina, raised in Israel, travelling not just on their


passports but on Palestinian and Spanish documents as well. It is a


busy time of year for the players in the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. I


was talking to one of those on stage today, Alina Pinchas. She was


playing on Christmas Day, and had a performance of the Nutcracker in the


morning and the evening. This is one of nine women on stage this year. It


may still be a small percentage but at least it is up on 12 months ago.


Maybe we'll be in double figures by 2015. There is controversy about the


dominance of male players in this orchestra.


The first encore. APPLAUSE The first encore by Johann


Strauss, a quick polka, Carriere. Josef showing off his love of horse


riding. Carriere is the fastest gait at which a horse can be ridden. A


work that had an unfortunate start. Its premiere at the Volksgarten, the


day after the Austrian northern Army had been decisive battle of the


Austro-Prussian war, hence the work got rather overlooked. This concert


shown on big screens in cafes and hotels across Vienna this morning. I


imagine the waiters in the cafes around the Musikverein casting a


final eye at the arrangements of cutlery and glasses ready for an


onslaught of hungry concert goers or musicians, rad for a glass of


Gruener Veliner to wash it down with. The Philharmonic Orchestra


stay in the Imperial Hotel, with a red carpet laid down for the maestro


to across this morning. -- to cross this morning.


MUSIC: "The Blue Danube Waltz op.314" by Johann Strauss


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE by the beautiful Blue Danube, the


official anthem of Vienna and Austria, played by the Vienna


Philharmonic, conducted by Daniel Barenboim. This New Year's Day.


Dance from Vienna State Ballet. We can all be part of this biggest ever


musical New Year's greet. Follow us on Twitter. We are nearly at the end


of this year's festivities. The performance is supported by Rolex.


And conducted by Daniel Barenboim. Shaking hands with members of the


orchestra. This is his second appearance conducting the New Year's


Day concert. And what charm and spirit he's brought to proceedings,


delighting the audience here, including his wife, Elena


Bashkirova, and his violinist son, is and I spotted Julie Andrews


earlier, who commentates for the Americans. If you fancy being in the


audience next year, for real, tickets cost between 30 and 940


euros. To get them you need to register.


MUSIC: "Radetzky March, op.228" by Johann Strauss Sr


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Daniel Barenboim shaking hands with


the Vienna Philharmonic in the Radetzky March by Strauss senior. If


you want to be here next year, you have until January 23rd to register


your details at the Vienna Philharmonic website. That's it for


this Vienna Philharmonic New Year's Day Concert. From me, Petroc


Trelawny, and all of us here in Vienna, happy new year and very best


wishes for 2014.


Highlights from the traditional New Year's Day concert, performed by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Daniel Barenboim.

Alongside waltzes, polkas and marches from the Strauss family, there is music by Richard Strauss and specially filmed performances from the Vienna State Ballet, choreographed by Ashley Page and with costumes designed by Vivienne Westwood.

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