Part One Robbie Rocks Big Ben Live

Part One

Robbie Williams stages an exclusive concert live from London, building up to the clock striking midnight and the start of the fireworks display over the River Thames.

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This programme contains scenes of Repetitive Flashing Images.


Good evening - I'm Melvin Odoom and we are here live in the heart


of London on a cold winter's night with a birds-eye view of some


of the capital's most iconic landmarks, including The London Eye,


which at midnight will become the centrepiece of the spectacular


world famous fireworks display and, of course, Big Ben.


Very close by is Central Hall Westminster,


which is where I'm stood right now, and where Robbie Williams


But before he does, it gives me a quick chance to tell


you about an exciting development in our coverage of the midnight


fireworks, as for the very first time viewers at home will be able


to enjoy the fireworks live and in full 360 degrees.


You simply need to go to


Here on BBC One we'll be taking you down to the South Bank


at midnight, where tens of thousands of people have been gathering


Hello ladies, you're looking lovely today.


Time now, though, to introduce the man of the moment.


By the way this programme does contain flashing images,


but right now for the millions of you with ringside seats at home


and the 2,000 excited people waiting inside,


let's get the biggest show


Please give a massive welcome to the man himself


# Good evening children of cultural abandon


# You saved for the -- searched for the saviour, here I am


# I'm still here, enjoy me while you can... #.


, # We are so glorious


# Good evening lovers of quality entertainment


# Good evening to the others that don't know hits


# We will leave you with a T-shirt and a programme


# That I'm still paying for #. Tell me!


# You are magnificent # Baby, baby, baby, oh!


# Show me a life worth living # I'll give it all and a little bit


and more # He would sell his children suggest


a hit in Belgium # God knows what he's done


# For a number 1 # welcome to The Heavy Entertainment


Show # Where the more you see, the less


you know # Welcome to The Heavy Entertainment


Show # Where Eminem meets Barry Manilow


# I am notorious # For making all the crowd sing the


chorus # I just made up that word


# He'll give it all and a little bit more


# One, two! # Welcome to The Heavy Entertainment


Show # I'm a volcano that is about to


blow # Welcome to The Heavy Entertainment


Show # This is how I'd like to say hello


# Hey, ho #. # There's nothing left for you


to fear # You see through the fads


and your crazy phases, yeah # The dew is wet


but the grass is sweet my dear # But we're the generation


that's got to be heard # You're tired of your teachers


and your school's a drag # You're not going to end up


like your mum and dad # He may be good


he may be outta sight # But he can't be here


so come around tonight # Here is a place


where the feeling grows # You gotta get high


before you taste the lows One hand in the air...


Two hands in the air. Allow me to reintroduce myself. My


name is Robbie... Williams. This is my band. It is New Year's Eve and


the night your as is mine! So less than that, we are not allowed to


swear this evening, so we're not going to swear, are we? About 50


people from the BBC came up and said, Mr Williams, there's a few


songs of yours may have a choice lyrics, do you mind not singing the


swear words? Which swear words can't I say? The Fs, Cs and Ss. But if the


audience sings swear words I can't do anything. So if I say such a


saint but... So self-aware so... I didn't say anything wrong. There was


nothing I said that was a swear word of any kind. Go on then, played the


bloody song. Are you ready? Are you sure? No


swearing on the BBC, from me! # I'm contemplating


thinking about thinking # They're selling razor blades


and mirrors in the street # I pray that when I'm coming down


you'll be asleep # If I ever hurt you


your revenge will be so sweet # So rock'n'roll,


So corporate suit # I'm not scared of dying


I just don't want to # If I stopped lying


I'd just disappoint you # They're selling razor blades


and mirrors in the street # I pray that when I'm coming down


you'll be asleep # If I ever hurt you


your revenge will be so sweet # They're selling razor blades


and mirrors in the street # I pray that when I'm coming down


you'll be asleep # A young pretender


and my crowds above can see # It takes a certain kind of man


with a certain reputation # To alleviate the cash


from a whole entire nation # Take my loose change


and build my own space station # Ain't no refutin' or disputin' -


I'm a modern Rasputin # Subcontract disputes


to some brutes in Louboutin # Act highfalutin' while


my boys put the boots in # Dance like


you've got concussion, oh # I've got Stoli and Bolly


and Molly, so I'm jolly # And I'm always off my trolley,


so I never say sorry # There's a doll, inside a doll,


inside a doll, inside a dolly # I put a bank inside a car,


inside a plane, inside a boat # It takes half the western world


just to keep my ship afloat # And I never ever smile


unless I've something to promote # Dance like you've got concussion,


oh # We're the Russian boys,


we're everywhere # Dance like you've got concussion,


oh Oh, lord. OK. So I put the red and


black jacket on that I put on tonight and I bought that before


Christmas and now it doesn't fit because of the chocolates that I've


eaten over Christmas. Anybody else with me with the chocolates? YES!


And there are other fruit oranges available. But damn you Terry's! OK.


Right. Did you have a good Christmas? YES! Are you ready for


another song? YES! Might as well. Ladies and gentlemen, it's my


father, Pete. Come on.


# To be a better man # To be a better man... #


It's my daddy. Happy New Year! INSTRUMENTAL. Are you with me? ! One


last time! # You can see it in my face


It's a real big place Robbie, incredible first half, man.


That's so weird. It's like concert, concert, gig, talk to Melvin


outside. OK, hi everybody. Now we are outside. How was it for you?


Wonderful. I can't wait to get back in there. You have fireworks of your


own. I want to ask you questions, man. Ask You have performed away.


All over the world in different venues how does this compare? It's


an awesome evening. The audience are well up for it and drunk enough to


love me right up. I'm loving them right back. Hello everybody down


there. Hi, everyone. Robbie, what are you usually doing on New Year's


Eve? What am I normally doing. 15 years ago it would have been an


excuse to go out and stay up for a actual days. I go to bed holding my


beautiful lady woman. That's about it. I go to bed early. Any


resolution? I gave up smoking 10 days ago. I aim to keep that up.


Sorry to my lady wife for being grumpy over Christmas, but I did


give up the cigarettes. It turned into chocolate orange. You are


loving the chocolate. It's how it goes. I'm going to leave the


chocolates in 2016, I think. Time to move on. Are you ready? Let's have


some fireworks. One minute to go, the last few seconds of 2016 will be


projected on to the front of the famous Shell building. At the stroke


of midnight the bongs of Big Ben will signal the start of fire Yorks


choreographed to a stunning soundtrack and includes songs from


the year. Several classics and tributes to a few of the music


world's biggest icons. There there will be more live music from Robbie


straight after the fireworks including the ultimate classic.


Right now the countdown is underway. So it's time to raise your glasses.


Raise a toast and prepare yourself for one of the world's greatest


firework exextravaganzas you will see in 2017. You read it, you read




Robbie Williams stages an exclusive concert live from the heart of London. Introduced by Melvin Odoom, Robbie performs some of his greatest hits to begin the build-up to the clock striking midnight and the start of the spectacular world-famous fireworks display over the River Thames.