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The Live Quarter-Finals - Results

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quarter finals of The Voice. Are you ready for this -it's the results!


Lines are now closed, so please don't vote now, as it won't count


and you may still be charged. superstars gave one person from each


team a fast pass to the semi final. Now we will find out who is on and


kwho is gone. The results are in. Here is thousand quarter final


shaped up earlier for Team Jessie. -- how the quarter final shaped is


up earlier for Team Jessie. It is not long to show time now. We are


should have been kicked off. Perfect. Congratulations on setting


that standard for yourself. # It's more than I can say. # W going to


say it, that is the best vocal performance we have ever seen on the


Voice, ever. # All I want to say is thank you baby, because you're right


on time! I've enjoyed watching you as a fan, you're the biggest


profession that I have seen. The person I will be taking through it


Ash. W final, I can't wait. Bring it now! We are about to discover which


member of Team Jessie has the support of the nation and will


return next week. This is it. Matt earlier, Will said you came out with


flying colours and Danny said he was full of wonder. Sarah, earlier


Jessie said you're becoming an artist every day. But who did the


public get behind? EThe artist with the highest public vote from Team


Jess and is in the semi final is... It's Matt! CHEERING AND CHEERING AND


APPLAUSE. Done.Matt, congratulations you are Jessie's


second semi finalist. Congratulatations to you, I'm going


to have to tear you away. You're going to go up to the room there and


speak to Reggie. A huge round of applause for Matt. That does mean


that tonight we lose Sarah and Sarah, at this stage in the


competition it is hard to lose anyone. Jessie said she has seen you


grow as a performer. Do you feel that? I feel this show and being


coached by Jessie has helped me grow as an artist and it has given me so


much confidence and I thank everyone for it. Wow. Any final words,


Jessie? It is a personal thing this is not the end. That is a personal


thing for me and Sarah. I want to say as I said before, this isn't the


end. This is just a journey and this was a moment in that journey and


every bit that you left behind will fulfil you now from beyond this


point. I'm proud of you and I am so happy that we got to work together


and congratulations. This isn't the end, as I said, this is... Go and


give Jessie a hug one more time. they got on earlier. E time, I'm so


nervous. Wish me luck. Team Tom, do this. I've got to go now and do my


hair and make up. Team Tom, we are going live. Get ready. # Is this


love, is this love that I'm feeling? # Is this love, is this love #


Beautiful Alys, beautiful singer, you're really lovely. # You're love


keeps on lifting me higher # Higher and higher! Your love keeps on #


wanted to get him out of his comfort zone. He came forward and kept in


time like I told him to do. should have brought you flowers and


held your hand # I should have given more than hours # When I had the


chance. You made ate country sound. -- it a country sound. The one I'm


going to take to the semi finals sing on, but the other must go home.


This is it. E Alys, earlier Jessie said you sounded dedicated and


passionate, but Danny said he hoped it was enough to take you through.


Mike, earlier Tom said you were confident and sounded great. But


Danny said you sounded more nervous than he has heard you before. But


what did the viewers think? The artist with the highest public vote


from Team Tom and who has secured a place in the semi final is... It's


Mike! Another semi finalist. Congratulations you are through to


sing again. Well done. You're going to go up to the room with Reggie and


he will get your thoughts in a minute. Give it up for Mike! This is


the horrible bit. We have to lose someone and when we lose someone


like you, Alys, it always makes me feel sad. You have been so brilliant


and so beautiful throughout this. You have loved it haven't you?


have, thank you. Definitely. Has it given you the confidence to carry


on? Yes, I have grown so much and I feel much more confident when I


perform. I want to thank you for all your lovely comments. What about


Tom, the big guy? Yeah, it's been such a pleasure working with you, I


can't say. It is something I will remember for everful thank you.


is there anything you want to say to Alys? Yes I think Alys has a


beautiful tone to her voice. I think it the warmest, sexiest tone on this


show! Thank you. You have been inform, we have loved having you --


you have been incredible, we have loved having you on the show. Go and


give Tom a big squeeze. Thank you so much. Team Danny and the other team


are still to come. Now another young singer, singing another love, please


welcome Tom. # I want to take you some place you know it's so cold I


don't know where # I brought you daffodils and pretty things # But


they won't nower like they do in -- flower like they do in spring. # I


want to kiss you and make you feel all right # I'm just so tired # I


want to cry and I want to love # But all my tears have been used up. #


Another love # Another love. # All my tears have been used up-on


another love, another love. # My tears have been used up on another


love # Another love. My tears have My heart's been broken so many times


# I use my voice up # But they always win # I know lose # And I


sing a song # To another heart # Because I want to cry, I want to


love, to love. But all my tears have been used up on another love #


Another love # All my tears have been used up on another love. #


Another love. # My tears have been used up. On another love. # Another


love. # All my tears have been used another heart # And I want to cry #


I want to fall in love, but all my tears have been used up on another


love. # Another love. # All my tears have been used up. # On another


love. Another love. # All my tears have been used up. # On another


love. # Another love. # All my tears Tom O'Dowd there. Coaches, it is


great to have you here. I like this spot. But it is pretty warm. We will


take a breather before we find out who is through from Team Danny and


Team Will. Torjsivity is a ecial -- Tom, it is a special day for you, it


is your birthday. Is this the strangist place that you have


celebrated your birthday? No.How weird does it get in your world?


Well it gets pretty weird times. But this is a normal day for me in a TV


studio. The words of a legend.At home, you have been following our


every move on the app and we asked you to celebrate Sir Tom's big day.


Who should sing him happy birthday, me or the coaches. Well you went for


the coaches. Shall we do it. Band -fire away! # Happy birthday to you


# There it is # Happy birthday to you! # Happy birthday Tir Tom #


too. # Cake, cake, cake... #


Round of applause for Tom, everybody. I have to ask you guys


about how you are feeling about your artists. Will, how proud are you of


your girls tonight? First off I'm proud of Cleo. She smashed it. Every


single one of them, Leanne, amaze amazing. Leah, speechless. I just


can't... There's no words for that type of talent. You have a strong


team. We will find out what happens shortly. Thank you very much my


beautiful helper Joseph. Holly back to you. It's back to the important


results. Here is how the quarter-finals played out for Team


Danny. It's going to be emic. God. Team Danny. It's a hard life


all this pampering. Like a lovely # I belong with you


# You belong with me, you're my sweetheart... #


You have a special voice and I'm blessed to have you on my team.


Absolutely blessed. Thank you, tickets to your show. Wasn't quite


enough energy for me! # All along I believed I would find


# For a thousand years... # Karl, you delivered, really


delivered. Couldn't be happier. Couldn't be happier. The person who


Ah! The nation has voted. Mitchell and Karl, one of you is about to


become a semi-finalist. This is it. Mitchel, earlier Will said you were


electric and electrifying. Tom said your energy was tremendous. Karl,


earlier Tom said you delivered a very powerful performance. Danny


said you gave everything he asked of you. You both got the coaches'


support, who has the UK's votes? The artist with the highest public vote


from Team Danny, and who has secured a place in next week's semi-final


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE There you go, Karl you are going


through. You are going to be a semi-finalist next week. I think you


didn't think that was going to happen. One very, very happy boy.


Showing great team spirit there. A huge round of applause for Karl.


Mitchell, come here. You know what Mitchel, if you are going to go out,


go out on a performance like that. Seriously, he rocked it tonight,


didn't he? What have you thought of this whole experience, being here


and being part of the Voice? I never imagined even getting this far. Of


course I'm extremely disappointed. I had so much more to show you guys.


What I did tonight was my last proper rock track. I'm really proud


to be that kind of lose fresh a small town who loves his alternative


rock. I came on The Voice and got to the live shows. -- loser from.


final word from Danny because he is so proud of you. All I know is that


there are record companies all across the UK right now that are


going to snap him up. I absolutely know it. You gave the best


performance that you did tonight, dude. Come to me now. Go to Danny.


He has been incredible. Raise the roof for Mitchel. Oh. So, only


Will's team are left waiting for their results. All of our artists


have recorded a version of their performances tonight. If you would


like to download them, please go to The Voice website. At least 20p per


download goes to the BBC Performing Arts Fund charity. Now, they are


through to our semi-final, Mike, Matt and Karl. You have a place in


next week's semi-final. Something amazing has just happened. Karl has


started smiling for the first time, I think. Karl, are you pleased?


Thank you so much. I'm absolutely... I'm speechless. I so thought I was


going home. Seriously I was... I was already thinking about what I would


do afterwards, back to the windows and the pub. Thank you for voting


for me. I will not let you down. It means the world to me. Thank you so


much. Matt what went through your head while you were waiting? I kept


saying, "say Matt" the nation saved me. Jessie saved me. Now I have been


saved by the nation. Wicked. Salford stand up for you and save


you? Most defly. Thank you for voting for me. Them a kiss. They are


waiting for it. And the knees get weak. Look forward to see you in the


semi-final. Team Will votes are on the way. Here's what happened


earlier with Team Will. Morning! Ah! Wish me luck. Be myself later.


heart is pounding. # Where have you been all my life


# All my... # I'm so proud of you. You really


brought crazy, freaking energy. Thank you.


# You may see April I'm a dreamer # But I'm not the only one... #


That was elegant, graceful and you did it wonderfully. Thank you so


much for being a part of my team. # Walk out that door


# Just turn around boy because you're not welcome in my life no


more... # All of the UK have just witness


witnessed the best singer in the freaking long time. We often get


asked as coaches what makes this show different from all the other


shows - THAT! Who is getting your Fast Pass straight through to next


week's semi-final? I'm tweeting. So, you don't know who I'm looking at.


I'm zooming in. It's Leah. Leah goes through to the semi-final! We are


about to reveal our last semi-finalists. The viewers have


voted. It's between Leanne and Cleo. This is it. Leanne, earlier Danny


said you gave a great performance. Will said you rocked it and brought


the energy. Cleo, earlier Jessie said you really grew into the song.


Will said you were elegant and graceful. The ultimate judgment


comes from the viewers. The artist with the highest public vote from


Team Will and who has secured a place in next week's semi-final


semi-finalists. I'm serious. Going through for Team Will, come here,


lady. Well done. I think Cleo is totally shocked right now. Such


incredible team spirit on this show. They have been through so much


together. Cleo, can I have one word from you? How does that feel? Are


you surprised? You seem totally shocked. Mind your train. We don't


want to step on that, the whole lot might come off. Are you totally


shocked? Yes.The bad and good news is you have to do it all again next


week, are you ready for that? Stay here on stage. A huge round of


of applause for our second semi-finalist, it's Cleo. Leanne,


come here. We have to lose someone like you. You have been incredible.


You have the most incredible voice. Have you enjoyed this? I've enjoyed


every minute. It's been my dream to do a live show like this. To be


given the opportunity it's a dream come true, amazing. A quick word


from you about Leanne? I'm really lost for emotions right now because


if cloe Yeo, if you would have got picked Leanne I would have been


Assad as I am now. Now that, you know... You know what I think you


should do? If cloe Yeo was going home I would have been sad. Leanne


you give him a big hug, both of you need it right now. Yeah.A big round


of applause for Leanne. The quarter-finals are now over. Make


sure you join us next Saturday at 7. 00pm as the live shows continue in


what promises to be an emic semi-final. Eight singers must be


cut down to just four. Those decisions are all yours. Thank you


so much to our brilliant band. They have been fantastic tonight. Our


incredible acts and of course our four superstar coaches. First and


foremost, Will-i-am, Jessie J, Tom Jones and Danny O'Donoghue is still


giving Leanne a kiss there. Join us next Saturday at 7. 00pm when those


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