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The Live Quarter-Finals

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Voice for the first time this series, we are live from The Arena.


This is the quarter time and these are your superstar coaches. She is


the first and only lady of the Voice, it's Jessie J! From


entertaining the queen this morning, the one and only Sir Tom Jones! #


You don't have to be beautiful to quarter finalists. So give it up for


Team Danny Let's hear it for Team Tom! Go wild for Team Jessie.Make


some noise for Team Will! Ladies and gentlemen, your quarter finalists.


This is The Voice! The coaches are ready and this audience is very


ready, right? And it's time for you at home to get ready to vote.


Because for the first time this series, you will make your voice


heard. Our stars each have three artists left. After that tit is down


to you -- it is down to you for vote for one more. Since they have


survived blind auditions, battles and knock outs, it will be a tough


choice. You can also voice your opinion by down loading our app. Are


you ready for this? Good! First up it's Team Jessie. It is an array of


massive vocals, risk-takers, a lot of warmth, heart and talent. I'm so


proud. Sara is the beautiful girl that everyone wants to look like.


Her range is unreal. Ash is for me one of the best singers in the


competition. I get goosebumps each time he sings. It doesn't take much


to make him sound like a star. Matt is the emotional soul singer. He is


the only still left in the live shows. I have one fast pass to take


one person straight through to the semi finals. The person I will be


taking through is the person that blows my mind. Right now, I don't


know who that is. Now, Jessie has three artists, but only two can


survive, Jessie your team are opening the show. Who is more


nervous. You or them? Based on my stomach, probably me. I'm just


excited for it to be live tonight! It is crazy. I think they're


nervous, but we're probably nervous. Let's do it. First on stage it is


Matt! # Trouble, trouble, oh trouble # Give him the glasses!To have

:04:50.:04:57. saying to me, man you look... More like my brother than my


brother. I loved that. Before the Voice I was working for the dogs


trust. He has everyone's support. Everyone here is behind him and they


want to see him do well. Matt is available for steel. I'll have him


now. I'm so relieved.Welcome, you're the only steal that was going


through. You just tugged my heart. He is a wonder. He is a ball of


light. I think you have got a strong chance of going to the final. But


that's up to you. I feel like I have something to prove to Jessie that I


can do this and she didn't make the wrong decision. # Now all your love


feels wasted # I'm doing it for myself and all the young people I


work with, to show them you can achieve something if you put your


mind to it. it. Wonder for place in of thunder. I am full of light, I am


full of wonder. # Wo-oh, Wo-oh, I ain't falling under. Wo-oh, Wo-oh, I


am full of wonder. # Though our feet might ache. The world's upon our


shoulders. No way we goin' break. # Cause we are full of wonder. Wo-oh,


Wo-oh, We ain't falling under. Wo-oh, Wo-oh, We are full of wonder.


# This light is contagious, go, go tell your neighbours. # Just reach


out and pass it on. # This light is contagious, go, go tell your


neighbours. # Just reach out and pass it on ooh yeah. # This light is


contagious, go, go tell your neighbours. # Just reach out and


pass it on ooh yeah. This light is contagious, go, go tell your


neighbours. # Just reach out and pass it on yeah. # Wo-oh, Wo-oh, We


ain't falling under. # Wo-oh, Wo-oh, Matt! Come here, you! You were


leaping around the stage, you thought it was hard to open the


show, but you made it look easy. Thank you and the band, O'my God.


That is a good time to introduce our house band. Give them a round of


applause there. So you have done it. You opened the show. Will, he was


first on your team. What did you think? I was proud of Matt. He came


out with flying colours.To start off the show, you are starting off the


show and it was you know, everything that you sung was, you weren't


pitchy. I don't know the song. But it's OK, because now I know it. And


you got a lot of colours on. That is Stoked. I swear when you did this


thing and you were like # Give me love! I was crushed. I will try that


myself. Danny, you're all about telling the story. How did you do?


was full of wonder of how you held those notes. I was wondering what


would a Matt show be like and I just got it. I commend you on that.


noisy going first, but you made it look easy. Yeah, he kicked it off.


He didn't just start it, he kicked it off. So that's tremendous. And he


is a great ballad singer and it is the first time I have heard you do


something like that. It was tremendous, really great. Jessie, he


is on your team? Very proud, I feel like that is how the live show


should have been kicked off. Perfect like. So much energy and if I'm


honest you came out here looking like you do that every day. That is


what tonight is about so congratulations on setting that


standard for yourself. Thank you. Where's your mum at? She's there!


Point out mummy! Thank you coaches, what an amazing way to start the


show. A huge round of applause for Matt! Off you go! So team Jessie has


three brilliant artists tonight and she must decide which one to take


straight through and then you can vote for one more and the lines will


open at the end of the show. Next up from Team Jessie it's Ash. E That


was mind-blowing. Thank you for being such... Before The Voice I was


teaching children with special needs which I loved. He is a singer like


Tom Jones. How is it there, I haven't been for a while. They have


got pavements and everything. show is forcing me to fight my


biggest fear, which is being judged for physical appearance. There was a


point where I nearly pulled out, because I didn't believe in myself.


I'm glad I decided to come back and I'm happy with where the


competition's taking me. It is an amazing example that doubt is not


something you should live with. Let it be on the shelf and let your


dreams be on the table. # Your dreams... The person I'm taking


through to the lives is Ash! Thank you so much for this opportunity.


You need to be confident with yourself. I know what you're saying.


But to get that perfect vocal out, I can't do anything. The people


watching at home are the people who are going to buy your tickets. He


needs to believe in himself and start to realise that it is not just


the voice that will pull him through, it is confidence. I still


have insecurities and I'm being judged and now it is putting my


confidence to the test. Stepping up now singing Lego House for a place


build a Lego house. # If things go wrong we can knock it down. # My


three words have two meanings, There's one thing on my mind. It's


all for you. # And it's dark in a cold December, but I've got you to


keep me warm. # If you're broken I will mend you and I'll keep you


sheltered from the storm that's raging on now. # I'm out of touch,


I'm out of love. # I'll pick you up when you're getting down. # And out


of all these things I've done I think I love you better now. # I'm


out of sight, I'm out of mind. # I'll do it all for you in time. #


And out of all these things I've done I think I love you better now.


# Don't hold me down. # I think my braces are breaking, and it's more


than I can take. # And it's dark in a cold December, but I've got you to


keep me warm. # touch, I'm out of love. I'll pick you up when you're


getting down. And out of all these things I've done I will love you


better now. # And out of all these things I've done I think I love you


better now. I'm out of sight, I'm out of mind. I'll do it all for you


in time. And out of all these things I've done I think I love you better




Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Ash. Listen to that reaction, Ash.


Take it in. Jessie was lucky enough to get front row earlier, now


everyone has seen you front row for what you are. How was that for you?


Just incredible. Amazing. Thank you so much. Thank you. Jessie, you


managed not to leave your seat. It looked like you are in tears?


shaking. For me, I'm going to say it, that is the best vocal


experience we have ever seen on The Voice ever! What about that? Words


escape me. So good. Will, let us come to you. Who picked that song?


It was me and Jessie together. song selection. .The progression


gave you room to, you know, show your wonderful talent. Like,


seriously, you've got like this quality in your voice that is just


so natural and pristine and divine. And, you know, I see you at the


Grammies, I see you at the Brits. You're like the real deal there.


Thank you, Will. Danny, you can see why he was yessy Fast Pass? Yes, you


have a God-given gift. A great singer. You picked up on all of


Jessie's facial experiences. I have been practicing Jessie's face for


months. # Yeah, yeah, yeah... #


It works. It's weird to think he had confidence issues, you didn't see


any of that from that performance? No. He was full of confidence in


that one. I'm sure all of Wales will be proud of you. You did a great


job. Thank you Tom, thank you coaches, let's hear it one last time


Sarah. I'm a part-time model, I just like get glammed up. I love


modelling. All I've ever wanted to be is a singer. Now in my 30's this


could be my last chance. After years of setbacks, I think my confidence


took a knock. So, I found this performance tough. But, half way


through I was saying - I'm not ready to go home. I'm blown away by your


performance. The winner of this knockout is the Sarah. I can't


actually believe I'm this far. so blown away by your performance.


Jessie has given my chance. I need to show her she made the right


decision. Is coming down for the live shows to be in the audience?


mum is going to come. Amazing.My mum has many so many sacrifices she


has been taking to me to auditions, making me costumes, doing anything


to help my career. I wouldn't have it any other way because she's my


wee Princess. My mum has had two strokes. Sometimes I'm getting


scared I'm running out of time and my mum won't see me achieving my


dream. Did you think I would get to my point? It's a massive


opportunity. Will be massive that her mum is there. I want to show my


mum all her years of supporting me haven't gone to waste. Sing Singing


Love Sensation, it's Sarah. # Woh-oh-oh-oh-oh


# Time won't take my love, away... # Sensation, you got me burning up


with your love # Love sensation


# Love sensation, oh, it's got me in a spin


# It's such a hot sensation # I feel like I know you so well


# When you hold me closer, it 's so, so nice


# That you got me burning up with your


# Love sensation, oh-oh, yeah # Sweet sensation


# I can't find the words to explain # You're such a hot sensation


# You just walk right in and take me away


# You got the kind of lips that touch me, yeah, oh


# All I want to say is, thank you, baby, because your right on time


# Oh-oh like nobody else oh-oh-oh... # Time won't take my love...


# Love away # Yoooou! #


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Ladies and gentlemen, I give you


Sarah. Come down here you sexy thing. Oh, my goodness, look at how


cute she looks. I have bottom envy. Show one you are coming out here in


five inch heels, strutting around the stage, how was it? It was


absolutely amazing. Loved it?I loved it. The crowd were so


supportive. I could feel the energy from them. Danny, I'm guessing you


liked that for a few reasons? yeah, why me? I thought staging was


brilliant. Great song choice. You have a high nsally tone. I thought


the approach on the song, the higher you went the more I wanted you to


stay in your lower register. Maybe just song choice. That is just my


opinion. Other than that, staging was brilliant and you do have a


lovely voice. Thank you, Danny. Tom, she hit some big notes in that song?


Definitely. I thought it showed your range off tremendously, myself. That


is not an easy thing to do when you go up there like that. It's


fantastic. To keep control like you did, with that song, I loved it. I


enjoyed it. Thank you. Jessie you are agreeing? I agree. People don't


understand how hard it is to sing a song that way with that range, in


shoes like that on a live TV show. I have enjoyed watching you as a fan


progress. You are the biggest progression I've seen. You are


becoming an artist day after day. It's so amazing to watch. So, well


done. Thank you Jessie, finally, Will, let us come to you? Every time


I see you sing, I regret not turning around at the Blinds. I wish I would


have turned around. Tonight, was another one of those nights where I


wish I would have turned around you sounded fantastic. You look, super


fantastic! You sounded super fantastic. You sounded super


fantastic. All in all, super fantastic. Thank Thank you., the


spotlight is on Jessie. She must decide which member of her team is


quaranteed a Fast Pass into next week's semi-final. Here they are,


decision to make. What did you think of your team tonight? You know what.


I don't see this... Let's not do that. Let's not do that. Guys, guys.


Come on, let's not do that. Tonight isn't about shouting out names.


Everybody here is an artist tonight. I know you guys have opinion. This


is just part of the show. It's part of the format. This isn't hard for


me. I know I will go to gigs of every single one of these people on


stage. Thank you for this time. I just had to say that. It is decision


time. It is.Who is getting your Fast Pass straight through to next


the person? If you would.I want to talk to you guys first. The person


I'm going to be taking through to the semi-finals is Ash. So there you


go, Ash is the first person on Team Jessie. Well done. Congratulations.


Go down and give Jessie a massive hug and talk to Reggie in the V


Room. Put your hands together for Ash. Go and celebrate.There he


and Sarah, there is one crucial place left on Jessie's team, who


gets it is up to you. Lines will open after all of our artists have


performed. Here are the numbers you will need to vote for your second


you two. Reggie is up in the V Room. Join him right now. Give them a huge


round of applause as they go. Thank you so much, Holly, I'm joined by


man who has every reason to celebrate. He deserves some noise.


Make some noise for Ash. Congratulations, going through to


the semi-finals. How are you feeling? On top of the world.


Incredible. Everyone is saying how amazing you were. How does that


feel? Weird. Amazing, really weird. I have heard you gave the high note


in the middle of your performance a name. What is that about? I call it


my Patti note. Did Did you hit it tonight? I hope I did.Can we have


some noise for this man. Fantastic tonight. Here are the rest of the


team, Matt, Sarah, up you come. They are having a chat. Make some noise


for Team Jessie, please. All three have been fantastic tonight. OK, I


was saying that everyone online was talking about Ash's voice and his


performance. In second place would have to be spandex. Everyone is


talking about these trousers. Did you enjoy being on the stage. Have


you enjoyed working with Jessie so far? It's been a dream come true.


She has brought out my confidence. She believed in me from the start.


It's a huge honour. I just felt at home on that stage. It was amazing.


Fantastic. Matt, you rocked the stage. How was opening the show


tonight? Incredible to open the show and to be given that opportunity,


thank you to the BBC, wicked. thanking the BBC. He is such a


polite man. Luck to both of you for later on. Remember to keep your


comments coming in. Make some noise for these guys, it's Team Jessie.


Come on. Holly, back to you. The standard has been set, now, it's


Team Tom's turn to show us what they're made of. They're the most


individual singers on the show. I think I have got three great


choices. I have the beautiful Alys, who is a wonderful singer. The tone


of her voice sound very human. I love it. That's good.And I have


Joseph, a power house singer. He can sing anything you put in front of


him in a unique way and I have got Mike, who is a country singer. He's


got his own individual sound. And he's a good-looking kid. So he ticks


all the box. I'm delighted with my final team of three. They're all


great singers and I need to see who the greatest one is. So far so good,


Tom, your team can hear you backstage now and I imagine they're


feeling nervous. Any advice? Well to each one, just do the best you can


and be yourself. And don't get thrown, because there are millions


of people watching. Don't say that! Everyone feeling the same way. We


are all in the same boat and we are all feeling nervous. But to each one


I just hope that I picked the right one to go through, the fast pass. So


that is up to them, whoever comes out the strongest. Thank you and


here we go, first to represent Team Tom, it's Alys. Sometimes E believe


that I'm in the live quarter finals. You're the last female on my team.


That is nice. I wanted to audition this year, because I knew last year


I hadn't done my best. The nerves just took over.# It's empty in the


valley of your heart # I think this time it feels right. And all four


said to me, I knew he had that. I can't believe you all turned around.


Every performance, I feel like I'm growing with confidence. I have to


go for Alys. That is one of the proudest moments of my life. She is


a grafter. What do you think of when you're singing? I think of my


children, because I miss them a lot. I don't think she short-changes


being a mother and being a performer. It is difficult when you


have got twins, but I'm with them most of the day and when I go to --


they go to bed, I work on the sings. # I will change my ways! I want this


more than anything, just so I can sort of provide a better life for me


and my children. If Alys can't touch you, emotionally, then you had


better look into your own emotions and sort yourself out! Well hoping


to impress you I thinking Is This right. # I wanna love you every day


and every night. # We'll be together with a roof right over our heads. #


We'll share the shelter of my single bed. # Is this love - is this love -


is this love - # Is this love that I'm feelin'? # Is this love - is


this love - is this love - # Is this love that I'm feelin'? # I wanna


know - wanna know - wanna know now! # I wanna love you - I wanna love


and treat - love and treat you right. # I wanna love you every day


and every night. # Is this love - is this love - is this love - # Is this


love that I'm feelin'? # Is this love - is this love - is this love -


# Is this love that I'm feelin'? # Come and join me. I hope those are


happy tears? Yes, I just heard my children singing in the back and it


makes me emotional. Fine, they will be watching. Do you want too say


anything to them. Hi there.They will be proud of their much and Tom


is looking proud as well. Definitely. Beautiful Alys.


Beautiful singing. Really lovely. She's not yours, but you were on


your feet. Whey love is the proof of how great coaching and an artist as


dedicated can become so amazing that last series came and none of us


turned around and this year we all turned around and now I'm watching


what I think could be one of ten songs in a set of a concert very


soon. So it is just like so nice to see that. So amazing vocal. Well


good for you. Whun someone takes a classic song and alters it, it is


risky. I applaud you on your bravery and in executing it amazingly. And


you look like... I love London and you look like you're singing on top


of a cloud. You looked amazing. Thank you, Will. Danny, Alys has


such a unique sound. I'm a huge fan of your voice. I had my eyes closed


listening. I'm hoping that performance was enough and two


people don't come out and smash it after that with high energy to ruin


your chances. That is all I would say. Other than that, a beautiful


performance. Thank you. Alys, well done. You were brilliant. One more


give one of them a fast pass into the semi final and then you can vote


for one more to stay in the competition and lines will open once


everyone has performed. Next from Team top, it's Joseph. When I stood


on the stage, I said to myself, you can do this. Just sing your heart


out and think that someone will turn around. And someone did. Being on


The Voice such a big deal for me. It is also a big deal for my family. I


don't think I could have done it without their support. He's a lovely


man and he is a humble man. Everyone loves him. As a family, we are close


and supportive of each other. They know how much it means to me.


have seen a great change in him, he is more sure of himself. Joseph!I


love Tom Jones and I can make one for him. Have prepared something for


you. Spring rolls. I will have them for lunch! No problem. My mum can


now say she cooked for Tom Jones. I'm in awe of Tom Jones, with him


being a legend. Your love keeps lifting me higher, Jackie Wilson


song. Yes?It's a fella. Is it? It is an opportunity that comes once in


a lifetime and I want to prove that he made the right choice for me to


be in his team. Singing Higher k app higher, it is Joseph -- singing


I've ever been lifted before So keep it it up Quench my desire And I'll


be at your side, forever more # You know your love (your love keeps


lifting me) # Keep on lifting (love keeps lifting me) # Higher (lifting


me) # Higher and higher (higher) # I said your love (your love keeps


lifting me) # Keep on (love keeps lifting me) # Lifting me (lifting


me) # Higher and higher (higher). # That's why. # You know your love #


Keep on lifting (love keeps lifting me) # Higher (lifting me) # Higher


and higher (higher) # I said your love (your love keeps lifting me) #


Keep on (love keeps lifting me) # Lifting me (lifting me) # Higher and


higher (higher). # Understand I was down hearted # Disappointment was my


only friend # But then you came and soon departed # And I never seen his


face again # That's why your love keeps on lifting me higher # Higher


and higher! # That's why your love # Keeps on lifting me # Higher and


higher! # That's why your love # Keeps on lifting # Me higher #


Higher and higher! # That's why your love keeps on lifting me # Higher


Come here. Congratulate wakeses, wow, this is a big stage and you


need a big voice to fill it. I think we found it. Everyone was on their


feet. The coaches were dancing. What did you make of that? So the other


day I was talking to my best friend and Peel is -- Apple is the coach on


the Voice Philippines, he said Joseph is my favourite. And I got to


say Joseph... Out of Tom's team, you, I have just sent a tweet out


-you are my favourite. How does that feel? Thank you.Jessie? It is


always good when your sound matches your suit. Your jacket matches the


screams, it was very matching and I love that. I just love how much I


think you're becoming your voice. I think you're finding places and


you're going oh I can go there? That is amazing. But I want to see it in


your body. Like gie it to me. -- give it to me, performance-wise,


take it there. I understand. You can do that? I believe next week you


will be able to show us that. You're such an oddity, a person from


the Philippines on a UK show, sounding like an American soul


singer. I believe it was a bit stiff, but I think you're coming out


of your shell. Next week I think you will be right on it.


Congratulations, that was great. Tom, it is hard to believe when you


hear h voice that behind the scenes he is quite shy. Yes, she is a -- he


is a shy person. I wanted to get him out of his comfort zone. He's great


ballad singer. I wanted people to hear him do the ballad and then up


tempo. I was worried, because he is out of his comfort zone, but he did


it, he came forward and kept in time, like I told him to do. Thank


you coaches. You will find out your fate in a lilt bit. But give him a


huge round of applause. It is then he must make the biggest


decision yet, and it's Mike. Being on The Voice is life-changing.


Before I was unemployed, looking for work and writing songs in my


bedroom. I was watching The Voice 12 months ago, I said, "you could go on


there." He said, "no." She posted a song. Here I am now. Two years ago


on my birthday was the first time I heard him sing. I thought he was


brilliant. He didn't. He thought he wasn't good enough. My mum is my


biggest song. She is always, "sing this song." If I go out to karaoke


she pushes me to get up. She drives me mad. God love her. I wanted


everyone else to hear him, to know how good he is. To use Will's


expression, it was "fresh." I gave Mike the Fast Pass because I felt he


deserved it and to give him confidence. I don't think he


realised how good he. Is Thank you so much. It means a lot to me.


reason that I saved you is because you sound different from anybody


else on the show. You will be the first country singer, I feel, that


this country has ever had. I never would have expected a lad from


Salford being on team's team. I lie awake at night, sometimes it doesn't


feel real. Singing When I Was Your Man. It's Mike.


# Same bed, but it feels just a little bit bigger now


# Our song on the radio, it doesn't sound the same


# When our friends talk about you, all that it does is just tear me


down # Because my heart breaks a little


when I hear your name # And it all just sounds like oh,


oh, oh # Too young, too dumb to realise


# That I should have brought you flowers and held your hand


# I should have gave you all my hours, when I had the chance


# Take you to every party cause all you wanted to do was dance


# Now my baby is dancing, but she's dancing with another man. Although


it hurts, I'll be the first to say I was wrong


# I know I'm probably much to late to try and apologise for my mistakes


# But I just want you to know # I hope he buys you flowers


# I hope he holds your hand # Gives you all his hours when he


has a chance # Takes you to every party because I


remember how much you loved to dance # Do all the things I should have


done, when I was your man. # CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mike. Look at you. Oh, handsome, all


here on the telly. I bet there are millions of women at home saying,


"you can hold my hand and buy me flowers." Was it everything you


thought it would be? Brilliant. Loved every minute of it. First,


Jessie. Your hair looks very good. Doesn't he, I agree. Talking about


long hair! I know. I might grow mine back like that. The song choice is


really, really good. Really well thought through. Yeah. I think if


you are in the competition next week, I said it before to Joseph, I


want to feel your performance a little bit more, feel the song a


little bit more. It was a little, kind of, blank. Your voice sounded


great. Yeah, it's just my opinion. Vocally it was great. That's all.


Thank you, Jessie. Tom, he was your Fast Pass at the knockout round. You


did that because you wanted him to believe in himself. Is he starting


to do that now? Yes, I think so. He did a good job. To take a pop song


like that, a Bruno Mars song, and do something different with it, which


Mike did, he made it a country song. You hear in that song there is


country roots in there that you normal wouldn't have heard with


somebody else singing it. Mike brought that to life. He was


confident and he sounded great. Danny, the UK's first country star,


could it be Mike? I thought it was a fantastic song choice. I thought you


were nervous, more nervous than I heard you sound before. My advice


would be, if you are going to be stagnant on stage let your face tell


the story. I a thought it was a little bit blank, but otherwise it


was great. Will, let us come to you? I thought the sentiment of the song


you brought exactly what the song needed. So... As far as what Danny


said, I don't agree. I thought you were spectacular with that. But, to


what Tom says, as far as I take that Bruno Mars song, that song sounds


like a country song. You really just put the glue on it to make it...


That was really, really fresh. And, when you hit all the amazing things


like, "when you had a chance." You sound country. Soon Tom must decide


which of his artists is quaranteed a place in next week's semi-final.


Here they are. Tom, talk us through your artists one by one. Alys is a


beautiful singer, she showed it tonight. Really warm. The three


things with the three singers, they are different from one another. It's


very difficult to pick because they are so different. Each one of them,


I feel, is equally as strong as the other one. Tom, it is time to make


your decision. Who is getting your Fast Pass straight through to next


week's semi-final? I need a name? Well, the one that I'm going to take


semi-finalists. She goes straight through to next week. Joseph, come


here a second. How happy are you right now? I'm happy. I don't know


what to say. Wow! Don't say anything. Go give the big man a hug.


to be here next week, but they need you to vote for them. The lines will


open at the end of the show. Here Guys, there is nothing else you can


do. For the time being go up to Reggie there in the V Room. Alys and


Mike! Thank you so much Holly, congratulations to this man. Look at


that. He deserves another round of applause. Make some noise for


Joseph. He made his way straight through to the semi-finals. Everyone


online is talking about you and your family. They want to eat dinner


outside with you and your family. Looks like a great time. They can


come to my house and my mum will cook for them. Cooking for everyone


watching. Everyone.Are you OK with that? I think it's a yes. You can


download our brand new app called Voice Your Opinion. Here is one of


those questions now. Which asked which phrase should Joseph teach


Reggie in Filipino. The choices are: happy birthday Sir Tom Jones. It


looks like everybody is say "happy birthday Sir Tom Jones." SPEAKS of


FilipINO. There you are. Well done for your performance earlier on


Mike. Alys is getting a big hug. What do you think people have


thought of your country in Salford? I have massive support. Hopefully,


people will support me. I want to do this and get back on the stage.


done, show off that new hair cut. What makes it feel so much emotion?


When I sing that song I think of the children. I heard them on the VT. I


haven't seen them for a few days. It made me emotional. Good really


because I could feel and put all my emotion into the song. Did a great


job. Well done again to Team Tom. We want to know what you think. Get in


touch with us in the usual ways. Let us hear it for Team Tom one more


time. Holly, back to you. Next into the Arena say hello again to Team


Danny. At this stage of the competition you need to come out


guns blazing. I feel like I've got a few ba sdoobg yas in my pocket right


now. Mitchel can put on a show. Really powerful, really strong,


really confident, triple threat. Andrea wanted to fight. She doesn't


want to be given special treatment. She has the most angelic recording


voice. I have never met a singer who sings with the amount of passion.


Karl is a star. It's about connecting with me and the whole of


the UK now. That is what I need them to do. Step forward Team Danny. They


are up next. Danny, how do you think they will cope in this huge Arena?


think they are ready. I have had them in training, coming to Script


gigs and get a feel for what this will be like. Nothing I think can


prepare you for this. They are as ready for as much as they can be.


Good luck tonight. Thank Thank you. Up for Team Danny, it's Andrea.


Gooded to see you again. Good to see you to. What has been going on?


Keeping extremely busy. she is an absolute grafter. She works as a


civil servant, going for her masters in law. On top of that I also sit on


a board of trustees for blind people. I love being busy, but, for


me, music is something that I really want to make the focus and that's


why The Voice is so important to me. I definitely don't want to be


considered as the sympathy card. For me, it's all about music. That's why


I'm here. My Blind Audition was hilarious. I was standing there


thinking, this chatting is fun, I'm not sure whether anyone turned


around. Who turned around, myself and Tom. That is a relief. From my


first performance and in the knockout I feel I have got stronger


each time. I just hope that's a good you through, you took yourself


through. I don't think there is a greater test than the audience. This


is the ultimate test and I want to do the best I can. Singing Ho Hey it


living a lonely life # I have been sleeping here instead # Sleeping in


my bed # So tell me family # All the love that I would bleed # I don't


know where I belong # I don't know where I went wrong # But I can write


a song I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my Sweetheart # I


belong with you, you blog with me, you're my sweet. # And I don't think


you're right for him # Look at what it might have been if you # A bus to


China town # I'd be standing on canal and Bowery. # And she'd be


standing next to me # Because I belong with you, you belong with me,


you're my Sweetheart # I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my


Sweetheart # Love -we need it now. # Let's hope for some. # So we're


bleeding out. # I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my


Sweetheart. I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my... Sweet!


E Ladies and gentlemen I give you Andrea.Oh my goodness. You


absolutely brought the house down, even is on their house. That was the


best feeling in the world. Everyone was so fantastic and it was just...


Thank you everybody. Now, you said it would be your biggest test. Tom,


did she pass the test? Oh yes, I thought it was great. Danny, I guess


you have got goosebumps? fairness, I think that is the best


time you have sang that song and you saved it for here. You have a


special voice and I'm blessed to have you on my team. Thank you, Dan


y. So when she first started singing, the crowd wasn't saying


hey, I was like getting the whole crowd saying hey, I was conducting


the crowd, because you were rocking it! That was beautiful, that was so


nice to be front row and watch that. A great song choice. You have


obviously worked together. I felt like you were singing to Danny a


bit, I belong with you, and you belong with me! You know, it was her


song choice. She wanted to show a new side to her that she doesn't


just sing Ballards. -- ballads. was your song choice, even more


amazing. Voting lines will open once you at home, it's Mitchel. # I got


another cop fegs to make -- confession to make. I'm proud to say


I'm a fan of rock music. It notice just big hair, sweaty men, leather


jackets. For me, it is a huge release. The thing about the show in


general it has given me more confidence to try different stuff. I


think that's resonated with Danny in a good way. I wouldn't be here now


and be doing this if it wasn't for my dad. My dad is basically my


roadie, part-time manager, my best mate and somewhere between that.


He's my dad. Since The Voice has come along, Mitchel has grown up a


lot and become the rock star. I'm so proud of him, he is fabulous.


you doing man? It feel like my dad has passed on the baton. I have


taken him as farm as I can and now I require Danny to take him on to the


next level. You need to show you can sing. Everyone will say wow, he is


phenomenal. Radioactive! Singing radioactive for a place in the semi


wipe my brow and I sweat my rust. # I'm breathing in the chemicals. #


I'm breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus. #


This is it, the apocalypse. # Whoa. # I'm waking up, I feel it in my


bones. # Enough to make my systems blow. # Welcome to the new age, to


the new age. # Welcome to the new age, to the new age. # Whoa, whoa,


whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, I'm radioactive, radioactive. # Whoa,


whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, I'm radioactive, radioactive. # I


raise my flags, dye my clothes. # It's a revolution, I suppose. #


We're painted red to fit right in. # Whoa. # I'm breaking in, shaping up,


then checking out on the prison bus. # This is it, the apocalypse. #


Whoa. # I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones. # Enough to make my


systems blow. # I breaking up. Welcome to the new age, to the new


age, to the new age. Radioactive! # Oh my goodness me. I felt like you


just headlined your own gig. You're so at home. Did you enjoy that?


Jesus Christ that was amazing, I loved it. Well say sorry for that,


but I think you can understand the pressure he is under. That was the


electrifying. That's some... Some, that's some stuff! He's speechless.


I was stopping, because I almost said the S word. Mavenlg I said --


imagine I said that. I am looking forward to watching that back, I was


like I need to stand up. You're there, you're there and you're up


the stairs. You showed so much of yourself in like three minutes and


honestly... You know what I thought I would say this, how proud everyone


should be that's working on the show that how many different types of


music we have seen and how on point each one has been. That was amazing.


Not only does he have an amazing voice, but his performance and he is


engaging with the front row. That is port. -- important. You guys are


awesome. It wasn't quite enough energy for me! No, it was fantastic.


It was great. As Jessie said, you were all over the stage. For that


song the energy was tremendous. You were in tune and the whole thing was


great. Thank you. You said he needed to pull it out of bag. People can


line up now and buy tickets to the Mitchel show. I asked you to show


everything you have and you did it, man. You started off and everyone


thought it would be the slow version. We practiced again. That


was the best performance I have seen from you so far in this competition.


Thank you so much. Mitchel, be proud of yourself. It's Mitchel. Go and


get that front row! Look at that! That's a rock star! Here come Team


Danny's final artist, it's Karl. person I will take through to the


live shows is Karl Michael. Before The Voiss I felt like -- The Voice,


I felt like music was over and done for me. I have been signed twice,


dropped twice and ended up in a bed sit cleaning windows. I came here


knowing it was my last shot. But the auditions were a turning point in my


life. Now I'm in Danny's final three and it feels amazing. You threw me a


lifeline and I'm so grateful. are you? There is a lot of


expectation on this performance. I feel, because I have given the fast


pass there is more added pressure. Karl's been so close to making it


and it's been taken away. I can't take another knock back. I can't.


don't think I need to say anything more than the only thing that can


stop you is you. I play mind games with myself. I should just do what


I'm here to do. # Loved you for a thousand days # Beautiful.If I do a


bad performance I will get sent home and I will get sent back to nothing.


Everything depends on the next two minute, I singing a Thousand Years,


promises. # How to be brave? # How can I love when I'm afraid to fall.


# But watching you stand alone? # All of my doubt suddenly goes away


somehow. # I have died everyday waiting for you. # Darling don't be


afraid I have loved you. # For a thousand years. # I'll love you for


a thousand more. # Take away stand in front of me and every breath,


every hour has come to be. One step closer. # I have died every day


waiting for you. # Darling, don't be afraid, I have loved you. # For a


thousand years. # I'll love you for a thousand year more. # And all


along I believed I would find you. # Time has brought your heart to me. I


will love you for a thousand years. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Give up it for Karl. Well done. What's that? Normally, I would go to


the coaches at this point. I will come to you. I feel you are your


worst critic. How do you feel that went? I'm actually happy.Yeah.


That's good. Danny, let us come to you first. We worked all work on the


key change. My fingers were crossed. You delivered. You really delivered.


Everything I asked of you. All I asked was to leave everything on the


stage tonight. There are very few emotive singers like you on the


show. The hairs were standing up on the back of my neck. Don't know what


it was like at home. I'm proud. Very proud. Couldn't be happier. Will?


You sounded great. Because the song itself is so rhythmic that later is


Bert than earlier. You were early on some of the words. Getting used to


the ears. I didn't get my levels right. That was my only point. Other


than that, it was fantastic. When he sings you can feel how much he wants


it? Definitely. I think it was a powerful performance myself. I loved


the way it looked with church windows. The settings was great.


Perfect for the song. You delivered. . Jessie? You are here for a reason,


sir. Thank you.I feel you are on tough on yourself, let it go, be


free, you have a voice, allow yourself to do that. Enjoy yourself,


it's amazing. Thank you coaches. All the pressure is on Danny. He is


about to decide which member of his team will get a Fast Pass through to


the ANSMIT Dell next week's semi-final. Here they are. Danny,


tell me what you thought of your artists tonight? Heart-to-heart,


guys, you have gone beyond what I asked of you, every single one of


you. You know, Andrea, the leaps and bounds I've seen you come up with


from the frightened girl who stood there at the mike crow phone at the


Blind Auditions to what you did tonight, phenomenonal. Mitchell, you


said someone like you wouldn't have entered into a competition. It's a


testament to your talent you made it this far. You are stone cold


amazing. Incredible artist. Amazing. You have bits to learn, you are


getting there. Karl, you are so hard of yourself, you remind me of me. I


couldn't be more proud of you. I know your family are as as well.


it's decision time. Who is getting your Fast Pass and going straight


through to next week's semi-final? The person who is getting my Fast


there you go. Andrea is going straight through. Andrea, can you


believe it? I really can't, Holly. Oh, my goodness. I just actually


can't string a sentence together. Worry. Come back next week and we


will do it all again. Put your hands together for Andrea. Thank you,


Danny. Well done. Stay here with me. OK, only one member of Team Danny


can come back next week. Who goes through is up to you. Lines open at


the end of the show. Here are the numbers you need to vote for your


now, go up and see Reggie. Give the boys a huge round of applause,


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Thank you so much, Holly. Everyone


online is talking about someone who is in one of our coaches' chairs


tweeting. You got everyone going at home. Are you pleased you did


something up tempo? I'm really pleased, Reggie. This was the


ultimate test for me. I wanted to show everyone I could do it. I


wanted to show myself I could do it. It looks like I've proved that to


Danny anyway. You got the Fast Pass. You go straight through to the


semi-final. Do you have the confidence to believe you can go all


the way? There is a lot of ground work to be done yet. I'm not going


to get complacent at this stage. It's amazing to be here for another


week. I want to thank Danny for putting me through. It's fantastic.


Make some noise for and an one more time. It's Karl and Mitchel. You are


the youngest person in our competition. You had the confidence


to get this whole place going. How good did you feel about that?


incredible. I feel as if I put in a more controlled performance. I


wanted to show people I could do something contemporary. The I'm so


proud to represent alternative rock music. That's all I can ask for.


were great. Karl, you are a self-confessed perfectionist. The


guys have given you positive feedback, are you believing in


yourself? I'm happy with the performance. Yeah. There is always


room for improvement. So... You were great. Could we have some noise for


Team Danny one more time, ladies and gentlemen. All of the artists have


recorded a version of their performances tonight. If you want to


down loud them go to the voice website. 20p per download goes to


the BBC Performing Arts Fund charity. Easy for you to say! Now


back to Holly. They have watched, they have waited. Now they are here.


It's Team Will. My team are superb. I could be in a group with them. It


would be pretty spectacular. Cleo is dynomite. Her execution, skill,


tonality. She is a superstar. Leanne is great, she can do it all. Power,


ballads, she can do rock even. As soon as she realises her power,


watch out! Leah is enchanting. If she had music out right now, I would


be her biggest fan. It's going to be pretty difficult to give a Fast Pass


to only one of those three girls. I don't want to think about it now.


OK, it is the turn of Will-i-am and his team. Will, are you and your


team ready for this? This is the biggest night of the competition so


far for them and you? I think every single one of the singers on my team


are ready to slice, dice because they sing super nice. They've got


that spice and I don't eat rice because I'm gluten-free. I don't eat


rice any more. I can't wait for Cleo. She is going to smash it.


Leanne is cherry the pot. Leah is going to set it off. Let's do this.


First up for Team Will is Leanne. I'm a normal girl from Essex. Before


The Voice I was running a pub. It fell through so I had to move back


in with my mum. I have to share a room with her. It's not ideal. I


will be out of your hair soon, mum! 2013 has been the craziest year of


my life. I turned around first. turned around cooler! I will go for


Will-i-am. I have been to Ten Downing Street. Southend, my town,


they are bidding for it to be City of Culture. Felt like Martine


McCutcheon out of Love Actually! Leanne, she is like the four


seasons, she can do it all. She the man, the wo-man! I'm going to choose


Leanne. My family are so proud. This doesn't happen to our family.


is your driver speaking. I'm trying to build up a big Essex fan base for


Leanne. Please vote for Leanne. Thank you. I know it's a cliche to


say I'm proud of Leanne, but I'm so proud. I can't get no more prouder


than I am. She's fantastic. I have a lot more to show. I just want to go


out there and make myself proud, and my dad. Hoping to impress Will and


you at home singing Where Have You # Oh-oh-oh-oooooh


# I've been everywhere, man # Looking for someone


# Someone who can please me # Love me all night long


# I've been everywhere, man # Looking forking you babe


# Looking for you babe # Searching for you babe


# Where have you been? # Cause I never see you out


# Are you hiding from me, yeah? # Somewhere in the crowd


# Where have you been all my life, all my life?


# I've been looking everywhere, man # Looking forking someone


# Someone who can please me # Love me all night long


# I've been everywhere, man # Looking for you babe


# Searching for you baby # Where have you been?


# Somewhere in the crowd # Oh, yeah, yeah


# Where have you been all my life, CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Give it up for Leanne. How was that for you? Really surreal. I have been


wanting to do this for so, so long. So surreal. I feel so happy I've


done it and not fallen over. didn't fall over. You were


conducting the whole thing, Will? There is a lot of people hitting


high notes. I think that was the ice note. You just like, bam! Really,


I'm so proud of you. You rocked it. You looked fresh. You sung it. We


took a while to get the song choice. It was perfect for the energy


tonight. You brought the energy. A lot of people brought energy. You


really brought crazy freaking energy. Danny? You brought the


energy, all around you was going energetic. I would like to see you


moving more. I understand hitting those high notes you don't want to


mess with your diaphragm. I thought it was a weird song choice, and you


did the best with it. Jessie. don't think that was a great song


choice. I think it was good, I don't think it was great. I wanted to be


current for you, Jessie. I tried to do a current song. Yeah. It was a


current song. I agree with Danny. For me you should push yourself and


challenge yourself and wear something you feel you can move in.


I know how I'm on stage. Singing a song like that. I wanted to... I


would love to do a dance routine and bust it out. I would love to do


that. Because it's The Voice I didn't want to ruin any vocals.


time one of my Seiningers danced she told her she danced too much for me


it was perfect. You are here next week, maybe you can do that. Tom, a


final word from you. Final word from me. Well, I think she made more of


that song than is in the song. She sang... Sung the stuffing out of it,


or words to that effect. Let us end is there. Thank you Tom, thank you


coaches and Leanne. Big round much tonight oes artists have been sung.


Now on Team Will, it is Cleo. E too. I'm a trained chef and a pastry


chef. I'm always busy, but I have never given up singing. Singing is


my world. I'm blown away, you were doing things, like I want to know


how to do that. Feel like Michael Jackson and Germaine left the group.


So already have success and then audition for a competition is hard.


So hats off to Cleo for that. You are a seasoned freaking artist.


Leave me alone girl! # Leave me alone. I want the whole world to


hear her. It gives me drive to keep going. I love my mum all the way up


and higher past heaven. I didn't know Cleo was a mum, because because


she has baby teeth. As do I. I'm a bit rigid when it comes to being


professional to be able to bring my person side to the still a is


difficult -- stage is difficult. want to convey your words but in the


Cleo Higgins way. I came to The Voice to define myself as an artist.


She is a match. -- natural. I didn't put her through because of that, I


put her through, because she's a solo star. Singing Imagine it is


easy if you try. # No hell below us. # Above us only sky. # Imagine all


the people living for today. # Imagine there's no countries. # It


isn't hard to do. # Nothing to kill or die for. # And no religion too. #


Imagine all the people living life but I'm not the only one. # I hope


some day you'll join us # And the for Cleo. Well done you! Thank you.


That is a huge, huge song, did you enjoy that? Yes I did.Just a bit


speechless now? Just shaky.Let's go straight to Will. That was elegant,


graceful, enjoyable... Music to my ears. It was soothing. It was


someone who loves what they do. Somebody that has you know poise and


tenacity and just strength, but then singing this wonderful song that is


a classic and you did it wonderfully, thank you so much for


being a part of my team. Thank you, Will. Jessie? I fell like you grew


into that. The last 30 seconds, I was wow, your range at the end was


just so on point. It was incredible. I'm excited that I have recorded


this at home and I'm going to watch it in my pajamas with no make up on


and just enjoying it, chilling. Danny? I won't lie, when I heard you


were doing Imagine, the Beatles are my favourite band, I was scared.


was too. But you blew it out of the ballpark. It was incredible. Some


incredible comments or the you there. So let's give her a huge


round of applause. It is Cleo. And your train. I will be your bride's


maid. Will has one artist left before he must decide who gets the


fast car into the semi final. Here started for me, Belfast, and for


even to be it is so exciting. has had always had a bubbly


personality. She is small in stature, but inside she is a giant.


No one in the charts soundses like you. She is fund and even in what


she wares, she say, I want to look back and that was awful. I think she


will have her wish. Sometimes we don't need to look back, we can look


now and say it's awful. I had to buy these! Working with Will has been


unbelievable. Like we get on really well. Doing Miss fantastic? I think


because we are both a bit weird. That is ill. Ill's good right?Ill


is like infectious. She is putting Belfast on the map in a serious,


cool creative way. Mariah Carey heard you sing, she will be like,


Danning! I wish I could sing like that still. You're pretty freaking


fabulous. Thank you so much. I hope the public take to Leah. But as for


us, we just love her. Proud of her any way. Singing I Will Survive,


thousand love # I will survive. # I will survive # At first I was afraid


# I was petrified. # Kept thinking I could never live # without you by my


side. # But then I spent so many nights # thinking how you did me


wrong. # And I grew strong. # And I learned how to get along. ! # And


you will see me, somebody knew. I'm not that chained up girl who's still


in love with you # I am saving all my loving for someone who's loving


me # Go on now go, walk out that door # Just turn around now, boy,


because you're not welcome in my life, no. # Weren't you the one who


tried to hurt me with goodbye, did you think I'd crumble, did you think


I would lay down and lie? # Oh no, not I, I will survive, I will


survive! # Weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye. # Did


you think I'd crumble, did you think Leah! Come here. Oh my goodness,


little Miss fantastic! That was so... Fantastic. Not for you, for


them. Will? Check the love. I know. Well... I know you're hearing it and


it speak for himself. What do you want to say about that? So let me


say one thing. I think all of the UK and everyone else is going to watch


this performance online, have just witnessed the... Best singer in a


freaking long time! Incredible, Tom what did you make of that? She has


an incredible voice and the crowd says that. I haven't heard people


stamp that loud since last year when I had Ruth Brown and people got that


excited and she's done the same thing. She is exciting. Danny, one


word? Amazing. You were the last person out tonight and you still


came out and you kicked butt. Was that better? We don't have long. I


want to say we are going to get asked as coaches what makes this


show different from other shows -that! Now our coaches thank you.


Will has only one fast pass and three girls are hoping foirt. Let's


bring your team back out. Welcome back Team Will! So, Will, they are


up there on stage. Talk us through your girls. Come forward, slightly,


for me, ladies. Talk me through the girls, Will? OK. Hello! So, first


of, Leanne, the jam. And the jelly. She was just amazing. Really,


honestly. I loved your performance. You did great, you smashed it -


boom. Cleo, such a hard, you know, reality of a song to sing because


most people don't have the balls or the guts to sing Imagine. You did it


and you did it so wonderful that everybody on Twitter is like - wow,


she did it amazing! Leah, finally? Um, Leah... It's just CHEERING.


Words fail. OK, Will, it is decision time. Who is getting your Fast Pass


straight through to next week's semi-final? Who is it going to be,


Will, I need a name? The person that I'm going to be giving... I need a


name. The person I will be putting through, hold on, please, seriously,


the music is playing. It's getting serious! I'm tweeting. So, you don't


know who I'm looking at, I'm zooming in. I think Twitter may found out


before we do! I really need a name, please. Say it? Will! It's Leah.


Leah goes through to the semi-final. Well done Leah. I need you to go


down there and give that naughty CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


OK, there is only one place left on Team Will, now both of these artists


want it. Who gets it is up to you. Lines will open very shortly. Here


head back to the V Room with Reggie. You two, head up there as well. A


big round of applause to Team Will. Thank you so much, Holly. Look at


this lady. She look looks shocked. She has no reason to be shocked,


that was fantastic. Can we hear it for her one more time. Everyone


online are saying how blown away they were. You were worried about


being on stage alone. You painted something on your nails? I had stick


men so I could have friends on stage. Were great out there. People


were going nuts. You have been voicing your opinion on our app. We


asked this, Leah is famous for her high notes. Who can sing lower,


Reggie or Leah. You first. # Looo... #


# Looow... # Thank you very very much. Is the


rest of Will's team. Give them a round of -- applause everyone. You


were worried about your wardrobe? was intimidated by the song because


it's John Lennon. I looked like a horse. They had to cut half a meter


off it so I could turn it. How did you find your performance? I loved.


It it has been a dream for so long. To do it on the live show of a


programme like this is amazing. It's been my dream. Good luck to you


both. Give it up for Team Will one more time. Holly, back to to you. .


All four coaches have given one of their members of their team a fast


past straight through to next week's semi-final. They made their


decisions. The power is yours as the line is open. Calls cost 35p from


mobiles and BT land lines, other networks may vary. From each vote a


minimum of 10p will go to the BBC perform Performing Arts Fund


charity. For more information please visit To help


you decide, here are all the # You're right on time


# Oh-oh # I want nobody else


# Oh-oh-oh-o-... # # This love that I'm feel feeling


# Is this love # Is this love that I'm feel feeling


# Take you to any party because all you wanted to do was dance


# Now my baby's dancing, but she's dancing with another man


# Welcome to the new age # Oh-oh


# I will love you for a thousands years


# Love you for a thousands more # Oooooooh!


# And we will live as one Remember the one artist from each


team with the most public votes is quaranteed to go through to next


week's semi-final. There are four teams. You have four choices to help


save your favourite on each team, to make it through to the final.


It's my pleasure to welcome back four people who know how that feels.


It's the finalists of The Voice 2 12. -- 2 12.


# I worry about you # I haven't been sleeping at night


# I ain't eating # I just worry about you


# I worry about you # I worry about you, baby


# I worry about you... # # Oh-oh


# Woah # The bills aren't paid


# It's getting late # I have the world on my shoulders


# They say I'm to blame # My brother is on the cokecola


# I know I'm going to make it # As long as there's


# It's you and me income oh, oh, oh, # When I needed you


# Couldn't even find # And another place


# You told me to # When I had my eyes close closed


# If you walk outside me # You made me love to


# I didn't want to # You were never ready to save me...


# It's the pride in me # You're another lasting memory


# I need to shake because your suffocating me


# You shut me down # You blew me out


# I need to stand my ground # It's the pride in me


# That makes you history # So what if love runs deep


# You're just not me # So set me free


# When I fail to prove you wrong # You thought I'd give in


# I won't be coming back you see # So baby set me free


# So set me, set me free # You're another lasting memory


# You see it's just the pride in CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Wow. Thank you so much, guys. Giving it up one last time for Tyler,


Vince, Bo and Leanne! Mitt watching all of these amazing artist


has been an inspiration to you, here is all you need to know to apply for


The Voice 2014. The vocal ability to deliver a blinding audition? Could


you battle your way to a knockout performance. That was mega dope.The


answer, yes, head to our website to apply for The Voice series three.


Applications close on June 23rd 2013. Our stage is waiting, all it


needs is you. Here's your chance - GO! If you would like to download


versions of performances tonight please go to The Voice website for


details. At least 20p per download goes to the BBC Performing Arts Fund


charity. You need to sign up for the Voice UK 2014. We have four artists


confirmed for next week's semi-final. There are four more


places waiting to be filled. Will, Team Jessie, Team Tom and Team Danny


have done all they. Can We will be back with our results show soon. One


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