16/02/2017 100 Days


As President Trump takes office, BBC News teams in Washington and London report on the events that are shaping our world.

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minutes. Five! I want to find a friendly reporter! We will dip out


now it is time 100 days. Hello and welcome to 100 days, President Trump


comes out fighting, I inherited a mess, he says. He claims the press


is out of control. ...


REPORTER: What we are concerned about, what we haven't really heard


being addressed is semitism and how the government is planning to take


care the government is planning to take


care of it. A report is out that 48 bomb threats have been made against


Jewish centres across the country in the last couple of weeks. People who


are committing - You see he said he was going to ask a very simple


question. It's not. It's not. That is not an easy question. Sit down. I


understand the rest of your question. Here's the story, folks.


Number one, I'm the least anti-Semitic person you have ever


seen in your entire life. Number two, racism, the least racist


person. In fact, we did very well, relative to other people, running as


a Republican - quiet. Quiet. You see he lied. He was going to get up and


ask a straight simple question - welcome to the world of the media.


Let me tell you that I hate the charge, I find it repulsive. I hate


even the question because people that know me, you heard the Prime


Minister, you heard Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday, did you hear


him? He said, "I've known Donald Trump for a long time" then he said,


"for get it" you should take that instead of getting up and asking an


insulting question. It shows you about the press. That is the way the


press is. REPORTER: Our national security and


immigration, can you give us more details on the executive order you


plan for next week? It's a fair question. In addition on the


programme for immigration. What is your plan? Do you plan to continue


that programme or to end it We are going to show great heart. It's a


very difficult subject for me. I will tell you. It's one of the most


difficult subjects I have. You have these incredible kids in many cases,


not in all cases. In some of the cases they are are gang members and


drug dealers, too. But you have some absolutely incredible kids. I would


say mostly. They were brought here in such a way... It's a very, very


tough subject. We are going to deal with it with heart. I have to deal


with a lot of politicians, don't forget. I have to convince them what


I'm saying is right. I appreciate your understanding on that. The Daca


situation is a very difficult thing for me because, you know, I love


these kids. I love kids. I have kids and grandkids, and I find it very,


very hard doing what the law says exactly to do. You know, the law is


rough. I'm not talking about new laws. I'm talking about the existing


law, it's very rough, it's very, very rough. As far as the new order.


The new order will be tailored to what I consider to be a very bad


decision, but we can tailor the order to that decision and get


everything, sometimes more. We are tailoring it to the decision. Some


of the best lawyers in the country are working on it. The new executive


order is being tailored to the decision we got down from the court.


OK. REPORTER:... She does a lot of great


work for the country. There will be a level of interest in your


administration. Opening the White House visitors office what does that


mean to you? That is what I call a nice question. That is very nice.


Who are you with? Good, I will start watching. Thank you very much. We


had dinner with Senator rouble Yeo and had discussion about Cuba. We


have similar views on Cuba. Cuba was good for me in the Florida election,


as you know the Cuban people who are Americans. I think Melania will be


outstanding. She opened up the visitor centre, touring the White


House. She, like others that she's working with, feel very, very


strongly about women's issues, women's difficulties. Very, very


strongly and she's a very, very strong advocate. I think she's a


great representative for this country. A funny thing happens, she


gets so unfairly maligned. I've known her for a long time. Shep's a


successful person. She's a successful model. She did really


well. She would go home at night and didn't even want to go out with


people. She was a very private person. She was always the highest


quality that you'll ever find, and the things they say - I've known her


for a long time - the things they say is so unfair. She's been


apologised to, as you know, they said things that were lies. She will


be a fantastic First Lady. She is going to be a tremendous


representative of women and of the people and helping her and working


her will be Ivanka, who is a fabulous person and a fabulous,


fabulous woman. They're not doing this for money. They are not doing


this for pay. They are doing it because they feel it, both of them.


Melania goes back-and-forth. After Baron finishes school, it's hard to


take him out of school with a few months, she and Baron will be moving


over to the White House. Thank you, that's a very nice question.


Go-ahead. This will be a bad question. That is OK. I enjoy


watching you on television. Go-ahead.


REPORTER: Thank you so much. Mr President I need to find out from


you, you said something as it relates to inner cities. That was


one of your platforms during your campaign. Fix the inner cities.


Fixing the inner cities, what will be that fix and your urban agenda


well as your HSBCU executive order that is coming out this afternoon.


You see, it wasn't bad, was it? That was very professional. I'm very


professional. We will announce the order in a little while. I would


rather it speak for itself. It will be very good for everybody


concerned. We will talk about that after we do the announcement. As far


as the inner cities, as you know I was strong on the inner cities


during the campaign. I think it it's what got me a higher percentage of


the African-American vote than people thought I was going to get.


We did higher than people thought I was going to get. I was honoured by


it and the Hispanic vote which was higher and the women's vote which


was higher than people thought I would get. We are going to be


working very hard on the inner cities having to do with education,


having to do with crime. We are going to fix as quickly as possible


- you know, it takes a long time. It's taken 100 years or more for


some of these places to evolve. They evolved many of them very badly. We


will work very hard on health and healthcare. Very, very hard on


education and also we will be working in a stringent way and a


very good way on crime. You go to some of these inner city places and


it's so sad when you look at the crime. You have people, I've seen


this, I've sort of witnessed it. In fact, in two cases I've actually


witnessed it, they lock themselves into apartments petrified to even


leave in the middle of the day. They are living in hell. We can't let


that happen. We will be very, very strong. It's a great question and


it's a very, very difficult situation because it's been many,


many years. It's been festering for many, many years. We have places in


this country that we have to fix. We have to help African-American people


that, for the most part, are stuck there, Hispanic, American people. We


have Hispanic, American people, that are in the inner cities and they are


living in elhell of you look at the numbers in Chicago. There are two


Chicagos, as you know. One Chicago that's credible, Lukes surious and


all and safe. There's another Chicago that's worse -- luxurious.


Than hi of the places in the Middle East that you talk about every night


on the new casts. We will do a lot of work on the inner cities.


I have great people lined up to help with the inner cities. Will you


include the CBBC in your conversation with the urban agenda,


inner city Agenda - Am I going to include. The Congressional Black


Caucus - I would. Do you want to set up the meeting? No. Are they friends


of yours. Set up the meeting. No... I would love to meet with the


Congressional Black Caucus. I think it's great. I thought I had a


meeting with Congressman Cummings and he was all excited, and then he


said - oh, I can't move. It might be bad for me politically. He was all


set. I spoke to him on the phone. Very nice guy. I hear he wanted that


meeting with you as well? He wanted it, we called, called, called, I


can't make a meeting with him. I said I would like to meet with him.


I do want to solve the problem. He he probably was told some


lightweight he was probably told he was probably told - don't meet with


Trump. It's bad politics. That's part of the problem of this country.


OK, one more. Go-ahead. REPORTER: I will follow up on my


colleague's question. It's not about your personality or your beliefs. We


are talking about a rising in anti-Semitism around the country,


some by supporters in your name. What can you do - Can I be honest


with you. This is a horrible thing. Some of it written by our opponents.


You do know that. Do you understand that? You don't think anybody would


do a thing like that. Some of the signs you will see are not put up by


the people who love or like Donald Trump, they are put up by the other


side. You think it's like playing it straight. No. But you have some of


those signs and some of that anger is caused by the other side. They'll


do signs and they'll do drawings that are inappropriate. It won't be


my people. It will be the people on the other side to anger people like


you. OK. Go-ahead. REPORTER: What are you going to do


about the tensions that have been discussed? I'm working on it. Will


you give a speech? So you understand, we had a totally divided


country for eight years and long before that, in all fairness to


President Obama. Long before President Obama. We had a very


divided - I didn't come along and divide this country. This country


was seriously divided before I got here. One of the questions I was


asked was about the inner cities. That's part of it. We will work on


education. We will work on - we are going to try and stop the crime. We


have great law enforcement officials. We are not going to try


and stop, we are going to stop crime. It's important to me. This


isn't Donald Trump that divided a nation. We went eight years with


President Obama and we went many years before President Obama, we


lived in a divided nation and I'm going to try. I will do everything


within my power to fix that. I want to thank you everybody very much.


It's a great honour to be with you. Thank you. Thank you very much.


Thanks. Donald Trump wrapping up a press conference that went on for an


1.20 minutes at the White House. -- 1 hour and 20 minutes at the White


House. We talked about how #4e limited questions to conservative


media. This is not the case. He took a lot of questions,


including from the BBC's Jon Sopel, we will play that later. He went


through everything. The theme of this press conference was - my


administration is doing a great job. I'm sticking to my campaign


promises. It's working well. If you hear otherwise, it's because the


press is lying to you? I think by any margin that was the most


extraordinary press conference I think I've ever seen from a


President. It was hostile, it was combative, con tempious of large


parts of the press. His supporters will say he's done a lot of things


in the 28 days he's been in office. He can't get things done if he is


running point like this and it's as chaotic as it has been this week. He


is in fire fighting mode all the time. People around him are reacting


to some, let's face it, some of the most chaotic things that he says.


Today, he was pretty casual with the truth at several areas in that press


conference. He talked about his electoral college vote, 304, the


biggest since Ronald Reagan. Anybody in that press conference with a


smartphone would be able to say, quite out of the traps - no, it


wasn't. Barack Obama got 332, he got 365 in 2008. Bill Clinton 379 in


1996. He say said, I meant the Republicans. He can is caught out on


the most simple thing. He is asked how people can trust him? If you


can't get that right. How are we supposed to trust you on the rest of


it. This is what he said. To be honest, I inherited a mess. It was a


mess. At home and abroad. A mess. Jobs are pouring out of the country.


You see what is going on with all of the companies leaving our country,


going to Mexico and other places. Low pay, low wages, mass instability


overseas New York matter where you look. The Middle East, a disaster.


North Korea, we'll take care of it, folks. We will take care of it. I


turn on the TV and look at the newspapers I see stories of chaos.


It's the exact opposite. This administration is running like a


fine tuned machine. Then he had this to say


about the sacking of the National Security Adviser,


Michael Flynn. There was a certain amount


of information, given who's with us today,


and I was not happy with the way He didn't have to do that


because what he did wasn't wrong, what he did, in terms


of the information, he saw what was wrong


was the way that other people, including yourselves in this room,


were given that information because that was classified


information, it was given illegally. Yesterday he told us that Michael


Flynn was a wonderful man. Today it's a different story. He


contradicts things he said before. Six weeks ago, he accepted


the FBI reports that "Yes, it probably did


happen", he said. And yet today, he sends


out this tweet. "The Democrats had to come up


with a story as to why they lost the election and so badly -


306 - so they made But then his Defence Secretary,


General Mattis, who was in Brussels at Nato HQ, is asked


whether there was Russian Right now, I would just say there's


very little doubt that they have either interfered or they've


attempted to interfere in a number General Mattis is in sync with


Republican leadership and the US intelligence and Donald Trump is


not. If he is rowing back on the accepted idea that Russians hacked


the American elections, that puts him out on his own. It's not the


first if time of course this week that we've had discrepancies in the


administration. The UN Ambassador said he sports the two-state


solution. Yesterday the President said, one state, two state, we will


do whatever you like. We are seeing a pattern of the President


contradicting his advisers and giving a sense of confusion. He said


there isn't confusion, there isn't chaos. That is exactly the kind of


thing that you pointed out that leads people to think there is


confusion. We will get to the list of things he has done in his first


28 days unless you think we are glossing over that. We are yet to


see a lot of strategy behind the executive orders he signed. I was


reading today that he is going to have a big rally on Saturday in


Florida. He will be - in fact, his spokesman said he started the


campaign for 2020, he will be in campaign mode it seems over the next


four years. I got that feeling today, at this press conference, he


is not talking to those people he doesn't particularly like in front


of him, he is talking beyond them to his base who are impressed by what


he's doing? Well, he made that absolutely clear in the press


conference that he feels the need to go over the press, which is


misrepresenting him and not telling the truth and not putting out the


real polls, he needs to go directly to the American people.


Our North America editor, Jon Sopel, is here.


He is not with us. Let us listen to his question. Donald Trump did take


him on. Let's listen to that. REPORTER: Can I ask you, thank you


very much, Mr President. Where are you from? BBC. OK. Here's another


beauty! It's a good line! Impartial, free and fair. Yeah, sure. Mr


President... Just like CNN. On the travel ban, we can banter


back-and-forth. On the travel ban, would you accept that was a good


example of the smooth running of government? Yeah, I do. Let me tell


you. Were there any mistakes in that? I know who you are. Just wait.


Let me tell you about the travel ban we had a very smooth roll out of the


travel ban. But we had a bad court. We got a bad decision. A court that


has been overturned, again, it may be wrong, 80% of the time, a lot. We


had a bad decision. We will keep going with that decision. We will


put in a new executive order next week. Some time. We had a bad


decision. That's the only thing that was wrong with the travel ban. You


had Delta with a massive problem with their computer system at the


airports. You had some people that were put out from buses at various


locations. We had a court that gave us what I considered to be, with


great respect, a very bad decision. Very bad for the safety and security


of our country. The rollout was perfect. What I wanted to do was do


the exact same executive order, but said one thing. I said this to my


people - give them a one month period of time. General Kelly, now


Secretary Kelly said, if you do that all these people will come in a


month. The bad ones. You do agree there are are bad people out there.


Not everybody like you. You have bad people out there. So Kelly said, you


can't do that. He was right. As soon as he said, wow, I never thought of


it. I said how about one week? He said no good. He said if you do it


immediately, they don't have time to come in. Nobody ever reports that.


But that's why we did it quickly. If I would have done it a month,


everything would have been perfect. The problem is we would have wasted


a lot of time and maybe a lots of lives because a lot of bad people


would have come into my country. In the meantime being, we are vetting


very, very strongly. Very, very strongly. But we need help and we


need help by getting that executive order passed. If it's so urgent why


not introduce... Yes. There you go. Jon Sopel, no apprentice. He can


hold his own against anyone. A line on the travel ban. The US just


Justice Department says the Appeal Court should not reconsider the


temporary suspension of Mr Trump's travel ban before a panel of 11


judges. The news cycle has overtaken that. They are not getting a lot of


that done they promised they would get down this week. We spoke about


the attacks on the media. There were attacks on inelit generals agencies


and people leaking information. Well, for more on this,


let's speak to Peter Ahearn, an intelligence expert who's spent


29 years at the FBI and was a Senior Adviser


with the Office of the Director He's also the President and Founder


of the Ahearn Consulting Group. Thank you very much for joining us.


We heard the President again, there in that press conference. Attacking


intelligence agencies for leaking information about his campaign's


contacts with Russia. Do you think it is intelligence agents that are


doing the leaking? You can only speculate. I think though, in


defence of the intelligence chunt community, I think they are much


more understanding of what can happen if you are caught doing any


leaks of any type of national security information. I think it's


something right now the White House is trying to wrap around internally


to make sure their own people understand what the rules and


regulations of any kind of leaking of any information. So, it's going


to be hard to prove that, but if there is going to be some type of


discussions about leak investigations it will not just be


on the media it will be across the board, not just Congress, the


Department of Justice. A slippery slope on the leak investigations and


who is responsible. Again, it's damaging, no matter who does it. Put


your former hat on as an FBI agent, what would you make, if you had been


sitting in the FBI today, of the kinds of attacks the FBI is coming


under from the President? The FBI has been under attack by many other


Presidents in the past and people. The FBI will continue to do what


they need to do based on the constitution and based on the law


and based on whatever directives from the standpoint of launching


investigations from the standpoint of any predisposition or any


complaints being filed. They will do what they have to do. They are not


sitting there worried about it. It happens. They continue to do their


job, I can tell you that for a fact and let the politics play out.


Donald Trump keeps pointing to the legality of it. Maybe you could tell


us, as a were foer officer, is it usual for the FBI to bug the


conversations of someone who would be becoming the National Security


Adviser? I think you have to look at that from a general standpoint. The


big issue when it comes to national security is the issue of protecting


information and protecting importantly the sources and the Met


olds. You are bugging, let us say, Michael Flynn, for example, I think


that really isle stretching what we're really talking about here.


It's called "collection", things that are out there and when you look


at what intelligence collection is in the United States, you are


targeting organisations and countries that are threats or


hostile to the United States. It's clear that Russia would probably be


a target of anything that's going on with the overall interest in any


communication that is going on. People have to realise, you know,


that you are taking a risk when you are calling, let us say, the


Ambassador of Russia and having discussions that will not be picked


up somewhere and somehow around the world. Let's keep it simply put,


around the world. I wish we could speak a lot more. We are squeezed


for time. Mr Trump has run over. For today, thank you very much for your


comments. Plenty more to get through. We will talk about lots


that was in that press conference. You are watching 100 Days on BBC


News. Mikhail Kasyanov is a former


Prime Minister of Russia, he now leads the opposition,


People's Democratic Union party. Good to to have you with us this


evening. Are you surprised by reports that not only with a was the


Trump team in touch with Russia through the election campaign the


claim is there was constant communication with Russian


Intelligence Officers? I don't know what the government relation is in


the US, I think, just for Russian ambassador, for any ambassador, it's


normal to talk to different politicians. I don't know what the


regulation is and limitations exist, but to have contact, I think it's


OK. The problem is just reporting accurately. I think that is the


issue. If there was hacking during the election of the DNC and the


Americans seem clear there was, would President Putin have known


about it? How high would such an operation need to be sanctioned? I


think just that's absolutely was in Russian interest and Putin's regime


to understand how the President would behave and pus position


resanctions against Putin's regime. That's the crucial point for Mr


Putin. He's dreaming to find a solution, how to leave those


sanctions because in reality those sanctions affect Russian economy


very badly. You understand President Putin, if you were to put us inside


the mind of the Russian President, what do you think he wants from


Donald Trump? What does he think he can get from this administration


that he didn't get from the Obama administration? I think just the


main purpose of Mr Putin just to somehow ensure and to create an


understanding of Mr Trump's administration that Putin's regime


is a decent one, normal. That you should stop teaching him democracy,


as Mr Putin describes and just start dealing with him as a normal regime,


despite the fact that - western politicians Mr Putin believes


everything in this world is tradeable. He is looking for a


transaction, a deal. I don't know what he's ready to sell to Mr Trump,


but he expects US administration to lift sanctions and just to make


transatlantic unity a little weaker so that he could deal with


individual European states and make them weaker. When you describe him


as wanting a deal, somebody who wants a transaction, you could have


been describing Donald Trump there. That is his approach, too. In some


way, we have seen this with Donald Trump's press conference just today,


is Donald Trump the best tool for President Putin? He's prettier


rattic? -- pretty ??SPACer rattic? That's not the case any more.


Putin's team already understood they made a mistake. Today there is a


rumour they had given instruction to propaganda media to stop, please, Mr


Trump and stop talking about Mr Trump. Huge coverage with Russia


media just now because of understanding, understanding Mr


Trump is devoted to internal American interests rather than


lifting sanctions from Mr Putin. He could be even stronger with Mr Obama


with his approach to Crimea, Ukraine, Syriaened a the Middle East


in general terms. I think that is why they already started to


understand. It's my believe, my prediction is, in one month's time


Mr Trump will become an enemy for Mr Putin. That's inevitable. Unless,


they have something on Mr Trump. We know about the allegations. You


yourself have been a victim, you were videoed in a hotel room. The


Russians say they have no interested in tailing and bugging Mr Trump when


he came to Russia in 2013. Do you believe that? I have no information.


I would say some kind of following was in place. I don't know what


compromise that could produce. In many cases some people in Russia and


abroad here in Europe they think that some how soft position of Mr


Trump on evidence and things with respect to Mr Putin's regime could


be read as any connection. I don't know. I have are no confirmation.


There is such a feeling. We are really grateful for you coming on


the programme this evening. Very good to talk to you. Thank you.


Thank you. That was fascinating. I'm glad you kept it in the realm of


family viewing there. I thought what he said about Donald


Trump becoming an enemy within a month was interesting and Russian


news media are all ready writing stories less complimentary of Donald


Trump. That will be fascinating. I do not know about you, Christian,


but the pace is exhausting. I am struggling to keep up, hard to


believe it is 28 days and so much has happened. The BBC have pulled


together these key moments. Have a look. The first month, starts with


the inauguration crowds, too big, too small. Then the executive action


train pulls out of the station. Withdraw from the transpacific


partnership, the keystone pipeline is back on, targeting Obama car, the


wall, but the big executive order. Stopping refugees and citizens of


majority Muslim countries coming to the US. Extreme vetting. We only


want to admit those who will support our country. Then, soon the acting


Attorney General was fired for refusing to defend the immigration


ban. Plus a judge in Washington blocked the ban from going forward.


Trump called for an investigation into unproven claims of voter fraud.


He nominated the nominee for the Supreme Court. Trump was not happy.


More bad news. Do you have full confidence in the president? His


national-security adviser resigned over communications with Russia and


possible lying to the vice president. At the same time, Trump


broke with decades of support for an Israeli-Palestinian two state


solution. I am looking at two state, one state. So far, that's it. Wasn't


the news supposed to quieten down after the election? Only 28 days, it


feels like 280. For more on this I spoke to Dan Boltz.


You've covered, I think I'm right in saying,


seven American administrations, how does this one compare,


Every new administration has problems in the start-up phase,


without exception, every President has run into problems.


We remember the Bay of Pigs under Kennedy.


Bill Clinton had real start-up problems.


Yet, what we're watching in the Trump administration,


it seems to be of a different order of magnitude.


There is a White House structure that seems to lack real structure,


They have made a hash of a number of the primary things


they have tried to do, and they have created,


in a sense, a lack of trust about the way they're operating.


So I think that in a variety of ways you have to say that this


administration is off to one of the worst starts we've ever seen.


It's not irrepairable, we're only in week four,


but the start has not been encouraging, in terms


of kind of the management of this new operation.


President Trump of course would say this is the press's


perspective and the press, as he said in his press


conference today, is out of control and telling lies.


Is there more seriously a sense in which the press never really


believed that President Trump was up to the job, and is - gunning is not


quite the right word - wants to write the story


I think the reality for President Trump


is that he and his administration have continued to provide evidence


of the fact that they were not fully prepared to take


We've seen that in a variety of ways.


I mean, to ask for the resignation of your national security adviser,


weeks into the administration, is something we've


For the roll out of the most important executive order,


the travel ban, to have been put together in the way it was, not


vetted fully through the agencies, not carefully drafted,


rolled out on a Friday afternoon with very little instruction.


Again, it's a failure on the part of the administration to carry it out.


He's only a month in, right, presumably you would believe


I mean, they have four years left, at least, of this administration?


I think that the question is whether Donald Trump's


management style, I mean, he has had no experience


in government, nor, frankly, have most of the people


who are in senior positions in the White House had real


experience in government, particularly in the executive


branch, so there is a very steep learning curve but the question


is whether the management style that Donald Trump believed


served him very effectively in the private-sector is adaptable


So far, you would have to say, that the learning curve


As I said earlier, there are ways to correct this and I think


they have begun to try to take some steps to do that.


To some extent have you to settle things down a bit and this's kind


of contrary to the way Donald Trump has operated as long as we've


He likes to have things, kind of, in motion and a lot


of balls in the air and, yet, in the early stage


of his administration that has not served him


OK, thank you very much for joining me.


Interesting thoughts. The travel ban has received unlikely support from


the Syrian president. In an interview, Bashar al-Assad said it


targets terrorists and not the Syrian people. In Washington and


other cities several restaurants and cafes are closed as part of the day


without immigrants protest rally against the immigration policies


which many Americans still support. Somalia is one of the seven


countries listed as part of the travel ban and we want to give you a


flavour of how Somali Americans are reacting. Federal agents, FBI... An


event to teach people their rights in the Trump era. You should take a


second look if they ask about your religion. Organisers say it was


badly needed after support groups were inundated with calls from


anxious American Muslims. Those in Minneapolis mainly have roots in


Somalia, one of the country is the president named in the ban. Donald


Trump talked of Somali Americans as potential terrorists. There are tens


of thousands of people of Somali origin in Minneapolis, many came


over as refugees but others were born here and some of them tell us


this is the first time they feel the American identity is questioned. For


some, that has happened in face-to-face encounters. I love


bridal dresses. Not only Muslim women... This woman is a fashion


designer, make-up artist and something of a social media star.


She says women like her who are visibly Muslim because of the hijab


are having a tough time. She herself has had in cells hurled at her when


shopping driving. Things have changed since the election because


people are openly racist, people are not scared to speak their mind. They


tell us to go back to our country, take our scarves off. Where do I go?


This is the only home I know. I was born in California. This is my home.


It is music Mohammad talks of the tough problems people have. He


thinks the president could have made things worse. He is not keeping


America safe company is giving America a reason to be scared. What


is the effect on young Muslims? It will make them harder and anger them


because some people do not want to go to school no more because they


feel there is hate at workplaces people are confused. There have been


cases of young Somali Americans being convicted of trying to go


abroad to join militant groups but there is an overwhelming feeling


here among that school that the Presidents actions are


counter-productive. You are helping groups like Isis and Al-Shabab and


other terrorist organisations. Passing the message America does not


want you, you do not belong in the west. The same message Isis and


al-Shabab used to recruit young men. Around the country, many think


Donald Trump is doing the right things to counter extremism but


people here warn he is only sowing the seeds of more alienation and


hatred. It is worth reinforcing again there


are plenty of people in the country who do like the travel ban and art


behind the president. Today has been dominated by the leaks, is obsessed


the leaks should not be coming out and they are illegal and he talks


about a review of how intelligence agencies work. He was not so


obsessed about this during the campaign. Interesting, he was angry


about the leaks in the press conference and will go after the


intelligence service leakers. Let's listen to what he said about


WikiLeaks when he ran for president. These WikiLeaks, e-mails confirm


what those of us here today have known all along, I was not sure if


Hillary would be here tonight. Because I guess you did not send her


invitation by e-mail! Or maybe you did and she just found out about it


through the wonder of WikiLeaks. The wonder of WikiLeaks. That goes to


show whether you think a league is dangerous or patriotic depends on


what your position is and Donald Trump's position has changed. Not in


my backyard, right? You felt he had to speak to the press today to reset


the agenda and get the administration on an even keel. Has


done that? I think he set the record better with the press at the


beginning of the press conference was hostile, I noticed by the end he


was being more chatty with them and I think you did something there with


reporters. For this week, we are back on Monday. Goodbye for now.