15/03/2017 100 Days


As President Trump takes office, Katty Kay in Washington and Christian Fraser in London report on the events that are shaping our world.

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Hello and welcome to One Hundred Days.


The biggest cyber attack in history and America says the Russian


The Department of Justice charges two FSB agents,


who worked with criminal hackers, to steal details of 500


Hackers stole names, email addresses and passwords


from Yahoo in the latest cyber-attack that US agencies


This indictment details how Russian officers conspired and carried out


one of the largest cyber intrusions in US history.


The Republican Chair of the House intelligence committee says he does


not believe President Trump's claims that his phones were tapped.


As the US economy continues to grow, the Federal Reserve raises rates


Also, the polls are soon to close in the Netherlands.


Trying to see off the challenge of far right leader Geert Wilders,


the Dutch Prime Minister urges voters to defeat what he calls


The British Government is forced to reverse a planned tax hike


And a BBC investigation into the European lorry


drivers who move goods for IKEA among others.


So poor they live in their cabs for weeks on end.


I'm Katty Kay in Washington. Christian Fraser is in London.


Two Russian intelligence agents are being hunted by the FBI


for their part in the biggest cyber attack in history.


In 2014, the details of 500 million Yahoo accounts were stolen,


including the details of US Government officials.


The FBI says the Russian agents were paying and protecting


One of the hackers was arrested last week in Canada.


The agents, seen here, worked for a unit, within the FSB,


that was supposed to be a point of contact for law enforcement,


The acting assistant attorney general is Mary McCord.


The defendants include two officers of the Russian Federal Security


service and intelligence and law enforcement agency of


the Russian Federation, and two criminal hackers


with whom they conspired to accomplish these intrusions.


Dmitry Dokuchayev and Igor Sushchin, both FSB officers, protected,


directed, facilitated and paid criminal hackers to collect


information through computer intrusions in the United States


They worked with co-conspirators Alexsey Balan and Karim Baratov


to hack into the computers of American companies


providing e-mail and Internet related services.


This indictment details how Russian Federal Security Service


officers working together with criminal hackers conspired


to plan and carry out one of the largest cyber intrusions


Well let's speak to Matthew Rojansky, an expert on American


relations with Russia at the Woodrow Wilson Center


The FBI has suspected this for a long time that the Russian


Government is working with private cyber hackers but this is a first


time we'd seen evidence emerge? I don't think it's the first time.


It's not the first time that governments will have mixed with


hackers for hire. It's a first that the US is taking action, against the


Russian intelligence law enforcement officers who are counterparts at the


FBI who are alleged to have been running this, and it's fascinating


because one of the two officers was already arrested by the Russians


themselves in January, accused of being a double agent working for the


United States or something else, then released for his protection


because he was cooperating, and now it has the US levelling the charge


at him and it looks like it going to blow up in someone's base. What are


the ramifications going to be in terms of US and Russian relations at


a time when Russia is under investigation for hacking into the


US election last June? This is why this is so important, fascinating


and frankly tragic to watch. This underscores just how badly this


relationship is damaged at this point. This will officers who were


supposed to become or deleting nationally with one another, just a


few years ago as part of the bilateral president commission,


these guys are now literally charging one another with espionage


and going after each other. The second problem, maybe it will end up


being an independent investigation, but the panic and the fear in


Russian meddling in United States politics, now the US justice


department and courts, is substituting for US foreign policy


on Russia, because what is not happening, is a formal policy


position on Russia. Real negotiations with them, managing our


security and mutual relationship with them. Our Congressional


proceedings, this investigation, the public bus in the media, these are


now substituting with an actual policy for Russia. The problem is


going to be that anyone who wanted to develop a Russia policy in


Congress would think twice, because at the moment, Russia is seen as


hugely toxic and that is part of the problem, isn't it? I think Matthew


isn't hearing Christian so let me put that point to you. Who would put


forward such a policy when Russia itself is scene so toxic? I'm afraid


I think we lost Matthew there. But that was fascinating, the idea that


there is no rush up policy and effectively only investigations into


Moscow. In Russia in terms, you wonder where it ends because part of


the things that Matthew has been talking about is that this is going


nowhere. If you keep going so far with Russia, it just ends up in a


dark place, so they had to have this Russian policy.


In another story linked to intelligence agencies,


President Trump is coming under increasing pressure to provide


evidence of the alleged wiretapping of Trump Tower which he blamed


on the former President Barack Obama.


on the former President, Barack Obama.


We've been hearing from the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee,


Republican Congressman Devin Nunes today - who's been leading


As I told you last week about the issue with the president


That evidence still remains the same that we don't have any


evidence that that took place, and in fact I don't believe


in the last week of time, the people we talk to,


I don't believe there was an actual tap of Trump Tower.


He was the Republican we heard from last week. He said you shouldn't


take what the President is saying literally. He is obviously getting


frustrated and you can see why, because the president could put this


to bed immediately. He could get classified the documents and


everybody would know whether Trump Tower had been wiretapped. One of


the suggestions from Sean Spicer was in fact what the president wanted


was to open a Congressional enquiry into all this, not necessarily to


prove that President Obama has tapped President Trump's bone during


the campaign. But that's not what he tweeted. He clearly tweeted that


Barrett Obama had tapped his phone and was a bad or sick person. Did


Trump's campaign operatives get caught up in the wiretapping of


Russian entities, couple of banks have been mentioned, so was that an


issue. But he's having problems with that because that's not what Trump


tweeted. After the economic crash of 2008,


US interest rates were slashed and they have barely shifted since,


they have been dragging along at just over 0%


for over seven years. But in the past hour the US


Federal Reserve has made a move, it is nudging up the rate by just


a quarter of a percentage There could be more


rises ahead this year. And that is because suddenly


the ultra-cautious Fed has seen green shoots in the American


and global economy. Janet Yellen the Chair of the Fed


is preparing this president, indeed the world, for rising


interest rates and The economy continues


to expand at a moderate pace. Solid income gains and


relatively high levels of consumer sentiment and wealth have


supported household spending growth. Business investment, which was soft


for much of last year, And business sentiment


is at favourable levels. Overall, we continue


to expect that the economy will expand at a moderate pace


over the next few years. Well, to tell us why


all of this matters, and what it means not just


for the American economy, let's speak to Diane Swonk of DS


Economics in Chicago. That's the real story here, isn't


it? The interest rate hike is a reflection that the US economy is


doing well. Absolutely, it's an underlying of economic fundamentals,


no pre-emptive strike about what fiscal policy may come down the road


and finally, the Fed is getting there and they are reacting to it in


a way that is expected. I think another key point is the statement


itself is less hawkish than expected, highlighting the symmetry


of the inflation target. There was also a dissent, but highlighting the


symmetry is that the Fed can overshoot a bit on interest so it


will undershoot on unemployment because it has affected workers.


That's where the debate will be going forward. We have her sounding


optimistic, you saying that this is a good sign about the US economy,


art we are hearing from American voters that they are unemployed and


underpaid and that there is a large section of the US workforce that is


not at all feeling optimistic which is why they voted for president


Trump. I think that's why one of the reason that there is symmetry in


this target, it will be debated as to how high they will let it go and


how low they will allow employment to grow.


Now they have the ability to allow the economy to run a little hot.


What has happened in the 90s is beginning to happen now and it's


necessary, we need fiscal policy better tune to this and it's


necessary to re-engage those workers round the sideline. You are finally


seeing firms investing in training, this was something that wasn't


happening. She is hoping the upgrade of skills will trigger some


innovation as well. Indulge me as a Brit, amid the Brexit stuff, if we


have a world economy where the US is pushing up rates with the UK is


keeping its rates at rock bottom, so does that mean the pound remains low


and our import prices go up? Unfortunately, I think you are stuck


with that. I was there in England during the Flash crash. It's


important to understand that we are seeing more symmetric central bank


policy. The ECB is not quite ending with this change but there are some


hawks in the mix of their flock and that means there will be less


accommodation, less pushing of accommodation with the European


Central Bank which will slow the appreciation of the dollar. It's


different in the UK. All of these uncertain sees, article 50, the


referendum in Scotland complicating your mix. We needs that US trade


deal, Diane. We will send you our cheap exports!


President Trump clearly in optimistic mood on the state


It will only get better as we continue to slash


unnecessary regulations and when we begin our big tax cut!"


I've seen a few of these tweets from him with the Dow industrial average


going up, is he claiming credit for things that were done by Barrett


Obama? Of course. -- President Barrett Obama Barack Obama if he


gets his regulations through however it will be big for America, but


nobody will deny that there is the prospect here of a big fiscal


stimulus. If those policies managed to get through. We are going to talk


to a trader in Chicago. So we can ask him about that


Well speaking in the last half an hour to car workers in Detroit,


President Trump had this to say about US Trade with


They have said these chronic trade deficits have helped us


I don't want friends abroad if that's what it is going to take.


We don't need friends abroad like that.


Did you ever see that, where they said, "No, no,


it's good for us because people like us abroad"?


that's the kind of thing we heard during the course of that campaign.


We don't think all Americans are stupid.


Polls are due to close within the hour in the Netherlands


in an election that many see as a big test of the way


in which the winds of populism are blowing in Europe.


We know already that turn-out has been higher


than the last election, five years ago, and if you've been


tuning in these past few days you'll know the ongoing row with Turkey has


Attention is focused on the far-right Freedom Party


candidate, Geert Wilders, who has mounted a challenge


to the centre-right party of Prime Minister Mark Rutte.


Here's what both candidates had to say after casting


Well, I say if you don't like the idea, don't come to Holland.


You are free people, you can decide where or where not to go.


I hope that we have less is on in Holland.


I hope that we have less Islam in Holland.


I think Islam and freedom are not compatible.


You are free to go and still leave whenever you want,


Having a political leader who wants to take away the Koran


from Muslims in the Netherlands, who wants to close our mosques,


who is basically talking about not taking the necessary decisions


And populism, there is nothing wrong with populism.


The wrong pull of populism is not addressing the real


issues of the people, only making them bigger


Ros Atkins spoke to us from The Hague a little earlier.


In a normal year, we might see the Dutch election


as a bit of an outlier, but if the trend continues


and Geert Wilders does well in this poll, could that set the tone


Certainly the Prime Minister here, Mark Rutte, thinks so.


He has been repeatedly warning that there shouldn't be any sort


of domino effect from Brexit to Donald Trump to the Netherlands


and then on to the French election and the German election afterwards.


I would say that the politicians involved, whether it is Donald Trump


or those who campaigned for Brexit or Geert Wilders, the far right


leader here, or Marine Le Pen in France, they all really push back


at this idea that they are all connected.


They all say they are making national campaigns and national


Nonetheless, the reason the foreign media is here in such


We want to see what impact Brexit and Donald Trump's victory has had


on the thinking of the Dutch voters and we are looking for clues


as to which way France and Germany may go later in the year.


I think I am right in saying that none of the polls in the Netherlands


have suggested that Geert Wilders is going to actually win


so the question is how much has he influenced the policy debate?


How much has he pulled Mark Rutte to the right


on issues like immigration and European integration?


It is beyond doubt that Geert Wilders has managed to do that.


Most commentators would say this is absolutely the case,


that Mark Rutte and not just Mark Rutte, because remember there


Many of them, not all of them, but many of them have picked up


on the issues of immigration, integration and Islam,


the three Is which Geert Wilders has concentrated on,


and they have put out strong statements on that.


In terms of the practicalities of power here in the Netherlands,


Geert Wilders was leading some of the polls for a while but no


All of the other big parties say they will not work with him


so unless there are some major U-turns or the polls are hugely


wrong, Geert Wilders is not going to get a chance to be part


of a coalition government and so he will stay outside of power.


So interesting, that Dutch election. Who thought we would be focused on


that? Is getting a lot of coverage here in the US. It's such a


bellwether not just for what's happening there but around the


world. We will have an exit poll so stay with us for that.


Lots of questions today over a portion of Donald Trump's


The document was revealed last night on MSNBC.


This is what we're talking about - two photocopied pages obtained


by the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, David Cay Johnston.


They show that in 2005 the real estate mogul Donald Trump paid


$36.5 million in income taxes, on earnings of $153 million.


This looks pretty good for Mr Trump. We will talk about that in a second.


Well an indignant reply from Donald Trump earlier


"Does anybody really believe that a reporter,


who nobody ever heard of, "went to his mailbox"


First off, that reporter has written a book on Donald Trump so I'm


guessing he knows who he is. What is more interesting is that is a client


copy. It doesn't tell us very much. So it's not come from the inland


revenue. It's come from somebody who was sent a copy of that. David is


saying it might have come from the president himself. So, David went on


rachel-mac die's show, she's a left-leaning commentator. David went


on her show and said these came into my inbox and then he speculated that


Donald Trump himself may have actually leaked them to him so that


they would get out there. There is some history of this. It sounds like


a crazy conspiracy theory, but there is a history of Donald Trump


bringing up reporters in New York during the 90s pretending to be


someone from the Trump empire spreading flattering stories about


him. It is possible. It's not beyond around. Not totally beyond the realm


of possibility. They look good, those tax returns. It makes you


wonder why he didn't release the mole if they all look that good. We


will have to wait for more information on that.


President Trump will unveil an outline of his budget on Thursday.


It will be short on detail, which is why it's nicknamed


a "skinny budget", but it should give an indication


of how he intends to deliver on his campaign promises.


The importance of staying on message can't be underestimated.


Just ask the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond,


who was forced today to scrap a plan to raise National Insurance


Contributions for self-employed people, announced in


Reducing the unfairness of the difference in the tax


treatment of those who are employed and those who are self-employed


But this government sets great store in the faith and trust


of the British people, especially as we embark


on the process of negotiating our exit from the EU.


By making this change today, we are listening to our colleagues


and demonstrating our determination to fulfil both the letter


and the spirit of our manifesto tax commitments.


Let's bring in our political correspondent, Alex Forsyth who's


A U-turn in the space of the week amounting to ?2 billion. The Cabinet


didn't know about it which begs the question is his job under threat?


It's a damaging day for him. And to some extent for Theresa May. In the


UK, the budget is a big deal and this change to national insurance


was right at the centre of Philip Hammond's budget. A week later, he's


having to pull back from it and he's left with a financial hole, and he


is also accused of incompetence. The Government is entering into Les


Brexit negotiations, though not a good date for the Government here in


the UK. -- a good day. You are watching 100 Days.


We ask why drivers who work at IKEA are living in their cabs and about


bringing North Korea into line. If you had the sunshine, no doubt


you will be wondering about what a glorious Dave. Gravesend experienced


temperatures of 19 Celsius. 17 is the highest Wales have seen this


year. On the coast of south Wales however common 9 degrees. Some


outbreaks of rain in the north and north-west of Scotland. Some of that


reaching into Northern Ireland later. Still some breaks in the


cloud. There could be a few mist and fog patches. Into tomorrow and


high-pressure has been pushed away by a weather front with outbreaks of


rain. Some lighter patchy rain affecting the North of England is as


we go to the first part of the morning. Still some sunshine.


A spell of heavy rain will move through Scotland before clearing.


Sunny spells following, but turning wintry in the Scottish Highlands. A


substantial band of rain reaching into the northern England and Wales.


The cooler air behind this cold front will filter its way south


across the UK during Thursday night. Out of about on Friday morning


dropping into low single figures and those showers giving some sleet and


snow to relatively low levels in northern Scotland. Rain pushing in


from north-west to south-east across the UK for a wet, windy picture to


end the week will stop this will continue into the weekend. Wendy,


feeling cooler, wetter at times but some dry, brighter moments too.


The US Department of Justice has charged two Russian intelligence


agents over the theft of data from half a billion Yahoo accounts


in one of the largest cyber-attacks in history.


The Congressmen, Facebook and a race to Washington.


America's new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has arrived


in Asia at the start of a four day tour of the region.


The talks - which will take place in Japan,


South Korea and finally China - the issue of North Korea


and its recent missile launches is top of the agenda.


Here with us is Balbina Hwang, a former special advisor


to Ambassador Christopher Hill - he was Assistant Secretary of State


Thanks very much for coming in. In a way this area of the world


represents a microcosm of the challenges that America faces, Japan


that is nervous about North Korean missiles landing in the Sea of


Japan, South Korea has just had its president ousted, you have got China


and Bobigny knows really what the president monster do and then you


have got North Korea on top of that, totally rogue and unpredictable. His


Rex Tillerson prepared and ready to form US foreign policy in that


region? Were on top of that you have basically the engine of the global


economy as well, that is at stake. He seems to be a very capable man,


one presumes that he has been given a certain set of marching orders and


he is visiting at a very critical time. US representatives need to get


out there rarely to reassure our most important allies about our


future presence and the US's future role and of course to set the stage,


for a positive stable relationships with China. It is unclear whether or


not he has the manpower and the bureaucratic support because that is


still very much in flux. We will see. President chump has rowed back


on some of the more inflammatory things, throwing the one China


policy in question, suggesting that South Korea and Japan should have


nuclear weapons. The White House has wrote back but there is still an


issue coming up to the approaches of North Korea. Rex Tillerson says that


the State Department needs fresh approaches, he worked in the State


Department, are there fresher approaches that the Obama to


frustration didn't try. Actually I believe that Obama can illustration


did try, but it takes two to tango or walls, or dance. North Korea is


the one that is resistant, it was during the Bush years, Obama years


and clearly now is willing to stand up to President Trump. I think the


United States needs to unhinge frankly the role of China. I think


what President Trump's role in the first hundred days shows, is that


despite the inflammatory rhetoric, in fact when it comes to Asia he


began to quickly understand, that decades-old policies of the US,


meaning our stable allies, and being able to have a continued influence


that is positive in Asia, he's essentially the way to go for the


US. But isn't the point that will always miss about China when it


comes to North Korea, that it sees it has a very useful ally, of course


it doesn't like Kim Jong-un, it could have a more rational ally, but


in a very volatile area, always thinking about conflict with the


United States, North Korea is a pretty good buffer? Yes of course


but I think North Korea has shown under Kim Jong-un in the last four


or five years, then you could test recently have really, they are not


really a test President Trump, the really a declaration of independence


against China. I wouldn't so much call it an ally has a useful


strategic asset for Beijing which is why paging is very reluctant to do


very much to see that regime crumbled. And why frankly China is


at a very difficult crossroads. Fascinating.


Lorry drivers moving goods for Ikea and other retailers


in Western Europe are camping out in their cabs for months at a time


because they can't afford to live in the countries they're working in.


The East European drivers are being paid at the levels they would


A judge has described as ''inhumane'' the practice


where companies are able to exploit loopholes in European law.


In a trailer on the edge of Copenhagen in Denmark, Christian and


Amelia have created their own pop-up kitchen. Cooking from scratch says


their money. Is this how you want to have your breakfast? I don't want to


live like this but this is the condition. He's moving goods for


IKEA but they don't employ him. His actual employer is a Slovakian firm.


He is paid Slovak wages. European Union employment rules state that a


driver temporarily posted away from home should be guaranteed the host


nation's minimum rates of pay and conditions. But companies are


exploiting loopholes in the law. A Danish driver, can expect to take


2200 euros or a month in salary but he has been taking home an average


monthly salary of 477 euros or ?418 a month. This is my home, this is


how I live, this is my bed, he I sleep. Danish tribes go home every


couple of weeks but he spends up to four months on road. His company say


that he is responsible for taking his rest breaks and the company says


he can go home when ever he likes. He has just driven some IKEA stock


from Denmark into Sweden, he only ever works in Western Europe,


sometimes it might be Germany or Norway. He is being paid as if he


was driving in Slovakia, yet he never works there. This is the


biggest IKEA Tryster but centre in the world. It is in Dortmund in


Germany. In front is a truck park turned campsite. Trade unions accuse


IKEA of turning a blind eye to how haulage companies treat their


drivers. IKEA would say this is many different layers of companies


operating his contract and they cannot be expected to know. Yes but


these guys, the Moldovan and Polish guys, they remove the furniture from


IKEA. They touch the furniture, how can you deny it is IKEA. How can you


deny what is being paid? Yes. In a statement IKEA say that they take


the reports very seriously. It is not just IKEA and the big


retailers that are in the firing line, Europe's politicians are also


under pressure to act to stop any further deterioration in the working


conditions of Europe's drivers. I think a lot of people to have been


driving around Europe recently will identify with that. You often see


lorry drivers living in tight conditions.


Janet Yellen, the head of the Federal Reserve,


It's the first rise of 2017 with more expected.


The decision will have an impact on the business landscape


here in the US and of course, will also have a ripple effect globally.


Scott Shellady is a Chicago based stock broker who is currently


in London getting ready to make the most of the opportunities that


I recently saw him on a rival network and I spotted the jacket.


That is why you are there, I thought I have got to get the jacket onto


100 days. You are called on Twitter the cowman. Why are you in the


jacket? It is a cultural background, my father had a farm, and he did the


job that I did before the media and the big-money was in the market and


he walks it so that everyone was reminded that there was an economic


function, not just ambling. I took it on to keep the game rolling and


then the big-money and the big media came in and everybody wanted to know


what the money is with the cow jacket. You work in futures, so


Tommy, we have got a lot of elections in Europe at the moment,


are you watching the Dutch election as a bellwether of what his game to


happen in France and Germany? Absolutely, we voted with our feet


as a firm, obviously we know what happened in June last year with


Brexit and then with Donald Trump in November and then the ball has come


back with the Dutch and then the French and the Germans. Sir as a


firm we think there is an opportunity here, we don't see


Brexit, or nationalism or populism as per se as being a bad thing for


this country or anybody else. It is going to be to marchers, there is


going to be turmoil and that is what you like in the markets first thing.


But also having your own sovereignty is not a bad thing. We have come


over here because we think this will be an opportunity, I was here when


we had a bunch of different currencies and now it is just back


to one and Demi will go back to in a currency so we'll see what happens.


This is a terribly exciting time. So let us get this clear, you are a


financial services person coming to London when the rest are coming to


the hills? Absolutely, I think there is a great opportunity and we know


that there is some nervousness but at the end of the day no one can


punish you for being in charge of your own sovereignty. That shouldn't


be the case. Like everybody else who deals in financial markets you are


very happy with the way things have gone since Tom Trump was elected. Do


you have any concerns that we are looking at a bubble here in the US


in financial markets and that this is something that could end badly


that we are on a sugar high? I think things have been so bad for so long


that we have got to unleash some animal spirits. I don't like to see


things go straight up all of the time, that is not healthy, but could


we have a 2% of 5% retrenching, yes. But we have almost gone up in a


straight line so nothing is healthy that does that. We will retrench and


that would be good going forward. At the end of the day we are still


trading on a bit of hope, we are on fumes and we need to see those


policies come through and the rubber meets the road. If you things are


but we are going to need a lot more to sustain the market at these


levels. Did you really just say hopium? Decided. You are a


Republican, you didn't initially planned for Donald Trump at you


thought he was the best bet once he got the ticket? Yes if you are for


lower tax and better regulation, less regulation then by default and


he is who is at the party. To another degree, that is how he gets


to his core base, Twitter. To be honest, after what we saw what


happened with a lot of folks being in bed with the media and


underhanded things happening, that is one true way that he can get to


his people and have it be his words. Part of me understand, but maybe he


should be a bit more judicious. We are out of time, will you come back


and see us? Absolutely. We will join him on the Chicago trading floor.


Chris and I want to get to this before the end of the day, we


mentioned this odd couple, costs Texas congressman, a Democrat and a


Republican have been live streaming their journey from San Antonio to


Washington. There has been a lot of political talk and doughnuts. There


you go. Thank you. That is a good doughnut. They decided to share a


car after their flights to Washington were cancelled because of


the snowstorm in the north-east there are currently rushing to make


it back so they can cast their votes on the house floor in a queue as


time. Breaking news, their GPS party tells them they are going to arrive


here in Washington at 6:20pm, that vote is scheduled for 6:30pm. If it


was me driving I would be a bit concerned. Brent, that is it for 100


days, join us again at the same time tomorrow, from Cathy and me, goodbye


for now.