14/03/2017 100 Days

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As President Trump takes office, Katty Kay in Washington and Christian Fraser in London report on the events that are shaping our world.

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and nothing -- but nothing on the scale of what we're in the USA. More


details online. -- what we're getting in the USA.


Hello and welcome to One Hundred Days.


The Turkish President blames the Dutch


for one of the worst massacres in modern European history.


As the row with the Netherlands intensifies, after Turkish ministers


were banned from political rallies there,


President Erdogan makes this inflammatory claim.


We know the Netherlands and the Dutch people


We know how rotten their character is from their massacre


The Prime Minister of the Netherlands says the comments


The row looks set to overshadow tomorrow's Dutch election.


The president of Turkey is behaving increasingly more hysterical


hour by hour and I want him to tone down and to calm down.


In Washington the Republican plan to replace Obamacare would increase


the number of Americans without health cover by 24 million


The north-eastern US states of New York, New Jersey,


Pennsylvania and Virginia have declared states of emergency


as a huge winter storm sweeps in, bringing heavy snow.


And reliving every parent's nightmare -


Professor Robert Kelly tells us what life's


been like since his interview, and his family, went viral.


It's been pretty unreal. We didn't expect any attention like this at


all. We certainly never had anything like this in our life. That


Hello I am Katty Kay in Washington, Christian Fraser is in London.


Next month Turkey will hold a referendum on changes


to its constitution that would grant Recep Tayyip Erdogan


If he wins the vote, the position of Prime Minister


will be abolished in favour of a new "executive presidency" -


Polls suggest Turks are evenly divided on the issue.


To win, Mr Erdogan might need the support of the millions of Turks


who live in countries across Europe and can vote in the referendum.


On Sunday the Dutch government, stopped Turkish ministers


German states have taken similar action.


In response Mr Erdogan labelled the Dutch - "Nazis" -


and blocked the return of the Dutch Ambassador.


Today Mr Erdogan invoked the Srebrenica massacre when,


in 1995, 110 Dutch peacekeepers failed to stop the killing


TRANSLATION: My dear friends,...


We know the Netherlands and the Dutch people


We know how rotten their character is from their massacre


In the past few hours our colleague Ros Atkins got this response


from the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.


I have to say that what he said today about Srebrenica is


completely unacceptable and a rewriting of history.


The president of Turkey is behaving increasingly more hysterical


hour by hour and I want him to tone down and to calm down.


this is not helping at all and it is an acceptable. He said that people


in the Netherlands should vote in the interest of Turkey. People in


the Netherlands should vote in the interest of the Netherlands. The


Netherlands is a very proud people and country too. What is the


President playing at? It's an extraordinary escalation of


inflammatory rhetoric which is designed for domestic purposes


exclusively to rally his Nationalist voter base who love this sort of


thing. Their strongman president standing up to Europe and presenting


Turkey as a victim of oppression from Europe. That the Europeans is


giving Turkey lessons on freedom of speech when actually they are


abusing human rights and dispersing Turkish protesters in a very violent


way. It is really something that is designed for this half of the


country that supports President Erdogan. This pro-government


newspaper today used a play on words, not very subtly, to talk


about how Mark Rutte is a dog. That is very much taking the message


literally. Another pro-government paper talking about how a simple


apology is not enough from the Netherlands. Hammering home this


idea that Turkey has the moral high ground here. This secular newspaper


says thanks to Germany and Holland's actions, the yes campaign in the


referendum held in foreign half weeks' time about boosting President


Erdogan's powers will get two points more because people are really


rallying behind his side on this issue. In the much more pro-European


side of the country, they are recalling in horror at the way


Turkey is calling out Nato alleys in this way. -- Nato allies. Let's just


move it away from the row for a second and focus on this referendum.


How much power is it going to vest in President Erdogan if he wins?


Nothing short of the biggest political shake-up since Turkey has


had since the foundation of the independent nation in 1923. It would


change from a prime ministerial to a presidential republic. He would have


vastly enhanced powers. He would be head of the executive as well as


head of state. He would be able to elect laws by decree, point judges,


prepare the budget and it would give him much bigger powers. He says that


Parliament would have greater oversight of the President and would


be able to answer more to the parliament but this is very much the


climax of his career. He is going guns blazing for this referendum and


this whole campaign with Europe is designed to that effect. Thanks very


much. What is this row doing for Mark


Rutte's chances? According to polls this afternoon, it seems to be doing


him good. He is performing better in the polls today than he has done for


months. Some people in the Netherlands had suggested that it


would be in his interest to let the row escalates but that argument has


evaporated today. People today have been so offended and so by what


President Erdogan has said, he spoke about state terror, he made


reference to the Srebrenica massacre, he called this country a


banana republic. He has succeeded in unifying all politicians behind Mark


-- Mark Rutte and saying he is right to reply in the way that he did.


It matters because Turkey is so 'crucially' important


Geographically it is, of course, one of the largest landmasses


separating Europe and the Middle East.


And since 2011 Turkey has been heavily involved in the conflict


They have been pushing back IS from their southern border.


Last month Syrian rebels - backed by Turkey - took back


the northern Syrian town of al-Bab from IS.


There are complicating factors - the Turkish forces have also been


attacking Kurdish fighters who are armed and supported


And recently they have cooperated with the Russia military,


On top of all that Turkey is a hugely important partner


in helping Europe deal with the migrant crisis.


They have taken in just under three million people who have


escaped the fighting in Syria, many of them trying


The deal the EU struck with Turkey last year led to a sharp fall


in the numbers making that perilous journey by sea to Greece.


In return for that better policing, Turkey received a big cash hand


out and some political concessions as well.


With me now is the former US ambassador to Turkey


When you listen to what President Erdogan has been saying, is he


acting increasingly irrational, is it politics, what is going on? It


has gone very bad, very fast. This is the Erdogan I know from 2008-10.


He exploits situations to advance his political agenda. This is


working on the ground in what will be a tight referendum for him. The


Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is happy about this because his numbers


are going up at the expense of Geert Wilders who Erdogan doesn't want to


see win. Both sides are actually benefiting from this. What does it


do to Turkey's chances of one day joining the European Union? People


are not going to forget the things he has said to Germany and Holland


over the last couple of days? It is going to further diminish what most


people think is a slim chance that Turkey would become part of the


European Union? Is it basically giving up on the ambition to join


the European Union? Turkey has a greatly beneficial customs union, 1


million Dutch tourists and $22 billion investment alone that they


don't want to give up. Turkey doesn't want to give up the idea


that it is a European Union so it will maintain the charade of wanting


membership into the future. We have spoken a lot about the situation of


the State Department and the fact that Rex Tillerson doesn't have a


deputy of the staff to get to grips with the problems he needs to get to


grips with. Is this that in normal times the Americans would be able to


do something about? Would they be able to if Rex Tillerson had staff


in place? Where did the United States wants to intervene in this,


given the fact that we are on the ground in a very confused situation


in northern Syria, I don't think so. I think the US will step out of it.


Rex Tillerson and his acting deputy Tom Shannon are more than capable of


acting effectively on something like this with or without the agreed


pathetic situation of staffing in the State Department. So I suppose


it is less of a concern, this row that might blow over, more of


concern is where President Erdogan is taking the country and how


unstable it might become in the future. We are worried about that.


Roughly half the population want to see him sees these powers. This is


not democratic. I thought, French fifth Republic and the American


Constitution, we have had some experience of this, however, in the


hands of someone who may not respect democracy as much as we might hear


in America, that can be very problematic and people in Washington


are very worried about where President Erdogan is taking the


country, for sure. We are taking some time looking at populist


leaders and their characters and policies. Are you suggesting that


people are looking at President Trump and saying he is copying the


style of people President Erdogan. People who have spoken to him say he


has the ability to act rationally but some of those with nationalist


ideals and played to a populist audience who can beat thin-skinned


and it back at critics in a way that it seems President Erdogan is doing


in language that might be outrageous but plays to their base. Is that a


characteristic of populist leaders in this day and age? I wonder. We


will move on and talk about health care.


We've suggested before on this programme that the Trump Presidency


represents a test for populist movements - today that test hit


a hurdle, in the form of hard data on health care reform.


Governing, it seems, is a lot harder than campaigning.


Mr Trump's promise to repeal and replace Obamacare has bumped up


against the cold reality of a study from the non partisan


Congressional Budget Office showing the Republican's health plan


The report estimates 14 million people will become uninsured by next


Rising to 24 million people over the coming decade.


Though that will create savings


of 337 billion dollars over ten years.


Rajini Vaidyanathan has been taking a closer look at how


This woman has made it on her own in the way of work. She and her husband


own a small jewellery business. Being self-employed, they don't have


a boss to cover health care insurance. They struggle to pay


medical bills until President Obama introduced his health care law. When


the affordable health care act was passed, we were able to get a


reasonable insurance policy that covered a lot more. The deductible


went from a 10,000 family deductible down to 3000. Now they are concerned


that their bills will rise as President Trump repeals Obama care.


The Republican replacement would cut up from subsidies and instead offer


a year end tax credit. I don't think we could pay upfront costs per month


that we are able to cover now. We've had good coverage of it now. We just


have to stay healthy and educated about the programme. Others are glad


to see the back of the Obama care plan. I didn't want to have to pay


for insurance and be fined if I'd went. Frank voted for Donald Trump


and backed his health care plan even though he may lose out. They may


drop people of the insurance plan because they still have got health


care if they go into the emergency room. This comes down to cost, how


watch people pay for themselves and how much they bear the cost for


others. The government plan could cut the federal deficit by hundreds


of billions but some doctors are unclear how it will affect patients?


I think it may change the winners and losers but it is not going to


eliminate losers, it is going to change the problems people encounter


but not address the problems. That has been the dilemma in American


health care for decades. The system divides patients as much as it does


doctors. You are fine. Your best protection against this health care


system is not to get sick. Our North America Editor


Jon Sopel is here. 50 or so days into the Tron


presidency and his pace has stuck with him firmly. Do you think these


numbers mark the beginning of this base thinking, hang on the second,


you promised to look after the common man and you are giving the


rich a big tax cut? It could be the issue that separates Donald Trump


from his base if things go badly. This could be it for the Republican


party and the leadership. There are so many layers of complexity in


this. Donald Trump, it's easy, cheaper, better. In government, it's


fiendishly complicated, isn't it? What does he do with House


Republicans who thought they could vote for it, it might fail, I'm


going to get blamed in two years in elections. No thanks. I don't want


to have anything to do with it. How much political input does Donald


Trump put into it? Does he want his name closely associated with it? If


he goes too much in one direction, he loses the libertarian right who


don't want government interference. Too much in the other direction, he


loses other people. It is a really delicate balancing act and I think


there are people who in private quiet moments are thinking, why have


we opened this Pandora's box? Could he have a pizza and bowling night


and hope to pull some of them in? That's what he's doing tonight. The


budget committee meets in the house tomorrow and it is full of rogue


Republicans. He is the negotiator in chief and he prides himself on


bringing home the deals. If he can't does he shift the blame to them? I


hate to do the only time will tell and so which is the lame answer when


correspondence don't want to stick their neck out. He has put a certain


amount of political capital in, he won't want to be defeated because I


think it will be a huge moment in the early stage of his presidency if


he had to admit, you know I promised you that thing, I can't do it. You


just have to think of the toxic nature of the adverts Democrats will


be able to run if they are able to say in two years' time, there could


be 24 million people without insurance as a result of Republicans


having supported this about. It may be unfair but who said politics was


fair? Donald Trump has a very difficult job knowing which way to


jump, knowing how far to commit itself, using how much political


capital on this. Already talking about the midterms. Not getting into


the small print about health care but this gives a very good example


of how costs could go up. This is for people who earn $26,000


annually. That's what they pay at the moment in premiums under Obama


care. Look what happens according to this report when this new system


kicks in. For 64-year-old people, it jumps dramatically. That is nearly


half the salary of the 64-year old, much cheaper for the 21-year-old who


never goes to the clinic. An increase of six times for the older


people, who are the ones who vote in the elections. All the more


incentives for the Republicans to address this. President Trump


campaigned on this idea that he was going to help poor Americans and


make sure they weren't forgotten. This plan, as it stands, sacrifices


the needs of poor Americans and gives a tax break to wealthier


Americans. Is that something that they are going to want to go into


the mid-term elections supporting? It doesn't sound very populist. How


did it go down in your household this morning with all of the snow?


The snow was very popular. My son got a day of school on his birthday.


He was thrilled. I've got to intervene in this debate even though


I'm not meant to be in this section. I walk my dog along from where Katty


lives, and they hadn't dug out their pavement. You are very good citizen.


Get Now out of the studio! Christian, I told you yesterday


that it was cold here in the US - This was the view for millions


of commuters across America's Winter Storm Stella has forced


the closure schools, flights are cancelled,


and the snow ploughs are out This is the view right


now in New York. You have to say we do whether big in


America. What's it like? You don't get snow


like we do here in New York. We had powdery snow in the morning and it


has turned into sleet and icy snow that when it hits your face is


really painful. What's making the conditions worse are the rough


howling winds that knock you off of your feet when they get going.


Officials have said that despite the fact that New York City hasn't borne


the brunt of the storm, not the 20 inches that they had forecasted, it


is still icy conditions that they are worried about. Particularly on


the roadways. They say it could be very treacherous. They have spent


1500 ploughs throughout New York City to try and clean up for


tomorrow when icy conditions could make it harder to clean up so the


city can get up and running and get over the massive disruption we have


seen today. Just looking at these pictures. These small buggies with


ploughs on the front. If this happened in the UK, there would be


all sorts of problems for weeks. They deal with it better in New


York, don't they? Absolutely, Christian. We have the subways


running still. The aboveground subways have been shot. The roadways


are still open although speed limits have been imposed. In upstate New


York where they are getting really hit, they are closing stretches.


LaGuardia airport, 99% of flights have been cancelled. We are seeing


the same across the New York metropolitan area airports. Even


though officials are hoping that schools will reopen and companies


will reopen. They are suggesting delays may last for a day or so at


least in addition to that. Officials are you trying to grapple with the


disruption we have seen. For the moment, thank you very much. One


very quick good news story. A Democrat and Republican Congress but


who had flights cancelled. Driving together from Texas to Washington to


try and get to one of their votes in time. A rare bipartisan story for


as. Weather-related. Well done. Voting politics aside.


You're watching One Hundred Days from BBC News.


Still to come for viewers on the BBC News Channel


Scotland could get another independence vote


but would the European partners


welcome them to the fold in a post-Brexit Britain?


And a leaked recording of US House Speaker Paul Ryan


reveals some scathing comments about Donald Trump -


what's interesting though is the timing of the leak,


That's still to come on 100 Days, from BBC News.


Fine and mild weather for the UK, not making news headlines. What is


going on in North America is. That north-eastern storm dumping snow


inland, away from the immediate east coast in the north east of the USA.


The jet stream becoming more powerful as the cold air comes out


of North America this week, that means that the jet stream becomes


much more active and will affect our weather towards the end of next


week. High pressure going into Wednesday. We have scenes like this


today, near York, plenty of sunshine with blossoms doing well. In


Northern Ireland, another lovely day. Inter to light, under clearer


skies, parts of northern Britain, there will be a touch of Frost for


some of those. A bit damp and drizzly, strong winds in northern


Scotland, showers becoming confined to the Northern Isles. A mild night


further south with plenty of cloud. The cloud will thicken from the


West, for Wales, western England, for Northern Ireland, outbreaks of


rain into western Scotland. Some sunshine in eastern Scotland.


Elsewhere in England and Wales, there will be some sunshine. In the


longer lasting spells, it will feel quite warm again. A rather cloudy


story in Cheltenham as the festival continues. A strong breeze and the


temperature coming down later in the week. Looking ahead to Thursday, the


weather starting to become more active, a weather front through


Scotland and Northern Ireland with heavy showers and strong winds.


Cloudy weather into much of England and Wales. By Friday, a stronger


system will take rain from north-west to south-east with the


wind picking up and temperatures coming down as well. Things feeling


different by the end of the week with the stronger jet stream coming


into play. Cooler, wetter, and windier by then.


I'm Katty Kay in Washington, Christian Fraser's in London.


A reminder of our top story: The Turkish president steps


up his attacks on the Netherlands, accusing the Dutch of


having a rotten character and blood on their hands.


And coming up: It's the interrupted interview which went viral.


We speak to the family behind the famous video about how they're


The First Minister of Scotland caught the British Prime Minister


off guard yesterday with a demand for a second referendum.


The Scottish National Party argues the vote should be held


between the autumn of 2018 and the spring of 2019, when


But the power to offer a referendum rests with Theresa May.


"The nations of the UK will leave the EU together," she says,


which means it is highly likely Scotland will need to reapply


for European membership if the nationalists can win


He is a Labour MEP and a member of the Committee on Constitutional


Affairs within the European Parliament.


Would Scotland have to reapply if they get independence, could they,


as Nicola Sturgeon seems to be suggesting, carry on being a member?


If they become an independent state, they would have to apply to become a


member. OK, so supposing Scotland gets its independence, wants to


become a member again, and they are on the road to access in, is full


membership guaranteed, rather conditions attached to that? They


would have to negotiate and reach an agreement on an accession treaty,


which would have to be approved by the European Parliament and by every


Government of all the other member states, and ratified by their


national parliaments. In your experience, how long does that take?


That usually takes quite a long time, but of course, other countries


that have joined and had a different starting point. Scotland already


applies all existing EU laws, so that part of it need not be too


long, but the need for national ratification by 27 also different


national parliaments, some of whom might not be in a hurry, one thinks


of Spain, that part might be somewhat longer. Spain said they


would go to the back of the queue, the Spanish Foreign Minister. There


are many other countries that have applied to join the EU. I think it's


possible probably to jump that queue, but your starting point would


be at the back. You would move up a bit because you are already ready,


in a way, but you would still have that fundamental problem that at the


end you need national ratification by 27 National parliaments. Every


other country has too agreed. To be clear, it has to be unanimous, all


27 have to agree on the accession. Spain is the example you mentioned.


Yesterday, we interviewed a member of the SNP who said we always raise


the name of Spain, but are there other countries that might object to


Scotland becoming a member? I don't know, I doubt it. I can't think of


any who would have a particular objection. Spain may not be. We


don't know, of course. What we do know is that the Government in


Madrid is anxious not to make this an easy, matter-of-fact thing to do


when it is faced with the possibility that Catalonia may


declare independence to go down the same route. Plenty to think about


there. Richard Corbett, thanks for your thoughts.


Two of the three main candidates in the French election are now under


It's a pretty extraordinary statistic.


Francois Fillon, the centre-right leader campaigned as Mr Clean


He denies accusations that he paid his wife and children


for work they didn't carry out and promises to fight what he calls


He now doesn't have the issue just a Penelopegate but of the lovely suit


he was given. I suppose you would call it suitgate - 13,000 each, so


they must have been fantastic, but they were given to him. Why is he


not dropping out? It is a good question. There are


plenty in his own party asking the same question. They spared him the


walk of shame today. The media expects him -- expected him to


appear tomorrow, but he nipped in today. He said he would stand down


if he was formally charged, but he has said he is not going to do that


because it is a left-wing conspiracy and the investigating magistrates


are left-leaning. If you look at the polls, I was going to say that he


doesn't look to have much of a chance, running third in all the


polls, but he is only four points behind, then today we get another


story about Mr Macron, who is under investigation, it looks spurious,


but when he was at the economy ministry, they awarded a contract to


a PR company without putting it out to tender. Does that mean he is


responsible? I don't know. We started this by saying two of the


three, but it now looks like potentially three out of three have


clouds over them. The politicians have a tendency towards financial


corruption, ordered French investigators need something to do?


If you ask people in France, there is a general problem about party and


campaign financing. If you are in the game long enough, it seems to


me, in France you are going to be prone to some kind of investigation.


Another thing I spotted today, just before we finish, is a picture that


has appeared on the Twitter feed of Nigel Farage. No words, just a


picture. Nigel Farage was asked about Marine Le Pen, whether he


would support her in an election. He said at the time he thought she was


quite brilliant as a performer but had a real problem with the party.


He doesn't like the racism and anti-Semitism, and they distanced


themselves from the France National in the past. The question is, will


he campaign for her, go to France and campaign alongside her? He never


did that as the Ukip leader. When you send out a photo of the two


people together, it does look chummy.


At least two people have been killed during a fireworks factory


This amateur footage shows the moment fireworks start


You can see the person behind the camera then running for cover.


Some people, including children, were wounded by debris.


The EU's highest court has ruled that companies can stop employees


from wearing visible political or religious symbols.


Courts in France and Belgium had asked the European Court of Justice


to rule on discrimination cases brought by women who'd been banned


from wearing Islamic headscarves at work.


We knew long before November's election that Donald Trump


was going to have to win without the support of many


We knew that senior Republicans, like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan,


So it should come as no surprise to learn there is a recording


which has just been published in which the House Speaker


was less than complimentary about the future president.


What's more surprising is where it came from, and the timing.


His comments are not anywhere in keeping with our party's


There are basically two things that I want to make


really clear as for myself as your Speaker.


I am not going to defend Donald Trump, not now, not in the


That call, leaked by Breitbart, was recorded on October


And a day later, there was this from Donald Trump.


"Our very weak and ineffective leader, Paul Ryan, had a bad


conference call where his members went wild at his disloyalty."


This intrigues me. There is this huge row where Paul Ryan, a budget


hawk, is trying his best with what he has been served up by Donald


Trump, and then Breitbart put this out, and they are of course linked


to Steve Bannon, President Trump's right-hand man, so was there a link


to the White House ear? It is very curious timing, this


late, because at the moment, the White House really needs Paul Ryan.


He is defending them on national television programmes here,


defending their health care bill, doing what he can to rally the


Republican party to get the health care bill passed, and then the tape


comes out and it seems to be a kick up the pants by him, and why would


you do something like this to somebody that you need, if indeed


those links between Steve Bannon and Breitbart are as close as they used


to be? Would you do it for political


covering in case it all goes wrong? You are Machiavellian, Christian!


We are playing you at clip that went viral over the weekend.


What will it mean for the ride -- the wider region? Shifting sands and


relations with the North may change? Pardon me. My apologies... What will


this mean for the region? North Korea... South Korea's policy...


Still makes me laugh every time, Christian. That clip has been viewed


more than 16 million times on you Tube. Professor Kelly has been


inundated with media requests. Here is what he told us.


This is my wife, this is my son and this is my daughter.


And to be able to talk to you, rather


than just seeing you running around in the background.


Chung-ha, how has it been for you these past few days?


The reality is, for around 48 hours, you were the most


When you watched it back, which I'm sure you did,


could you appreciate what a perfect piece of physical comedy it was,


And we've watched it multiple times too, and


Everyone seems to think it is pretty hysterical,


so we understand why people find it enjoyable, catching a


And of course, your wife had a major role


in making it funny, flying around the room


Did you find it funny watching it back?


We were worried actually that the BBC would never call us


That was our first response, was mortification.


We thought we had completely blown our


It's OK. We still love the Kelly family. Great way to end. We'll be


back tomorrow. Goodbye.