13/07/2017 100 Days+

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As President Trump takes office, Katty Kay in Washington and Christian Fraser in London report on the events that are shaping our world.

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Hello and welcome to 100 Days Plus...


Trump and Macron in Paris, the new friends who couldn't


They've got big policy differences but just a few moments ago


they were both at pains to stress the similarities.


The American President is in France to celebrate 100 years of US forces


entering the first world war but it's the battles of today


After leading the Brexit charge - Nigel Farage became


Trump's favourite Brit - we get his take on the President,


The Prime Minister admits to shedding a little tear.


Theresa May talks about her reaction to the election result.


Is China's new silk road an opportunity or a liability for


Today the road takes us to Poland where farmers are looking east -


hoping their products can find a new enormous pool of consumers.


China could be a big new market for European milk but it is a long


and complicated journey to the breakfast table in Beijing.


Plus, we're about to sign off for the summer -


but not before taking a whip through some of the wilder


stories that have shaped the past six months.


I am Katty Kay in London, Christian Fraser is sitting next to me.


It is Day 175 of the Trump Presidency and it is high time


Two others sharing the same stage today Emmanuel


It's the fourth time they've met and each time it's a study in body


Because, these two men could not be any more different.


Mr Macron, the globalist, liberal, the youngest


Mr Trump now the oldest American president, nationalist -


but on the world stage, nowhere near as popular.


There's been eyeballing, peculiar handshakes -


and the more serious rift over climate and trade.


An hour ago the two men appeared side by side for the press


conference and here is what they had to say on the Paris Accord which has


TRANSLATION: I disagree about the reading we have


of the Paris agreement and we have disagreements about this accord


and about the decision made by President Trump.


Something could happen with respect to the Paris accord.


But we will talk about that over the coming period of time and if it


happens that will be wonderful and if it doesn't


The president was also was asked about his son's meeting


As far as my son is concerned, my son is a wonderful young man.


He took a meeting with a Russian lawyer.


Not a government lawyer but a Russian lawyer.


It was a meeting that went very, very quickly, very fast.


Two other people in the room, I guess one of them left almost


immediately and the other one was not really focused


I do think this - I think from a practical standpoint


most people would have taken that meeting.


Tomorrow the two men will appear side by side


Right now they are about to dine on the second floor


of the Eiffel Tower, at Jules Vernes,


the famed Michelin star restaurant of Alain Ducasse.


They have the restaurant and the view to themselves.


A little earlier we spoke to someone, who himself,


has dined with Donald Trump, in fact he might even be considered


So, Nigel Farage, looking at Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron


in Paris, it's hard to think that Emmanuel Macron isn't the more


Donald Trump does things differently.


He is not a conventional politician or a leader in any way.


You only have to follow his Twitter account to know that.


But what he is is an agent for change and he is trying to shake


They are all looking at Emmanuel Macron as global leader.


I thought the speech he gave in Riyadh is very bold and brave,


saying directly there, "Drive out of your places of worship


He was treated in Poland like a hero, with tens of thousands


He may not be the sort of cup of tea that the liberal media go


for but actually I think around the world he may be a bit more


It gives him a break from what's going on in


You have been tweeting your support for Donald Trump Junior.


I know you are friends but can you at least see that he has been,


in the words of the New York Post, which is a reasonably friendly


I have been in elected politics, I have fought national elections,


European elections, even a referendum.


It's a very bloody, dirty, horrible game.


And if someone says to me, "I want to meet you for a cup of tea.


I've got some information that will really damage the Remain camp


or the leader of a party you're fighting," what do you do?


If a Russian had come to you and said, "I had some dirt


on Theresa May," wouldn't your antenna just go up a little


bit and say, "Hang on, this is an adversary.


This is not someone that I should really be dealing with"?


When he appeared on Fox News he said looking back on it I would have


If I was in that position, to know what I would have done?


I would have sent somebody else and then you have got to denability.


He invited Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner.


And he said he should have done things differently.


What comes out of this is a lawyer got into America, having been


refused because the Obama administration, so maybe we should


put some of the blame back on the Democrats here,


This is an attempt to link anyone around Trump to Russia.


It has even been written in American newspapers that I am under suspicion


All of it is designed to stop Donald Trump getting on with the job


of putting his platform into place in America.


Let's get back to Paris for a second.


You have had dinner with Donald Trump, probably not blue lobster,


because that doesn't seem to be the President's favourite.


Do you think that Emmanuel Macron can persuade Donald Trump over


the course of their blue lobster, that it would be a good idea


for the United States to get back into the Paris Accord?


I think we all get far too excited about what Paris is.


The whole Paris thing is voluntary anyway.


It doesn't really add up to a row of beans.


That is why he didn't need to pull out of it.


He has pulled out of it symbolically because he said to American voters


we have got a rotten deal across the whole world


When he pulled out, look at his language.


What he basically said was give us a bit of a break and we'll come back


The idea that Trump is totally isolationist is complete


But he does want America to get a better deal.


Well, today the government published its repeal bill,


the legislation that will transfer EU law onto the British


Theresa May called it Brexit's biggest day yet.


This is also the day that marks the Prime Minister's


But how much longer will she remain in the job?


The election was a disaster for the Conservative Prime Minister.


I felt I suppose devastated really because, as I say, I knew the


campaign wasn't going perfectly but still the messages I was getting


from people I was speaking to, but also the comments we were getting


back from a lot of people that were being passed on to me


were that we were going to get a better result


So what does Nigel Farage think of the softer Theresa May.


Whatever your politics, whatever you feel about Nigel Farage,


Jeremy Corbyn has a lot of personality.


The big criticism of Theresa May is she was a bit robotic.


Look, she is nothing, she doesn't even exist.


I mean, she stands up and gives these speeches.


She is humourless, robotic, as you've said, lacks


sincerity completely, and for me, the one thing that


sums her up is that disastrous fire at Grenfell Tower and she turns up


as Prime Minister, shakes the hand of the police


chief, shakes the hand of the fire chief, disappears.


Doesn't even meet the families affected by it.


Goodness me, the king and queen during the war went to the East End


of London to visit people who had been bombed.


She is too buttoned up and I think she comes across to me


She will go which ever way public opinion takes her.


Does that worry you when it comes to Brexit?


She was asked in the general election, did she as a Remain


All she could say was we will carry out the will of the people.


I think over the course of the next few months it will become clear


that she is not the commanding the support of her own party,


I think she will be gone in a few months and I think


the Conservative Party absolutely have to have a leader


Even if she is gone, it is looking increasingly possible


at least that it has come to be a softer Brexit and


One year ago would you have thought this was possible?


No, I thought we were a democratic country.


Its up the political class would, for once, just have to accept


that they couldn't have things their own way.


It is funny because what has happened is public opinion...


But the country does want a soft Brexit.


Public opinion, consistently, about 70% of people say however


we voted one year ago we want the government simply


That includes leaving the single market.


It is the political class in the House of Commons and House


of Lords that are trying to rally against it.


Brexit will happen, I have no doubt at all.


But I agree with the basis of the question.


I think there will be areas where we concede


The Democratic numbers in the house say it has come


The Parliamentary numbers worry me very greatly and, yes,


I am agreeing with you, I think we are going to get a much


softer Brexit than the people voted for which means we are going to be


debating this for the next two or three general elections.


Are used to follow Nigel Farage around during the big summits and he


was like the man with the fork and the two horns they really disliked.


You had a seat in Parliament and he only had a bit of support in the


country when he started off and yet he carry this idea so far through


sheer purser for stash force of personality and whether you like him


or not, that is what he did. And this is the challenge Theresa May


has to live up to on such a difficult task.


The idea of a politician who says what he thinks and bucks the


establishment and they represent a different policies but what they had


in common was this sense of strong personality and people in this time


seem to like that. A softer side Theresa May today, a new immune


occasions advisor. Robin Gibson. Jeremy Corbyn was his avuncular


campaigner, took risks, the concern in the country will be here is


Theresa May on the anniversary and the question is is it too little,


too late? I think also there was a problem for a woman politician


possibly admitting to moments of weakness and saying she cried as an


awkward thing for a woman in politics to have to do and doing it


if you do not believe it and do it comfortably gets you away from the


idea of being presented. The Paris trip is at least some


respite for Mr Trump from the Russian investigation


which again has consumed the agenda Yesterday it was very much the focus


at the confirmation hearing of Christopher Wray,


the man nominated to lead the FBI. One of the early contenders for that


job was former US Senator and presidential candidate Joe


Lieberman. He now co-chairs No Labels -


a group focused on breaking partisan Thank you for joining us. Have you


had Donald Trump -- Donald Trump talking about his son Don Junior


saying anyone would have taken that meeting with the Russian, you ran


for the vice presidency in 2000, would you take a nap meeting? I hope


not, I do not think I would have forced to buy do not think anyone


would take on such a meeting. Some people would have but in my opinion


no one should have. In the heat of the campaign, its summit comes along


and says they have real dirt on your opponent, there is a temptation to


just go for it but this after all was coming from a foreign government


and the e-mail response of Donald Trump junior, I love it really was


even know it was a casual e-mail and he had no reason to think it would


be globally visible, it creates this sense that he was open to collusion.


It is hurtful right now. This perception whatever the facts may


turn out, what is interesting as you ran as a Democrat and now an


independent, you represent a group called no labels trying to get


beyond Spa partisan ship in America but we are living in an age where we


have this e-mail chain, it seems black and white what the facts are


surrounding this but half the population will see it one way and


half the population another fast --? That is the way to often in the


country. Honestly there was a lot of smoke here but it is not clear there


was a gun. It depends on what follows. We have two congressional


investigations, a special prosecutor and a divided public responding in a


divided wait almost everything, no labels might seem idealistic awkward


exotic but the truth is unless we work together we have Democrats and


independents working together to break the gridlock our country is


just not going to solve its problems or seize opportunities and the


publics attitude towards government will grow in frustration and anger


which is part of the reason why Donald Trump was elected. You were


in the running for this post of FBI director, Christopher Ray was


grilled yesterday by the Senate committee, it is inevitable given


the abrupt firing of James Komi and the weight has that the independence


of the next director will be a key issue. Yes, it is. Really it is a


measure of where we are now that so many of the questions at Christopher


Ray's hearing yesterday were directed towards whether he was


prepared to essentially say no to the president if there was a


political interference. I think he is, frankly after all the brouhaha


over James Komi I do not think President Trump will be interfering


in the work of the FBI. Christopher Ray is a very capable person and


will do a good job directing the FBI. For the balance, a lot of


people are saying on the Republican side that anybody in politics would


have taken this information had it been presented, they are saying an


agent working for the Democrats went to Ukraine and try to find


information on the Trump campaign. Isn't that the same thing? I don't


know much about that though I heard about it and if it happened it is


the same thing and it should not have happened. You have to draw some


lines. This is the problem, it is part of the problem that is creating


this dysfunction in American government that no labels aims to


undercut which is that everything is about party, not enough is about


what is right and best for the country and in this case OK, you're


in a tough somebody is offering some red meat about your opponent but to


take it from Russia which is hostile to America because of its role in


Syria and seizing Crimea because of presence of Russian troops and


Ukrainian soil, it should have been a no-brainer and this is the big


problem we have. How do you draw some lines about what is right and


wrong and acceptable or not and how do we get Congress and the president


back to working together across party lines? We have a group that we


have spawned called the problem solvers caucus, 44 members equally


divided between Republicans and Democrats. They will make a


difference on tax reform infrastructure and health care


reforms. We must leave it there. Thank you.


A freedom of information request has revealed that the US state


department booked 19 rooms at the new Trump hotel in Vancouver


when accompanying members of the Presidents family


And the cost of the visit back in February, once Mr Trump


was already President, was more than $15,000.


It raises an interesting question around the potential


conflict of interest here - should tax payers money fund trips


that will financially benefit the presidents private company?


The White House would say this hotel doesn't actually belong to the Trump


family, it is licensed to the Trump family business but the thing is the


Trump family business is so tied up with brand and the brand of the


Trump name that it is hard to distinguish the two and it is


something we had the head of the Essex office resigning because he


said he thought there was too much of a conflict of interest. You're


meant to see this through, not resign. I looked at the register of


members financial interests in the UK to see what the rules are and


they say the main purpose of the registers to provide information


about any financial interests which a member has or any benefit which he


or she receives through his or her actions or words as member of


Parliament. If you apply that to what you told us about the State


Department going to the Trump hotel, it is a conflict of interest. Even


to avoid a conflict of interest or the perception they would have done


better staying at the Hilton. Next time took a different hotel.


China's most prominent human rights and democracy activist,


the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Liu Xiaobo, has died


The UN says Liu Xiaobo will continue to be an inspiration


for all human rights defenders, despite everything he suffered.


He was serving an 11-year sentence for "subversion".


The head of the Norwegian Nobel Committee has said "the Chinese


government bears a heavy responsibility for his


An American doctor has told the British High Court that a trial


therapy in the States could offer a one in ten chance of meaningful


improvement to the condition of the terminally ill baby Charlie


His parents have returned to court to challenge a ruling


which would allow doctors to end the life-supporting


treatment he is currently receiving in hospital.


China's president has hailed it the 'project of the century' -


the plan to build a modern day Silk Road to develop the country


It will consist of a huge network of shipping, road and rail links


All week, our China editor Carrie Gracie has travelling


along the 11,000 kilometre route and today she has made it


Poland, where there are questions over whether the opportunity


Facing West since the end of the Soviet era but Eastern Europe


is becoming a key piece in China's strategic jigsaw.


This man and his son would never sell Polish land


He explains they're actually trying to expand, hoping to sell dairy


products to wealthy Chinese consumers who think


China could be a big, new market for European milk


but it is a long and convoluted journey from here to


It is a journey he wants to risk, as dairy markets shrink in Europe.


TRANSLATION: China is a very big and interesting market for us


But China's markets are still far from open.


And since the global financial crisis, it has mopped up cheap


Now China wants to build here and control supply chains,


a big idea driven by the state, not the market.


Some economists warn that could be risky.


When this is a plan by the state agencies and it is going to be


implemented by state agencies then my worry is that it is


could end up with a huge amount of bad loans.


With dozens of countries involved, it could be very, very dangerous.


China's plan is already on the assembly line.


This Polish factory once made tanks for the Soviet bloc.


Now it makes diggers for the Chinese state company that


This man hopes China's new Silk Road will turn it around.


We don't see the mass of orders yet and we are ready


for that and we are waiting for that with patience.


So no real difference to the bottom line yet?


The customers will have the need for the machines but not yet.


Europe's bid for China is still in neutral while China


Either digging Europe out of a hole or digging that hole deeper.


It has been a really good series, from China to Poland. If you watch


this programme a lot, you might think we are good friends, actually


you might not! In actual fact, shall be tell them, we met for the first


time today and here are the stills. We have evidence. This is outside


reception at the BBC. It went rather well. She bought me porridge. The


weird thing is I was thinking today, I worked in foreign news the ten


years so we have been communicating over the airwaves for ten years from


Rome, Cairo and Paris and never met in the same country. It is like a


weird internet relationship. I was worried we might meet and it would


go terribly wrong and will be better off staying 3000 miles apart but it


has been OK. It has been so OK, shall we do it again? We are going


to do it again. We're coming back in September, we will have a holiday,


have a rest and come back in September and do it some more. In


the full assurance there will still be a lot going on in the world for


us to cover. We do not know what we will call the programme yet. You


might have some good idea. You're watching 100


Days Plus from BBC News. It was a crucial battle ground


victory for Donald Trump. We'll check in with one


of his supporters from And sitting in the studio


in Washington is Ron Christie. He'll join us for our


final programme. That's still to come on 100


Days Plus, from BBC News. The weekend is fast approaching, and


the weather is looking a little mixed over the next few days. There


is some rain on the way, tonight if you spot of rain, mostly across


northern areas of the UK and the rain will be brought by this weather


front, a very weak one meaning the damp weather will splash its way


through the north briefly, it will not last for long, moving through


Scotland at this stage into the lake district around ten or 11 o'clock,


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going to be dry. It is also not as cold tonight as it was last night.


Last night in northern areas temperatures dipped down to three


degrees in rural spots. Tonight, not as fresh. Tomorrow, we started the


North, Scotland and Northern Ireland around eight o'clock and it looks


absolutely fine, temperatures around 13 or 14


degrees, some sunny spells. The overnight patchy rain out in the


North Sea so we are in the clear, the dry weather with some


fair-weather cloud here and there. More cloudy in East Anglia first


thing but that should swiftly clear out into the North Sea. The South


first theme, a fine day. A couple of light showers, really brief and


fleeting ones, later on in the afternoon however we expect the


weather to go downhill a little across the North West so some cloud


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Friday evening, it is looking dry across most of England and Wales but


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Saturday, a line of weather front which will be moving off the


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Northwest some rain and Lancashire and into parts of Wales and


extensive cloud around during Saturday so a cloudy and muggy and


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Sunday, the rain fizzles out and pushes out into the North Sea and we


are left over with warm and cloudy weather across South.


Two presidents but two very different men -


Emmanuel Macron welcomes Donald Trump to Paris


ahead of tomorrow's Bastille Day celebrations.


Mr Trump defended his son, Donald Junior, for meeting


with a Russian lawyer during the Presidential campaign.


Not according to the British politician who's perhaps


closest to the White House, Nigel Farage.


If someone says to me, I want to meet you for a cup of tea, I have


got some information that will damage the Remain camp or of a


leader you are fighting, what do you do?


Right now Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron are in Paris


for a presidential visit full of pomp.


The two presidents visited the tomb of Napoleon at Les Invalides


Now they're moving on to dinner atop the Eiffel Tower.


Being in France removes the President from the Washington


bubble - something we do on the programme as well -


to give you a flavour of how the rest of the country sees


Yesterday we took you to the Republican state of Nebraska.


Today - on our last show - we are going to reintroduce


you to a Trump supporter we spoke to in our very first week.


I think that as of now he has done a really good job of putting things in


action. I am a little concerned with his delivery. I don't think he is


perfect. I think the wax polish hopefully although not along the way


before any damage done. And we can speak to Denise


live in Miami now. Six months on how was he doing? I


actually think he has been behaving more statesman-like recently,


especially with all his visits abroad. I still agree with him and


pretty much every move he has made on the international front. I do


wish he would focus more now on domestic policy. Obviously tax


reform and health care are something that affect us all personally, so to


me that is a wind that he needs to have and it should be before August


hopefully, so we are still waiting on that, baited breath. You are in


an interesting position of course because a lot of Hispanics voted


against Mr Trump and don't like what he has been doing on immigration. We


hear a lot of concern amongst undocumented immigrants in the


United States. What are your Hispanic and Latino friends saying


to you? Those of us who supported him from day one always understood


that we do have a broken system and we do need to put policies in place,


but the priority for us was always enforcement of the laws as they


exist and they don't see how anybody can disagree with that. If you start


with that as a base and build from there, this rhetoric of wanting to


get rid of all immigrants, that was always a false narrative and we know


now not to be true, I think we need to focus on enforcing the laws as


they exist and then finding a way to grant permanent residency and


citizenship to a lot of the people who have been here whether it was


students that were born here and have been here for over 18 years now


and adults, there has to be for them and so we agree on that front, that


was always Mr Trump's plan from day one when he ran. I thought you were


just in front of the water there and it was delayed and it has changed to


dark. I like what you're doing with the wallpaper behind you. I have


nothing to do with that. Tell me this, we pick up on all of what we


think in the media are the big themes, the sacking of James Comey,


the e-mails of his son, I am quite titillated by it, are you? I am kind


of sick of seeing it all, all these conspiracies. I am all for these


investigations going forward the way they should but unless there is any


real evidence, I wish the media would just focus on things that we


really need to know more about like health care reform, things going on


behind the scenes in the Senate and Congress but health care. If they


don't do health care would that really change things for you? I


would definitely be very upset. Not just sit with President Trump, more


disappointed in the republicans that are representing us right now in


Congress. That is who I would really be upset with. Thank you. Stay in


touch. Interesting. Often what we hear is that supporters of Donald


Trump are upset with the Republican Party and the media and not the


president. One thing we can say with absolute


certainty since we've started this It is 175 days since


Donald Trump took office. On this show we've made exactly 100


programmes, so they tell me. And during that time -


if you were wondering - We have covered a great deal of it -


so here's a reminder Hello and welcome to 100 days. Our


new programme... From this day forward it is going to be only


America first. President Trump says his administration will start


building a wall on the US border with Mexico within months. No band,


no while! There are legal challenges. The introduction of a


temporary border and wreak Visa holders of refugees from seven


Muslim countries. Sometimes he doesn't let go. Do you remember this


one. Just three weeks into the new American administration and already


the president has had to sack someone. National security adviser


Michael Flynn did speak to the ambassador about sanctions. I think


he has been treated unfairly by the media. As I call it the fake media


in many cases. Where are you from? BBC. There is another beauty. The


British government begins the process of leaving the European


Union. This is an historic moment from which there can be no turning


back. America's policy as serious as confusing. After the Tomahawks, what


now? We agreed that the Government should call a general election. The


transition of power is underway in France. Washington is in uproar


after the sudden and highly unusual dismissal of the head of the FBI.


Manchester is a city in mourning. 22 people killed at a concert. Mr


Trump, look at that, the Trump brush off but, the Montenegrin Prime


Minister. The United States will would withdraw from the Paris


climate accord. It is my judgment I was fired because of the Russia


investigation. Will they also tell Russia not to interfere in new


selection? The President's Sun releases and that confirm that he


did go looking for dirt on Hillary Clinton. 175 days and I am still


standing. It was of course the Macedonian Prime Minister but I


didn't want pointed out... And here with us throughout it


all has been Ron Christie, who worked in the administration


of George W Bush. Today he is holding down the fort


in Washington for us. I was so jealous of you being in


London. I had to come to London. It has been an hour going around this


building, take me somewhere else he said. We are 175 days in, you are a


Republican, you worked for George W Bush. I was going? I think it is


going well now that the president has devoted a lot of his focus to


foreign policy. He has a lot of problems here at home. His health


care bills and moving anywhere. The tax reform package has stalled. On


foreign policy the president thinks he is finding his way, but he has


gone to the G20, it didn't go as badly as many here in the United


States thought it would and 175 days and I am surprised he is doing all


right. I read your piece today on Warsaw. You thought his words speech


was his best yet. I think it was important because it talked about


the importance of Western civilisation our values, the beacons


of democracy and freedom and it was delivered in a historic setting


where Pope John Paul II had delivered mass in to a million


people and when that speech resonated, freedom and democracy are


the cornerstones of who we are in the Western civilisation world. You


say it is going well on foreign policy but maybe it is that lawyers


had taken his iPhone away and he can tweet any more. I think one of our


favourite moments in the 175 days was the tweet that came out of that


said, kovfefe. I still don't know what that means. I have been pretty


consistent for saying that he needs adult supervision. That means take


the Twitter machine with its 140 characters out of his hands. What


would I do all day? Along the way we have lost some good people who used


to come on here and talk to us. Kurt Volker, the representative to


Ukraine. I know you have been topped up but they do have a problem


recruiting, this White House. They do. I spoke to an ambassador


designate just yesterday who said he had spoken to the president earlier


in the day and pressed upon him, Mr President, you need people in your


administration not just here at home within embassies around the world so


that foreign policy can be a more finely tuned mechanism, to figure


out how can we best advance and how can we work America's agenda but


around the world and this ambassador said to me the president understands


that, he heard the message and that if I got is that we will see a lot


more appointments going into the United States Senate within the next


few weeks. Stay with us in the future. Don't vote the White House.


I would -- don't go to the White House. It is the tradition in


America to bring it gets. I have something for you. You have been on


the cover of Time magazine a few times... Look at that! Christian


Fraser, TV's high-quality anchor. Why not very high quality? It was


time you had your own cover. That is going on the wall of my golf club. I


have also come bearing a gift because you can be the anchor of a


TV show about Donald Trump and not have and make America a great again


had. It is a very high hat. Take it off, we can't have that the rest of


the programme. There has been so much going on the world. The premise


of this programme was to cover things on both sides of the Atlantic


and it is still a very busy time. We will take a break over summer as we


said earlier and we need a break, but we will come back in September,


at this time slot and we hope you will all come back and join us again


for whatever we call this programme, because one thing we know if it is


going do you busy and there will be busy and all been lots of news to


cover. You can come to Washington any time but she can't meet Ron.


Some things I have to keep to myself. We will keep you informed


about Brexit, Trump, where the rest of the populist movement goes. We


might even take the programme to Mexico, China, if our bosses let us.


For the moment thanks for joining us.